The Fab 40s in Formal During the Day

Formal During the Day 5
You’re going to see a lot of sequins during this round of The Fab 40s. We are all wearing formal during the day. This is something I’m quite used to. Since I’m on a total sneaker/casual shoe kick, I try to figure out ways to dress up this look. In fact you can see me wearing my sneakers at Christmas with satin joggers and a sequins top, here with an off the shoulder DIY dress, or here with my sequin pants. I’m no stranger to this concept especially since I adore dressing up and miss my high heels so much. I guess you could say I really believe that “Life is a party; dress like it!” Therefore I’ve had to create a new style concept that will not be hindered by comfortable shoes. And now, I’ve got six other ladies to take style cues from. Just you wait and see. But first, here’s my take with my new and ever so comfortable flatform (read two inch high heel!) Teva sandals. (I’m waiting for my pair in white to arrive….)

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Samantha from Fake Fabulous

Photo 19-6-2016, 12 10 04 PM
Samantha, our pro pattern mixer, rocked her look in this elegant skirt paired with all things casual. I am realizing in my collection of skirts I am missing some polka dots! And I am sure Jennie is also coveting this piece. Sam, I love your gutties. (Did I get it right!?)

Vale of Fashion and Cookies

Wow! Vale from Fashion and Cookies is our guest this round. And WOW! She looks so fantastic. If I could pull this look off in the day time, I would be giving myself some high fives. Vale, is Italian–does that help explain? I highly recommend visiting her site; you will instantly get addicted to her chic style. Plus, she writes a bilingual blog in both Italian and English, so if you speak either of those languages, you’ll always understand!

Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor

Photo 1-1-2000, 12 02 50 AM
Ummmm, Diane, I’ll keep it simple and just say I’ll be copying this look. I love it. It’s summer time, and I now live in my cutoffs, so I especially adore and relate to this entire look. Can you send that top over when you’re done with it?!

Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Photo 25-6-2016, 1 26 03 AM
Jennie, it’s so fun to see your style evolving with each of our collaborative posts. You’re preppy self is turning a bit rocker? Do you agree!? I love it. You’re showing us all an edginess lately that I haven’t witnessed before. Also, I’m kicking myself: I should have bought those snake slip-ons that I saw ions ago. Super Jennie!

Mary of Curlybyrdie Chirps

Photo 25-6-2016, 2 33 02 AM
Holy smokes Mary! And you’re opting for a fabulous skirt this time around. (Mary is usually our dress wearer.) Mary, you’ve probably heard this before, but your curves are to die for! I love this skirt, and it fits you amazingly. You look smashing Mary!

Sheela Writes

Photo 25-6-2016, 9 27 49 AM
Sheela, I love your pants. I even have a similar pair! But I think yours are just a little fancier and way more cool with the jogger vibe going on. And Sheela, how, oh how do you manage in your heels? I am in awe, a little jealous, and just in complete awe how you can wear shoes as fabulous as you do!

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

Formal During the Day 8
For me, and my comfy shoe wearing ways, I’m letting my hemline creep up and up. And why not!? To avoid the muffin top, I’ve concealed it with a waistbag (fanny pack if you like!). To increase the look of a waist I side tied my tee OR I tied my bomber around my waist–two ways of cinching in a waist. And the shoes, well they feel like heels, so they add an instant pep to my step. I’m in love with these Teva flat forms and will be wearing them all summer long!

Formal During the Day 1
I got the thumbs up from my photographer!!

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    You look so cool Ann!
    (I wish we were meeting up for a cocktail, or two)
    It has been a fun theme this month, and I was blown away by these looks.
    Trust you to pile on TWO sequined items…hehehe….certainly no wallflower!
    As for your t-shirt….I agree!!!

    • You know the rockstar in me loved this theme! I have so much sequins in my closet!! I do wonder which item you see as the second sequins tough as only the skirt is. The bomber is lace….Does it look like sequins?

      I wonder what August will bring….?

      A x

  • Judy Gramith

    I don’t know why but I have trouble wearing sequins in large quantites. I like just a” bit” of the blingy look . I love seeing it on others and I LOVE you t shirt outfit!

    My husband and I are headed home from our recent trip to Idaho. My dad wanted his ashes scattered at a spot on the Clearwater River.
    Idaho is GORGEOUS and it was a special trip that won’t be forgotten. Are you there now?

    • Oh, I hope it was a special moment for you Judy. Special thoughts sent to you. And Idaho is a very special place to rest.

      I think just a little piece of sequins added to every day wear is fun! Did you see this post when I paired sequin shorts with a bomber jacket and the same sandals? Take a look!

      Thanks for coming by Judy.

      Big hug and love, An

  • I love the double sequins, Ann! Absolute perfection with that graphic tee! You truly are a style icon!

    • Oh gosh. I just went back to look at my pics, and the bomber sleeves do look sequins don’t they?! But they’re simple sheer lace. Hahaha! Sam and Judy had similar comments so I had to check, and I guess it does look like I’m over doing it with the sparkle. In real life though it’s simply sheer lace. Hahaha!

      And Shelbee! Your compliment!! Wow!! Style icon?! That just makes me gush. THANK YOU!!

      Love, Ann

  • Great look, Ann! Everyone looks fabulous! Lots of great ideas for mixing formal with casual!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • If I could wear a little sparkle every day, I would Andrea!! Hahha!

      Love, Ann

  • I thought that was a fanny pack HAHAHAHA you’re the living, breathing embodiment of those words on your fun tee, Annie. A dynamite of fun, and I have to say, I do feel that this month’s theme was tailormade for you xoxo

    • Yep! I love me a fanny pack Sheela!! 😀 BIG GRIN!!

      And yes to this theme each and every day!!


  • Anna Parkes

    Sequins and more sequins – way to go Ann! I love those sandals and would wear them all summer long too x

    • Hahaha you too thought I wore double sequins; I had to go back and look and I guess the bomber sleeves to come across with sparkle, but it’s simply lace. I’m glad that it came across as so sparkly!!

      And you know I’m a sparkle girl–if I could wear it every day I would!!

      Love, Ann

  • all fabulous looks, love the day glam