Emoji Love–I’m Really Just a Big Kid!

emoji love

I’m basically like a big kid. Maybe it’s from working with teenagers each day. So, when it comes to the smiley faces, I’ve got some serious emoji love. If I see something with emojis, I have a hard time saying no. I am not sure if I would actually pile on all this emoji love, but I just might–especially to work in the school library. When I saw this reversible emoji tee online in the Zara’s men department, I kinda had to have it. I mean, it’s made of sequins too–WIN WIN! The emoji socks are from my daughter; they were in my stocking last Christmas. The bag, well it’s my emoji symbol. Don’t you have one? I do: it’s the ;P. I like to wink and stick my tongue out at the same time. To me, this is the prankster, hahhahaaha, emoji. I use it daily. How about you? Which one is your emoji love?

emoji love

emoji love

emoji love

emoji love

Do you have an emoji?
Which one is it?

*This post has been linked up to Catherine’s #iwillwearwhatilike and Sam’s #fakeituntilyoumakeit.

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  • Judy Gramith

    You are too darn cute Ann! When I was still teaching i was sort of renowned for my large vintage smiley face poster. This was pre-emoji so “back in the day” so to speak!! Junior high kids have always related to the smiley face and seriously… I’ll just bet that somewhere there’s a cave painting that pretty much resembles the classic smiley attitude!
    What’s more, you can just wear it straight to see gym when you leave school! Win win!!

    • So true! These days–like even today–I’m wearing a shirt that will go straight to Gym. My tee says, “The Book was Better!” Perfect, right?

      And yes to the caveman–for sure they had a smiley face!!

      Love, Annie

  • CA_Powell

    I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! That’s the best (hair) look I’ve seen on you! So pretty! (that was a lot of exclamation points)

    • Oh gosh!! Thank you so much! I tried to copy Daniel Snyder’s asymmetrical bob…

      Thanks again!

      Love, Ann
      PS I also use a lot of exclamation points!

  • I love that you’re still a teenager at heart, Annie! I nearly bought an emoji handbag before the summer. Unfortunately I didn’t buy it that day and when I went back to buy it, it was out of stock – bummer 🙁
    You look FAB
    Suzy xx

    • Oh no! You must get one–it’s so fun to have. Always look in the kids’ section. This was is from Crew Cuts. I always look at Zara Girls too. That’s where all my best crossover bags are from!!

      And, yep, total teenager!!

      Love, Annie

      • lol I love that! I often look at kids clothes (14+ usually fits me perfectly!) but I never thought to look at accessories… I shall make it my new mission 😉
        Thanks Annie <3

  • mummabstylish

    Cool tee shirt, love that emoji – they to be everywhere now, maybe I should get in on the action! Jacqui