My Favorite Cabin Spaces

When we pull up to the cabin, this is our first view of the lake–always a glorious sight to behold.

Well, being out at our cabin on Spirit Lake in Idaho is becoming a distant memory,and of course the entire family is already looking forward to next summer when we can return. Before all my memories become blurred I thought I’d highlight a couple of my favorite cabin spaces from our home away from home.

This is the view from my bed every morning. I love waking up with the sun
and watching the diamond sparkles created on the lake.

My bed is on the left, and Kevin’s bed is on the right.
We don’t actually sleep in the same bed out at the cabin,
but we cuddle all the same. It’s cozy to have our heads
meet in a different way out at our cabin.

I love the leopard cushion covers on our bamboo furniture out on the porch. Leopard is a neutral in my book!

Here’s Ruby. My sister and her family are kind enough to let us keep
Ruby for spurts of time during the summer. We adore this little pooch.
She’s a hoot and so fun to play with–just don’t say “fish,” or
she’ll go a little bonkers!

Kevin took the picture of those daisies for me when we first dating.
He then had it blown up for me and framed. I love daisies;
they’re my most favorite flower of all.

Family Room

We don’t know any of the people on within this gallery of family pictures,
yet it doesn’t matter. Having these individuals up on the wall reminds me
of the family I have in India. India will always be magical in my heart.

In the upstairs bathroom we do have pictures of people who are important to us.
These bathroom walls are filled with moments with friends and family out at the lake.
It’s the best place ever to reminisce.

Have you been to our cabin?
If so, what’s your favorite space or touch about the place?

By the way, it’s an open door, so if you’re ever passing through northern Idaho, you know you have a place to stay!

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  • Judy Gramith

    Thanks for this little tour my dear! This cabin looks colorfully cozy and that’s just what I’d expect! I love the fact that you and Kevin sleep on the screened porch. I used to love doing that in my grandparents cabin in Northern Wisconsin.
    I’d like to know more about your connections to India too!

    • We used to live in Bombay for five years. My heart is there! It was such a great time in the history of our family. Granted the kids barely remember it, but Kevin and I think very fondly of it. (There are many posts here on Kremb de la Kremb if you just search up India, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Udaipur, or Bombay.)

      The kids were little, so like I said they barely remember it. We were there from 2004-2009. I like to call it our rock star years. I was in great shape, we lived like a king and queen, we had really good friends, and India is just a magical place. Our trip back this last Christmas was very special because we revisited all the people and places that are so important to us. I say my heart is in India; I loved it there so much. It’s a tough and brutal place, but it’s also filled with such warm and kind people and the culture is just beyond chaotic. Ya, I love it there!

      A x