The Sun is Also a Star: A Book with an Outfit

I’ve made a conscious decision to post at least one book in one of my outfit posts a month. Last month it was The Twentieth Wife. This month it’s The Sun is Also a Star, by Nicola Yoon. Oh, this author! She is absolutely amazing. First, I was enthralled with Everything Everything–which I hear has now been made into a movie, but we all know the book will remain better. Then, because I adored reading Everything Everything, I couldn’t wait for The Sun is Also a Star to get back into the library. I even put a hold on the title. And, oh, it did not disappoint. Both books are totally different, but the way Yoon writes completely grabs and sucks the reader in. I know I’m reading an amazing book when it becomes both my home and school reading material. I especially know I’m reading a good book when I purposely tag along to be left behind in a park to read while Kevin hikes and Gigi has basketball. That was the case on this Saturday when I finally finished The Sun is Also a Star. Is it enough just to tell you to read Nicola Yoon? Or do you want a synopsis? Ok, fine. Keep reading….

I love a story with multiple narrations which The Sun is Also a Star has. Natasha is a 16 year old illegal immigrant from Jamaica who will be deported within the day. She’s also a realist believing in scientific fact. Daniel is a sentimental Korean American who cries if he ever sees anyone crying. He’s also aware that he aspires to be a poet, but with Korean parents, they already have his plan of life outlined. These two individuals’ paths cross–more than once, and every time they cross, fireworks both implode and explode. Along with their narrations little factual tidbits are included from facts about African hair wigs to side stories of other characters. Basically, I never wanted to put this book down; rather I wanted to keep reading, learn more about the characters, and hope for an impossible happy ending…

PS Nicola Yoon, I sure hope you’ll want to come to Hong Kong when I invite you for next school year!

The Bird is Back!

Bird Sweater

I had to have this birdie sweater for spring. It’s so cute and dainty.

There is this bird that migrates through Hong Kong about this time of year. Oh, I love this bird. It has a call that increases with intensity in both noise and volume. He (or maybe she–I do not know) starts his call, and then it keeps getting louder and fiercer, and it’s as if he is calling out to me. I know–I’m making it sound orgasmic or something, but this bird! I love it. Ironically, I don’t even know what this bird looks like nor do I know it’s name. I just know when this birdie comes back to town, the weather is about to change; Spring is on its way. At least this was the case yesterday with a bright blue sky and a temperate sun warming us up from the rain and gloom of the weekend. Mind you, today, as I’m writing this post, we are back to misty skies, but hey! The bird is back, he’s here, and I do love him so! With March 21st just yesterday and the birdie calling to me morning and night, Spring really is around the corner.

For you, what is your signal that Spring is on its way? Is it a bird, a special flower, a unique smell? What is it?

Update down below on the Bird!

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

Bird Sweater

One of my very kind readers, Jude, sent me a couple of emails this morning with some attempts at capturing the bird I described. While her videos attempts didn’t come close, it was this article that nailed it. Many people are irritated by this bird, but I adore him! He’s called an Asian Koel–or in other words a cuckoo bird. Here’s a sample of his call (mind you it varies in pitch). When I hear him, I feel like he’s calling just to me: Annie, get up, get UP, GET UP! Or, Annie, I love you, I love YOU, I LOVE YOU! Me and this birdie….we gotta thing!!

Rug Lane Markets

over the top

These totally hot Isabel Marant booots. They’re the sexiest shoes I own!

If you’ve been following along on my Insta Stories, you will have now been able to presume that the Kremb de la Kremb Closet has received a serious cleaning! On March 5th, this coming Sunday, Rug Lane will be hosting its 2nd market. While I attended the last one in the fall, I’ll be selling at this one. I’ve purchased my clothing rack, and I’ve seriously cleared out my closet. In this post I’m highlight just 20 of the things that will be up for grabs. Feel free to multiply this number by 10–maybe even more because currently I have four suitcases full of Kremb de la Kremb Style to sell.

I hope to see you at the Rug Lane Markets, Vol. 2 from 12-5, this Sunday at 19 Old Bailey Street in Central. Tickets to attend are being sold for $40HKD on Ticketflap; at the door the entrance fee will be $50. They’ll be drinks and nibbles and tons of people like me selling their wares. Last time I went, I did very well. For those of you in Hong Kong missing the second-hand experience, this is definitely an event for you. I hope to see you there this Sunday!

PS For those of you who cannot attend, please do let me know if there’s anything you’ve seen of mine that you like. I am very generous to my readers!!

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Clockenflap Style Story

clockenflap-4I had such a blast at my very first Clockenflap festival. I was so excited about going that I kind of forgot about how much I would enjoy preparing what I would wear to such an event. Then, once I was actually getting ready to attend, I realized I needed first and foremost to remain warm, but with layers because I was sure to get hot from dancing. I decided for each day I’d wear my army jacket–I scored this Banana Republic piece at one of Get Redressed’s pop-up shops. This second-hand layer had barely been worn–until this weekend. I wore the heck out of it!! And with that here are my style stories and experiences from my very first and very fabulous Clockenflap–a festival I will definitely be attending each and every year from here on out while I live in Hong Kong.

Clockenflap, Opening Night

clockenflap-5We had a beautiful day off after a Thanksgiving dinner with the other HK Krembs when all of a sudden it was time for Kevin and I to head into town for the festival’s opening. I tried not to go through too many clothing options as I am often apt to do. I knew I wanted to wear my pretty embroidered jeans and in the end I just paired an army green shirt to subtly layer underneath the army green jacket. (Yes, green has seriously reentered my life!) It’s said in order to keep warm, keep your head covered; well I brought my cream, cashmere beret that fit into one of the pockets. I didn’t actually need to wear it, but having it reassured me if I were to get cold. For this night I felt I had dressed for the festival perfectly. It’s actually the only time I did….



Clockenflop in Tons of Rain

clockenflap-3I really don’t know what I was thinking on this day. Seriously. I wanted to be funky but casual cool at the same time. I wanted comfortable shoes, but this option was awful. See, it rained so hard on Saturday. It wasn’t just a splattering of rain here and there; it was a full day of torrential rain. I was freezing! Tights were actually a pretty sound option because my pant legs didn’t get drenched, and the sweatshirt definitely kept me cozy. But my feet were sopping; there were literally squishy puddles coming out of each step! The jacket served as a nice layer, but it was obviously not waterproof. We put in a good amount of time on Saturday, but in the end, we bailed. We just couldn’t put up with anymore rain. (There was so much rain, the only shots I got were on the bus ride home!) I’ll call this look my wet dog look. Ick!


Clockenflap, Last Day

clockenflap-2Because I had been so cold the day before, I over layered on the last day. I did not need the sweater. It was tied around my waist the entire time. Otherwise, for this day I was set. But, it was on this day, that all the cool people were out. I do not look remotely cool! I look like I’m from the Pacific Northwest–not a bad thing, because it’s true: that’s where I’m from. But, if I was going for a hip vibe here, I have to admit there’s nothing hip about this layered, super cozy, outfit. Next year… well I’ve already started planning!


clockenflap-1Now Gigi, she’s effortlessly cool in her sweatshirt and sleek joggers. She’s just a hipster without even trying!

Paisley Style Stories

paisley-6A while ago I wrote about my childhood objection to green–since then, I’ve been wearing the color on repeat. (I even picked up two new shades of green eyeliner from H&M’s new makeup line. Have you seen their colors?! Amazing!!) Around the same time that I was growing a distaste for anything forest green, I meanwhile began my strong affection toward all things paisley. My mom was dabbling, and making a serious profession at the time, of interior design. She had books and books of wallpaper. Oh, they were lovely–and large. It was then that I remember turning to pages of this mango type, very intricate print falling in love with it. When I asked my mom what it was, she told my 7th grade self that it was paisley. Awwww….Love at first site. It was two years later when I got my first job in 9th grade (other than babysitting) and saved all my money up for anything paisley printed from Benetton–remember all their gorgeous items? Then the sister line came along called Stefanel. I couldn’t wait for Christmas and the outfits my stylish Santa would bring me. To this day, I really can’t say no to anything paisley–as demonstrated by what I wore this week. Here are four days–some good, some not so good, that I wore for my four day work week. I thought I’d bring back my Style Stories. (In the comments, please let me know if I should keep up this series or not.)

Monday’s Paisley

paisley-5I woke up on Monday, like many Mondays, and just wanted to wear pajamas. Enter, silky, wide legged paisley pants. I felt so comfortable all day, and that comfort led to a very productive Monday–a rarity for me! I’m always very slow moving on Mondays, aren’t you? Also, I was excited to break in my new very inexpensive silver runner find from the weekend. Throw on a jean jacket and I was perfectly cozy on our first cold Hong Kong day.


Tuesday’s Paisley

paisley-1I felt so rockin’ cool on this day! Wearing torn up jeans under a shift just feels cool. Plus I have a mesh henley that added a really nice layer to keep me warm–yes, it is starting to cool down in Hong Kong! Then, there are these shoes. Love. Love so much. These shoes are everything to me: comfortable with a three inch heel. If you read this blog, you know it’s been a very, very, very long time since I’ve been able to get away with a heel. (Yes, I’m admitting to posing in heels for style posts–they don’t ever actually get worn-worn.)



Wednesday’s Paisley

paisley-11While I like the paisley bomber, and I adore these slouchy joggers, together they don’t work on my figure–at least in my opinion. These joggers need slouchy on top. I must remember this for our trip to India as I plan on wearing these pants every other day. I have them in black and bought another pair of green–just because I love them that much. But, this outfit, it doesn’t do it for me. Oh, and the could shoulder top, it’s in the give away pile. I need to embrace my round shoulders, and this style does nothing for them.


Thursday’s Paisley

paisley-10Even a fashion blogger has an off day. This outfit is hideous! I can’t believe I’m even posting it. I need to put this skirt away and keep it for no-tights. Not sure if I know how to pull off blue tights. I remember trying last winter and feeling funny then too. I will have to ask and turn to my good friend Samantha of Fake Fabulous to figure out how to style these blueberry legs!

Paisley Style Stories

It’s been a while since I wrote my style stories from the week. What do you think? Keep it up or don’t bother. Please leave me a comment so I know.

Biking in Coronado, San Diego–Wear Layers!

Biking in Coronado 8
San Diego is beautiful! Kevin and I are having such fun. We’ve discovered an easy way to see all the neat neighborhoods. Biking in Coronado and along Pacific Beach’s promenade has been a cinch for me; I would have never been able to walk the amount of all that we’ve seen, but on a bike, I moving around like a dream. And hey, maybe I’m even getting some exercise! Now I know when I get to Spirit Lake. The kids and grandparents arrive this afternoon–I did miss them, but this little get away has been amazing! We need to do it more often.

Biking in Coronado 3

In Coronado, start your tour at Holland’s Bicycles. They are so friendly there, rent great bikes, and recommend a really good tour. We followed their map–with slight deviations–and ended up seeing the whole island (it’s technically not an island, but they call it as such).

Biking in Coronado 9
In San Diego, the weather is so pleasant, but when traveling it’s always a good idea to wear layers. Underneath my crochet sweater, I also had a tank on plus I carried a denim shirt for when the wind hit. I did go through all three layers–happily.

Biking in Coronado 10

Out at the ferry wharf in Coronado there are tons of fisherman. Of course, Chatty Annie, I took the time to ask all about the fishing out there. Mario called it a science!

Biking in Coronado 6

Here’s my funny outtake when there were fish jumping all around me!

Biking in Coronado 1

Jungle Love with Louella Odié in Borneo, Malaysia

Jungle Love Louella Odié Bag

*Ammendment to this post: When I went to return the bag to Louella Odié, they gave it to me!! Yay! I love it. Their bags are the epitome of luxe in my opinion, so I am thrilled to own this one. It’s like no other bag I have. Thank you Louella Odié!

During our most recent travels during March’s spring break, Louella Odié loaned my a bag–a stunning, totally gorgeous bag! This is the Green Jungle Bag. The beautiful jungle canvas print has lovely tobacco leather casing. There’s a hidden outer pocket within that leather panel, and on the bottom there are golden studs to protect the surface. It’s a nice and roomy tote–perfect for traveling. And it’s so luxe, so it was the best bag for me when we stayed a night or two at a five star hotel! In this post, I’ve styled it three ways: for the hotel lobby, the resort, and the pool. Take a look at this Louella Odié Jungle Bag in the Borneo Jungle of Malaysia!

*Similar to my last travels with Louella Odié, they are still offering the 15% discount code with KREMBDELAKREMB at the checkout.

The Lobby

White Shoulder 3

I mixed the Green Jungle Bag with some equally jungle-y trousers. Why not? Patterns on patterns are completely acceptable. I even through in some leopard print shoes into the mix. And off the shoulder during a vacation is the perfect style!

White Shoulder 1

White Shoulder 2

White Shoulder 4

White Shoulder 5

The Resort

Louella Odié Army Green Romper 4

When I saw this romper at Forever 21, I knew it would be the perfect outfit for our jungle trip. It comes off a bit Top Gun pilot–which I like. Plus, this dark army green pulls out that dark shade in the leaves of the Louella Odié Green Jungle Bag. This romper is surprisingly comfortable and the hassle for undoing a few buttons to use the restroom is worth it if I feel really good in an outfit!

Louella Odié Army Green Romper 8

Louella Odié Army Green Romper 5

Louella Odié Army Green Romper 6

Louella Odié Army Green Romper 2

The Pool

Louella Odie White Romper 1

Here’s another off the shoulder number in white and yet another romper. With an elastic top this one is super easy to take off and on–which is a necessity poolside as a coverup. Plus, this romper has an elegant look to it even though it’s quite casual making this romper a great travel piece especially paired with the Jungle Bag.

Louella Odie White Romper 3

Louella Odie White Romper 6

Louella Odie White Romper 7

Louella Odie White Romper 8

Matching the Bag

This bag is stunning! At least in my opinion. How would you style it? Do you ever match your outfits to the bag? Or do you always match the bag to the outfit? I’m just curious. I can go either way. Sometimes the bag is the best feature–kind of like this Green Jungle Bag.

*Remember: any Louella Odié bag is 15% with the code KREMBDELAKREMB.

*This post has been linked up to #iwillwearwhatilike twice and the Project Sister Act.

Mum’s the Word–A Mother’s Day Collaboration

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 2

My good friend Sheela is a genius at joining women bloggers together around the world. From The Fab 40s, to her Project Sister Act, to now this Mother’s Day post, she connects people. When she asked me if I’d want to write this post this Mother’s Day post with three other blogging mothers, my instant reply was, “Of course!” I’ve written about my mom and how she has greatly influenced my style many times on Kremb de la Kremb. Joanie, mom’s name, has always encouraged me to try something on because you never know. When I was asked to prom one week in advance, she helped me to design and make a dress! She give me her cowboy boots, and I can’t help but be so grateful for the many special gifts I’ve received when she gives us a Christmas in June when we return from overseas each school year. It’s safe to say that I refer to my mum often on Kremb de la Kremb.

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 5
And here I am looking just like her. It happens now: I see myself in the mirror or in a picture, and I think, “Wow, I look just like my mom!” Back when I was newly married, I cropped my hair–very Joanie style. I looked a lot like her then, but at that young, immature time, I didn’t want to look like her. Now, when I see myself resembling her so much, I feel proud and even a little pretty because that’s how I’ve always seen my mom, as such a pretty woman.

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 6

Joanie also has always had colorful style. I remember in the 80s when she was wearing pretty much the same color blocking of hot pink and turquoise seen today. Just my post from Wednesday, the Makeshift Jumpsuit, well that could have been her in 1985! She’s always been fashion forward ahead of any trends or even without trends. She’s an artist, which shows, but she’s also subtle. Something I have yet to master. There are so many, many-many articles of clothing I can remember and just absolutely loving on her. That nubby cream sweater that I’ve tried to copy, or her mumu that she made herself that I covet and secretly want her to hand down to me. My mom has always had amazing style–even the pictures from before I was exhibit an extremely stylish woman.

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 3

And here I am in a tunic that she also owns. There’s a style story behind it. My mother has always supported the international life that Kevin and I lead. She has also tried to visit us in almost each of our posts. She enjoys seeing our daily life overseas and demonstrated pride in the lifestyle that has formed for our family. During each visit, of course a little shopping occurs. When she was in Beijing, we were shopping in a Zara. She was at the cashier ready to buy this beautiful coral paisley tunic when she turned to me and asked, “Was there something you liked?” I told her yes, actually I really like this tunic. She promptly told me to go grab one. I remember that shopping excursion like it was yesterday. I love this tunic, I love shopping with my mom, and well, to continue with the gushiness, I love my mom!

Kremb de la Kremb Mum 1

There’s more! The coral necklace….that was hers made by a beautiful friend of mine while living in Venezuela. My mom bought it from this artisan friend and then a few years later gave it to me. The turquoise crucifix she gave to me this past summer before I left back for Hong Kong. The incredible, yet very old, shoes I’m wearing were purchased for my rehearsal dinner when I was married back in 1997. (Here’s the dress from the event to match!) Finally, it’s hard to see but I’m wearing a very special ring given to me by my mother’s mother, and the earrings I’m wearing were given to me after I became Gigi’s mother. Oh, the style stories go on and on!

Enough…let’s take a look at the other three moms:


Sheela Writes
Here’s Sheela, mother, business woman, blogger, writer, and whom I always call Super Woman or even just plain ol’ Queen She. Sheela is also a daughter, and when you go read her post, you’ll be loving her even more for her honesty. And God bless her mom!


Val is the mother of a little girl, she is a working mom, and she is the author of Val Around the Town. Val, a very classy dresser, attributes this class from her stylish mother. All I know is I kind of want her beautiful pearl bag! It’s amazing!!


Rachel writes over at Garay Treasures. She’s a mother of four. The lovely spirit of giving is evident in Rachel’s outfit; it reminds me of my own story. Do go read Rachel’s post to find out about her coveted Michael Kors shoes…..

Happy Mother’s Day!

I say Happy Mother’s Day to my own mom, my mother-in-law, my sisters, my friends (married or not, with children or not). As a female gender we mother those we love in so many ways. So happy day to all of the women in my life and even to all women around the world!

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Spring Break 2016 in Borneo, Malaysia

Travel is definitely an integral part of the life Kevin and I have created over the last twenty years. Without being too cliche I have to admit that I feel blessed by this way of life that we lead. I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s interpretation of wealth is different, and I will admit I feel wealthy with travel. I might not have a big house, not even a yard, but I do get to see the world with my family. I am exposed to different cultures and ways of life, and for this I feel rich. Recently, traveling through Malaysian Borneo was a magical and adventurous family excursion. I have plenty of woes–like a hip that continues to cause such pain, but even hobbling along on crutches didn’t stop me from enjoying the rainforests, jungles, and beaches of Borneo, Malaysia. In this post, we captured a few sunset pics on the beach–my absolute favorite time of day at my favorite place with my three favorite people!

off-the-shoulder top

Some Oufit Details

I made this off-the-shoulder from a mens shirt. It’s actually very simple and a tailor can easily help with the job. Cut off the top and roll an inch under to form the casing for the elastic. Run the elastic throgh, and presto! Instant off-the-shoulder goodness! Here’s this top styled with jeans and another post styled on a beach in Thailand. This top makes for a perfect beach coverup.

And now for some guest appearances of the loves of my life: Kevin, Vincent, and Gigi.

Link here for Spring Break ’15 and Spring Break 14.

Ping Pong Post with Anna and Samantha

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 11.5

Back in December, I started to get to know Anna from Anna Island Style. There was this blog post wear she was featuring the cutest plaid coat–the one you see me wearing–and an idea sprung to life from both my and Samantha’s comments. Anna encouraged something called a Ping Pong Post with the idea that the coveted item would be sent around to those individuals eyeing and awing. Both Samantha from Fake Fabulous and I were the first two to be included in this idea, but I can see it evolving. Basically, Anna is trying to emulate the visit to another friends closet, hang out on the bed with a glass of wine (or two), and try on each other’s clothes. I’m in!! This post is all about friendship and sharing our wardrobes too.

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 5.5

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 4.5

Ping Pong Post: The Tartan Coat

I paired this statement coat with basic black but to add a bit more texture I went with my leather culottes instead of my cotton. I also wanted to pull out the great orange colors so I chose my trusty cowboy boots. Finally, because I felt compelled to not let the plaid be the only print, I threw in my leopard crossover bag. The best part about styling this shoot was the matching wall behind. Stanley, the neighborhood I live in is filled with fantastically painted walls like this jungle one or this anime goth one. Gold accesories seemed to be a must with this coat so I chose gold and black earrings on the simpler side and more natural makeup.

Outfit Details:
Anna’s fabulous tartan coat–Benetton (obviously right!!)
Black hat and sunnies–Forever 21
(P)Leather culottes–Zara
Leopard crossover–Jaspal (Thai’s equivalent to Zara!)
Cowboy Boots–Old West via Zappos
Earrings–market stall in Hong Kong

Ping Pong Post with Anna

Anna Island Style Ping Pong Post 3
This is Anna from Anna Island Style. She’s one of the bloggers I’ve become friends with in the last year. She lives on the Isles of Scilly. Once I received a post card from her where she cirlced both where she lives plus the beach where she swims all in the same image. It’s a teeny tiny island where in order to shop she usually has to take a boat to get the nearest mall! I love how she went with a dark denim with this jacket. It’s perfect!

Jeans–Dorothy Perkins
Frilly blouse–charity shop
Perspex necklace–old
Rings–charity shop

Anna Island Style Ping Pong Post 2

Anna Island Style Ping Pong Post 1

 Ping Pong Post with Samantha

Fake Fabulous Ping Pong Post 3

Samantha from Fake Fabulous has definitely got the best set of LEGS! Right!? I mean, look at them go! I love that she paired this coat with rust too. I’ve talked about my friendship with Samantha before here on the blog. She’s like my blogging sister. It’s kind of crazy how much I adore this woman and her style. Samantha has also joined  The Fab 40s group, so you’ll be seeing more of her on Kremb de la Kremb each month. #yeah (See her bag!)

Outfit Details:
Coat:Benetton (Anna’s)
Jeans: M&S
Shoes: XTI
Jumper: Boden (teens)
Shirt: Boden (Adults this time)
Bag: M&S

Fake Fabulous Ping Pong Post 2

Fake Fabulous Ping Pong Post 1

What would you Ping Pong?

Do you have an item that you’d love to see someone else style? Let me be your gal…send it over, and I’ll give it a try. Or, better yet, let me send you something of mine if you’d like to style something you’ve seen here on Kremb de la Kremb. Listen, my wardrobe is spilling over, so this is a completely honest offer. If you ever see something you want on Kremb de la Kremb, please do tell me. I’ll most likely give you the shirt off my back–literally!

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 6.5

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 3

Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 1.5