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Wouldn’t it be amazing to be an actual designer? I can remember when I read my first Vogue magazine… I was probably about 14 years old, and I would draw pictures from what I saw. Aside from daydreams of becoming a designer, I also had thoughts of working for the actual magazine. These thoughts were only in my head; they never escaped my lips. I was a small town girl, the oldest of five kids. There were expectations of me to go to college, but for what I was never really sure. A job in the fashion industry remained as a silent dream, and luckily I found another passion in literature. I wouldn’t have known how to articulate those fashion whims even if I had tried. I don’t have any regrets–my path of life has been extremely wonderful, and it has been with my literature degree that I was then able to become a teacher. With Kevin by my side we’ve accomplished one of our joint dreams which is living abroad. And now at 45 years old, I feel so fortunate to be embracing some of those old, younger self dreams that I only thought of with wonder.

This past Saturday Kremb de la Kremb designed (again) for the high school fashion show. (The first time was two years ago with five formal dresses.) This time around I made ten embellished bandana kerchiefs. I have enough jewellery to fill a treasure chest, so I simply adorned the scarves with costume jewellery that wasn’t being worn. My tailor Yee helped to hand sew them on. Now, tomorrow night, I’ll attempt to sell them with a spring shopping party at my home with three other ladies. Sue will be showcasing her jewellery line, Maria will be sharing her dresses (or frocks!), and Lauren will bring along the Louella Odié handbags she and her mother create. I’ll share my bandanas and I’ll also introduce Younique makeup to the guests. If you are one of my Hong Kong readers, and you would like to join us tomorrow night, please feel free to come on over. Here’s the evite; we’d love to shop with us at this Spring Shopping Party!

*By the way, I designed this jean jacket. I’d love to make more. All you have to do is ask, and I’ll tailor make one just for you.

Athleisure: Silver Joggers and a Unitard

Now that the knee topic at hand is off my chest, let’s take a look at my last athleisure outfit–and yes, it involves a bit of my chest!! I picked up this new, tags still on it, unitard at the Rug Lane Swap that I participated in last month. After 4 weeks of the bone broth diet, I tried the unitard on and found I rather liked it! This outfit, with the sexy low cut of the unitard paired with my sleek silver joggers made for a great Friday night date night with Kevin. And yes, of course I wore tennis shoes. I told you; it’s my thing! Now, what I do want to stress is that I now fit back into this bra. It’s miraculous because usually my cleavage merges in to form a mushy line, but with this bra, it perfectly separates me. I like! Because this is so rare for me to find in a bra!! And, this summer, I plan to stock up on more of this wonderous bra (now avaiable at Walmart or Amazon). And while we’re speaking of bras, I’d like to share me secret: I order ten from Bare Necessities with free shipping, try them all on in the comfort of my bathroom, and then take advantage of the free return shipping. Five out of the ten were winners! And the comfort of trying them on at home is worth that trip to the post office. I swear!

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Bolero Jacket from Get Redressed

Finding second hand in Hong Kong isn’t the easiest. We have the chain of stores called Mee & Gee–which is great for jeans (for example the Levi’s in these shots are from there), but all of Mee & Gee’s clothing comes from Korea and Japan, so the sizes are always quite small for my full figure. About twice a year though, there’s a great sale called Get Redressed, and the clothing is always both high quality and in more Western (plus) sizes. That’s where I got this smashing bolero jacket. It was love at first sight; then when I slipped it on I was sold. Ironically, the dress from Monday’s fairytale princess post was also from the same Get Redressed pop-up. However it wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had to have that dress! I experienced shopper’s remorse. Luckily with a phone call made the next morning, and a detailed explanation of the cute Kate Spade rhinestone collar dress, plus a very kind husband to go retrieve it, I had the dress the very next day! Ahhh, second-hand shopping… I do love it! I have to be honest though: I miss the availability of large US thrift stores like Goodwill, Value Village, or Savers (which I’ve actually never been to, but I plan to visit one this summer while in California). I love meandering through the large aisles of those gigantic stores pushing along a shopping cart. It’s the hunt and then the score. For now, while in Hong Kong, I’ll enjoy Mee & Gee and anticipate the next Get Redressed. When is it by the way?!

Do you like thrift stores? What’s your favorite one? My favorite is the Value Village on Boone Street in Spokane, Washington. It’s not too big and not too small. It’s just right!

Wool Cold Shoulder Winter Dress

I’ve worked with Shein again to feature this super cute, wool, cold shoulder winter dress. If one looks closely, the black and white checks can be seen. Plus, the cold shoulders have the cutest little ruffles that compliment the ruffles at the bottom. The final winning feature of this winter dress is POCKETS! Everyone loves pockets. Am I right?! Because it was a chilly day I simply wore a pair of leggings underneath to provide extra warmth plus a black cami–if it were really cold a black turtleneck would also work. And any dress that I can sport a pair of tennies with is a total winner of a winter dress in my wardrobe. These Old Skool Vans are new to the Kremb de la Kremb tennis shoe collection! My awesome Skyline Hong Kong Tote is from Louella Odié.

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Waiting for the Sale

Black Embroidered Tunic | Jeans (on sale!) | Sneakers

Before you read this post, pleace check out this picture of Carmen. The woman has amazing, no covetable, style. When I saw this picture of her, I knew I had made a mistake and maybe should have just bought this black, delicately embroidered tunic. But, it was very pricey–at least for me–at a $130. I just couldn’t guarantee I’d wear it enough at that price tag. Instead, this was one of those items where I’d be waiting for the sale, and hopefully, I would get lucky….and guess what? I did! Before returning to Hong Kong after our travels through India, we had a stop over in Kuala Lumpur. We were staying at the iconic Traders Hotel that sits directly across the Petronas Towers. Right at the base of those super tall towers is a mall, and of course we went in–a couple of times. During one of the mall visits, I went in for a very quick jaunt to Zara. The moment I saw this piece, I instantly thought of all the times I had wanted it but said no. I could even remember commenting on Carmen’s pic describing my discouragement with myself for not purchasing it. But, lo and behold, there it was, and lucking my waiting for the sale came through. This is a beautiful piece that I know I will now get plenty of wear out of, AND I only paid $50 instead of $130! The funny thing is…don’t ask me about the price of my shoes!!!

What item has you waiting for the sale?

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My First “Courtesy Of” with Shein

courtesy of Shein 3This cute sweatshirt is courtesy of Shein! Oh, I want, no make that dream to have a “courtesy of” anything when it comes to writing this blog, and it finally happened with clothing! It has gratefully happened with both jewelery (Lustre) and handbags (Louella Odié), but so far it hasn’t occurred within the clothing department–except for that one off post with prom dresses years ago (Fame and Partners). The great thing for me is Shein is a clothing outlet that I can support: it’s actually difficult to find any items over $30 USD, the shipping is free (around the world), and they offer tons of codes for even more discounts. Me likey! (In fact since I can’t seem to get enough velvet, I just made an order today for two more velvet dresses–this draping, steel grey blue, wrap one and this blushing pink t-shirt dress for only $14!) I had trouble figuring out what to choose among the pages and pages of fashionable options, but then I kept gravitating toward this chevron navy, white, and red hoodie. These colors are both our school colors and my son’s baseball team’s colors. With this hoodie, I can support the team without having to be logo’d out. It ended up being the perfect lightweight layer for this past Sunday’s game. Go Eagles! And thank you so much Shein for the courtesy of picking out a piece. I hope we can work together some more. (And to help me with that dear readers, please click on any of the Shein links; they’re keeping track, and if I do well….maybe I’ll be able to have some more courtesy of Shein!)

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Some Dresses Are Meant to Be–Especially this Little Red Dress!

Little Red Dress 8

This little red dress was seriously meant to be. About a month ago, we were downtown for a movie, and afterwards we stopped at our flagship H&M. On display was this cute little red dress, but unfortunately, it was already sold out. I almost picked up a drapey shirt dress in the same color, but then was like, Nah, not special enough. Then, just this weekend I went to my local little H&M. I was on my way out when the guy putting away the clothes had this one dress in his hands! Woah! Stop for a minute. I grabbed it and brought it to the cash register without even trying it on. See, it’s the little red dress that was meant to be!

Little Red Dress 1

Little Red Dress 9

Little Red Dress 6

Little Red Dress 7

Because this dress is so wide, I gave myself a waist with the belt. I’m full figured on top, so cinching this dress provides me with a waist. Just to see the difference, I have a few pictures without the belt. It did feel a bit tent-like, but I can imagine for the beach, pool, or dock, no belt would be necessary–the belt would only be an extra accessory I would not want to deal with. Styling it both ways just proves the versatility of this dress!

Little Red Dress 2

Little Red Dress 4

I found a Little Red Dress for You!

I checked the H&M online shop just to see if by chance it’s still available, but unfortunately it is not. I did however find several very similar different options. A little red dress will be the perfect summer ensemble for you: think barbecues, park concerts, or road trips. Throw on your little red dress, and you are good to go!

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Gingham Skirt and a Colorful Fence

Gingham Skirt 3

Sometimes I find a setting and then decide an outfit! This was the case here. I mean, this colorful fence was made for me. If I did have a yard with a fence, I would be so tempted to be the eyesore of the neighborhood and paint it in rainbow colors! No really, though, let me share a few details about this very inexpensive outfit. Outfits don’t need to cost an arm and a leg–at least not for me. This midi skirt for example is from a market. Granted I bought it at a Thai night market, but my point is that if one keeps their eye open there are bargains everywhere. Like this top: I bought it used from an Instagram shop. And the little tied scarf was also used from a market. My Adidas runners are the most expensive item I’m wearing, but they’ve definitely earned their cost per wear. Granted, my outfit isn’t fancy, but I felt good in this ensemble–a little throw back to the 50s almost. Tell me: do you feel better in expensive clothes OR is it enough for you to feel good in what you’re wearing?

Gingham Skirt 1

Gingham Skirt 2

Gingham Skirt 4

Gingham Skirt 5

A Gingham Skirt Just for You:

Just in case you want to copy this look I found some gingham skirts for you at very reasonable prices:

  • This Mod Cloth midi version with larger gingham is very, very cute! While this one looks exactly like mine but with a bow.
  • Old Navy has a super small, checked gingham skater skirt in black and white.
  • Macy’s has a very classy black and white midi

  • Bloomingdale’s has an A-line option in black and white.
  • While this is the most expensive one I’m listed, it is handmade and so sweet found on an Etsy shop.
  • Out of the options I’m sharing, this might be the one I have to order: a black and white pencil skirt from Revolve Clothing. It’s perfect!
  • Just for the fun of it, I’m including three dresses from Urban Outfitters: an off the shoulder in red and white and this perfect black and white sundress or this one.
  • Wanna See the Gingham Skirt for You:

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    Go Ahead, Blush!

    Blush 4

    Blush. That color moment since you’ve been seeing a lot of this color. It’s not quite pink, nor nude. It’s a definite cross of the two–verging and a pinky nude. Call it the pink for the beginner. Ironically, pink is a color that according to my coloring, will look good on me. Well, at least I think anyway. But, I haven’t ever really been a pink wearer. I mean I did attempt this bold pink dress, yet I never felt like myself. In blush however, I do. It’s subtly pink and perfectly neutral. It’s a color you might be seeing more of rose quartz being one of Pantone’s colors of the year. Recently, during a holiday trip in the month of February, I picked up both this blush sweater and blush flats.

    *Looking at these pictures, I’m noticing that blush items look more nude than pink. Perhaps that’s the magic of this color–it goes both ways.

    Blush 3

    Blush 1

    Blush 5

    Blush 2

    Go Ahead, Blush!

    I’ve done some searching for you. Choose the item you’d like, and I found it in blush.

    Softest Tee: Over at J.Crew they’re known for the softest vintage tees; take your pick in either crew neck, scoop neck, or v-neck. Or take all three!

    Jeans: Blush denim is the perfect signal that spring is here!

    Culottes: Imagine how chic these (p)leather culottes would be all year long; wear them with a white tee in the summer, white shirt in the fall and spring, and a white cashmere sweater in winter. This mixed fibre pair could also be an option. Nothing wrong with a piece this versatile!

    Skirts: This sheen version is the perfect updated ballet skirt. (This matching top turns the outfit into the smartest co-ord.) Or, for some boho chic go with suede with this button mini (I have a very similar version, and I love it!) or this fringe asymmetrical.

    Dresses: This simple ruffle dress could be worn to work, the beach, or even to bed. Most importantly, it looks comfortable! Then, there’s this versatile maxi dress that can be tied in three different ways!

    Lace: This robe, oh! Click the link just to see how beautiful it is. For sure, one would feel so sexy in this! And then, this romantic dress. Goodness, it’s just gorgeous.

    Swimsuits: I’m not sure if a blush swimsuit would pass or if it would just look like underwear, but with a color blocking one piece, it would be no problem. (Plus black on the bottom is sure bet for slimming!)

    Shoes: Opt for strappy flats or strappy heels–either way this nude color will elongate many a leg. Or, for making legs look longer, try strappy over-the-knee boots!

    Blush: Remember? That makeup that we brush on our cheeks? The namesake of this trending color, blush. Well, NARS makes one, called Impassioned, and it is the best color I have ever found for my cheeks! It surprised me as it seems like it’s barely present, but it’s a sensational color.

    Wanna Blush?

    Here are all the items mentioned up above in a visual slideshow for your window shopping pleasure. Shop away!

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    Five Ways to Wear a Sarong from Louella Odié


    Directions: Grab the sarong by the width and place it behind your back. Wrap it forward taking each side across the neck and tie behind. If the scarf is wide enough, it will drape nicely in front completely covering you up.

    All week long I’ve been writing about the local Hong Kong brand Louella Odié and the chic bags from their Lattice Collection. What I haven’t mentioned is that they also add their printmaking art to beautiful cotton scarves. In this post I’ve taken the Lattice Collection Sarong and styled it beyond the usual way and added four more ways to wear a sarong. Some I might repeat, and I’ll admit one way was just laughable–keep reading!

    sarong top

    Directions: Take the sarong and fold the width in half. Now tie the sarong just like the original way behind the neck. This one is just the crop top version!

    sarong with sequins

    Directions: For this sarong tie, I combined the first and two looks. Basically, instead of starting from behind wrapping around the front, and tying at the back of the neck, I started at the front, crossed over in the back, and then tied at the front at the neck. Presto! A tube top with a neck tie. Pair it with sequin shorts, and this provided a dressed up look for a fancier beach dinner.

    sarong skirt

    Directions: With the sarong folded by width in half, I held one side in the front in the middle of my waist. Then I wrapped the other side fully around. I took both corners and tied. (A slimmer waist will get a bigger tie.)

    sarong as shorts

    Directions: With the sarong hanging length wise at my waist, I took the width and tied those two corners behind my waist. I then took the length and wrapped it through my legs and up to my waist. With the two width corners in my hand I brought them forward and tied them together at the front of my waist. I’m wearing (diaper) shorts! This was the version that had the entire family laughing. It received a big “no” from them, but this version was comfortable!)

    How do you wear a sarong?

    I’m curious, aside from the usual, do you have any nifty ways to wear a sarong? Do you think you might try any of the five ways above? Which ones? And, isn’t this Lattice Sarong beautiful!?

    *It’s been pretty awesome to support Louella Odié this week by featuring them on my Style Stories, using three bags to travel to Thailand, plus having their Lattice Tote as my beach bag, and now there’s this post sharing five ways to wear a sarong. I’ll give one last shout out: if you’re interested in purchasing from Louella Odié, make sure to take advantage of 15% off with the code KREMBDELAKREMB.