The Fab 40s in Hats

Oh September! You are a blur for all of us Fab 40s. Vero chose such a great and very different theme for us this month: hats. The Fab 40s always post on the last Monday of the month, yet I was definitely caught by surprise with the somewhat early September date. I picked up this turban hat over a month ago. I thought–ooh, this will be a nice switch from my usual winter beanie. Also, my hair, my very boofy hair, has become so out of control. Tying it down with a scarf also seems to help…. When Vero called the theme as hats this month, I thought, “Sweet! I can try out my turban.” Easier said than styled…I really wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I called for my inner, urban gypsy. I added a pin to the turban–obviously, and then I added lots of gold baubles. I attempted to wear my sleeveless (DIY) black blazer with nothing underneath; I think it worked buttoned up. Also, for some reason, post hip replacement surgery, I’ve put on a couple of lbs; therefore, I opted for my stand by, every day worn, Wrangler cutoffs. I swear: these shorts have exceeded their cost per wear which was like $10 USD! Since I was drenched in lots of gold, I chose my rose gold tennies–another item that is on constant repeat these days. I am not embarrassed to admit I have twenty pair (maybe over!) of sneakers. Personal style is forever evolving, and mine is definitely headed toward the sporty chic these days with my daily wear of tennis shoes. Some people can wear hats with such ease. I have to admit, for how OTT (over-the-top) I am with my style most days, I do feel loud in a hat–like they draw too much attention to me. Isn’t that funny considering some of the outlandish getups I come up with. How about you? Are you a hat person? Some people just are.






The Fab 40s in Hats

Let’s see if the Fab 40s are hat ladies….I have a feeling they will be! We’ll start with Vero who called the theme and her guest this month, Janeane from Designing from My Closet.

Veronica from Cid Style File

Instagram: @cidstylefile
Facebook: CID Style File

Janeane Designing from My Closet

Instagram: @designingfrommycloset
Facebook: Designing from My Closet

Mary from Curly Byrdiechirps

Instagram: @curlybyrdie
Facebook: Curly Byrdie’s Show and Tell

Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Instagram: @apocketfulofpolkadots

Sheela Writes

Instagram: @sheelagoh
Facebook: Eccettica the Atelier

Samantha of Fake Fabulous

Instagram: @fakefabulous
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I think Sam might be hat wearers in real life. What do you think? Also, I gave her that skirt! Doesn’t it look great on her!?

*I’ve linked up this post to #iwillwearwhatilike.

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  • I am oh so absolutely a hat person, always have been, always will be. Although I haven’t been donning any for quite a bit so thank you, Veronica, for the nudge.

    You do look like the mysterious gypsy woman in this get-up, Ann, complete with baubles and golden tan. Albeit the kicks do put a contemporary spin on things. And can we take a look at that cleavage? Woo, baby, hubba hubba hubba xoxo

    p/s do come and link-up

    • Hehehehe! If you got it, flaunt it right?! I’ve always wanted to wear a blazer with nothing underneath, and so I gave it a try here. I do say with this sleeveless one, I would do it again. The satin, tuxedo one in my closet that doesn’t quite fit me right now….well, that one will have to weight–op! I mean wait! ;D


      PS Yes, you are such a hat person!! Start wearing them more–maybe this coming winter….

  • Yeah Annie!
    This skirt was perfect with my hat… Thank you!!!

    I love hats, but mostly wear them for warmth…so my ears need covered.
    This trilby is my favourite BUT it is not the warmest (maybe I need ear flaps?? :oP)

    • The skirt matches you and your setting so very perfectly! I’m glad it found a happy home! I forgot to mention you look like a long lived relative of Robin Hood in that hat. It is so very cool!

      Love, Annie

  • Ann I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anyone who looks better in a turban than you – this whole outfit works so well because of its sheer simplicity and the turban just takes centre stage!! Even if you don’t think you’re a hat person you’re totally rocking one here… I’m most definitely a hat person but even I haven’t worked out what to wear with this style. You’ve done it in one go…!

    Catherine x

    • Awww, thanks Catherine! I wonder what makes a hat person and not. You know what I mean? Because, yes you are, so is Sam, and so is Sheela, Jennie too. For me, I just feel silly or something. But yes, I did think this one was very cool and had planned to have it replace my boring black beanie this winter.

      Love, Annie

  • I love your turban look! You look absolutely fabulous!

    Seeing everyone’s fabulous hat looks makes me realize that I need to get some hats!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • I know right Andrea! I have a couple–not many. Do you have any? What kind do you think you’ll go for? I’m all for the beanie, but that doesn’t really count as a hat does it? I love a beret too, but again that’s more beanie. I wish I could pull off Samantha’s or Sheela’s but I think I would feel funny! Could you wear either?

      Love, Annie

  • Judy Gramith

    I like the hat on you Ann and you have to have a nicely shaped head for that cloche style. Very fun on you!!

    • Thank you so much Judy! I like how my hair peeks out. 😀

      Love, Ann

  • You look so exotic and free spirited in this turban, Ann! The addition of the pin was brilliant. I would have never thought to try a turban at all, much less with shorts, so thanks for showing me how it is done. This was a fun theme!

    • It was a fun theme wasn’t it? Vero chose a good one. Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to comment and we’re almost ready for October’s theme–inspired by you many, many posts ago. Do you remember?

      A x

      • I do remember. I know we have talked about preppy style on a couple of month’s themes. The first one being Diane’s choice of pleats. I believe the second one, which you are specifically are referring to, was when we styled Sam’s choice of evening wear styled as day wear. I think I finally have my preppy look chosen for this month. I now truly know what you mean about how difficult it is to select a look for a style you wear all the time, as you mentioned in my boho choice. I could go so many different ways with this month’s theme, and it has been difficult to narrow down. I think I have finally decided on traditional with a bit of modern twist

  • Oh good! I’m so glad!! And yes, I’m very happy with Pinky. 😀 Yea!!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am so sorry for such an exaggerated length in replying. Life…it does take over sometimes!! But now, I’m back at it!!

    Love, Ann