The Fab 40s are Villains

Oh my! Who even like the villains? When Veronica called this theme for The Fab 40s this month I really wondered how I would style my outfit for this blogger collaboration. Then, I thought of one of my favorite movies: Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Both characters are actually the villains in a way. Plus they’re both the good guys in the end with a battlefield reconciliation (how did they live through that who knows!?). One of my favorite scenes is when Jane Smith is in the desert and John Smith interrupts her mission. I love it when later she figures out the intruder is her husband because of his after peeing leg shake. That’s hilarious to me and something only a wife would know. So here I am trying to emulate a very sultry yet hardcore killer while she’s lounging around in her desert hut waiting for her target. What do you think? Do I look like a killer? Hardly!! It was fun to attempt at any rate. Check out all the villains below:

Cid Style File

Veronica, who set the theme, also chose one of Angelina’s characters: Malificent! Also, Vero invited Jaye from Curvatude to join us this month.


Welcome Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder to this month’s blogger collab! Oops, I mean welcome Jaye from Curvatude. Excellent styling Jaye!!

Fashion on the 4th Floor

Diane chose Professor Snape from the Harry Potter series because she can relate to his loyalty and love for Lily, Harry’s mother. Trust me, Diane is a very, very loyal friend!

A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Jennie is Bonnie Parker, circa 2017! Hmmm, makes me wonder how Clyde would look–cuz this Bonnie is a DOLL!

Fake Fabulous

This month Samantha is Viper… nemesis to the super-sexy Logan/Wolverine.

Sheela Writes

Sheela is Poison Ivy–with red locks and all. (I would like to borrow that dazzling dress please!)

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

Remember the scene with her legs kicked up? Well, I’m trying…minus the binoculars and lithe physique. Go Angelina go!!

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  • Judy Gramith

    I will always love the cargo pant. Even though they’re not currently a featured “on trend” style they are still in my closet and I see they’re in yours as well. I love the pairing of pink and loden green. Kinda hard to be considered villainous in pink however…you’re just too cute Ann!

    • I was drawn to these cargo pants because they’re also joggers! Love joggers. And yes, my tank should be more nude and less pink but I wasn’t about to purchase anything for this one–right? Plus, now that I’ve started to see a chiropractor and insurance is out, Kevin had declared a ban on my shopping tendencies! Eeek!! I’ll be fine. I’ve got clothes comin’ out my ears.

      Jude, I too think I’m too cute to be a villainous!! Hahehaha!! A x

  • You nailed this look, Ann! I love it all, but especially your scarf and how it just takes this to the next level. I also think the pink tank is a nod to this spring’s hot color, which keeps it even more modern. Also, you are smokin’ hot!

    • Thanks so much Jennie! It was tough to find a scarf because in the scene it’s a blush color–which I didn’t have. I also had to improvise with my tank–hers is also more of a blush color and not so pink. Oh well. You got the idea–which is the whole point, right?!

      I tried to go with something a little more easy this month. I hope it is for you anyway.

      Love, Annie

  • Dressing as villains is such a great idea! I agree that you’re too cute to be truly villainous, but you look great in the cargo pants and top.

    • Hahah! I think it’s my freckles!! As glam as I’d like to be, I’m just a curvaceous, perky, cute gal!

      Thanks Gail!

      Love, Ann

  • I love this film Ann!
    SO funny.
    And….I ALWAYS have a soft spot for a good baddy. No matter who they are or how bad they have been.
    Something makes me wonder WHAT happened to them to make them bad…of course this only ever happens with great actors and fabulous stories!
    (Diane’s Snape is one of my all time favourite characters.)

    Villains aside, this is just a great (wearable) look.

    • Thanks Sam. It’s one of my favorite movies too. I could watch it on repeat no problem. The other movie I love to watch over and over is Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise. Have you seen it? If you haven’t I think you’ll enjoy it!!

      I had to rack my brains for this one. Hopefully this month is just kind of easy for all of us. We’ll see….!

      Love, Annie

  • seƱora allnut

    wouu, love this kind of inspiring posts, so much fun looking at all those ladies creativity!, and I love your ‘villain’, as I always love to see any badass lady looking fabulous!, You nailed her look, with lots of attitude! and wearing lovely sneakers!. You rock so much!!!!!

    • Thank you so much Monica. It was an interesting and very “bad” theme. Hahah!

      Love, Ann

      PS Always in sneakers!!

  • What a brilliant idea, dressing as villains!
    You look fabulous, Ann! And so cool that you chose such an unusual ‘villain’. I LOVE combats and vests – this is exactly the kind of thing I love to wear too.
    Have a great day!
    Suzy xx

    • Thanks Suzy. It was such a hard theme for me. I was like, WHAT!!? I don’t usually appreciate the villain–who does? I guess some people do. Hahaha! But Jane Smith, oh, I do love her! She cracks me up, and she’s so darn powerful. Plus, they fall back in love in the end! My kind of ending!!

      Love, Ann

  • ADA

    You are the coolest villain staying true to your style for sure. Those pants look so nice and relaxed on you. Love the theme this month Ann!

    Welcome by tomorrow and every Thursday and linkup your gorgeous style with me. Thanks, Ada. =)

    • Thank you so much Ada! It was a tough one for me, so I’m glad that you are able to spot that I stayed true to myself. And, ya, I’d actually wear this outfit!

      Love, Ann

  • Annie, I knew right away when I saw your pic who you were going to be. OK I am lying for a split second I thought of Lara Croft, but hey that’s Angelina’s character too!

    • Really!? That’s RAD!! I am so happy you got it. (I’ve actually never seen a Lara Croft movie–should I?)

      A x

  • Love. Love. Love. You are so rocking this look (ha! Get it…ROCKing it!) But for real…this is so good. The cargo pants, the easy tank, the cute scarf, the adorable shoes. Fabulous!


    • Hehahahe! Yes, rocking it! Too cute!! And yes, I think I’d wear this exact outfit with no problem. That’s what I was after!

      Thank you!!

      Love, Ann