Another Dress Staple: The LBnWSD

LBWSD1Most of us have an LBD (little black dress) and some of us have an LWD (little white dress), but I also believe all women should have an LBnWSD (little black and white striped dress). This staple can be dressed up or down. It’s a look that instantly feels chic. The dresses are usually quite seasonal–just add layers for colder temps, preferably in black. Red makes for an excellent accent with this dress: I chose red heels, a little red clutch, and my favorite new red lippy. Pearls are an easy accessory, yet I love how my leather jacket toughens it all up. The other great thing about a little black and white striped dress is their timelessness. My LBnWSD is from ages ago! Back in the summer of 2006, we started our vacation with a trip to the South of France with the Burkes and Debbie Diaz. We rented a home in Avignon. During one of our excursions to Avignon, I picked up this dress–without even trying it on, at the Zara there. I just knew it would be a classic for me, and it really has. It’s still in good shape, and I worn it to a wedding, a graduation, a cocktail party, and a few date nights in-between!




Some Outfit Details
Leather Moto Jacket–Swap and Shop HK
Pearl Accessories–DIY earrings from Wander and Hunt and pearl necklace from a market in Shanghai
Clutch–Spa in Jakarta

I did the shopping for you and found some LBnWSDs:

*This post has been linked to Not Lamb’s #iwillwearwhatilike campaign for those statement red pumps and for leather and suede plus also Sylvia’s 40 + Weekend Style!

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  • Tammy Plaman

    Love the red accents with this outfit. Shoes are gorgeous but look oh so uncomfortable. 🙁 fun to read you picked this dress up when on holiday with Debbie!!

    • Tammy, the shoes are for standing only! I wore them to a cocktail party, but I stayed put and waited for everyone to come to me….Haha! Some shoes! These don’t even make the hour mark. They are super fun to wear though–even if I just stand in place! I’m trying to practice my walk though. A x

  • Thank you Chrissie! Is it boastful if I agree!? Heehe.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Love, Ann

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    I’m pretty sure that dress was made just for you…absolutely stunning! The red accents are perfection, and you’re so right, the jacket adds just enough bad girl.

    • Ahhh, thanks Debbie! I love this dress! In fact, this post was last year, and I was thinking it was time to pull this dress out again! Thank you!! A x

  • Well, didn’t that outfit just va va voom it’s way off my laptop screen! A touch of old school Hollywood with a modern twist. And who wouldn’t love a slash of red lippy and heels. I’m having a hot flush just looking at you, Ann! I’m now off to lie down in a darkened room to recover.
    Exits stage left fanning herself furiously.

  • Anna Parkes

    Ann you look sensational in this! Great use of red as your accent colour xxx
    Anna’s Island Style

  • Oh my… don’t you look absolutely divine in this. You will have men turn their heads so much they will walk into a lamp post. And you will have lots of women crying for not looking like you. Honestly, you look stunning in this combination.
    PS Avignon is a very pretty town don’t you think?