Fishnet Tights and the PPP is Now the Ping Pong Piece!

Fishnet Tights
The Ping Pong Post, that continued on for one straight year where we sent items from our closets all across the world, has shifted a bit. With me being such a different size than the other two participants, Anna and Samantha, we needed to rething the PPP. We found a perfect compromise plus a new twist for continuing. We created a list, a rather long list, of pieces that would be found in most wardrobes, and if they were not found would be a staple type item to add–like the seriously trending fishnet tights. So now we have the Ping Pong Piece. There’s a new twist to PPP too: when it’s one of our three turns to choose from the list, we also have an opportunity to invite a fellow blogging friend to join us. I have an Instagram friend who is my biggest cheerleader, @MissMaryPowers! Mary, who also writes Miss Mary Powers has to be the kindest IG friend out there. She’s always there to give me support and kind words on my #ootds. Sometimes I can’t even believe that she admires my style because hers is just so amazing. She wears skinny jeans like no one else! When I asked her to join us for a fishnet Ping Pong Piece she was so glad to be a part of it–despite any age difference between the four of us. She thought that’s what would make it more fun! The neat thing about all of us blogger out there is that we are making friends from all over the world breaking all sorts of barriers.

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Tights

Miss Mary Powers

Here’s Mary. She’s gorgeous, am I right!? Her creating of a high low dress surprised me. I kind of thought she’d do what I had done. Instead she’s completely demure and shown how beautiful fishnet tights make our legs look. It offers the perfect sheer tan like color even though they’re black. And, I’m taking note: tie the front of my slit dress next time. I also love that Mary paired her look with her ultimate favorite booties. Follow her Instagram and you’ll see what I mean. Mary, thank you so much for joining us this week. I do adore you and your style!

Fake Fabulous

For some reason–I haven’t gotten it out of her yet, but hopefully she’ll elaborate on her post–Samantha hates fishnets. I cannot understand why though; her legs look stunning in them. This outfit perfectly depicts what I love about Sam–she’s the expert bold, pattern mixer. Seriously, this outfit in my opinion is absolute perfection! Oooh, and Sam, one day I want to see this skirt with the similar striped top I gave you. Does that work? Man Girl, I adore your style! And these fishnets look smashing on you!

Anna’s Island Style

Anna went with a lovely pair of blue fishnets. They look so pretty. The thing I love about fishnet tights is how subtle the color they give off is. I mean, if these were solid, it would be a bit too much. And those heels she’s paired them with. Well, Anna, you know I am totally envious! Heel envy is my new thing, and it stinks! These are so glamourous and a bit mermaidish or super heroine (I can’t decide!).

Me, Kremb de la Kremb

Fishnet Tights

I knew there was a style of fishnet tights that I wanted to try… I had been seeing it on, I’ll go ahead and say it, “younger bloggers.” I’m not sure who started it…maybe Kendall Jenner, maybe ASOS, but for sure I first saw it on the beautiful Shea Marie Instagram feed. Granted she’s about the size of my one thigh, but I was intrigued. Could a woman of any age pull off this look. I am not sure if I have, but it was fun to attempt. I had to make my shredded Zara jeans more like holey jeans, but it was worth it. Then I didn’t show my waist completely since I covered the tight’s waistband with my tee. And because I found this whole attempt quite ironic basically trying to emulate that which I find trending on Pinterest and my IG feed, I went with my “I only did it to get likes” tee! Haha.

Do you “like?” Would you give this way of wearing fishnets under your holey jeans a try?

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Tights

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  • señora allnut

    wowww, I love your fishnets peaking out under shredded jeans, such a fabulous style, really rock!!, and I think you look cool and fresh, with a touch of genuine irony!!. So fabulous shoes and jacket, and lovely cute bag!

    • Peaking, poking, all the same!! Hahha! Thank you Señora Allnut. Isn’t the bag a fun catch. I got this little FOX at Salvation Army in Hong Kong. That reminds me: I need to pay that charity shop a visit real soon.

      Thanks for stopping by. Ann

  • señora allnut

    poking out, sorry!!
    (evil automatic correction!)

  • This was just the absolute best and I’m so glad you asked me to join! You’re right, I was going for your look originally and then decided on Jean cutoffs, but my Hubby said it showed WAY too much leg lol! So I landed on this dress and tied it so that it would show the tights more. I love that the blogging world connects me to so many people. It’s definitely my favorite part of it! If only I could meet all my fabulous friends though! Maybe someday. You’ve convinced me I need to visit Hong Kong someday. It looks incredibly beautiful!

    Thanks again for including me!!

    – Mary

    • Yes, the connections I’ve made are certainly the highlight. I can’t believe all the really good girlfriends I have around the world that I’ve never met in real life. You are one of them! I’m so happy you joined us. And your look is so sexy and tasteful all at once. I’m totally going to tie the front of a dress soon. I love it!

      Thanks again for being a part of the PPP!

      Love, Annie

  • Anna Parkes

    Who would have thought that fishnets could look so very different? I love the range from your rock ‘n’ raunchy to my more demure tea dress with Mary and Sam somewhere in the middle! This was such fun and all the more so for having another fashionista on board. Thanks for introducing us all to Mary – she’s so cool.

    Anna x

    • YaY! We did it!! The PPP lives on!! And yes, Mary is the coolest. Plus, she is just so kind!!

      A x

  • Fabulous look. I think you totally pull this off! The shoes keep it funky; I think heels would have been a bit much with fishnets and ripped jeans, but this is styled perfectly in my opinion. xx

    • Thank you so much Lisa! And I didn’t wear sneakers! I love these shoes of mine. They give me a fake heel which is so fun to wear. Heels for me are out–I think forever. So sad….

      Oh well. Thanks for stopping by! Love, Ann

  • Judy Gramith

    You are the epitome of sexy, funky, gutsy, fun and “too cool for school” in those fishnets Anne! I love your fearlessness and self confidence. I see that you’re also tracking down some pretty uniquely cool shoes to make up for the lack of the heels you’d LIKE to rock. The soles on those are so fun!

    • Awww, thanks so much Jude. I try!! Hahah! And yes, my tennis shoe collection has got to stop growing!! Hey, soon it’s sandal season!! Ruh roh!!

      A x