The Fab 40s in Autumnal Hues

Autumnal Hues
All good things must come to an end–at least that’s how the saying goes. I will not say that The Fab 40s is ending; it may pop up again. But, with members dropping, it’s a signal that a break from this blogging collaboration is needed. It’s been so fu though, and I have met some really neat ladies and feel they are my friends too. The blogging community must run on support of one another, and that is what I have always felt from my Fab 40s blogging buddies. This month you’ll find each of us in autumnal hues. I admit–my interpretation came out a little red, white, and blue, but I swear in the pic online, this long kimono looked like a burnt, rusty orange with dusky, pale blue! (Please go look, and tell me I’m wrong!) No worries for me though because I do love red, and lately any excuse to wear Hot Lave from Maybelline is a win in my book. It’s my new favorite red lipstick! If you read my post on Friday, you know I’ve had a rough go of it lately, so when I spotted this tee at my local H&M (yes, I can see H&M from my living room window, and yes, I find that crazy!), it simply spoke to me. Move forward. No looking back. Right?! Speaking of moving forward, I won’t be able to part with The Fab 40s so easily; I’ve already penciled in a tribute of sorts for the last Monday of September. (We always would post on the last Monday of each month.) It was a good run, and I’m not saying goodbye to the collaboration. You never know when it might spark up again….but until then, there so much love to everyone who contributed–both bloggers and readers–that I’d like to say thank you. Being in your 40s is FAB!!

Autumnal Hues

Autumnal Hues

Autumnal Hues

Ok, one last look at some of The Fab 40s…

Mary from Curyly Byrdie Chirps

Mary and her dresses, they and her are just so pretty! I would love to sit on Mary’s bed and have her go through all the dresses in her closet. She has so many! And they are all so fabulous!! This one in a pretty teal blue is no exception. And Mary, you have a figure to die for! I’ll miss seeing your ultra feminine take at the end of each month Dear Mary.

Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots

I dare say that this combo reminds me of another Fab 40s–we could always rely on Sam as our print mixer, but that role has now been taken over by Jennie–easily! Stripes along side this unique paisley block print. I love it! And the color combo is also so unique and definitely very autumnal. Jennie, it has been so fun to see your style evolve and change and remain classy and chic always. You are a true style chameleon. I’m going to miss collaborating with you Jennie because you always offer me such style inspiration. And Jennie, you are looking fit girl! Way to go!! So petite!!

Veronica from Cid Style File

Army green is always a perfect hue for autumn, and in mesh this top is right in line for the 2017 fall style report. I love embroidered jeans too, and Veronica’s pair is nice and subtle with just a touch on her left side. Plus Teva sandals–my go-to choice of shoe as well. Her’s match with everything too! I’m going to miss you Vero….I’m going to miss everyone. Therefore, let’s take our breaks and get back together real soon!

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

Autumnal Hues

Autumnal Hues

I’ve stopped counting how many times I’ve worn this waist bag aka fanny pack! Just get used to it. It’s all I wear, and it’s all I plan to wear in the foreseeable future–it’s just that good. Julie, have I thanked you yet?! Hahah. I think so. If you’re interested in having a luxe bag like this, head on over to Hustle & Hide Co, a local Spokane brand!

Autumnal Hues
The other item on repeat–aside from my lovely waist belt–is this fabulous pair of CĂ©line sunnies that Smart Buy Glasses sent me. They are so gorgeous and definitely the most luxurious pair of sunglasses I own. I’ve been wearing them with everything–as you may have noticed. Head to Smart Buy Glasses for great discounts on very luxurious, name brand sunnies!

Autumnal Hues

Are you as sad as I am to see The Fab 40s end for a bit?
Don’t worry. I’ll pull my favorites from this series for the end of September. You can count on it for Monday, September 25. Until then, be FAB no matter what age you are!

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  • Judy Gramith

    I am sad when relationships end but it sounds as though this one is just evolving and that you women of “Fab 40’s” will live on in memory , and continue to support each other until you come together again in some new form!
    Also Ann, I do see the rust tint in your fabulous kimono. What a gorgeous print and unusual color combination!! I LOVE the sentiment on you H&M t-shirt. Very true and apropo as your fab 40 group moves forward.
    I assume you’re up and about? I know that back issues can require staying mobile but perhaps not without terrible pain (?) Were you back at school today as you hoped to be?

    • Heehe, regarding the rust. I desaturated my pics just a touch, but in real life the kimono is definitely red, white, and blue!

      I’m back to my second day at school. So far so good! It feels so good to be amongst students again. They do indeed keep one young! And my back is feeling fine–thank goodness. I go see both the hip and back doc on Thursday. I’ll be happy to hear what they both have to say. I have high hopes of working with a personal trainer. We’ll see….fingers crossed!

      I’ve definitely made some great friendships via The Fab 40s!

      Love, Ann

      • Judy Gramith

        Oooh girl!!! You be sneeeeeeky!!! Red to rust via desaturaration… LORDY!!

  • You look great, Annie! That kimono is absolutely gorgeous – and the red could certainly be an autumn colour!! Sad that the Fab 40s and coming to a (temporary?) end but hopefully it’ll start again soon. It’s always been fun to see how you all style things so differently!
    Suzy xx
    Suzy Turner at Yogadocious

  • Ann, I am sorry to see the Fab 40’s come to end as I have enjoyed seeing all of your fabulous styles each month (and I even was invited as a guest which was so much fun)! You graphic tee is absolute perfection and so wonderfully appropriate to this post! But it is this kimono that has left me swooning. Great post and I look forward to following along on your next blogging adventure!