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  • Judy Gramith

    What a beautiful family enjoying essential lake shore summertime fun. You all like so happy and glad to be together.
    Have you had some time to curl up in you special spot on the porch yet Anne?

  • Judy Gramith

    I just read 3 of your recent posts and it’s so good to see that you’re on the mend after your hip surgery and looking very happy.
    I really loved your ping pong post with Samantha and Anna. Along with you they’re two of my favorite bloggers and you three make a terrific team.
    On the subject of ample bust lines and your question about reduction and lifting surgery, I have two friends who recently had the surgery and are very happy with the results. Both are 63 years old. After menopause both of them found that their already ample breasts increased in size and the resulting back pain was a catalyst for surgery. I’m hoping that you aren’t dealing with that. I know that pain has been a dominate factor in your life for too long.
    You have a FABULOUS figure!!! In my opinion you should just embrace your assets. And by the way, you have really lovely legs! You have maintained beautiful muscle tone in your legs despite your hip issues!
    The dress, shrug, and cowboy boots are absolutely darling on you! The pictures of your family and in-laws in San Diego are so cool and very heartwarming. It’s so good to know that you’re in a better place mentally and physically. I’m cheering you on!!!