The Fab 40s in Ruffles

Jenny from A Pocketful of Polka Dots called ruffles this month. At first I was like, “Meh. I’m not such a ruffle girl.” But then I realized if I took a look in my wardrobe, it’s actually filled with ruffles. I had a laugh at myself!! There were so many options from a ruffle unitard, a one shoulder ruffle denim dress, or my fun Who What Wear romper from Target. I went with the polka dot flirty number. I’ve worn it so many times: in Suncadia for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary, for my sister’s baby shower, and for a meet-up with an annual lunch with two very good high school friends. This little outfit makes me feel dressed up but casual at the same time. It has ruffles on the sleeves and on the shorts. The wrap part goes to the perfect point of my décolletage while not showing too much. Finally, the icing on the top is being able to not wear tennis shoes with this number. It’s been a long time coming, but this summer I’ve been able to venture and return to the world of sandals and flats. Ahhhh, it feels so good to wear something other than tennis shoes! (Granted my tennis shoe collection continues to grow!) And it also feels good to wear ruffles. I guess I’m more of a ruffle girl than I knew!

Let’s see how The Fab 40s wear ruffles….

Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots

What a super cool way to wear a dress Jennie. I’m trying to figure out how you created the sleek line at the belt there. Do tell!

Shelly of The Queen In Between

Shelly is our guest this month from The Queen In Between. (I love her blog’s name!!) We have the romper in common here. Yours is super cute Shelly. But maybe it isn’t a romper but just super sleek monochromatic mixing of black pieces. I love the pairing of suede tan heels. (Only in my dreams can I wear heels these days….) Welcome Shelly. Do make sure to go check out The Queen In Between.

Veronica from Cid Style File

Vero and I have the same summer style: cut offs with a touch of glam. I love it Veronica. Your top is dressy yet the jean shorts and cute Teva like sandals bring everything to the summer casual level.

Mary from Curyly Byrdie Chirps

Isn’t it cool how both Mary and Jennie have similar takes on ruffles for this month’s Fab 40s. I love the peek of pants underneath. Such a cool way to style long flowing garments. I love it! (And I will be trying it this fall for sure!)

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

May I make a recommendation for the summer sales: get this romper! It’s on clearance now so go quick. Also, I recommend these slides. Since I love them in black, I also got them in a cute mustard yellow. Finally, this belt bag is no fanny pack; it’s totally luxe. Thank you to my dear sister Julie for giving me this amazing Hustle & Hide Co handcrafted gem. Finally, did you notice how luxe my sunglasses are? I got these Celine beauties from Smart Buy Glasses. I definitely recommend heading there to find your next sunglass investment. Their selection and price point is right on!

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  • I am loving your cute romper, Ann! So adorable and you look great in it. I have to say your belt bag is pretty awesome and definitely looks luxe. I Know I am not a ruffles gal, which is why I chose this theme – something outside my norm. Also, the maxi dress I am wearing fits really well along the bust and then goes down into a wide elasticized waistband, which was pretty clingy. The belt helped clean it up and prevent it from looking like it was just gaping open and didn’t fit. Haha… 😉

    • It was genius how you made such straight lines out of that dress from the belted waist. It looks so cool.

      Jennie, I love how you always choose themes that push you out of your boundaries. It’s awesome. Btw, we need to chat–don’t we!?

      ;D I’m back!!

      A x

  • Judy Gramith

    Hey Ann!!! You look great!! It’s just wonderful to see you and truthfully i wouldn’t have cared what you were wearing! Your hair has grown a lot and I love it!!! You look like you’ve been enjoying good times at the lake, and I see some new freckles! I hope you’ve been finding some peace and freedom with no Instagram noise to deal with. It’s good to regroup and rethink priorites or just stand back and try a new perspective…
    Your romper is darling and I can see that it would be really versatile. It’s fun to see how each of these ladies has found a ruffled garment that fits their personality so well.
    How’s Pinky comin along? I think of you often and hope that your summer has been perfect!

    • Pinky is great! And my knee did so well out at the lake. I ended up being able to bike to the end of the lake by the time summer was over! It was so awesome to ride, and ride, and ride. I’m really enjoying biking and even giving it a go over here in Hong Kong.

      My summer break was fantastic and the break did me well. I feel refreshed and ready to post and write and style. Thank you for your patience in me!!

      Love, Annie

  • I love it!! It’s so you, Anne lol. And you thought you weren’t a ruffles girl 😉
    Suzy xx
    Suzy Turner

    • I know right!? I have tons of ruffles!! It’s the off-the-shoulder trend that is so easy to style oneself in ruffles. I actually have a ton!

      Do you?

      Love, Annie

  • señora allnut

    such a cute romper, with all those lovely polka dots and lovely frills!, and I like your belt bag, it looks like a comfy&cool piece to wear!

    • Thank you Monica!! I just wore this romper to my first day back to work. I felt very fresh and fun. I do adore this piece!!

      Love, Ann

  • Ann you are adorable in your playsuit…. and your HAIR!
    I love it!
    Such a cute fun and totally ageless look.
    Although a fab pair of pins helps!!!!

    • My hair is getting longer!! Plus, do remember Sun-in? That product we used to use in high school–well at least I did. Well, my kids and I would add a little extra touch of sun every time we were out on the water. We’ll see what happens when all my dark hairs grow in! Hhahaa!

      A x

  • OK this romper is delightful and you look very good in it. But for myself at age 63… hmm no, better not. I know we always say that age is just a number, but certain things look really off (naf, as the English say). And this romper on me would have that effect. Enjoy it my dear. You can pull this off. And I am so glad your feet (hips?) are getting better.

    • I find this surprising with your legs for days Greetje! You have the very best legs, so I actually think a romper would look phenomenal on you. No pressure though. We all must wear what we feel good in. Then our confidence really shows and we look great, right?!

      Thank you Greetje! Love, Ann

      • Ah well, you see, it isn’t the legs. I know they are my assets, no matter how many blodges etc I get on them. It is the combination of an aging head with shorts or mini skirts. Probably just how I am programmed but there is something “off” about that look. Or it is just not the look I want to convey anymore.