Clockenflap, 2017


Oh I love Clockenflap! It’s such a fun weekend!! From listening to cool tunes to people watching cool folks, the weekend is a thrill for me. This time around I brought my little point and shoot and took over 600 pictures. Eeek! I know. I’ve chosen just 40 for this post, so if you want to skip, no hard feelings. But, if you enjoy people watching as much as me, keep reading….



Cashmere Cat was RAD! He’s so cool to watch. Both Kevin and I turned to one another and said how we could see Gigi up there doin’ that sort of thing.

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Spirit Lake in Hong Kong


When I stopped in to see Bob at Thunder Ridge on Main Street of Spirit Lake this summer, he told me how great it was for his shop to be featured on Kremb de la Kremb last summer. That made me feel so good, and of course I volunteered to highlight this little t-shirt/gift shop from Spirit Lake again. Yet, this time, I wanted to put a new spin on it: I figured I should bring my Spirit Lake tee to Hong Kong and show it off here in the metropolitan town where I live. The two places found could not be more more opposite–and not just geographically speaking! I wore it just the other day when the whole family took a trip to Causeway Bay for some errands mixed in with bowling and finishing with dinner. This time around I paired my fashion forward tee (heehee!) with some sequin shorts–why not darling!? I don’t have any problem wearing sequin for a casual day; in fact I like to think wearing sequin on a casual day elevates my entire day’s experience. I feel this way often–as seen here, here, here, and here! There are two vital things to know about my style: I’m going to be comfortable but I’m also going to feel great! That means pairing things like Spirit Lake t-shirts and Old Skool Vans with short black, sparkly, sequin shorts! Why not Darling!? I have t-shirts that stay out at Spirit Lake and some that stay here in Hong Kong. I’m glad I brought this Thunder Ridge tee back with me. What do you think of Spirit Lake in Hong Kong Bob? Doesn’t it suit HK!!?






Do you save sequin items for only fancy events?
Or do you wear them casually like me?

Kremb de la Kremb Designs

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be an actual designer? I can remember when I read my first Vogue magazine… I was probably about 14 years old, and I would draw pictures from what I saw. Aside from daydreams of becoming a designer, I also had thoughts of working for the actual magazine. These thoughts were only in my head; they never escaped my lips. I was a small town girl, the oldest of five kids. There were expectations of me to go to college, but for what I was never really sure. A job in the fashion industry remained as a silent dream, and luckily I found another passion in literature. I wouldn’t have known how to articulate those fashion whims even if I had tried. I don’t have any regrets–my path of life has been extremely wonderful, and it has been with my literature degree that I was then able to become a teacher. With Kevin by my side we’ve accomplished one of our joint dreams which is living abroad. And now at 45 years old, I feel so fortunate to be embracing some of those old, younger self dreams that I only thought of with wonder.

This past Saturday Kremb de la Kremb designed (again) for the high school fashion show. (The first time was two years ago with five formal dresses.) This time around I made ten embellished bandana kerchiefs. I have enough jewellery to fill a treasure chest, so I simply adorned the scarves with costume jewellery that wasn’t being worn. My tailor Yee helped to hand sew them on. Now, tomorrow night, I’ll attempt to sell them with a spring shopping party at my home with three other ladies. Sue will be showcasing her jewellery line, Maria will be sharing her dresses (or frocks!), and Lauren will bring along the Louella Odié handbags she and her mother create. I’ll share my bandanas and I’ll also introduce Younique makeup to the guests. If you are one of my Hong Kong readers, and you would like to join us tomorrow night, please feel free to come on over. Here’s the evite; we’d love to shop with us at this Spring Shopping Party!

*By the way, I designed this jean jacket. I’d love to make more. All you have to do is ask, and I’ll tailor make one just for you.

Bolero Jacket from Get Redressed

Finding second hand in Hong Kong isn’t the easiest. We have the chain of stores called Mee & Gee–which is great for jeans (for example the Levi’s in these shots are from there), but all of Mee & Gee’s clothing comes from Korea and Japan, so the sizes are always quite small for my full figure. About twice a year though, there’s a great sale called Get Redressed, and the clothing is always both high quality and in more Western (plus) sizes. That’s where I got this smashing bolero jacket. It was love at first sight; then when I slipped it on I was sold. Ironically, the dress from Monday’s fairytale princess post was also from the same Get Redressed pop-up. However it wasn’t until I got home that I realized I had to have that dress! I experienced shopper’s remorse. Luckily with a phone call made the next morning, and a detailed explanation of the cute Kate Spade rhinestone collar dress, plus a very kind husband to go retrieve it, I had the dress the very next day! Ahhh, second-hand shopping… I do love it! I have to be honest though: I miss the availability of large US thrift stores like Goodwill, Value Village, or Savers (which I’ve actually never been to, but I plan to visit one this summer while in California). I love meandering through the large aisles of those gigantic stores pushing along a shopping cart. It’s the hunt and then the score. For now, while in Hong Kong, I’ll enjoy Mee & Gee and anticipate the next Get Redressed. When is it by the way?!

Do you like thrift stores? What’s your favorite one? My favorite is the Value Village on Boone Street in Spokane, Washington. It’s not too big and not too small. It’s just right!

I was Featured on Rug Lane!

Here I am in head-to-toe Kremb de la Kremb DIY for Rug Lane!

I’ve been talking a lot about Rug Lane lately. From the market they just held this past weekend to their feature on me–yes! Rug Lane featured me as an HK “City Slicker” a couple of weeks ago. This was such a huge compliment and honor! They also showcased one of my all time favorite DIYs: my easy to make off-the-shoulder striped dress. The founder of Rug Lane, Billie-Grace, came over one afternoon, and I just talked and talked and talked. Her focus for me interview was my DIY–what inspires me and how I go about my DIY projects. Basically, I was giddy because I was able to have a show and tell about all my DIY creations. Telling stories about my style is one of my favorite things to do which creates a premise for this blog. Along with trying to inspire others, I really love stories behind stylistic choices. The other great thing about Rug Lane featuring me was making a new friend: Billie-Grace. She’s the sweetest individual with two jobs as well–one of the paying variety and the other her passion which is Rug Lane. I do encourage to go take a look at the ezine. It’s filled with great music lists, style inspiration, and Hong Kong happenings, yet because of her mission, to make it a global site, there’s no limitation to HK. It’s an everywhere anywhere everyone kinda online magazine, and I love it. Please go visit! Also, make sure to follow Rug Lane on Facebook and Instagram.

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Rug Lane Markets

over the top

These totally hot Isabel Marant booots. They’re the sexiest shoes I own!

If you’ve been following along on my Insta Stories, you will have now been able to presume that the Kremb de la Kremb Closet has received a serious cleaning! On March 5th, this coming Sunday, Rug Lane will be hosting its 2nd market. While I attended the last one in the fall, I’ll be selling at this one. I’ve purchased my clothing rack, and I’ve seriously cleared out my closet. In this post I’m highlight just 20 of the things that will be up for grabs. Feel free to multiply this number by 10–maybe even more because currently I have four suitcases full of Kremb de la Kremb Style to sell.

I hope to see you at the Rug Lane Markets, Vol. 2 from 12-5, this Sunday at 19 Old Bailey Street in Central. Tickets to attend are being sold for $40HKD on Ticketflap; at the door the entrance fee will be $50. They’ll be drinks and nibbles and tons of people like me selling their wares. Last time I went, I did very well. For those of you in Hong Kong missing the second-hand experience, this is definitely an event for you. I hope to see you there this Sunday!

PS For those of you who cannot attend, please do let me know if there’s anything you’ve seen of mine that you like. I am very generous to my readers!!

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Thursday is the New Friday

This Thursday is the new Friday. At least for me. My summer has been a paradox of emotions. On the one hand it’s been so fun to reconnect with family and make  new memories. On the other hand, my hip pain has gotten to such a drastic point, that I must take action. This decision isn’t made all on my own: I have an amazing husband who helps and supports me so much, and my two kids are there to give me the love and attention that they as children should be receiving–not their mom! Just recently the pain got to such an excruciating point, that we made an appointment for my hip replacement this September 2nd. Than, as if it was a miraculous night, the office wrote to say there was an opening this Friday, August 5th. Yet that was the day I was traveling back to Hong Kong with the kids. However, my husband’s nickname isn’t KevStar Travels for nothin’! He managed to switch our tickets home for Wednesday. So, yes Thursday is the new Friday–I leave for Hong Kong today on Wednesday, arrive on Thursday evening, and check into the hospital on Friday morning. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I am so excited to get this hip out of me and start to get the old, yet youthful and active, Annie back. Perhaps this post might give some insight into Kremb de la Kremb’s low activity level these days.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some little items that make my 14 hour flight a little more bearable….

Five Ways to Wear a Sarong from Louella Odié


Directions: Grab the sarong by the width and place it behind your back. Wrap it forward taking each side across the neck and tie behind. If the scarf is wide enough, it will drape nicely in front completely covering you up.

All week long I’ve been writing about the local Hong Kong brand Louella Odié and the chic bags from their Lattice Collection. What I haven’t mentioned is that they also add their printmaking art to beautiful cotton scarves. In this post I’ve taken the Lattice Collection Sarong and styled it beyond the usual way and added four more ways to wear a sarong. Some I might repeat, and I’ll admit one way was just laughable–keep reading!

sarong top

Directions: Take the sarong and fold the width in half. Now tie the sarong just like the original way behind the neck. This one is just the crop top version!

sarong with sequins

Directions: For this sarong tie, I combined the first and two looks. Basically, instead of starting from behind wrapping around the front, and tying at the back of the neck, I started at the front, crossed over in the back, and then tied at the front at the neck. Presto! A tube top with a neck tie. Pair it with sequin shorts, and this provided a dressed up look for a fancier beach dinner.

sarong skirt

Directions: With the sarong folded by width in half, I held one side in the front in the middle of my waist. Then I wrapped the other side fully around. I took both corners and tied. (A slimmer waist will get a bigger tie.)

sarong as shorts

Directions: With the sarong hanging length wise at my waist, I took the width and tied those two corners behind my waist. I then took the length and wrapped it through my legs and up to my waist. With the two width corners in my hand I brought them forward and tied them together at the front of my waist. I’m wearing (diaper) shorts! This was the version that had the entire family laughing. It received a big “no” from them, but this version was comfortable!)

How do you wear a sarong?

I’m curious, aside from the usual, do you have any nifty ways to wear a sarong? Do you think you might try any of the five ways above? Which ones? And, isn’t this Lattice Sarong beautiful!?

*It’s been pretty awesome to support Louella Odié this week by featuring them on my Style Stories, using three bags to travel to Thailand, plus having their Lattice Tote as my beach bag, and now there’s this post sharing five ways to wear a sarong. I’ll give one last shout out: if you’re interested in purchasing from Louella Odié, make sure to take advantage of 15% off with the code KREMBDELAKREMB.

Traveling with Louella Odié Lattice Collection

Louella Odié Lattice Crossover and Tote 2
I felt like a lady of leisure travelling with a set of three (!) Louella Odié bags from their Lattice Collection. In transit, carrying all three at once felt very chic and extremely put together. The fact that I pack with a color theme AND seem to always travel in black and white meant the Lattice Collection and I were meant to be. Take a look at the way I used all three bags on my most recent trip to Hua Hin, Thailand for Chinese New Year break:

Hands free with the Lattice Collection Backpack

Louella Odié Lattice Backpack
My travel uniform always consists of these comfortable black trousers and a blazer. The trousers feel like I’m in pajama pants, and I wear a blazer on every single flight because you do never known when the airline might need me to turn left when I get on the plane. Even if I do travel in economy, I like looking nice enough that I feel like I could pass for business. You know me and my motto: If you think you are, you are! (This goes for long haul flights too; changing into comfies mid flight takes up about 15 minutes of the 13 hours!) One of the main reasons I felt so good travelling most recently was because of Louella Odié. I love carrying three of their bags. I just felt beyond chic! With the backpack taking me through immigrations I appreciated the third strap on this Louella Odié Lattice Backpack: the bag can be held as a purse or strapped to the back. While travelling I really appreciated the versatility from the backpack–plus it’s so cute!

Beach and Pool Ready with the Lattice Collection Tote

Louella Odié Lattice Tote 2

Louella Odié Lattice Tote

Lately, for this year’s school breaks we’ve hopped over to Bangkok and then driven down the short distance to Hua Hin. It’s the perfect little get away offering sun and beach or poolside. On our most recent excursion we stayed at the lovely Haven in Hua Hin. Our room opened up to the pool offering access for a quick dip, and our suite even had a rooftop sun deck. The food was excellent, so we never had to leave–unless we wanted to. The beach is pleasant enough, and when the sea calmed down enough we were able to swim in the ocean. Sometimes, no all the time, a little rest and relaxation is all you need. The Louella Odié Lattice Tote went with me back and forth from room to pool to beach and then back again. It was the perfect beach bag. (Stay tuned for what was inside later on this week.)

Market Shopping with the Lattice Collection Backpack

Louella Odié Lattice Backpack Market
I’ll be honest: one of the reasons I love returning to Thailand so often has to do with their night markets, and Hua Hin has a couple of really good ones. Night markets are great for the whole family: I get to shop while the rest of the fam sits down and orders dinner at one of the street cafés. I’d say the items I usually score at the Thailand night markets are groovy sunglasses, unique purses, and interesting graphic tees. This Louella Odié Lattice Backpack was perfect for storing my goods while letting my hands do the grabbing!

Louella Odié Lattice Backpack 3

Louella Odié Lattice Backpack 2

Passport, phone, and lippy in the Lattice Collection Crossover

Louella Odié Lattice Crossover 2

Crossover bags are my most favorite style of purse. They’re light and don’t fit much, so this style of bag never causes me any back pain. Basically, all I ever need when I’m out and about is my wallet, phone, and a lipstick. Same goes for travel; I just added my passport. The thing I really, really like about the Louella Odié Crossover is the five pockets inside. There are exactly five perfectly sized compartments–each for a little something different. I can’t decide which bag out of the three is my favorite, but I will say that I might be nudging toward this one. It really is the perfect crossover bag, and with that unique lattice flap, it’s something special.

Louella Odié Lattice Crossover and Tote

What do you think of the Louella Odié Lattice Collection?

Which bag do you prefer? Or are you like me and love the idea of travelling with a set? I definitely have a little bias toward each one, so I can’t really choose. The best part about this collection is the black and white color scheme that matches just about everything!

Do you feel compelled to purchase a bag (or two!) from the Louella Odié Lattice Backpack” target=”_blank”>Louella Odié Lattice Collection? If you do, makes sure to take 15% off when you checkout with the code KREMBDELAKREMB.

Style Stories No. 13 and Louella Odié

Louella Odié Lattice Bags
There’s a local brand that I love and especially adore working with and that brand is Louella Odié. Louella Odié has beautiful bags and scarves, yet the creation behind them is just as spectacular as their actual products. Mother and daughter team create the magic of Louella Odié. Karen, mom, is the artist behind the bag, and Lauren, daughter, runs the business side of things. Together they make a phenomenal team–one as a daughter of an artist to envy; I think it would be quite special to work with my own artist mom. (In fact, Joanie and I do scheme at how I could sell some of her art work over here at the bazaars–I definitely need to revisit this idea!) The other reason why I admire the Louella Odié brand has to do with the medium that Karen uses–another art form close to my family. Karen is a printmaker, just like my brother Adrian. I can appreciate with how demanding and labor intensive printmaking is: it is NOT an easy art form. The process of creating a print is quite arduous yet the final product is always so amazing. Each one of Louella Odie’s bag takes on a different print. Here, and for the entire week on Kremb de la Kremb, I will be highlighting the Louella Odié Lattice Collection. Lauren and Karen let me loan three bags, and during my Chinese New Year trip to Thailand I had the luxury of traveling with the set. It was so wonderful! I love each of the bags for different reasons–more on that this week. Until then, go take a look at the Lattice Collections at Louella Odié, and if you are so inclined to purchase, take 15% off with the code KREMBDELAKREMB!

Louella Odié Lattice Backpack

Louella Odié Lattice Backpack

Louella Odié Lattice Crossover

Louella Odié Lattice Crossover

Louella Odié Lattice Totek

Louella Odié Lattice Tote

What brand do you love?

Do you have brand that you just love because of their creativity and teamwork? I feel so inspired by the Louella Odié entrepreneurs embracing something they love and going with it. I long for a creative outlet that could somehow also become monetized. Maybe for now, I should feel lucky to just keep this blog as it is and appreciate the daily creative fullfillment it gives me. There’s no doubt I love getting dressed, and now I am trying to somehow figure out how to make that my longevity. Maybe one of these days I’ll get hired–hey maybe by you! In the meantime, I take great pleasure in meeting and knowing the creative people in my Hong Kong community as well as beyond. And for sure I enjoy the creativity found by writing Kremb de la Kremb.

Style Stories No. 13 Link UP:

And now for the link up….would you like to link up? I sure hope so! As usual and as is custom for link ups, I ask that you please link back to me. I’d really appreciate that. I look forward to seeing what you link up with.

Love, Ann

PS. From Style Stories No. 12 Link Up

From the link up two weeks ago there were two looks that I definitely connected with. First up Zuma’s black tulle skirt is dreamy! I have a cream tulle skirt, yet seeing how tailored hers is gave me reason to maybe get mine tucked in and tailored. Mine is never slimming on me, rather very poofy. I love how classy she styled it with the kelly green lace. Zuma is very chic. Then, Suzanne is a woman after my own heart! I so desperately want to be wearing what she’s wearing but alas the cold, foggy, rainy weather over here in Hong Kong has not allowed for a hint of sandals to appear quite yet. I love how Suzanne mixed the fringe poncho with muted spring colors. It’s what I’m going for these days.

Follow Zuma’s blog over on Splashes of Teal and @splashesofteal on Instagram.
Follow Suzanne’s blog at Ask Suzanne Bell and @asksuzannebell on Instagram.