Favorites from The Fab 40s

This was the first post. We styled the Pantone color of the year: marsala with denim.
(Look how short my hair was!)

On Kremb de la Kremb since March of 2015, every single last Monday of the month has been dedicated to a post from The Fab 40s. For two and half years there have been a group of us–in our 40s–coming together to share in our love of styling clothes. We would take turns choosing a theme. When it was our turn, we’d invite a fellow 40-something blogger. It will sound odd to read that we became friends, but we all did–in that virtual way that friends are made today in 2017. Some members came and left; it was natural for life’s events to take us in other directions. At present we’ve stopped posting, but I don’t thing The Fab 40s are done. We’ll be back…. Because I enjoyed these last Monday posts so much, I thought I’d highlight a favorite pic from each of The Fab 40s’ members. Enjoy!

The Fab 40s as Princesses

Sheela was our leader. She’s the one who created our concept and got us started. This was my most favorite styling of Sheela’s; the theme was princess, and she definitely played the Belle here in her beautiful rose gown. Ironically this is the one picture where we can’t see yet another pair of Sheela’s fabulous heels!

The Fab 40s in Marsala with Denim

I always felt a special bond with Dawn Lucy as she’s also a teacher. We were all extremely sad when she turned 50. But, we hope she started a Fab 50s group–that way we can join her in the upcoming years!

The Fab 40s in Faux Fur

One of my favorite color combos is when navy and black are paired perfectly together,
so this was an obvious pic of Jane. Her style is so urban chic–always!

The Fab 40s in Holiday Wear

Sequin joggers–yes please! Sequin joggers with a sequin blazer–double yes please.
This stunning combo was obviously my favorite look of Dixie’s.

The Fab 40s in Hats

All of us always looked forward to how Samantha would style the themes. She’s unique, and quirky,
but always classy and chic all at the same time. That’s how her personality is too. She’s a no
nonsense woman that I really look to for style inspiration as well as friendship. (By the way,
I gave her this skirt, and I love how she style it. I never even saw the blues
in the skirt before seeing her style it in this way!)

The Fab 40s in Our Favorite Colors

The best thing about getting to know Jennie was seeing both her style and blog evolve from post to post. She just kept getting better and better! I chose this picture of her in her favorite color. Again, she surprised me because I would have never guessed that these greens were her favorite color; I thought she was a pink or purple girl,
but that is probably because she wears that hair color so well!

The Fab 40s in Formal During the Day

Out of all The Fab 40s, I could always picture myself in whatever Diane wore. Take this outfit for example:
I want it all. I love pairing sequins with something casual like cutoffs and sneakers. Seriously though,
she was always my style sister all the way!

The Fab 40s as Villains

For one of our posts we had to style a villian. I love that Veronica chose an
Angelina Jolie character just like me. I also always appreciate how fierce Vero is!

The Fab 40s in All White

Not many woman can pull off a bodycon white dress, but we could always rely on feminine, voluptuous Mary to rock another hot dress. I’d love to go through Mary’s dress collection. It’s immense from what we could all see!

Do you already miss The Fab 40s like me?
Hopefully we can get back together real soon….

(I think next month, on the last Monday of October, I’ll go through and choose my favorite looks from collaborating with The Fab 40s.)

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  • Judy Gramith

    For some reason i didn’t realize til just now that Diane Capozzi was one of the fab 40. I met Diane at a blogger meetup that I attended last February in Arizona. I was invited to join in by a couple of bloggers that i had been following. As a non blogger this was such a thrill and getting to know Diane was part of that! I’ve recently been in touch with her and she is in reevaluation mode where blogging is concerned.
    Other than Diane , Sam and you I don’t follow any of these bloggers although I am familiar with them. Apparently Anna (Island Style) wasn’t part of this group at this time(?) It’s always fun to revisit times passed eh?
    How are the workouts going? Gym and Pinkie getting along well? Hoping that your back is getting stronger and the knees too!! You go girl!!

    • Ya, Diane joined about half way through. After a bit of time, Jane, Dixie, and Dawn left. That’s when Jennie, Diane, and Sam came in. Diane is gorgeous! Well all these ladies are. But we do have to admit that Diane has those covetable legzfordayz!

      With Anna and Sam I posted every 20th of the month for our Ping Pong Post. At first we mailed items, but then we moved to pieces. It was best when we mailed, but my size was always bigger than them, so at times it got difficult. Either I couldn’t fit, or the items were large on their lithe frames.

      Both collaborations were such fun. Now I’m at a loss because I’m missing both!

      Any ideas….!?

      Love, Annie

      • Judy Gramith

        I know that Diane was feeling some of the same uncertainties about blogging and social media as you were feeling last Spring. I think she’d enjoy hearing from you. I think she has stopped blogging for now. You and she have some nice straight forwardness and honesty in common. Maybe the two of you could cook up a collab idea?
        Yes, Diane is gorgeous! The legs for days is just one aspect of her beauty!

        • Diane

          Hi Annie & Jude!!! Not sure why I popped on of all days, today! I literally haven’t been on one bit of social media for a month. But, today, I took a quick peek to see what’s happening on Instagram, typed #over40style & only stopped at your post to check a bodysuit photo of yours. Of alllllll the bloggers out there, I stop at you!!! Then I had to find your full blog post as I fell in love with the orange bodysuit, of course the sneaks, then the ruffle blush body suit, then the 3rd photo with the floral bodysuit….. as always BEYOND AMAZING! You are quirky, unique, ever changing, non-trend follower & just plain beautiful with your big eyes & great figure! Like Jude mentioned, the two of us have been sharing emails lately. I was frustrated, disgruntled & got sucked into the shallowness of IG & blogging. Besides all of that, work, stress of my hubby’s biz, mostly my mom, all just got the best of me. Something had to give. Since blogging & social media wasn’t bringing me joy, that’s what took a backseat. But, I have to say, connecting with the both of you today, has got my weekend off to the right start. I do miss you so much Annie, but just can’t bring myself to the pressure of posting again at the moment. I will live vicarious from the outfield watching your fashion blossom even more & secretly steal your amazing style ideas. Sending you so much love, Diane C. (fashiononthe4thfloor)

          • Oh Diane, it’s so good to hear from you, and I hear ya! Instagram has really sucked it out of me. It brings me down and creates a lethargy I haven’t experienced with blogging. Sometimes I consider dismantling my account just so I can get my blogging juju back.

            I was so good at posting M, W, F. Now I’m already scaling back to once a week. It’s so bitter sweet: I’ve made great friends–you and Jude–for example, but there’s something missing isn’t there? I can’t quite put my finger on it….

            Anyway, I am so glad that through it all I got to know you. You are gorgeous inside and out!

            Love, Annie

  • Aww, I just loved this post and it made me miss our monthly collaboration even more. 🙁 So many fun memories and stylish looks!

    • As do I xoxo

      • I’ll include you in my Jan email Sheela. You are the founder so… we NEED YOU!! Mwuah!!
        A x

    • Yes, so many fun memories. I think in Jan, I’ll be contacting you to see if we can revive something….Right?!

  • Beautiful blast from the past 🙂 xoxo

    • Thank you Sheela. And most importantly, thank you for getting us all started!

      Bisou! Annie