The Fab 40s are Fairytale Princesses

For some reason, after flaunting all around India pretending to be a princess (a search of “MaharAnnie in my blog’s search box will prove this), I found this month’s Fab 40s theme to be difficult: we were to style ourselves as fairytale princesses. Sheela is our romantic, and I do love her so. I’ve been listening to her anticipation of Beauty and the Beast for a few months now (Meanwhile I’m insisting that she watch La La Land. Have you seen it yet dear Queen She!?), so I was not surprised when Sheela called fairtyale princesses as our theme. I felt so stumped by this. Has anyone noticed that I wear some form of tennis shoes in every single outfit post these days? Which princess wears runners? I guess when I went to style the outfit I had Kate Middleton in mind, the Duchess of Cambridge. I am nothing close to her style, but I could imagine her wearing both this style of dress with a rhinestone collar plus the white cape, maybe even the gloves too. The sparkles though, those are all me and my style as are the fishnets which again, I don’t think Kate will ever get caught in (but you never know about the bedroom! Op! There I go again–not acting princessy at all!!) Sheela asked us which fairytale princess we related to however. My answer was Princess Merida from Brave–I adore her fiery spirit, and in real life I chose Princess Stephanie, again for her fire. I’m a bit rebellious–can you tell?!

Shall we peak in on the other Fairytale Princesses?

This is Belle! Look at that rose dress! It’s beautiful!! As is Queen She. Wow, Sheela everything about you is just stunning!

Sheela invited Shelbee On the Edge to join us this month. And here we have the true Merida! What a cool way to dress like this fiery princess. I think I got the wrong memo!! I love this picture of you Shelbee and am so happy you joined us this month.

Here we have Pocahontas. Mary actually does have Native American Indian heritage, so this was a very easy choice for her. Her dress with the jeans underneath are make for the perfect modern heroine.

I love it! Diane chose to emulate one of her childhood favorite female characters–who also used to be a favorite of mine. I mean I wanted to be this sassy girl. She’s Joe from The Facts of Life. Remember her? Oh, I only watched that show for her right Diane?!

Elsa is here! And Samantha, your new do!! I love it!! Here’s to the pixie that is so you!!

In second grade, a fairytale princess was set in Jennie’s mind from Hans Christian Anderson. I know you know who she is! This is The Little Mermaid! You have truly captured the spirit of a fairytale princess here.

We have another Pocahontas, and not only that, but a glimpse into spring and summer styles to come. Vero, you make me want to join you at a music festival in this look. I think we’d rock out well together!!

Then there’s me. I don’t think I got the right memo!! If I were to do it over, I think I would have pulled out one of my Indian saris and all my Indian jewells and been Mehrunnisa. But again, she’s a real life princess. Hmmm….can I have a do over?!

That’s a lot of fairytale princesses! Wow!! Who is yours?

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  • Dottie Poole

    I really like the navy on you and your freckles are stunning. You look terrific in that outfit!

    • Oh gosh! Thank you so much!! I love a compliment about my freckles. I like them to show up, so I’m really glad they did here. Thank you!! A x

  • Ann, I do not think you need a do over at all! I think you have perfectly nailed this look of no-nonsense, I get-shit-done-my-own-way, tough girl, sassy and gorgeous princess! Thanks so much for allowing me to join you fabulous ladies! This was great fun!


    • I really like that: no-nonsense, I get-shit-done-my-own-way, tough girl, sassy and gorgeous princess! Right on!!! Take that all you princesses out there!! Hahahah! Thank you Shelbee. It was fun!!

      Love, Annie

  • Ann, I adore your look and would wear it all in a heartbeat! Although you would find me in pumps verses sneakers, but you know how to rock that look perfectly. I love the look and attitude you have captured this time around. I have to say I am glad this month’s theme is over, but I think it is mostly because of all my obstacles.

    • I’m sorry!!!!

      • It had nothing to do with the theme, Sheela. It was not being able to portray my look in the way I wanted that was disappointing. I think I got too stuck in my own head once my skirt didn’t arrive and went into panic mode. Now that I am away from it, other ideas have dawned which could have captured my princess spirit without being quite so literal.

        • Me too. I was in my head as well. For some reason this theme stumped me. I was like, do I go to disney and get the blue Cinderella dress or do I go with my tulle skirt and pretend. In retrospect, I am so shocked with myself that I just didn’t pull a MaharAnnie and be an Indian princess–or maybe even an Italian one!!

          It’s over!! On to the next theme. Hey, is it me? No I’m May. Vero is up!! Take it away Cid Style File!!


    • Yes, Jennie. This dress screams you! What size are you? It actually doesn’t suit me and I tried selling it last month. I think it actually would be big on you though….But yes, this is a Jennie dress with cute little pumps for sure! A x

  • Adore that dress with blingtastic collar!

  • Ann your princess look is great!! I love you chose a real princess!! This was a fun challenge, I’ve never been a girly girl so imagining my self as a princess was hard. My BF said I looked like I was ready for Coachella when he saw my look. So I’m totally music festival ready. Let’s Go!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I thought the total exact same thing! Coachella all the way. Oh, to go to Coachella. One day maybe. In the meantime I had the most fun at our own Hong Kong version, Clockenflap, this last November! You’d love it!! A x

  • Toss Merida out, Annie!!! The rock n roll younger princess of Monaco, you are. I can’t understand why I didn’t see it until now xoxo

  • Mary

    Such a fun look and you slayed this one girl! Can’t wait until next month ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Mary! Right back at you! Let’s see what Vero has us up to next month. I could use an easy one–that’s for sure!! A x

  • But you are one stylish rebellious lady! I love it! You look gorgeous in this look and I love that it’s feminine yet you added some fire to it! I don’t really know who I identify with the most….I love Belle and her adventurous spirit and wanting to see what is out of her normal life. I love Merida with her fire. I love Elsa in that she finds strength from love and her sister. You look gorgeous lady!

    • Thank you so much Ruth! It IS a difficult question isn’t it?!

      Love, Ann

  • Judy Gramith

    Being a princess is tougher as you grow older so I like the fact that you felt more comfy with some real life princesses. Also, the Disney corporation has only recently gotten into creating a greater diversity of princesses. I think that’s a good thing but I haven’t seen many of those films.
    You look very prim, proper and cute as hell in your Peter Pan rhinestone collar. You are absolutely “princess like” . Truth be told , they haven’t yet created a princess who is as brave, bold and feisty as you Anne!!

    • Oh gosh! Thank you so much Jude. Your comments always make me smile. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Love, Ann

  • You’re such a lady Ann!
    This look was totally unexpected… I imagined you as Mulan for some reason (she wears
    This is sophisticated elegance and lots of fun.

    • Thank you Sam! And I am in love with your new do. I read the post–I should have commented. I will go back and do so. But…as I’m growing my hair out I know the temptation. Should I follow suit!!?

      Love, Annie

  • seรฑora allnut

    you look absolutely Royal!, like a classy princess (in fishnets and lots of cool shiny accessories!), with a touch of sassiness and attitude!
    A cocktail at a hotel in Monaco, yes, please!