My Red Lipstick Research

There were many old photos of me to choose from on the blog here where I’m wearing red lipstick. I chose this pic from a post wearing my LBWSD (Little Black and White Striped Dress).

Dear Readers, I know you know I love lipstic–especially red lipstick! And, if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you might have noticed I’ve been going through all, I mean ALL, my red lipsticks. I have so many of them–orange reds, blue reds, velvet reds, and now dried out reds. There is no possible reason why I should need over 20 red lipsticks. So, I’ve been researching all the red lipsticks I own putting them through the test. I’m doing red lipstick research–I am a librarian after all! Some of my criteria include application, smell, orange or blue color, the coffee cup test, and lasting power. Not all are making the cut, some need replacing, and of course there are new red lipsticks I’m eager to try. Enjoy my findings!

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Glitter Lips (and my first vlog!)

Red Winter Sweater 8I’m giving a vlog a try. This first vlog of mine is all about creating glitter lips. You have permission to laugh! I know I sure have! But not too much, k? I’m always eager to try new things, so here’s my stab at a vlog. It’s my first one, and I definitely have so much room for improvement. Like, I need to figure out where to place the camera and make sure my makeup looks okay. I also have a lot of research to do in terms of editing. For now, all I could do is figure out how to insert titles….Anyway, give it a look. And if you ended up having as much fun as I did, answer the survey at the end of watching! Thanks. And (try to) enjoy!!

My First Vlog on How to Get Glitter Lips

What do you think of Glitter Lips?

Should I try another VLOG?

Nah, stick to pictures.
Sure, go for it!


But actually the real question is will you try to make glitter lips?

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Mullet Hair Goals

Mullet 1I’ve done it! I finally reached my mullet hair goals!! Forever I’ve been looking at this picture of Edie, bringing it to my amazing stylist, Aman, requesting that she attempt to create this sleek, mullet look. But, I have to face it: I have tons of curls! My hair, even when I blow dry it will never look like Edie’s. So, I became infatuated by this Zara model hoping that maybe this would be the kind of mullet I could achieve. Then finally with this last cut in December, right before we began our travels to India, I think Aman got it. Aman is a genius–and if you live in Hong Kong, please let me connect you with her. She is the best stylist I’ve ever had, painstakingly working with me until she gets my hair just right. Aman was the one who took my long locks off back in 2014. (Wow! My hair was sooo long!!) And now, with three years of short hair, I think I’m ready to grow it again. It’ll take a while; I have so many different layers. But, I’ve had enough of the mullet–or at least my family has. Keep reading to see why it’s so fun to sport a mullet….

Mullet 3

Mullet 4

Mullet 6

Mullet 2Mullets have a really bad reputation–like really bad, and for that I think having one has been kind of fun. I’ve done some research: so I don’t come across as bigoted, I won’t write about the stereotypes I found associated with them, although being a “femullet” does sound pretty cool! And I have enjoyed having hair that screams “business in the front, and party in the back!” I can totally relate to Laura Pullman from the Daily Mail because I too receive more attention from my hair now with a mullet than I ever did when it had been long, luscious locks. The attention is hilarious though: people don’t quite know what to make of my hair. It isn’t until I say, “I know. It’s ok. I have a mullet. I mean to have a mullet,” that they exhibit relief. I had one student ask his mom who is a friend of mine if, “Mrs. Krembs knows she has a mullet?” I love it!!! Of course I know it. That has been the entire inner societal prank going on in my mind. Although also, if I’m honest, I really like how rockin’ awesome mullets look. (If I think I’m a rockstar, I am a rockstar!) But, since I kind of seem to be the only one who appreciates my mullet, I have finally made a pact with my family to grow out my hair. But hey, maybe you could help me… Please vote if you think I should keep the mullet. (And I suppose if you agree with the fam, you can help their side too… wah-wah.)

Mullet Hair Goals

In regards to my mullet…

Yes! You rock it!! Keep the mullet.
Ann, it’s time to grow your hair out.
Hmm, nix the mullet but keep it short.

*Please note: as always, voting is completely anonymous.

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A Year Ago I Cut My Hair


This series of profile pics was taken last year right when I went short.

It’s inconsequential really. My long hair is long gone. I’m happy I cut it; I’d been wanting to for years, and it was about time I actually did something about all that talk. No major decisions need to be made, yet I do miss having long locks. I find either style easy–with short though it’s always the same. There’s never much deviation other than needing to get it cut because it might be getting too shaggy. I have a few more styles to try out before I even begin for a grow out–like this one, I want it! After I can get this shaggy look though, I think I’ll probably start growing it back out….

On the one hand I like being unique–not many women wear their hair cropped. On the other, I like how my hair is still full in body and in its color. I like the curls I get too. I’m curious what my readers think? It’d be anymous for your to reply, so what do you think?



Or Short?

Short Hair Collage

Go ahead, vote!

What should I do with my hair?

Grow it long.
Or Keep it short.

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My Style Interview with Sylvia from 40 Plus Style

There are a couple of very supportive and influential ladies in the middle aged blogging community. I’ve mentioned Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb. She holds a similar motto to me regarding confidence being the very best accessory. There’s another very supportive and collaborative individual based in Singapore: Sylvia from 40 Plus Style. Sylvia has created an entire community of 40+ women. She provides her community with stylish examples, a network for communication, and support for being a woman of style over 40. One day I will meet stylish Sylvia…. In the meantime, I was very excited to partake in one of her style interviews. This entire post was published in June of this summer on 40 Plus Style. Her questions made me think a great deal about my own personal style where I found that again, confidence and carrying myself in what I choose to wear is of utmost importance to me. Have a read (or skim through–it’s very long!) and join the #40plusstyle movement:

How to feel confident & beautiful and tell stories with your clothes – A style interview with Ann


How to feel confident & beautiful and tell stories with your clothes - A style interview with Ann | 40plusstyle.comAnn is a teacher and a world traveller who has lived in many countries. Her adventures are reflected in her clothing which she describes as hip, funky and eclectic. Ann feels strongly that you should dress to feel confident and beautiful and have lots of fun with your clothes. Let’s find out how she achieves that!

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24 Things I Shouldn’t Have Worn–Ooops! Basically, #IwillwearwhatIlike

So….there was an article written recently that has ruffled many (stylish) women’s feathers–including mine. Over on Rant Chic a post was written about the 24 Things Women Should Stop Wearing After Age 30. Say what!?! For me, this is just asinine. I’ve never done well with people regulating what I can and cannot wear. I was the girl in high school that started a petition to be able to wear shorts. The moment I get a work related tee I head straight to a pair of scissors and make it my own. Lately, this idea of saying what women can and cannot wear at certain stages of their life seems to becoming more prevalent. Why is this? Meanwhile this article from Vogue states how women in their 40s are looking better than ever. Why shouldn’t we at all times embrace the very beauty of our womanhood. If there is a sartorial item in our closets that helps us to feel beautiful we should be wearing it. The beauty inside than transpire outside. I am probably starting to sound like a broken record, but confidence is the first thing we as women should put on. If those short shorts make you feel confident, in turn beautiful, than by golly strut around with those booty shorts!

I have definitely not followed this list!

I searched my past blog posts and found 20 out of the 24 items that I full heartedly embrace despite my age of 43! I copied the list from the article and then just filled in with my own pictures.

24. Graphic Tees

Self Confidence
Well, for goodness gracious. She’s gotta be kidding here. Graphic tees are the best! I mean seriously. They’re so fun to wear. I had trouble choosing which one to post, so I went with the one representing my philosophy with what every woman should wear regardless of age–CONFIDENCE!

23. Bedazzled anything

Hahha! I love anything that sparkles. If it’s bedazzled all the better. Here’s an example of me taking an item (very old sneakers) and making them dazzle by adding studs!

22. Blue Eyeshadow

#instylecolorOh, now, no one can say that a little bright eye doesn’t perk oneself up right away! Especially in AQUA!

21. Victoria’s Secret PINK

bikini halter top
While I don’t own anything PINK by VS, I am more than positive that my candy pink halter top that I love so much would be not permitted. I own two of this suit: one for Hong Kong, one for Spirit Lake.

20. Leopard Print

This one is gonna kill the author. :S

19. Sparkly Pants

I’ll tell you what: when I wear these sparkly pants, I feel special. Feeling special at any age is going to be a very good thing.

18. Oversized Sunglasses

Style Truck
Hahha, which to choose! I went with my not only big but also bright red pair!

17. Non-matching Socks

I have yet to wear non-matching socks, but I’m tempted to fill this space now.

16. Hoop Earrings

Holy smokes! Hoop earrings!! They’re a staple for any woman’s jewellery box–in both silver and gold. I chose my gold based ones because of their long history.

15. Furry Boots

I don’t own any, but am always and most definitely on the hunt for a cute pair.

14. Furry Anything

over the top
This one is gonna bug her big time!

13. Tube Tops

All my tube tops are in Hong Kong. I’ll make sure to post an updated tube top pic soon. Until then here’s an oldie from a New Year’s Eve outfit idea. (Gosh, my hair was so long and pretty. I wanna grow it back to long!)

12. Short Dresses


11. Mini-Skirts

Oops again! I got nice legs–I’m gonna show them.

10. Woman Overalls

I don’t own a pair. I’m heavy chested so therefore they look awful on me. I always look at them with admiration and would like to wear them, but the girls keep me from doing so….

9. Crop Tops

Crop Tops Over 40
Now crop tops! I love THEM! If anything, they remind me to hold in my core.

8. American Eagle

This is so random. American Eagle? I love this sweater that my sister gave me off her back.

7. Booty Shorts

Again, I like my legs….so I’m not going to hide them.

6. Old Sneakers

I guess the only thing I can agree with is old sneakers sometimes need replacing….? Luckily these ones are still going strong.

5. Cheap Bras

Moo Moo 5
Back to the girls–can’t really go cheap there, but I’m sure the author would hardly agree with using a bikini as a bra

4. Glitter Eyeshadow

Bedazzled, sparkly pants, glitter eyes…especally in the form of sparkly sunnies–I’m all about it! Now I need to make sure and post some glittery eyeshadow eyes.

3. Platform Flip-Flops

I think platform flip-flops are rather ugly, so I wouldn’t wear them, but I’m sure these booties would make the author cringe!

2. Abercrombie & Fitch

I don’t own anything from here. It’s always so dark inside, so I never go in. But, I sure do admire the shirtless models. I’m sure that’s not allowed over 30 either!

1. Scrunchies

My hair is now too short! But here’s an oldie where I wrapped a bracelet around my high ponytail.


See how preposterous this list is! I mean come on. We are really going to tell women of any age what they can and cannot wear. This is so Mean Girls “you can’t sit with us.” Please, women of the world, let’s start embracing our beauty at any age. Let’s congratulate each other for stylish movements that we may attempt. Let’s support one another so that the very thing we wear each day is confidence. Now that is the list that should be generated. Our dear Catherine over at Not Dressed as Lamb has created a list for us to try and follow on Instagram. There’s no order, no rules, just join and support other women as they embrace their own personal style. Follow Catherine @notlamb and me @krembdelakremb!

The Fab 40s in Leopard

Leopard 1

I love leopard! So I was very, very excited to hear that The Fab 40s theme for July was leopard. Mainly, I’ll be honest, I was happy for the chance to showcase my leopard lounger from our screened in porch out at our cabin on Spirit Lake. This old bamboo patio set came with the cabin; then while we were living in India, I had these leopard covers made. In my opinion, they are perfection! Let me get back to clothing and my extensive collection of leopard options–(this being one of my favorite ensembles). It is true: I have tons of leopard–my wardrobe is more than plentiful of this roaringly awesome print, hehe. But to style leopard on my leopard sofa…I knew I shouldn’t over do it–which is hard for me to do, so I (tried) to tone down the look with my leopard sleeved sweatshirt.


Jane at My Midlife Fashion

Biker Jacket–Zara
Necklaces–Stella & Dot
Bracelets–Ashiana Jewellery
Bag–Ghost Fashion
Flip Flops–La Redoute

Dawn Lucy

Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun

Top–Rag & Bone
Earrings–Tina Turk
Bracelets–J Crew & Gorjana
Bag–Refbecca Minkoff
Slip Ons–Candies


Sheela from Sheela Writes

Hat–Forever 21
Top and Trousers–Thrift Shop
Boots–Charlotte Russe


Dixie from Inside Outer Style

Jacket–haute Hippie




My Outfit Details:

Necklace (worn backwards)–J. Crew Venus Flytrap Necklace
Leopard Sleeved Sweatshirt–Forever 21 (very old, but this grey, muted men’s version is pretty cool!)
Cutoffs–Wrangler Jeans thrifted from Mee & Gee’s
Cowboy Boots–Old West from Zappos

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Not Your Grandma’s Moo Moo

Moo Moo 7
This dress is not your grandma’s moo moo–not even your mother’s. I had to quickly run into Forever 41–op, I did it again, I mean Forever 21, for a return. While I was quickly choosing something to exchange, I pulled out this dress. Kevin was like, No way! But I just kind of knew it would be the perfect lounging dress. The neck is low and plunging and the back even more so plus there’s two sexy slits up each side. I repeat: this is not your Grandma’s moo moo. Sometimes, when I’m out at the lake I miss dressing up. I said sometimes. I love my cutoffs and graphic tees. They are more than comfortable and with a pair of cowboy boots they suit Idaho. But, every now and then, I like to add a little blue mascara and get dressed up, hence my new moo moo that is not my grandma’s.

Moo Moo 1

plunging back

dock time

Some (Moo Moo) Outfit Details:

Evil Eye Earrings–Ben at Jardine’s Bazaar (stall #4 on the left)
Moo Moo–Forever 21
Sandals–Target long ago from girls’ shoes
Tote–Indian market

White Sundress with Cowboy Boots

white sundress
A white sundress is a summer necessity. A white sundress paired with cowboy boots is a stylistic take on vacationing in Idaho. Actually one of the new stores that has cropped up in Spirit Lake is a vintage cowboy boot shop–I must go take a look. During the summer though, out at Spirit Lake, I’ll take any excuse I can get to wear my mom’s cowboy boots. A breezey white sundress seems to be the perfect reason. I wonder what else I’ll be pairing these boots with this summer….probably white cutoffs, a white romper, white jeans. There. That’s two things I love in the summer: white paired with cowboy boots. What combo do you tend to gravitate toward during the summer?
cowboy boots

white sundress

white sundress

Some White Sundress Outfit Details:

Necklace and Sundress–Forever 21 (The last time I styled this sundress, I also paired it with cognac brown little booties.)
Macramé Bag–Target
Cowboy Boots–hand-me-down from my mom (Here’s a sample of how I styled these boots last summer in the back trails out at Spirit Lake. Wow! My hair was so long!)

DIY Ostrich Feather Bag

DIY Ostrich Bag 8I finally realized it’d have to be a DIY Ostrich bag. If there’s one thing you might be realizing about me, it’s that I’m very persistent. And, if it has to do with getting a stylistic idea in my closet, I’m doubly persistent. This has been the case with Shana’s, of The Mom Edit, awesome ostrich bag. She’s informed all her readers that this bag is out of stock–but I kept looking. I went to Ebay and other second-hand shops, and I even bought a feeble attempt from Poshmark. With that ($15) purchase being a major disappointment, I set to making my own ostrich bag. It was way easier than I anticipated. And now, hopefully, I have a similar awesome bag to the ever so stylish Shana Christine. If I could come anything close to her Style Story I will feel accomplished. I love this woman!

1. Gather the Supplies:

DIY Ostrich Bag

I knew that I didn’t want to spend much on the actual bag of this DIY because the ostrich feathers were going to be the costliest part of this project. I found an excellent option for under $5 at my local Spokane Value Village with the help of a sweet, young sales lady also eager to see this project work. I decided to go with a fabric bag with the thoughts that the feather would adhere best to fabric. I was right. The other supplies needed aside from the bag were the feathers, scissors, and the 3-1 glue used from my DIY Fringe Sandals. I also must give a shout out to the sweet young lady at the Spokane Valley Joann’s where I purchased the feathers. She made sure to get me the best possible discount on my ostrich feathers.

2. Glue a Line, Attach the Feathers, and Press Down.

DIY Ostrich Bag 2

Start by sectioning off the bag. I had three parts: the front of the bag, the back, and the flap. I would start by glueing a line across a section. Then I would carefully attach a section of the feather to the glue and press down.

DIY Ostrich Bag 3

DIY Ostrich Bag 4

3. Snake Around each Section.

DIY Ostrich Bag 5

For each section I would snake the line of feather around. I would glue a line onto the fabric, attach the feather, and snake around. The gal at Joann’s had told me to do it this way so as to create a haphazard flow of the feather. If I would have gone on in the same direction the feathers would have appeared in lines. This snaking around was important for getting the same look as Shana’s bag.

4. Be Careful with the Glue!

DIY Ostrich Bag 6

Ostrich feathers are abundant! Right away I realized I’d have to be careful not to get the feathers all mucked up with glue. I gently would hold the previous line’s feathers aside and glue the next line. Granted with all the feathers, it’s difficult to mess up. This is a very easy DIY since the feathers are very forgiving.

Voila! Now I just can’t wait to try styling my new DIY Ostrich Bag. Hopefully I can attempt to be as effortless as Shana!

DIY Ostrich Bag 7

Note: Take Off Details Before

As a side note, I could have taken off the gold flap decoration before starting, but I wasn’t sure if I would keep it or not. In the end I tore it off with a bit of finagling.