The Fab 40s in All White

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Wearing all white on a boat out pulling the kids behind is an outfit I could be found in any day of the summer out at Spirit Lake. Here I’m out on the boat with the entire fam pulling them for a ski. Our mornings out here are usually spent in this manner. (In fact, here’s a similar post back when I used to have long hair.) Mary called all white for July’s Fab 40s theme–a staple color that fills my drawers and wardrobe. The one item I’ve never thought to wear however is a white swimsuit. I went to my stylish sister for this item, and borrowed her halter one piece from Topshop. As if I needed more white to add to the plethora of options, but when I found this white mesh top at a local Goodwill shop I couldn’t really resist–plus it’s from Express. My white jean shorts were also a Goodwill find; they are Gloria Vanderbelt’s jeans that I chopped. I live in some sort of jean short almost all year round as seen by my Instagram feed. Do you ever wear all white? What do you do to make it different? One thing I added aside from texture was my evil eye white rope anklets that I wear both on the left and right. You can read my superstition for this symbol below…But first, take a look at seven other all white summer styling options.

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Mary from Curly Bird Chirps

Again, Mary is rockin’ an amazing dress, and of course she should with her curves. She makes me want to say, “Damn Girl!” But really, she’s so flirty and proves that being 40 something is fabulous!

My Ono Lifestyle

Mary invited My O.N.O. Lifestyle to join us this month. Nikki and Ornelle are a fashion blogging team based in Greece, so you can imagine the all white look was a cinch for them as proven in this shot. Wouldn’t that be fun to have a fashion blog with a friend? I sure think so–which is why I love this series so much!

Sheela Writes

All White 6
I will always have serious shoe envy for Sheela. Her collection of shoes is insane! And I just fall looking at them in a picture. Skinny jeans and a tee, now that’s an all white ensemble I can emulate. The heels, well, not so much–right now. Post hip replacement hopefully my heels will be back in full force!

Veronica from Cid Style File

Veronica is a new member of The Fab 40s bunch. Not only does she represent being fabulous in your forties, but she also styles for the plus size frame blogging over at Cid Style File. I love Veronica’s sporty take on an all white look. Welcome to the team Vero!! (That’s the Latin nickname for Veronica, and since Veronica is also a Latin blogger, I think she’ll relate to being called that. I’m already giving you a nickname!)

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

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Samantha is such a modern day Audrey, don’t you agree!? She’s always perfectly poised yet has such a fun quirk about her. I love that the most. She takes a boucle Chanel-esque jacket and styles it with a cool girl vibe. I think if I were to sit and sift through Sam’s jewellery collection I would be in style story hog heaven. She has so many amazing pieces.

Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor

I am sure you could guess why I totally relate to Diane’s looks. All. The. Time. This girl knows how to rock the tennies. And since that’s just about all I wear I’m constantly looking to her for style inspiration. Now, if I could only match her workout stamina…again, I’ll wait till I recoup from my pending hip replacement.

Jennie of A Pocketful of Polka Dots

All White 5
This t-shirt! ‘Nuff said!! I think we all need this tee. In fact, I’m fashionably (well not really) late with my post and was late with my pic. Jennie maybe you should send this tee my way. And Jennie, I have to say I love how your preppy style is taking on so much more edge with each of our collaborations. Is it intentional or is it just kind of happening?

And me of Kremb de la Kremb

All White 2
In this post I’ve included a few pics of myself in a bathing suit. I put all sorts of images of myself online. In real life, I wear all that you would see posted here on this blog. I am aware that I am often OTT (over-the-top), bold, or maybe even perhaps that cursed term “not age-appropriate.” I am also aware that judgement is passed on individuals for their appearance all the time–some good, some bad. For this reason, the judgement passed, whether positive or negative, makes me feel protected. For the evil eye is a talisman to ward of evil thoughts. You will usually find one somewhere on my body. Currently as I write, I have hamsa silver necklace on (the hand with the evil eye in the center). Do you wear something for protection?

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  • Such a fabulous summer look, Ann! It’s perfect for a day on a boat! You look stunning!

    I always enjoy this series and seeing everyone’s interpretation of a theme! Everyone looks great!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Thank you so much Andrea! It is a really fun series. I wonder what’s going to be up for us August….

      Thanks for always stopping by and commenting Andrea!

      Love, Ann

  • Once again…..STUNNING!
    I love this fresh look and your fab attitude.

    • Thank you Sam! We have such fun out at Spirit Lake! Sadly, I have left….But it’s become the summer home that we tend to work so hard to get to all year long.

      I love this collab!

      A x

  • You are SO Jackie O in this post, Annie, you really are xoxo

  • Truly stunning Ann, love the glow of your skin, white and your smile. Looks like a fun boat ride too.
    Rachel xo

    • Thank you Rachel! I’m so happy to see you coming by and enjoying this series. It’s a fun one! And none of us look like we’re 40, right! Hahahah!

      Love, Ann

  • Mary

    You look fabulous and you are rocking that swimsuit! You go girl ??

    • Thank you Mary! Guess what?! When I went to give it back to my sister, she said I could keep it!! Woohoo!! Win win for me!

      A x

  • Yay! Because I’ve lived in both El Salvador and in Venezuela, I’ve met plenty of Veros. Cid is a great nickname too but I’ll probably stick to Vero. 😉

    One more welcome!

    A x

  • Well, it has taken me over a week to make my way around the recent Fab 40’s post, but here I am! And you are looking fabulous as usual, Ann! You totally rock the white swimsuit and I am so into mesh and sheer loose fitting tops lately (and thrifting) so I am going to applaud that find of yours. Super cute! I love my evil eye jewelry (I have 2 amazing pieces by Michal Golan) and I always wear my charm bracelet which has an evil eye and a hamsa charm. Have a wonderful day!


    • Oooh, we have a lot in common with our evil eye affection. Are you as auspicious and superstitious as me Shelbee?! Thank you for the recommendation. I have never heard of Michal Golan, but off I go! And thank you for your compliments but more so your continual support. I appreciate it so.

      Love, Ann