Kremb de la Kremb Prom: Attempting Fashion Design


Kremb de la Kremb Prom Designs

Last year I had such an amazing time attending the HKIS’ Interact Fashion Show. It was truly a feat! Student models, designers, and even planners created the entire show. I was just blown away by the talent. I also felt a little tinge of green envy at the chance these students were given. This year, when the call for designers was made, I casually asked the head designer, “Hey, can teachers design?” I was so pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic “YES!”

Many of my lifetime fashion sort of aspirations are starting to be fulfilled here in Hong Kong. I’ve always dreamed of being a designer, and now I have a little chance to see what I can do. I’ve created five dresses with a black and white theme accompanied with a large bow. I’m thinking poofy and full and elegant. I want the cummerbund on each dress to be one really long piece of fabric that gets wrapped and wrapped around the models with a cinched in bow at the waist. All hair will be pulled back and of course a red lip must accompany a black and white gown.

Tomorrow I venture up to China to suss out the Shenzhen scene. I’ve got a few recommended tailors in hand, and I’m very excited to choose fabrics. Let’s just hope I don’t get to segued into other creations or acquisitions. I think it will be tough, but I’ll put my blinders on and stay focused on my line of Kremb de la Kremb Prom Dresses!


These are my two favorite designs: a boat neck midi dress and a strapless culottes jumpsuit.

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  • xhah1jYriVXZ

    You made these sketches? They look amazing! Can;t wait to see what they end looking like! :)

    • Thanks! Ya, I did!! Stay tuned for their progress. I really hope they turn out. I went to China this last weekend and chose the fabric plus found a tailor. My fingers are crossed it all turns out!! Thanks for commenting! A x