Charlie’s Angels and Some Cabin Candids

Charlie's Angels 2
I just spent a fabulous weekend with my sisters! And style wise, I think I have finally figured something out: while I will always try to be urban chic like my sister Julie (she’s in the middle) and flowy feminine like my sister Mary (she’s on the right), it’s time I just start accepting that I always go for a little cross between sporty, glam, and boho. Basically, we are Charlie’s Angels! This isn’t to say they’re personal styles will not stop completely influencing me, but I do need to simply embrace what I am and continue to celebrate what they are. Right! Earlier on this day, I had called dress up night out at the lake–basically because I wanted an excuse to pull out my black sequin shorts. In turn to this night’s dressing requirements you can completely see how each of us interpreted what is referred to as “Dress-up Night at the Lake.”

Charlie's Angels 1

Charlie's Angels 4
It’s hard to capture a picture of Julie–she’s a bit camera shy, but I think I still was able to capture her beauty. I don’t know why since she’s strikingly beautiful.

Charlie's Angels 5

Charlie's Angels 3
Mary is hilarious! Here in this shot she’s calling out to all the boys, “Oh, don’t worry about me! I’ll get all the chairs!” As you can see she’s super strong! And in our family of five kids, she’s always been known as “The Pretty One.”

Some Cabin Candids

Cabin Candids 6
A post out at the Kremb de la Kremb Cabin wouldn’t be complete without some summer cabin candids. Unfortunately I did not get everyone from the family in this session, but there’s still time. Here Maeve and Elle are “cheek to cheek.” A photo term Julie and I were used to taking when we were young girls–we still all take the “cheek to cheek.”

Cabin Candids 8
My goddaughter graduated from high school this year. She’s so beautiful! You probably recognize Elle from all the pics from her visit to Hong Kong.

Cabin Candids 9

Cabin Candids 4
I captured two candids of Vincent. Yes, he is definitely a young man now.

Cabin Candids 5

Cabin Candids 1
And to end this post, I got two candids of some of the men in the fam. Here’s we’ve got Mathew, Julie’s husband. He’s always so smiley! And another husby in the mix, my smiley eyed guy referred to fondly as KevStar.

Cabin Candids 3

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  • Ruth Maldonado

    Looks like a fun time! Your sisters and you look so much alike! Nothing like having a sister (or sisters) in your life!

    • Ruth, guess what?! We also sound alike, so if we call on the phone to my dad, we need to say who we are otherwise he gets totally confused! We could have some fun with that!

      Thanks for commenting Ruth.

      Love, Ann

  • Judy Gramith

    You are ALL darling and I mean the whole darn family!!!
    As an only child I’m envious of the special love you share and the great love you’re clearly sharing just standing next to each other!
    Hooray for summer at the lake!!

    • Oh gosh Judy! One of my best friends from college is an only child, and we would always have such fun comparing our lives–me being the oldest of five. I can’t imagine not having them as my best friends. There are three girls and two boys.

      And yes, to summer at the lake! It has now come to an end. I fly back to Hong Kong on Wednesday. But Summer ’16 has been great!

      Love, Ann

      • Judy Gramith

        How amazing it must be to have two very diverse settings to call home.
        Am I assuming correctly that you teach in a school where the students speak English? I know that you are a librarian but does that include all forms of technology as it does in the US?
        School must be starting for you again soon eh? I can’t believe that I’m already beginning my 6th year of retirement after 39 years teaching grades7,8,and 9. The bulk of those years were with 8th graders teaching Civics. The upcoming election i making me hope that the month+ that we sent on the US Constitution will/should serve them well as they think critically about their choices.
        Safe travels to you Ann!

  • Thank you so much Anna. And I’m so happy to see you here visiting Kremb de la Kremb. Come again!

    Love, Ann