Athleisure: Silver Joggers and a Unitard

Now that the knee topic at hand is off my chest, let’s take a look at my last athleisure outfit–and yes, it involves a bit of my chest!! I picked up this new, tags still on it, unitard at the Rug Lane Swap that I participated in last month. After 4 weeks of the bone broth diet, I tried the unitard on and found I rather liked it! This outfit, with the sexy low cut of the unitard paired with my sleek silver joggers made for a great Friday night date night with Kevin. And yes, of course I wore tennis shoes. I told you; it’s my thing! Now, what I do want to stress is that I now fit back into this bra. It’s miraculous because usually my cleavage merges in to form a mushy line, but with this bra, it perfectly separates me. I like! Because this is so rare for me to find in a bra!! And, this summer, I plan to stock up on more of this wonderous bra (now avaiable at Walmart or Amazon). And while we’re speaking of bras, I’d like to share me secret: I order ten from Bare Necessities with free shipping, try them all on in the comfort of my bathroom, and then take advantage of the free return shipping. Five out of the ten were winners! And the comfort of trying them on at home is worth that trip to the post office. I swear!

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DIY Tie Leggings

It’s been a while since I posted a DIY project. Perhaps it’s a seasonal thing, and I find spring, summer, and fall DIYs easier than winter. Or maybe the inspiration hasn’t struck lately–until now. I have a few DIY ideas lined up. The first and easiest are these DIY tie leggings. Any DIY that only needs a pair of scissors… well it’s a no brainer and sure way to get me going on the DIY motivation train. These DIY tie leggings were a cinch and also super forgiving. I didn’t even have to cut straight–although I did try!

1. Gather the supplies.

A pair of scissors and a pair of leggings is all you need. That’s it! I chose a lycra pair since I knew anything I cut would curl up–which is exactly what I wanted for these DIY tie leggings since I’m not the best at cutting a straight line.

2. Mark the length below your knee.

With the leggings on, use a fabric pencil (or in my case an eyeliner pencil) to mark how far up the leggings you plan to cut. I went below my knees.

3. Cut out the side and inner seams.

Now cut along the seam to take it out on both sides. This will give clean seamless ties for the DIY tie leggings.

4. Cut each flap down diagonally to the end.

This part was a little tricky, and I might have done it wrong. Basically you want to cut diagonally down each. First decide which way you plan to tie, and then start cutting on that side. The back flap will be pulled across to tie in the opposite direction, so you again cut diagonally from the side from which you will pull. Luckily, and obviously, cutting straight didn’t matter. With a couple of pulls on the new ties, the instantly curled in making the ties even more narrow.

Put those leggings on and start tying your DIY tie leggings!

Fishnet Tights and the PPP is Now the Ping Pong Piece!

Fishnet Tights
The Ping Pong Post, that continued on for one straight year where we sent items from our closets all across the world, has shifted a bit. With me being such a different size than the other two participants, Anna and Samantha, we needed to rething the PPP. We found a perfect compromise plus a new twist for continuing. We created a list, a rather long list, of pieces that would be found in most wardrobes, and if they were not found would be a staple type item to add–like the seriously trending fishnet tights. So now we have the Ping Pong Piece. There’s a new twist to PPP too: when it’s one of our three turns to choose from the list, we also have an opportunity to invite a fellow blogging friend to join us. I have an Instagram friend who is my biggest cheerleader, @MissMaryPowers! Mary, who also writes Miss Mary Powers has to be the kindest IG friend out there. She’s always there to give me support and kind words on my #ootds. Sometimes I can’t even believe that she admires my style because hers is just so amazing. She wears skinny jeans like no one else! When I asked her to join us for a fishnet Ping Pong Piece she was so glad to be a part of it–despite any age difference between the four of us. She thought that’s what would make it more fun! The neat thing about all of us blogger out there is that we are making friends from all over the world breaking all sorts of barriers.

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Tights

Miss Mary Powers

Here’s Mary. She’s gorgeous, am I right!? Her creating of a high low dress surprised me. I kind of thought she’d do what I had done. Instead she’s completely demure and shown how beautiful fishnet tights make our legs look. It offers the perfect sheer tan like color even though they’re black. And, I’m taking note: tie the front of my slit dress next time. I also love that Mary paired her look with her ultimate favorite booties. Follow her Instagram and you’ll see what I mean. Mary, thank you so much for joining us this week. I do adore you and your style!

Fake Fabulous

For some reason–I haven’t gotten it out of her yet, but hopefully she’ll elaborate on her post–Samantha hates fishnets. I cannot understand why though; her legs look stunning in them. This outfit perfectly depicts what I love about Sam–she’s the expert bold, pattern mixer. Seriously, this outfit in my opinion is absolute perfection! Oooh, and Sam, one day I want to see this skirt with the similar striped top I gave you. Does that work? Man Girl, I adore your style! And these fishnets look smashing on you!

Anna’s Island Style

Anna went with a lovely pair of blue fishnets. They look so pretty. The thing I love about fishnet tights is how subtle the color they give off is. I mean, if these were solid, it would be a bit too much. And those heels she’s paired them with. Well, Anna, you know I am totally envious! Heel envy is my new thing, and it stinks! These are so glamourous and a bit mermaidish or super heroine (I can’t decide!).

Me, Kremb de la Kremb

Fishnet Tights

I knew there was a style of fishnet tights that I wanted to try… I had been seeing it on, I’ll go ahead and say it, “younger bloggers.” I’m not sure who started it…maybe Kendall Jenner, maybe ASOS, but for sure I first saw it on the beautiful Shea Marie Instagram feed. Granted she’s about the size of my one thigh, but I was intrigued. Could a woman of any age pull off this look. I am not sure if I have, but it was fun to attempt. I had to make my shredded Zara jeans more like holey jeans, but it was worth it. Then I didn’t show my waist completely since I covered the tight’s waistband with my tee. And because I found this whole attempt quite ironic basically trying to emulate that which I find trending on Pinterest and my IG feed, I went with my “I only did it to get likes” tee! Haha.

Do you “like?” Would you give this way of wearing fishnets under your holey jeans a try?

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Tights

Fishnet Tights

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A One Shoulder Sweater

One day a couple of weeks ago, I was in the belly of Hong Kong riding the MTR (that’s the name of HK’s subway system). I can’t remember what stop I was at, but one of the advertisements really caught my eye: it was of a woman in a gorgeous white one shoulder sweater with a string of pearls around her neck. I’m pretty sure the advert was selling the pearls and not the sweater, but no matter. The image stayed with me, and once I got to a computer, I went searching for a white one shoulder sweater–granted the one I saw on the model was cashmere and mine is cotton, however I think I’ve emulated her look exactly.

This made me think… what grabs your style attention? Is it ads? Magazines? Blogs? Is it the colleagues you work with our strangers on the street? For me, I think I am forever and always examining what people are wearing. In fact, I often remember the outfits people were wearing when I first meet them, and I always remember what I was wearing. I find style inspiration all around me. Where do you?

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Wool Cold Shoulder Winter Dress

I’ve worked with Shein again to feature this super cute, wool, cold shoulder winter dress. If one looks closely, the black and white checks can be seen. Plus, the cold shoulders have the cutest little ruffles that compliment the ruffles at the bottom. The final winning feature of this winter dress is POCKETS! Everyone loves pockets. Am I right?! Because it was a chilly day I simply wore a pair of leggings underneath to provide extra warmth plus a black cami–if it were really cold a black turtleneck would also work. And any dress that I can sport a pair of tennies with is a total winner of a winter dress in my wardrobe. These Old Skool Vans are new to the Kremb de la Kremb tennis shoe collection! My awesome Skyline Hong Kong Tote is from Louella Odié.

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Under the Dress

Pink Crush Velvet Dress | Embroidered Jeans | Pink Velvet Sneakers

To avoid being too overly predictable–velvet, blushing pink, and sneakers–I tried something new. I wore things under the dress: a crisp white shirt and a pair of embroidered jeans under the dress make for a way more casual look to this ultra shimmery velvet crush dress. I am often guilty of eating my breakfast or lunch in a 5 minute break. It’s awful really and not a very French way of eating and enjoying my meal. Therefore, if I place a fashion magazine under my nose, I have the chance of taking 15 minutes to eat rather than 5. I also benefit in my #ootd department. Recently while reading the February People Style Watch, I came across a couple of trends to try: the white shirt and crop jeans under the dress. Presto! I read, learned, and executed! What do you think?

Do you wear something under your dress?

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The Winter Sweater

The Winter Sweater 6

Red Sweater | Levi’s 569 | Bandana Slip-ons


Each winter it seems as if I pick up THE winter sweater. THE sweater that I end up wearing over and over. Take for example this red winter sweater; it has definitely exceeded its cost per wear. I bought it for a little over $20 USD, and I think I’ve already worn it at least 10 times in the last three weeks since I got it. Last winter I bought a rather similar piece that became THE winter sweater I wore over and over. You can see it worn here last winter in Vancouver, Canada or here up on Schweitzer Mountain. In comparing these two very similar winter sweaters, there are two important things I look for in THE winter sweater that will keep me returning to over and over: they need to be both cozy and cute!

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Glitter Lips (and my first vlog!)

Red Winter Sweater 8I’m giving a vlog a try. This first vlog of mine is all about creating glitter lips. You have permission to laugh! I know I sure have! But not too much, k? I’m always eager to try new things, so here’s my stab at a vlog. It’s my first one, and I definitely have so much room for improvement. Like, I need to figure out where to place the camera and make sure my makeup looks okay. I also have a lot of research to do in terms of editing. For now, all I could do is figure out how to insert titles….Anyway, give it a look. And if you ended up having as much fun as I did, answer the survey at the end of watching! Thanks. And (try to) enjoy!!

My First Vlog on How to Get Glitter Lips

What do you think of Glitter Lips?

Should I try another VLOG?

Nah, stick to pictures.
Sure, go for it!


But actually the real question is will you try to make glitter lips?

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My First “Courtesy Of” with Shein

courtesy of Shein 3This cute sweatshirt is courtesy of Shein! Oh, I want, no make that dream to have a “courtesy of” anything when it comes to writing this blog, and it finally happened with clothing! It has gratefully happened with both jewelery (Lustre) and handbags (Louella Odié), but so far it hasn’t occurred within the clothing department–except for that one off post with prom dresses years ago (Fame and Partners). The great thing for me is Shein is a clothing outlet that I can support: it’s actually difficult to find any items over $30 USD, the shipping is free (around the world), and they offer tons of codes for even more discounts. Me likey! (In fact since I can’t seem to get enough velvet, I just made an order today for two more velvet dresses–this draping, steel grey blue, wrap one and this blushing pink t-shirt dress for only $14!) I had trouble figuring out what to choose among the pages and pages of fashionable options, but then I kept gravitating toward this chevron navy, white, and red hoodie. These colors are both our school colors and my son’s baseball team’s colors. With this hoodie, I can support the team without having to be logo’d out. It ended up being the perfect lightweight layer for this past Sunday’s game. Go Eagles! And thank you so much Shein for the courtesy of picking out a piece. I hope we can work together some more. (And to help me with that dear readers, please click on any of the Shein links; they’re keeping track, and if I do well….maybe I’ll be able to have some more courtesy of Shein!)

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Blushing MaharAnnie

Blushing MaharAnnie 8One of the best outfits is pairing winter with spring. That’s what the weather was like in India, and soon around the Northern Hemisphere, we’ll all be pulling out our cutoffs to pair with our blushing sweaters. I promised this week on the blog would be filled with this blushing pink color, and I’ve held to it. First I paired leather and lace in the blush tones on Monday; then on Wednesday I styled my holiday velvet blush dress with a denim tuxedo. Now here’s another round of pics where I play the part of a blushing MaharAnnie. Oh, the palaces in Rajasthan–they just don’t quit! They’re everyhwere, and I am not kidding. Here, I matched my setting and tried to emulate one of my favorite style influencers, Shalice Noel. She’s been forever taking her baggy sweaters and pulling them to one side. I told her I’d give it a try, and I have to say, I like the effect very much. So did my Instagram followers when I did the same in an every day life pic found here. When I asked Shalice if she simply just stretched out the neck of the sweater and pulled it to the side, she said, “Yep!” Give it a try….

Blushing MaharAnnie 7

Blushing MaharAnnie 4

Blushing MaharAnnie 1

Blushing MaharAnnie 2

Wanna Be Blushing Too?

I found some very pretty (and rather economical) options for you if you two would like to be a blushing rani!

Blushing MaharAnnie 3

Blushing MaharAnnie 6

PS Here’s a link to my blushing velvet sandals if you would like those too! (They are only $25 USD!)

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