Back to the Beach and My Five Beach Basics

Beach Basics
We’re back to the beaches in Hong Kong. This past weekend was our first return; we went to Big Wave Bay. For this spring and summer my beach basics haven’t changed much. I’m still sportin’ denim cutoffs with a white top, but now I’m adding a couple of changes: rose gold sunnies, a frosty, nude lip, and white flip flops. I’m especially loving the white flip flops; in the past I always just wore black, but I’m ready to switch to a bright crisp white. The cheaper the pair the better. This whole combo is definitely going to highlight a tan! And a tan Ann is a happy Ann. (I know it’s so bad, so I do use a strong SPF on the beach now and tan towels before and after.)

Beach Basics

Beach BasicsUsually I pack a tote filled with way to much for the beach, but lately, less has been more for me. I pack a clutch, like this cute fishy one from Louella Odié, and I bring my iPhone with headphones for an audiobook, my print book, and little journal with pencil, my Neutrogena SPF 70 Face and Body Bar, and my sunnies. It all fits! And that’s all I need.

Beach Basics

Beach Basics

Get My Beach Basics!

1. Rose Gold Sunnies

(The pair from Asos is in HK$–not US$.)

2. Frosty, Nude Lips

The lipstic I’m wearing is Topshop’s Mercurial (but only the red came up in the picture). Also, Saint by Topshop is another great nude.

3. White Top

I went to Forever 21 and shopped for “cotton white tops.” They always have the best boho tops ever and forever!!

4. Denim Cutoffs

I’m wearing Anine Bing’s but they’re sold out. I have the last pair in this list called the Jimmy Jimmy by Paige, and they also fit really well.

5. White Flip Flops

(The black pair from Old Navy also come in white and a ton of other colors too–but white is the best.)

What are your beach basics? I’d love to know. Maybe I need to add something…

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India Blogger Roundup

It’s time for an India Blogger Roundup! It’s no lie: I enjoy rounding up bloggers–especially when I travel somewhere. I found some great Jakarta and Shanghai bloggers, and then last week, inspired by my own short hair, I rounded up some short hair bloggers. Now with India fresh in my memories, I found five, absolutely stunning, Indian fashion bloggers. Go take a look for yourself…

Ritu of Razzle Dazzle Pickle
Indian BloggerLook at this gorgeous beauty! She’s completely ethereal. I love browsing through her posts. The pictures of her are bigger than life–she’s tangible but not quite. She has simple style but then exoctic all at once. This is why I love making these roundups; I find such amazing talent out there, Frazzle Dazzle Pickle being one.
Instagram: @ritu_arya
Twitter: @rituary

Shereen & Kayaan from Love and Other Bugs
Indian BloggerThese best friends make me long for a style sister. Don’t get me wrong, I have many girlfriends, many good, good friends. But I can only imagine a style sister ready and willing to host a full blown fashion blog together. This couple, Shereen and Kayaan, are doing it with amazing style. It must be so fun to plan shoots and outfits together. And their love for boho is simply contagious. They’re a duo for sure!
Instagram: @shereenlovebug
Twitter: @ShereenSikka

Rhea of FUSS
Indian BloggerWhen you head to Rhea’s FUSS, I wonder if you too will feel the same draw that The Glamourai creates. Every FUSS post is impeccably styled. The details, when you look closely, are amazing. I mean, immersing yourself in a pool?! With sparkly gold lips! I love it. She’s got me. I’ll be returning to Rhea’s FUSS because first and foremost she’s an artist.
Instagram: @TheGirlfromFUSS
Twitter: @TheGirlfromFUSS

Nilu from Big Hair Loud Mouth
Indian BloggerNilu’s got short hair! Really cute short hair! And she’s got such funky style–and it isn’t breaking the bank. There’s something about Nilu that’s totally relatable to me, yet she also pushes style limits. I know I’ll be turning to her for inspo–I agree with everything she wears! (And have been shopping from the links on her site! I love a unique find!!)
Instagram: @bighairloudmouth
Twitter: @NiluYuleenaBHLM

Akanksha Redhu, both name and blog
Indian BloggerWhen I was reading one of Akanksha’s recent posts about being settled ing Goa for the next couple of months, I’ll admit to a little jealousy. I want to live in Goa for a couple of months! Her location alone keeps me interested. But then, when I take a look at her style, I’m totally hooked. I feel like the post with the Kimono is just like my post this summer out at Spirit Lake. Now granted, she has way more guts than me (and an awesome body to boot) because I’d never pose in just my swimsuit. But Akanksha, she ROCKS it! She looks AMAZING!
Instagram: @akanksharedhu
Twitter: @akanksharedhu

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Inside My Beach Bag

Let’s take a look inside my beach bag…
Inside My Beach BagFor both of my beach bags, I have gone with local Hong Kong bag designers. First I use a MISCHA tote bag plus a Louella Odié tote pouch inside to keep important items separate yet more importantly out of sand’s way. I throw in my sequin sarong from Bali plus my initial “A” hat from Capital M in Beijing (they had a misprint of “A”s instead of “M”s). I also bring our beach mats from Thailand–they fold up nicely and do the trick. As you can see my beach accessories match the colors of the sea–it’s intentional!

Inside My Beach BagIf you were to dump out the contents to see what’s inside my beach bag, you’d see a plethora of drugstore goodies:

  • To deodorize (cuz you never know when you may need to!) and refresh, I carry some body wipes.
  • For my lips I’ll throw in a couple of balms: Baby Lips by Maybelline for a spot of color and Esos Sweet Mint for SPF.
  • For sunscreen, I swear by this Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face & Body Stick in SPF 70. I found this product this summer, and it totally works! We travelled back to HK with 4 bars, and this is the last one. Yikes! I use it on my face, chest, shoulders, arms, and hands. For the rest of my body I slather on NO-AD 30. We have been using this sunscreen for years–like as long as Vincent’s been around. I think we started using it on our weekend trips to Margarita Island when he was just a babe. It’s cheap, it’s mildly scented, and most importantly it works. I’ve never been burned wearing this stuff. We’ve tried others and gotten fried–literally!
  • Even though I use a SPF, that doesn’t mean I don’t wanna be tan: hence the tanner inside my beach bag. This was the first time I tried using Loreal’s Sublime Bronze, and I have to say, I like it. I’m usually either a Tan Towels or Jergens user, but I liked how I could actually see this one going on, and I anticipated some streaks, but I didn’t have any. After I use it a few more times, it might become my new favorite. We’ll see….
  • Also, to look tan I love Beach Hut’s Instant Shimmer–which I have actually only found here in Boracay, so yes, I’ll be stocking up. It’s an oil with SPF of 10 which is hardly strong enough, so I put it on over the 70 and 30. It has these beautiful specks of gold in it hence the shimmer, and it totally works! I like how the gold specks last all day long. I could see almost using this product just to make my legs look more tan during a normal day. I’ll have to try it.
  • Finally, for the hair, I have a lovely product that I found in Thailand that I just spritz on to my hair. If you ever see Pure Coconut hair treatments, stock up. They’re sooooo good. This spray is a perfect leave-in conditioner that protects the hair. Plus when my hair is all beach hair flipped out, a couple of sprays of this settle down my poof. (I could find some Pure Coconut products on Amazon.)

Inside My Beach Bag
This tote pouch from Louella Odié is perfect for keeping a couple of things separate in my beach bag.

  • Like my library book! I am very hesitant of even bringing a library book to the beach, but sometimes ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. I’m extremely careful–although that doesn’t always matter. (Yesterday I wrote about the beach reads I brought with me.)
  • My notepad and pencil. I carry one with me everywhere. It’s a habit that I’m very happy to keep. A notebook’s a great place to jot down ideas or detail the day. My little notebook is like an adult security blanket for me.
  • My phone should not even be on the beach, but….I still bring it anyway. I’m super, super careful–just like I am with my library books!
  • Sunglasses in their case also fit well into this separate pouch–although with a case they’d be ok in the big bag too. (I love my hard proof leopard case from the Jim Thompson House–RIP. He’s got the best silks around!)

There you have it! All the products I bring with me to the beach. It might be a haul, but every item just adds to the luxury of being on the beach. Heck, I want to be inside my beach bag just so it could an eternal place to be. I do love the beach!

Blog Terms: A Little Blogging Edu

blog terms

This collage is from the post where I announced Kremb de la Kremb was going to be taking a little shift–towards more of my fashion wonderings and wanderings.

Do you feel clueless about some blog terms? I realize that blogs and blogging have some pretty funny terminology. I sometimes throw out words like RSS or link ups or affiliate links, and sometimes I bet some of my readers might be like, What is she talking about!? It must be the educator in me, but I want to help. In this post, I’ve tried to pin down some basic blog terms that might help explain a little about the blogging world. If I missed any, please ask away in the comment section.


A blog is basically a web site the logs daily–hence the word blog taken from the “b” in web to log. Blogs are web journals and each time there is a new article or entry it’s called a post. There are all sorts of blogs: tech, cooking, lifestyle, and fashion blogs to name just a few. There are also vlogs–can you guess that that is? Video + log = vlog. Mainly, a blog is a website where an individual will attempt to report about something of interest to them. Sometimes blogs have gotten so big that turn into webazines which is like a magazine but you guessed it, on the web.


Each time an article is written on a blog it is called a post. It a blog post could also be referred to as an entry, like an entry in a journal since a blog is a web log. When a new article or entry is up on a blog it may be referred to as posted–since it is now up and visible for all to read.

RSS Feed

blog terms

I’ve been trying real hard to increase my Bloglovin’ RSS feed, but as you can see it’s slow movin’. That’s ok! Feel free to like Kremb de la Kremb on Bloglovin’ if that’s how you keep track of blogs. Or you can copy this into your reader:

The amount of articles (or posts) posted on a blog may vary. Some writers post once or twice a week while others might post multiple times a day. (I try to post once a day Monday through Friday–usually in the morning. Although some days I don’t quite make it….) Since new posts, or in other words articles or entries, are posted to the blog when the writer decides, some people want to know when this happens. Rather than visiting each blog that one reads daily just to check to see if there’s a new article, each blog has an RSS. This RSS is a link that can be added to a reader. Basically what this means is that you can take a link from the blog you like and place it in a reader. The reader then gets updated when there’s a new article on the blog you like to read. Say there are five blogs you like to read. If you put those blogs’ RSS links into your reader, all you have to do is check your reader each day–not go out to all the blogs. Some people prefer to read their blogs in this way. It’s like have a newspaper with a page for each blog you read rather than going to five separate newspaper stands to get your articles. Does that help make sense? A lot of people use a very popular reader called Bloglovin’ to read their blogs. You can add my Kremb de la Kremb RSS feed to your Bloglovin’ list and see my posts each day.


blog terms

Lately, my Work Outfit posts that I’ve been writing on Fridays have generated a good amount of comments!

Most blog posts will have the option to comment at the end of them. This is a way for the writer to get feedback, start a conversation, or connect with the readers of the blog. Not many people comment on this blog which is ok. A comment in person works just as well!

Affiliate Links

blog terms

Interestingly enough, this post of me dressing down sequin pants did really well with affiliate sales.

For a while now I’ve been using affiliate links. This means I’m using a company that will give me a (small) commission if any of the items I link to from a post are purchased. Affiliate links are awesome because they give bloggers a way to monetize their sites. I like to consider it like I’m my Auntie Paddy but through the web. She used to be the very best sales lady at Nordstrom while I was growing up. I loved how good she was at her job. I hope to do the same by helping you shop through Kremb de la Kremb. (You just have to let me know if you want anything–you could tell me in the comments;)

Link Ups

I’ve been trying real hard to garner an audience for Kremb de la Kremb. (By the way, one way to do this is if you, my reader, would like to share this page. Posting it on Facebook always works; so does word of mouth;) One way to get Kremb de la Kremb out there is through link ups. A link up is when a fellow blogger will host a way of linking other bloggers on his or her site. I submit my link, among many others, and then I’m broadcasted on that site. These link ups are a super thoughtful and collabrative way for all of us to gain more of an audience.

Are there any other blog terms you’d like to know about? Please don’t hesitate to ask me either in the comments or by simply emailing me (ann at krembdelakremb dot com).

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Kremb de la Kremb Closet Goals for 2015

NothingToWearSo fashion and style and clothing and shopping and lipstick and necklaces, ok, I better stop! Well, let’s just say all these (frivilous) items are of interest to me. It would only makes sense that when I go to make my goals for 2015 they would center around the above mentioned. Sure, I want to be more patient, I want to plan better meals for the family, and yes, eventually I want to work at losing those last few pounds, but what’s really attainable for me are closet goals!

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My Five ~ How I Go For It!


Just by looking at this picture from a post last year, I think it’s safe to say I’m a risk taker!

Wearing leopard, blogging about it, living overseas, chopping off my hair…I’ve always just gone for it. Somehow it’s become a part of my make up. I constantly take risks, I embrace experience, and I want to try it all. Basically, I think I would be pretty bored if I wasn’t trying, testing, doing new things. There’s this recurring  question I often ask my mom: who’s she worried about now? She’s got five of us kids, so she’s bound to be worried about one of us. I don’t often make the list as of late, but oh, I used to! She recently told me how worried she was about me as a teen because I always had this “go for it” mentality. Some things never change.

The way I am always living by going for it got me thinking….how do I do it? How do I live this way? While the five items below don’t necessarily elude to a risk taking attitude, I do feel they are a bit of the background of what makes me take risks and live my life with a “go for it” attitude.

To read the five ways I embrace going for it in life, click here:

Merry Christmas from Stanley

Stanley Hong Kong Christmas

All the palm trees in Stanley Plaza have little bundles of blue glittery packages and these bright pink bubble captions. Season’s Greetings!

Merry Christmas from Stanley! I am so excited to have moved to this charming, extra special, Southside neighborhood of Hong Kong. Granted we lived just a ten minute walk away before in Chung Hom Kok, but now, we live in it, on it, of it. Stanley is spectacular, so you can count on hearing and seeing more of it in the future. For this little holiday walk through Stanley, Vincent and I stopped at each Christmas decoration within a one block radius of our home.

When I went to get dressed for work on Tuesday, I knew in the evening that I’d be going to a holiday party, so I chose to wear this dress all day long. This will probably sound crazy, but sometimes I actually enjoy being a little more dressed up for school. It adds a little perk to my step–like a little reminder that sounds in my head, “I’m super dressed up today because I have a party to go to tonight!”

There’s something extra special to say about this colorful, kimono style, Trina Turk dress: first, my gorgeous sister-in-law wore it during her wedding celebrations that occurred during the Christmas holiday of 2009. Just a few days later in 2010 while in Seattle, I found the same dress! I bought it to wear to my other sister-in-law’s wedding during Chinese New Year of 2010. Stories, stories, stories….they always seem to accompany the items I wear. And I when I wear them, I’m taken down a little memory lane. So Amy and Sally, while this has become my festive go-to holiday dress, I love this dress even more because of you two! I think of each of you every time.

*This post was prompted by IFB Project #126: Celebration Style. What better place to post my holiday frock than in all the festive decor in Stanley, Hong Kong.

Stanley Hong Kong Christmas

This is the tree at the mezzanine level in the Stanley Plaza. (I think it must be sponsored by Chupa Chups as that’s the crazy installation right next to this tree.)

Stanley Hong Kong Christmas

Upstairs in the Murray House near Blake Pier in Stanley, there’s a couple of quaint alcoves covered in pretty wreaths.

Murray House Hong Kong Christmas

This is the tree up on the second floor outdoors at the Murray House. Yes, I’m getting rained on here! But, that’s ok; it made it all the more fun trying to get the shot. Granted there was a bride waiting in line to get a similar shot.

Chupa Chups in Hong Kong

Here’s the wild Chupa Chups Christmas decoration. It’s definitely cute, but admittedly it kind of seems out of place somehow.

Stanley Chrismtas

Last but not least, this is a glimps of the decoration installed right out our living room window. It’s fantastic and beyond bright. I’ll make sure to post a picture of the entire site at night in all its glory.

Some Outfit Details
Dress: Trina Turk (old)
Leopard Coat: Asos
Envelope Clutch: My mom got it for me in Stanley, but here are three similar clutches–one, two, and three.
Booties: Dolce Vita Juju

My Five {Clothing} Thanksgivings

There are a couple of items in my wardrobe that I always repeatedly go to. Most I stumbled upon and some I’ve even replaced. In the heart of Thanksgiving and in consideration of my clothing obsessions, I thought I’d share my five most coveted items. More importantly, let it be known that I am very fortunate to be able to write about favorite clothing items. I am indeed a lucky gal–and not only for the clothes on my back but for my family, friends, opportunities, and my pathway of life.

My Five Faves.jpg 1. I’ve written about my sailor tee before. This is my 3rd shirt, and I’ve given it to both my sisters. (I am not sure if they’ve gotten repeats yet.) I turn to the shirt if I’m in a rut, if I want to feel cozy, or if I want to look casual yet chic. I kind of think every woman needs this shirt in her closet.

2. I picked up these boyfriend jeans in Paris. I made the poor family walk all over town to get them. What happened was I tried them on, and then didn’t get them. Hence, I fixated on them and every H&M we passed, I had to go in and try them on–only to not find my size. I finally went back to the original store, ran in, and bought them. Enough was enough! This was back in 2009. I’m so glad I was persistent; they are still my favorite pair of jeans–as last seen here.

3. If you hit the Gap at the end of a season, you can seriously score. I happened upon these black pants days before returning over seas during one summer home. They were not even $10! They are so perfect though: the waist is tailored, there are pockets, and the legs are a bit pegged. They are my go-to travel pants as they are both comfy and look a little sophisticated. Well, at least they make me feel that way.

4. These leopard boots were a score last winter here in Hong Kong. I think I may even strut when I wear them. There is a heel, but it is manageable. Even the sound they make is divine. I love wearing these boots–with just about anything. To me, they are neutral!

5. I seem to wear this faux chain a ton. It’s a great layering piece that adds just enough bling. If you look closely, you can see there are some rhinestones attached. One day Gigi and I were exploring Mon Kok for jewellery craft making. Well, I was happy when I found this ready made piece

Do you have any favorite pieces that just bring you comfort? Items that you can always rely on? What are they? I really do want to know.

No Mascara

No Mascara Before and After

I’m not sure why, but lately I have been into not wearing *mascara. It’s almost like my eyelashes have asked for a break–ok, they don’t speak, but if they did, maybe that’s what they’ve been asking for. It’s amazing how good it feels. I hadn’t realized how much heavier your lids can feel with the application of mascara.

Because my lashes are bare, I compensate. Here’s how:

No Mascara

Voila! No mascara–but I do look like I still have makeup on, yet my eyes feel free!

No Mascara

I do love a red lippy!

Do you ever go without mascara? If so, how do you compensate. Please share….

*I didn’t think no mascara was a trend until I googled it. Supposedly it was a trend during the spring 2013 fashion shows!

My Five Hair Dos

Hair DosSince last January, I’ve been doing something rather alternative with my hair. Since many people comment on the way my hair looks these days, I thought I would share the five things I DO with my hair.

1. I wash my hair with *conditioner only. I haven’t used shampoo on my hair for over 9 months now. I feel that the conditioner totally cleans my hair. It is left feeling soft and the lack of shampoo has really changed my curls. They are better now, and my hair is more malleable; all I have to do is twirl it a bit, and the curl will stay.

2. I wash my hair about every 3-4 days. Granted at first this transition was difficult in terms of greasy, oily looking hair. But after about 2-3 weeks, my scalp regulated itself.

3. Finally, I let it dry naturally. I rarely ever use a blow dryer, and I can’t remember the last time I used a curling iron. My curls will bounce back if I twirl them a bit. Actually, the dirtier my hair, the better the waves look.

4. On those days when I just can’t handle the greasy scalp any more I use dry conditioner. I find that some of my second days need a little dry shampoo, but then I can last even a day longer. I use the cheapest one: Suave. It’s only $2.99 in the States. I bring it back with me because that $3 can of wonder costs me about $20 over here. Hmmm, maybe I should sell some of my cans!

Dry Shampoo

Here you can see dirty, greasy hair around the scalp! I spray it with the dry shampoo, air wash it, and it somehow revitalizes it!

5. I cut my hair twice a year. A few summers ago Kate and Mary brought me to their friend in Seattle who does an amazing job cutting longer hair. She recommended that I go once in the summer and once in the winter. So far that’s been working for me.

*My good friend Maureen recommended I try washing my hair with only conditioner as a way of letting my curls look their best. She also only uses conditioner on her hair, and it always looks fabulous, so I gave it a try. It feels so good to embrace my curls rather than fight them.

So, that’s what I do. What about you? Do you do anything with your hair that seems different? If you have wavy or curly hair, would you consider switching to just conditioner?