Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics
Recently I’ve been reintroduced to water aerobics. I used to take weekly classes back when I lived in Saudi Arabia, but that was ages ago. My mother-in-law goes to her water aerobics’ classes religiously each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. No matter what she leave to make her class by 9 am. For my in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary, we spent a lovely weekend in beautiful Suncadia, Washington. One of the mornings, Jane and I attended a water aerobics class. From that hour in the pool I became hooked all over again. I ordered myself some water weights and water gloves and have started jumping in the water to workout. I shouldn’t really call it working out–it’s too fun! But, I definitely get sore and can feel the benefits of “lifting” weights in the water. Luckily this habit continue to form since I live near beaches and the school where I work has a pool. Water aerobics is low, low, low impact–something my joints completely appreciate! It’s safe to say thanks to Jane I think I’ll be religiously joining her habit of moving about in the water at least three times a week!

Do you enjoy water aerobics?
I’m included some links and resources down below.

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics Resources

POPSUGAR Fitness–Popsugar has a great set of videos with in and out of water examples. String these together for a great 30 minute workout.

24 Popular Water Workouts–Over on Youtube someone has already compiled these 24 workouts. With a waterproof phone case and a tripod, there’s at least 60 minutes to go from here.

Water Aerobics Diagram–Army Real has a super diagram with easy to read directions. I’m thinking I’ll print this out and then laminate it. This resource will be perfect poolside.

Pinterest Pool Workouts–Have a hey day with all the options found on this Pinterest page….

Get TrainedAquastrength offers online training to become a certified instructor. Hmmmmm, I might look further into this one!

Water Aerobics Equipment

Do you have any tips or tricks for water aerobics?
Do share. I’m just a beginner. But oh, it feels so good to get in the water and move about!

Summer Break

On Saturday, I’ll be sleeping here!

Yesterday was the last day of school for the 2016-2017 school year. Summer has started for the kids, and mine begins on Friday when we fly to Spokane, Washington. And, this time around, I really am going to take a summer break! Where I go, to Spirit Lake, Idaho, there is no solid, strong Internet connection. Last year, I ended up spending too much money just to get connected (sometimes $10 a day!). I’m not going to bother with staying connected; rather I’m going to unplug and take a proper summer break. It’s taken me a while to come to this conclusion–I mean I am normally so connected online, so I am aware this is going to be difficult for me. But, I can do it! The one thing I am most looking forward to is reading. I plan to read a book a week: that means I have the potential to read seven books! Usually, I go to bed looking at my Instagram feed only to wake up and look at the same feed. I used to enjoy reading in bed, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do! The other thing I plan to do is write…. like in a notebook the old fashion way. I wanna see what thoughts and feelings come about from disconnecting. This break feels very liberating; lately the struggle seems to real to try to get likes and follows. I feel proud of my loyal Kremb de la Kremb blog readers, yet on Instagram it constantly feels like a losing battle, so I am hoping I won’t miss it. I do have a few blogging collaborations that I won’t abandon, so you can rely on a post with my Ping Pong Piece ladies on June and July 20th. Also, for the last Monday of each month I will post with The Fab 40s. Finally, my new collaboration, Shopping with Debbie will also happen–especially now that we can shopt together in the States. Other than those posts though, I’ll be taking a summer break. I’ll have my camera with me and my creative DIY mind, so plan on returning to Kremb de la Kremb mid August when I’ll be back to posting regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

In the meantime, I’ve rounded up some blog posts you might enjoy from Kremb de la Kremb’s previous summers:

Twinning with Kevin last summer during a sunset in La Jolla.

I’m hoping during our California trip this summer, Kevin and I have time to ride bikes along the coastline.

Don’t worry: I’m packing some sequins for my trip to California again!

Last summer we had such fun in San Diego with Kevin’s folks.
We always have a great time on the trips we take with them. Always!!

I can hardly wait for time with these two beautiful sisters of mine!

I will definitely be getting my DIY on with this cutie!

I’m looking forward to seeing the other Ann Marie Krembs. That’s right we share the exact same name.
Getting together with her, her boys, and all the Krembs is always such fun.
We will have a special time this summer celebrating Kevin’s folks 50th wedding anniversary!

I’m not sure who all will be visiting this summer, but I would certainly welcome a surprise visit from these two!

I’ll definitely be sporting my Idaho uniform!

I’m seriously hoping my left knee doesn’t have me needing an emergency replacement
in August like I needed with my hip last August….

Hey! Have a great summer, and I’ll be back to regular posting after my summer break!

Traveling with Louella Odié Lattice Collection

Louella Odié Lattice Crossover and Tote 2
I felt like a lady of leisure travelling with a set of three (!) Louella Odié bags from their Lattice Collection. In transit, carrying all three at once felt very chic and extremely put together. The fact that I pack with a color theme AND seem to always travel in black and white meant the Lattice Collection and I were meant to be. Take a look at the way I used all three bags on my most recent trip to Hua Hin, Thailand for Chinese New Year break:

Hands free with the Lattice Collection Backpack

Louella Odié Lattice Backpack
My travel uniform always consists of these comfortable black trousers and a blazer. The trousers feel like I’m in pajama pants, and I wear a blazer on every single flight because you do never known when the airline might need me to turn left when I get on the plane. Even if I do travel in economy, I like looking nice enough that I feel like I could pass for business. You know me and my motto: If you think you are, you are! (This goes for long haul flights too; changing into comfies mid flight takes up about 15 minutes of the 13 hours!) One of the main reasons I felt so good travelling most recently was because of Louella Odié. I love carrying three of their bags. I just felt beyond chic! With the backpack taking me through immigrations I appreciated the third strap on this Louella Odié Lattice Backpack: the bag can be held as a purse or strapped to the back. While travelling I really appreciated the versatility from the backpack–plus it’s so cute!

Beach and Pool Ready with the Lattice Collection Tote

Louella Odié Lattice Tote 2

Louella Odié Lattice Tote

Lately, for this year’s school breaks we’ve hopped over to Bangkok and then driven down the short distance to Hua Hin. It’s the perfect little get away offering sun and beach or poolside. On our most recent excursion we stayed at the lovely Haven in Hua Hin. Our room opened up to the pool offering access for a quick dip, and our suite even had a rooftop sun deck. The food was excellent, so we never had to leave–unless we wanted to. The beach is pleasant enough, and when the sea calmed down enough we were able to swim in the ocean. Sometimes, no all the time, a little rest and relaxation is all you need. The Louella Odié Lattice Tote went with me back and forth from room to pool to beach and then back again. It was the perfect beach bag. (Stay tuned for what was inside later on this week.)

Market Shopping with the Lattice Collection Backpack

Louella Odié Lattice Backpack Market
I’ll be honest: one of the reasons I love returning to Thailand so often has to do with their night markets, and Hua Hin has a couple of really good ones. Night markets are great for the whole family: I get to shop while the rest of the fam sits down and orders dinner at one of the street cafés. I’d say the items I usually score at the Thailand night markets are groovy sunglasses, unique purses, and interesting graphic tees. This Louella Odié Lattice Backpack was perfect for storing my goods while letting my hands do the grabbing!

Louella Odié Lattice Backpack 3

Louella Odié Lattice Backpack 2

Passport, phone, and lippy in the Lattice Collection Crossover

Louella Odié Lattice Crossover 2

Crossover bags are my most favorite style of purse. They’re light and don’t fit much, so this style of bag never causes me any back pain. Basically, all I ever need when I’m out and about is my wallet, phone, and a lipstick. Same goes for travel; I just added my passport. The thing I really, really like about the Louella Odié Crossover is the five pockets inside. There are exactly five perfectly sized compartments–each for a little something different. I can’t decide which bag out of the three is my favorite, but I will say that I might be nudging toward this one. It really is the perfect crossover bag, and with that unique lattice flap, it’s something special.

Louella Odié Lattice Crossover and Tote

What do you think of the Louella Odié Lattice Collection?

Which bag do you prefer? Or are you like me and love the idea of travelling with a set? I definitely have a little bias toward each one, so I can’t really choose. The best part about this collection is the black and white color scheme that matches just about everything!

Do you feel compelled to purchase a bag (or two!) from the Louella Odié Lattice Backpack” target=”_blank”>Louella Odié Lattice Collection? If you do, makes sure to take 15% off when you checkout with the code KREMBDELAKREMB.

Books: Rehab Reading

Reading Books During Rehab

All the pictures from this post have been pulled from my Instagram feed, @krembdelakremb.

During the past three weeks I’ve been able to dedicate a fair amount of my time to reading. While having hip surgery isn’t the best reason for free reading time, I sure have enjoyed that aspect of my recovery. I read four books during my rehab, and I thought I would share my reviews with you.

Reading Books During Rehab

1. Eleanor and Park–5 Stars

Rainbow Rowell in my opinion is a master writer. I have yet to read a title of hers that I did not like, and I have read all of her books. Granted it took me two tries to get into Eleanor and Park, but once I did, I was smitten. Sometimes I think one’s state of mind is vital to appreciating a book. I must not have been in right place the first time around. The second time I went to read it, I could not put it down. Here are a few of the reasons why I think people would enjoy this book:

  • The relationship between Eleanor and Park takes place in the 80s–a decade filled with misfits.
  • The relationship between Eleanor and Park is interracial.
  • The relationship between Eleanor and Park happens despite demographics–one being poor and abused, the other being loved and supported.
  • The relationship between Eleanor and Park takes it’s time; it’s slow moving, cautious, and respectful towards the individuality of each of the two involved.

Basically this story is just lovely, and in quick alternating bits from Eleanor and then Park each chapter just passes by. Before I knew it, I’d finished this beautiful story of love that forms when friendship happens first.

2. The Winner’s Curse–5 Stars

Oh, this book was good! Marie Rutkoski has created a series with this Winner’s Curse that I want to read more about; it’s not guaranteed that I’ll continue with book two, but with Kestrel and Arin, I want to know what’s going to happen to them. Although it was made in a fantasty world, the setting became very medieval to me. It made me think that it could have happened in a land similar to Saudi Arabia with vast mountains set up against a sea. The women all wear a dagger right at their waste too–while it’s the style and simply for show, it’s a tool that works and sometimes comes out for its purpose to shield, protect, or harm. The relationship that’s instigated into romance between the general’s daughter and her slave was magnetic. Despite the fact that it shouldn’t work out, the reader desperately wants it too. A winner’s curse is an actual term; in an auction it’s win the winning bid wins, but really the winner didn’t win because the winner paid way too much for their prize. This story is so good: think war strategy with love mixed in…a dangerous combo for sure.

3. The Geography of You and Me–3 Stars

While reading The Geography of You and Me I thought it was good, but then now when I look back on it, I find it less memorable than the others. The book, like the other stories I read, is a romance, and I should like it better since it’s all about long distance and making a relationship work despite distance. I myself have lived the famous saying: distance makes the heart grow fonder. I’m not going to give up on Jennifer E. Smith and plan to give one of her many other novels a try. Similar to Eleanor and Park, maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I read this. I did like how committed both Lucy and Owen were to getting themselves together–despite some serious long distance and circumstantial troubles.

4. Red Queen–5 Stars

This book is superhero fantastic! Wow! I loved Red Queen! It’s one of those novels where readers are going to determine what team they’re on, and I am definitely on Team Cal. There are two different types of people: the reds with red blood and the silvers with silver blood. Silvers have extraordinary powers like being invisible, creating fire, or even water. Reds, Reds just work and create a comfortable life for the Silvers. They also go to war and die for the Silvers. When the heroine of this story, who has regular old red blood, finds that she has a power, she’s an oddity that the Silvers want to hide. While there’s some foreshadowing that I caught onto, there were some surprises along the way. There was also one kiss that gave me the butterflies in my tummy–always a really good sign in my book! (No pun intended.)

*Bonus Title: The Secret Garden

Coloring Books
This wonderful book is worth mentioning; Johanna Basford is an illustrator and has created several coloring books that are just spectacular. There’s The Secret Garden and The Enchanted Forest that I know about. Gigi received The Secret Garden for her birthday with some fancy markers. We’ve been having some relaxing fun just filling in these colorful flowers. We just sit there and chat and color petals in bit by bit.

Here! Buy the Books at Target:

*The book links used in this post are affiliate links: if you purchase any of these books from my links, I’ll receive a couple of cents. Thanks for shopping with Kremb de la Kremb. As always, if you have any requests, I’d be much obliged.

11th Links á la Mode

I’ve made Links á la Mode 11 times!! Sometimes when I write a post, I just have a feeling it will definitely make it into Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links á la Mode. I was correct: my post about the bag with the worst wrap–the one about the awesome fanny pack–was chosen!

Links á la Mode

Links à la Mode: March 26

10th Links á la Mode

This is my 10th time making Links á la Mode from Independent Fashion Bloggers! It was my post about short hair bloggers that made it. There are nineteen other posts that made the cut. Links á la Mode is a great way to learn about other bloggers out there plus gain exposure for Kremb de la Kremb. Take a look:

Links á la Mode: March 19th

9th Links á la Mode

This is the 9th time I’ve made Links á la Mode! And the second time they chose my picture as the features; there’s my mom from my “Going Grey” article. I told her she’s famous (not really) in an anonymous way!links a la mods

Fashion Shades of Grey

Fashion month has come and gone. What have we learned? IFB bloggers found celebrations of motherhood, diversity, and technology, as well as fear of empty spaces (!) on the runway. OK maybe that last one’s not a celebration, but interesting nonetheless. We also celebrated our amazing mothers, color trends for spring, wedding inspiration, and more. Peruse the best of the week below!

Links à la Mode: March 5

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  21. *Stay tuned later. Today is a double post day with my Style Story coming shortly.

Kremb de la Kremb Roundup for 2014

FamilyPicWhat a year! I definitely dove into writing Kremb de la Kremb with gusto and have had so much fun doing so. I’m not sure which direction Kremb de la Kremb will continue, but I definitely know I’ll keep writing…Here’s a roundup of some of the exciting things that happened this past year on Kremb de la Kremb, but first, the fam…

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Best Books of 2014

A couple of weeks ago I stated that I’d start writing more about books on this here blog, so in an attempt to follow through, I’m posting the best books I read in 2014–in no particular order. On this list you’ll find some fiction for adults and young adults too–I am a high school librarian after all. Plus, you’ll find a couple of nonfiction reads that I absolutely loved–which was so surprising for me as I don’t typically read nonfiction. If you have a vacation ahead of you or just some good old lazy post holiday time, curl up, get cozy, and enjoy any one of these really great books!

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Christmas Books Roundup

Being a librarian it seems appropriate that I should be posting more about books here on Kremb de la Kremb. What a better way to start than with the family’s favorite Christmas titles. Each year, these books get brought out of storage and are placed under the tree. There are a few that get ready each and every year–even if they’re for younger readers. They’re just that special!

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