Autumnal Equinox

Autumn2It’s official! Yesterday marked the start of autumn. Over here in Hong Kong though, we have about another month or so until the weather begins to chill. Once I found my mom’s cowboy boots out at the cabin this summer, I started scheming their wear. Here I paired them with some army green jeans and a lovely kimono. I also couldn’t resist hopping over to my neighbor’s and using her cozy cabin for this shoot. I love the colors of her cabin–they actually match my kimono! Or is it the other way around?!




Some Outfit Details
Sunglasses–Forever 21
Jewellery–Silver necklace from Mary via Dhaka, Bangladesh and Hamsa from the Portland Saturday Market
Cami and Jeans–Forever 21
Boots–my mom’s

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  • Such a beautiful blog and I love the laid back bohemian inspired look you are sporting here;)
    I would love to visit Hong Kong one day;)

    You are so lucky

    Keep up the great work and have a great weekend.

    xx Tamara ChloƩ

    • Thank you Tamara! This comment has made my day, no my week, no my month!! Thank you!!

      A x