Eyebrow Care (Vlog No. 4)

I promise this vlog is no joke. You can safely watch all the way to the end and know that I am being honest throughout. My last alternative makeup vlog got a few of you you, but it was posted on April 1st. Now you know that deep down I’m a jokester!!

This vlog today takes your through my eyebrow care. I actually don’t do much relying on filling my brows in more than anything. Have a watch, and if you think of any questions email me or leave them in the comments. I thank Benefit Cosmetics for giving me all the products featured here, and despite some bias because I love the brand, all opinions are mine and very honest.

My Eyebrow Care

Basically, in a nutshell this is my eyebrow care:

  • Tweeze when necessary and ONLY underneath the brow;
  • Trim my eyebrow hairs every 3-4 weeks;
  • Fill in my brows with the Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil (I use color #4);
  • If I want them to be especially set and stiff, I use the mascara like product from Benefit called Gimme Brow (for this one I use #5);
  • For a special event or a night out, I’ll opt for the more precise look of Ka-Brow again in #4.

*I researched the conditioner product called Browvo, and I now know why I don’t use it that much. It’s for making brows look fuller. I don’t need much help in that department, so that must be why I’m skipping it. Aside from the beneficial growing properties in Browvo, I did learn however that it could be used on its own, AND it’s a great at making your brow makeup last longer. Hmmm….I might start using it more often!

That’s it! Basically, my eyebrow care is pretty low key, and I rely heavily on filling them in.

What’s do you do for your eyebrow care?

*Thanks for giving me all these products Benefit HK! I love you guys!! If you are local to Hong Kong, click here and you can search for any one of the 38 Benefit Cosmetics branches near you!

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Blazers–Ping Pong Piece No. 2

Oh this pink blazer….does it have a story! When Anna called this month’s ping pong piece to be blazers, I knew I had to showcase this pink blazer. It haunts me! Here goes….I bought this pink blazer with my dear friend Sandy during a shopping spree in Beijing at an H&M in a fun area called Qianmen Dadjie. Those trips were so great: we’d go to brunch at Capital M and shop the area. Mmmm, memories. Fast forward to Hong Kong, and I found I never really wore this blazer, so I gave it away at this swap. It wasn’t shortly after I gave it away, that I actually went looking for it and realized it was gone from my closet. Darn! Oh well…but then, fast forward to another swap held by the same people, and I couldn’t believe it, but my pink blazer was sitting on the rack! I bought it back!! Ironically, just recently at the Rug Lane Swap, I attempted to sell it again, but it never sold. I guess it’s mine to keep, don’t you think!!?

Do you wear blazers? Describe your favorite one! Plus, read through to see how the others styled their blazers.



Anna’s Island Style

I’ve actually been on the hunt for a floral blazer. I think it’d be fun to own one. Anna’s husband gave her this one for Christmas. Isn’t that sweet?! I can’t imagine Kevin ever buying me clothes…. I really admire how Ann has paired it with all white; it’s very elegant.

When the Girls Rule

Anna invited Julia from When the Girls Rule to join us this month. I really love the color of her blazer. The cornflower blue is right in line with the pink of mine. I’m also interested in trying out the longer length jacket which looks great on her. Julia’s blazer looks really nice with that pretty, spring, floral dress.

Fake Fabulous

I’d like to rename Samantha from Fake Fabulous to Fabulous Print Mixer. She seems to style as effortless as can be–and the is never, ever anything fake about her! I used to have a blazer like this Sam, but I think I sent it to one of you two when we would mail pieces around the world. Who has that pinstriped suit?

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

One thing I will never get rid of is this very old navy blue tank from a market in Florence. “Ciao Bella!” Oh what wonderful words!! I love Italy, and I always claim how I’d like to be Italian. Yet, it’s no secret I wear tennis shoes with everything these days, so I attempt to balance out a formal blazer with a tank and cut-off denim skirt.



Now…what should I do with this blazer!?


I feel like reminiscing….Was it really two months ago when I was trapesing around Rajasthan, India. I want to take a moment to relive that trip. It’s funny: I’m at an educational conference this weekend  where the world becomes quite small and one’s experiences get shared. I am always so proud to say that I lived in Mumbai–or rather Bombay as I prefer to call it. Those five years from from 2004-2009 have made such an impact in my life: so much so that I feel part Indian inside. Without getting too religious, I had an interesting conversation with my daughter recently. She was telling me that I had to give God (the Catholic one) all my devotion. She claimed it wasn’t possible to go halvies with Ganesha and Jesus. I simply listened; I didn’t attempt to argue with a 13 year old. But, I definitely don’t agree. Does that make me pagan? We’re saving this question for my mom–the lady who was a nun for five years and can get quite philosophical just like her granddaughter. The point is, how could I not have many gods after witnessing 20 years of different cultures and religions? This summer will mark 20 years married, 20 years overseas. After six countries and so much travel all over the world, I’ve got all sorts of ways of praying and many deities that receive those prayers. I think this is ok. Hopefully, one day, my daughter may think the same. One thing for sure that is a commonality that I find amongst all the religions I know of is Confucius’ Golden Rule: “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself.” With this rambling reminiscing I’ll end by wishing you a great day and an even better weekend!

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Styling an Apple

Cream Beret | White Shirt | Navy Blazer (I switched out the buttons for gold ones) | Paisley Pants | Navy Sneakers

The diet I mentioned on Wednesday has started! In the meantime, I wanted to demonstrate once again how I have been styling an apple shape. I wear longer shirts and blazers, and I tend to wear tighter pants. This outfit is similar to Monday’s outfit. Basically, I am making every attempt to conceal the tummy weight I am carrying beneath the shirt and blazer. Every single woman seems to find something they don’t like about their bodies. I bet men do to, but in my opinion they may not fixate on it as much as the female gender. Women, it’s time to find something we do like on our bodies, and then FLAUNT it! I like my legs. So, I will do everything I can to make use of them while concealing something I don’t like as much. Am I going to let my heavier tummy bring me down? No! Instead I will try to fix it, and in the mean time style my physique in a way to accentuate what I do have at this moment: skinny legs.

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MaharAnnie 9There is an important reason why we chose to travel through Rajastan during our most recent trip to India over our winter break: I always feel like a princess there. I’m serious! Yes, it’s beautiful, and the people are very, very kind. Rajasthan is also filled with tons of history and packed with culture. These attributes also played into the decision, but most importantly, I feel like a Rajasthani princess while I’m there. It’s a very magical place that takes me back in time. Everything seems so decadent even amongst the chaos. My heart feels quite full when I am in Rajasthan. The word for a queen or princess in Hindi is “majarani.” Since I feel like royalty while I’m there, I took on a new name: MaharAnnie! What was extremely special, is to every Rajasthani person that I introduced myself as MaharAnnie, there was a little twinkle in their eye and sparkle to their smile. They had no problem obliging and calling me by my new nickname. If you think you are, you are–right!!?

MaharAnnie 4

MaharAnnie 5

MaharAnnie 1

MaharAnnie 7

*Stay tuned for Wednesday when I will share more pictures of this beautiful Rajasthani hunting lodge called Rawla Narlai.

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Just Give Me Comfort

Just Give Me Comfort 2Just give me comfort. That’s all I wanted all week long starting on Monday. I think right after an amazing holiday, that Monday always finds me wearing something resembling pajamas. Yet, the skirt I wore on Monday ended up in the give-away bin. I do want to feel comfortable, but if I lose any confidence because of what I’m wearing, it’s gone. That was the second time I felt like a frump in that tulle skirt, so bye bye! This was the outfit I wore on Wednesday, and wow! I felt comfortable and super duper funky with these glorified flare leggings! Then, by 11 am my week took a very serious turn for the worse, yet still, just give me comfort.

Just Give Me Comfort 5Look at my left leg in this picture. Do you see that bulging stuff around my left knee? Well, that’s my new knee brace. (Not pictured are the return of my cruthces.) Yes, I had quite a fall on Christmas Day when I tripped in a man hole; it caused me to lime my way through our amazing trip to India, but I just kept going, kept enjoying, kept hoping the left knee wasn’t too hurt. And then, this Wednesday morning, my left knee completely buckled and just gave out. (Thank goodness this did not happen in India because we would have had to come home.) As I’ve mentioned here on the blog before, I have dealt with chronic pain for some time but luckily now have had stupendous relief with Pinky, my new replaced right hip. But whoa and ouch! I hadn’t had acute pain like that in quite some time: when my knee buckled it was excruciating. To make a long story short, I tore my left ACL in 1995 and that repair graft that was done 20 years ago is now gone. I no longer have an ACL in my left knee–yes, maybe the fall had something to do with it, but my ACL had probably been deteriorating for some time now, especially considering how much my left leg had to compensate for the right leg and vice a versa because of my hip issues. Ya, I’m bummed. For a day I sulked. I feel defeated, but not quite. And of course I feel a little deflated; I was on my way with my new hip. But, not yet. The difference this time around is there is something I can do about it: I can strengthen my quads so they support my knees. I feel more hopeful with this injury whereas with the right hip, I just had to deal with pain. And really, just give me comfort, and I’ll be ok. So, heels, you’re on hold for probably one more year. Tennies, you’re still in. So folks, if you want to know how to look smart and confident while being comfortable you have landed on the right spot. Hey, maybe I’m falling (literally) into my new niché!

Just Give Me Comfort 1

Just Give Me Comfort 8

Just Give Me Comfort 11My glorified, flared leggings are from Zara. They’re super comfortable, yet I feel rather elegant in them at the same time. They’re like skirts for pant legs. Listen, I said it in my last post, and I’ll say it again. Get shopping! The sales after the holidays are insane! I was able to pick up these leggings, the white shirt, two more pairs of velvet pants (that are comfortABLE!), and a very cool pair of Moroccan type mules that I hope I’ll be strong enough to wear this spring. Zara is where it’s at! And I know they’re not the only store….now is the time to clean out the basics and stock up on some that aren’t so basic–like these black pants. Swish, swish. (As an anecdotal side, I was so sad to not be able to show off my pants when I had to go home on Wednesday. I pulled them out just for a special shoot with my dear friend Norbyah. Thanks for the pics girl and the flowers!)

Just Give Me Comfort 12

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The Fab 40s are Mad for Plaid

Of course I was thrilled when Jennie called Mad for Plaid for this month’s Fab 40s blogger collab. I’ve had this perfectly Christmas plaid skirt for a few years now. It belongs in my holiday box along with all my other Christmasy items. Yes, I have a wardrobe solely for this season! I cannot take credit for the adorable oppositely matching top. It belongs to my dear friend Dana. When she wore it to our office Christmas party I boldly asked to borrow it, and of course she said yes! Once it goes on sale, I plan to add it to my holiday party box. There are a few more items that I cannot take credit for; I shot this look at our school’s Christmas tree. I brought the outfit but forgot both a bag and coat–luckily my librarian assistant let me borrow both: a perfectly red long duster cardi and a cute striped tote. Without these two pieces I would have looked bare. So, thank you to two dear friends for helping out a style blogger in need. Merry Christmas to all and always remember to be mad for plaid!




(I’m writing this post from a little haveli in Udaipur, India. The wifi is spotty to say the least. I’m already late with this post, so I will get it up and add proper links once I have stable Internet connection.)

Jennie from a Pocketful of Polka Dots

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Samantha from Fake Fabulous

Mary from Curlybyrdie Chirps

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Our guest, Alison from Get Your Pretty On

Sheela from Sheela Writes

And me!


Black Velvet Suit with Plaid

black-velvet-suit-with-plaid-1I got this black velvet suit last year–after the holidays! Basically, that means I have been anticipating wearing it all year long. I also bought the Christmas plaid shirt after the holidays to wear with this black velvet suit. Who knows why then for the recent office Christmas party I didn’t wear this ensemble. I don’t know what has been coming over me lately style wise. I won’t say I’m losing it, but maybe I kind of am! Why did I wear a cranberry velvet top instead? I had a great time at the party–it was the first time my employer has thrown such an event. The funny thing is though I’m still regretting what I wore. Has this ever happened to you? At any rate, I am very, happy to own a black velvet suit–it is so easy to dress down (as seen here with a Christmas plaid shirt) or up (just add a sequin top). I highly recommend this investment. If you can’t wait for the post season sales, I’ve rounded up a few for you at the end of this post–and the shirt too. It’s a total winner and on constant repeat these days. In fact, that could be why I didn’t wear it to the party; I had worn it all Friday day long with a pair of jeans.





Get your own Black Velvet Suit

Here are a few options for you to choose from including a skirt version. If you can hold out, wait till after the holidays when these items will go on mega sale, but if you must have it for your office Christmas party, here you go! And, may I recommend this shirt one more time? I love it!!

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Pink Pong Post No. 9

Pink Pong Post kremb-de-la-kremb-10This month I’m calling this PPP a Pink Pong Post! This stretchy top belongs to Samantha from Fake Fabulous. At first, I was a bit discouraged because my bustiness makes the black buttons on this top pop out demonstrating that it does not fit me. But, then I found the perfect concealer: a polka dot long scarf. Presto, button popper concealer and my ego wasn’t hurt any longer! I seem to always be coming up with tricks to adjust my more full figure, and that’s what it is. I shan’t be discouraged; rather I shall embrace what I have and figure (no pun intended!) out how to style accordingly. In the end, I feel preppy cute–this preppiness seems to be recurring often for me. In fact, a good friend recently remarked that she’s always thought of me as a bit preppy. Funny, as I never have. But, here I am, sporting a school girl take! Keep scrolling to see how Anna and Sam faired with this pink pong post….

Pink Pong Post kremb-de-la-kremb-6
Look at that!
My hair kind of fits into a pony tail. I see you!! Also, notice how you can’t see any buttons popping. I’m a concealer!


Sam from Fake Fabulous

samantha3It’s kind of funny. As I was having my little tantrum that the top was too small, Samantha mentioned I could wear it open. I never even thought of doing that, but look how perfect it looks done so. It turns the pink pong post into a vest. I love the bold pattern that Sam layered underneath, and of course she did. She’s both the master of layering and mixing prints!

Blog: Fake Fabulous
Instagram: @fakefabulous

Anna from Anna Island Style

anna1Have I mentioned that Anna works at an art gallery? I think this fanciful, and very artistic styling exemplifies Anna’s line of work. Look at that gorgeous pink ruffle top. It’s so pretty. Yet as for me, I would never have thought to layer pink under pink, but it magically works. Anna is also a very bold pattern mixer always as proven with her artsy pants.

By the way, guess what!? It is such a small world. This month I was visited by one of Anna’s friends. He hand delivered a beautiful top for future ping pong posting. It was so neat to meet a friend of Anna’s. I love a small world! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Hong Kong Ben!!

Blog: Anna’s Island Style
Instagram: @annaislandstyle

Me, Kremb de la Kremb

Pink Pong Post kremb-de-la-kremb-11

Blog: Kremb de la Kremb (Duh! Hahah, you’re here, so thank you!!)
Instagram: @krembdelakremb

*Thank you for the pics I’m a Norbyah!

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18th Links á la Mode

Ballerina Wannabe 1
Every now and then, I write a post that I think Independent Fashion Bloggers will really appreciate, so I submit it to Links á la Mode. That was the case with the very raw and open post I wrote a few weeks. I admitted to being my happy-go-luck self, but I also confessed to some serious chronic pain that I was experiencing. Luckily, and already, the pain is so much better. I still have pain, but now it’s the pain caused from using muscles that have been utilized in a long time. I’m actually experiencing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), and even though it hurts, there’s a little bit of me that’s enjoying the pain because it means my muscles are actually working! To date, I made it to work this morning and am walking the library floor without a crutch. If I leave the house to the city–like we did yesterday for a movie–then I bring one crutch. I feel and see forward movement and this is good. Also, of good news….my post was chosen for Links á la Mode.

Ballerina Wannabe 4

Links à la Mode, September 1st