Shopping Patience

I do believe I have incredible shopping patience. I coveted this beautiful sequin skirt all winter long, but I could never get myself to splurge. It seemed quite expensive. Then, the fact that H&M didn’t have my size kind of helped–although there’s always ways of finding my size if my fashion fixation is strong enough. I just could never get myself to pay the full price, and at H&M I usually don’t because I know at the end of the season, their sales will be major! Case in point this beautiful sequin skirt. I’ve been seeing a chiropractor twice a week for almost two months now. His office just happens to be across the street from Hong Kong’s flagship H&M. I cannot NOT go in–especially when the red “SALE” flags are hoisted everywhere. I went straight to the skirts, and whadya know. There were three more sequin skirts, and a size 10 was waiting for me! I was thrilled, and obviously very impressed by my shopping patience. I paid 1/3 of the first asking price. Now it was definitely within my budget. I love it when my fashion fixations come true due to my shopping patience!

Do you splurge or do you wait for the sales?

Earrings and Skirt (It’s still available online!), H&M | Tee, Cotton On |
Waist Bag, Forever 21 | Velvet Sneakers, Steve Madden

I had to have these Embroidered Jeans!


Earrings, Forever 21 (old, but similar) | Cold Shoulder Top, ASOS | Embroidered Jeans,
Zara (sold out, but this is their new–and even better–version!) | Glitter Bag, Zara Girls
(old, but similar) | Glitter Boots, Zara (last year, but these are very close)

I had to have these embroidered jeans. I mean I really had to have them. And, I was prepared to go to whatever lengths to find them! I first stumbled upon these embroidered jeans while I was resting in my Command Center post my hip surgery this fall. Check out how beautiful these Zara gems look on the stunning Maria Bernad. You can see why I had to have them!

embroidered-jeans-6The first pair I got were a size 4–yes, that’s laughable because I have only once fit in a size 4. It was a brief and glorious–if even short lived–stint, but it hasn’t and most likely will not happen again. I’m ok with that. But the drugged out mom told her kids when they went to the movies to get me whatever pair they could. I didn’t care about size at that point. I wasn’t even able to pull them past my knees, but I held on to them just for the patches in case I weren’t to find my proper size.

It was time to head online, but there they were not an option in Hong Kong. Next I went to the Zara US site: I had my sister ready to receive them and ship them over, but to no avail they were sold out there too. It was at this time I turned north to China, and guess what? I found them!! But there was now a new hitch. China does not take Hong Kong credit cards, and I no longer have a Chinese bank account–once we left Beijing we closed our accounts.

embroidered-jeans-4Oh the struggle was getting real. I felt desperate by now feeling that I must, I had to have these embroidered jeans. I had the very small pair sitting as standby–I planned to used the patches on another pair of jeans if need be. That’s when Andrew came in! I used to work with Andrew in Beijing, but he has since left the school and now runs a business purchasing items in China for expats. This was the perfect solution for my dilemma and so easy. Within a couple of days, I finally had the proper sized embroidered jeans thanks to the help of Andrew. (If you need Andrew’s contact information, just let me know.)

embroidered-jeans-5Are you like me? Desperate when you become fixated on an item. When there is a will, there is a way–that’s way I say, and WEAR! Let me know if you need help finding an item. Chances are it will become my fashion fixation too, and I’ll be able to help you out. I mean it. Let me shop for you! All you have to do is ask….

The Holiday LRD, Round 4

Holiday LRD 14
Here’s one last holiday lrd! I know I have way too many red dresses: there’s my boho version, my wrap dress, and my retro vintage. Now with this post, I’ve styled my cocktail version of the little red dress. Usually I spend my winter holidays vacationing in warmer climates. With a three week holiday this time around, I’ll definitely need to be dressing to stay warm. Therefore for this one shouldered holiday lrd I wore fleece leggings and a wool turtleneck underneath. Guaranteed I’ll be warm in all the snow! Plus all the fanfare on this lrd is so festive. I love this dress–so much. It was picked up during my travels at a Forever 21 in Bangkok. I’ve had it for years–and I don’t think I plan on binning it anytime soon. It really is the perfect holiday lrd–for cold or warm climates!

Holiday LRD 12

Holiday LRD 10

Holiday LRD 9

Holiday LRD Details:

Red Dress–Forever 21
Black Turtleneck and Fleece Leggings–
Uniqlo Heat Technology
Sock Booties–Target
Red Clutch–This sweet number is a new acquisition; my library team gave it to me for Christmas
Red Earrings–Shenzhen Market

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