10 Denim DIY Projects

This pair of deconstructed denim is my most recent denim DIY.

I love DIY projects. What I’ve come to realize with all the DIY that I do, is that I particularly love a denim DIY project. I have a few denim DIY projects up my sleeve that I need to create, but first I wanted to recap some of the denim DIY projects I’ve already done. I found ten! Let’s take a look….. I hope this post offers you some easy denim DIY inspiration!

This DIY patched denim shirt is one of my all time faves. I love how it turned out. All the patches were picked up in a night market in Thailand too, so there’s special sentimental memories attached to the shirt.

My other Thai special is this embellished jean jacket. I created all the patches and
designed where everything would go. But then I gave pinned up jacket to the concierge
at a Thai hotel who gave it to the hotel’s driver who gave it to the village tailor.
So yes, it took a village! This is another sentimental and favorite denim DIY of mine.

To copy the fashion stars must be the best form of flattery right? I feel very proud of the Eva Chen inspired star patched jeans. I’ve had the jeans forever; now I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of them!

Speaking of copying….check out these Gucci inspired cutoffs. Definitely a fraction
of the cost of the designer label’s pair! And mine are Kremb de la Kremb!!

This is a no brainer, but I often just cut off the hem. That’s pretty much the easiest denim DIY out there! (These pants are up for something new actually–stay tuned….) And if you want to get the ankle cropped jean,
just take your favorite pair and cut off to your ankle. Easy peasy and a money saver!

These are my favorite cutoff jean shorts. They’re nice and big.
I made them from a men’s pair of Wranglers. (They’ll be featured again real soon!)

Creating your own jean shorts doesn’t have to be limited to blue denim.
Try white or even black jeans and cut them off to your desired length.

Kremb de la Kremb Boho

The other thing that can be cutoff is a denim skirt. Just make sure to go past the slit in the back.

Why buy distressed jeans? Just use scissors, an exacto knife, and a cheese grater,
and get distressing on your favorite pair!

These are totally inspired by my mom, Joanie. She’s an artist and has always made such cute doodles.
She helped me with this pair: DIY color book cutoffs!

This last denim DIY is the very first time I worked with Yee! This was back in 2013–four years ago! I took two sentimental pieces and attached them to a sleeveless shirt I was never wearing.
Speaking of which, it’s time to pull that shirt out!

What sort of denim DIY would you like to see on the blog?

I can tell you I have a couple of projects in mind: a super fringy hemmed pair of both jeans and skirt plus the need for a new embellished jean jacket. Also, I can’t wait to get to the thrift stores in the States where I’m able to stock up on all sorts of great denim! Oh, and I definitely want to try to make my own acid wash jeans so I guess that means there’s more than a couple of ideas on my mind!

But really, what would you like to see or know how to do?

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  • Judy Gramith

    There are certain types of fashion that just beg to be modified, improved, tweaked or embellished. Often when I’m shopping I buy articles of clothing for the sole purpose of changing them in some way.
    I’ve currently got several projects started. Sometimes I think hatching the plan is more fun than doing the project… My most current plan involves white paint, a Mandela shaped stencil and flared jeans. I’ve purchased the materials to do the project but with packing for our impending move to South Dakota I just haven’t had the time or energy.
    I love your projects Ann. I’d love to thrift shop with you followed by crafting and lots of laughs!:-):-):-):-)

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Jude! I have a drawer that’s filled with just projects. And we would have a really good time at the second hand store, craft store, and then home plotting out it all!


      A x

  • Oh WOW look at you with long hair! You look gorgeous with it both shorter and long though!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the star cut out jeans – that’s just genius. I need to have a go at all this stuff – maybe I should play around with a pair of mine and see what happens!?
    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, Ann!
    Suzy xx

    • Do you know who Eva Chen is? I had to have her star patched jeans–just had to. I get a fashion fixation, and well there’s no stopping me!

      I’m on my way to longer hair now–but probably not that long!

      A x

  • seƱora allnut

    woww, so many fabulous pieces, always in love with your DIY pieces, you’re so inspiring!
    And you rock!

    • Thank you so much Monica. Please accept my tardiness in replying. It’s safe to say I took the summer off for sure!

      Love, Ann