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Welcome to Kremb de la Kremb 

I am so happy you came to my “About” page. Now I need to tell you why you should keep reading Kremb de la Kremb, coming back a couple of times a week to see what I’ve been up to. Basically, this is what you’re going to find here on Kremb de la Kremb: my love of all things style related.  There are a few reasons why I’m qualified to speak about style and help you with yours. First, I’ve been scheming about outfits since, oh, I don’t know, maybe ten years old. It was at that young age that I remember saving up for my first sartorial purchase: the best bright blue track shorts around. I paired those magical blue shorts with a matching blue and white striped cap-sleeve tee. Oh, there are definitely other memorable style stories you’ll read here since I am a story teller–especially when it comes to what I’m wearing.

You also need to know that I am a qualified stylist having trained at the London College of Style via their online program. If you were ever to enlist my help with your own personal style, you will find encouraging confidence at the core of my style philosophy. I believe we must wear our confidence just like we wear a pair of shoes. Confidence must be evident with whatever we are wearing. With confidence on your shoulders and in the smile of your eyes, you will be stylish!

Would you like to work with me?

I would love to work with you! All you need to do is email me, tweet me, message me, follow me. I’m Kremb de la Kremb everywhere!

There’s More!

Because there’s much more to me than just my love of style and getting dressed each day, I’ll share some other tidbits about myself. In my real life, the every day life that pays for the clothes I love, I am a high school librarian at an international school. My husband and I have been teaching overseas now for 18 years. We got married in July of 1997, and five days later moved to El Salvador. We have not gone back to the Pacific Northwest yet–at least to live permanently. Rather we spend our summers there at our lake home in Spirit Lake, Idaho. By now in our 19th year of international education, we’ve lived in 6 different countries. In fact, our 2 kids were born in Venezuela. (Occasionally the Kremb de la Kremb family makes appearances here since it started as the family blog back in 2006!) Currently the four of us live in the awesome city of Hong Kong. Because of my travels and cultural influences from living overseas, it’s fair to say that my style has been infiltrated by these experiences and the wonderful relationships I’ve made around the world.

One last thing….I’m so happy you’re here! In terms of personality, I’m quite loyal. Once we become friends, I’m all yours. And I definitely want to add a little of my love of style to your life.

Welcome to Kremb de la Kremb!

Love, Ann

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  • Maureen

    Ann – Your blog is a breath of fresh air! Your posts always make me smile and uplift my spirit. You take a lot of fashion risks that intrigue me and inspire me to explore my own creative fashion potential. I love following you and the whole Krembs family as they embark upon one adventure after another. It’s a pleasure to be granted glimpses into your children’s lives too. Although I was captivated by the skort, I must say your recent posts on rain boots and the student/ librarian fashion interpretations are my favorites. Thanks!

    • Kremb de la Kremb

      Thank you Maureen! You do know I look for fashion inspiration from you! Your classy style shines on me every time I see you. I’m so happy we have this fashion passion in addition to all the other booky stuff;D

  • Cara Smith Dube

    Just found you randomly on Instagram. Love the blog. My husband lived in Hong Kong in the early 90s and went to HKIS. He has great memories! Enjoy your travels! I teach and have dreamed of teaching overseas.

    • Hi Cara, I’m so glad you found Kremb de la Kremb. Let me know if you want help knowing how to get back overseas–especially if your husband teaches too. That’s so awesome that he went to HKIS! What a small world. I could go look him up in a yearbook if you give me his name…. What fun! Ann

  • Awesome Belle! I’m so happy to have you here. You’ve made my day. Thanks for telling me!! Love, Ann

  • Whoop whoop!! for your new and updated “About” page!

    • Ummmm, I had to edit it again, but that’s a story for an email. Real world vs blogging world right?! But thank you Sam!! A x

  • Thank you so much Michelle! I love your blog as well. I can’t believe it’s taken me a year to see this comment. Something must have been wrong with my about page. I hope you’ve been coming back despite my long delay in responding.

    Here’s to this October, 2016!

    Love, Ann

  • Anna, I don’t know how or why I haven’t seen this comment for over a year, but luckily our friendship has formed despite my delay! Here’s to the Ping Pong Posts we’ve had for over half a year. I’m so glad you got us started! And here’s to you dear friend.

    Love, Annie

  • Hello Rowena! I apologise for such a long delay to this kind comment. Goodness!!

    Did your daughter end up going to Beijing for the summer? We used to teach there. Please let me know if she still wants to become an international educator. I can’t believe the experiences it’s given my husband and me and our two children. I feel very fortunate with the life I’m leading!

    Again, please accept my apology for this delay. I hope you are still a reader….

    Love, Ann

  • Yay Yammy! And how is your pixie cut doing? Still going strong!? I’m now in a mullet stage that I love–although the rest of the fam can’t stand. Oh well!!

    Are you also in Hong Kong?! Would love to make a new friend.

    Love, Ann

  • Hello Caroline,

    Well….we have been very lucky because when we move, the school we are moving to usually helps out. For example we receive a shipment and free flights back and forth to our home country. Also, because we work in the schools we are fortunate to have free tuition–and the schools we work at are usually the premier school. We also receive housing–it’s a part of our package. And then, because we work out of the country and we make below the minimum for being taxed we don’t pay US taxes. To say we stumbled upon a good gig would be an understatement. I feel really fortunate by this lifestyle that we stumbled upon. We do sacrifice living at home and time with our families, but our own little family has the opportunity to see and travel the world. I feel really lucky and love what we do.

    Please let me know if you have more questions. I’m not sure if this answers much…. What line of work are you in? Maybe you too could give it a try. While the kids are younger makes it totally easier too by the way.

    Much love. And so happy you enjoy my blog.


  • Hi Jill,

    Sorry for the delay in responding here. Wow! That’s pretty cool that you found me via C&C!! She’s so major; I never would have thought I’d get a hit via her, but that’s really cool that I did!

    Welcome!! I hope you’ve returned!!

    So, my husband and I teach overseas. Since we teach, part of the package is allowing our kids to attend the schools. It’s been pretty amazing because our two children have been getting top notch educations!

    If you are a teacher, you could totally get a job in Korea. There are many, many international schools over there. And yes, you could bring your dog. Quarantine restrictions might be something that happens, but yes, people travel to new countries with their animals all the time. In fact we moved from Beijing to Hong Kong and our dog came.

    So, let’s see….I think the first thing for you to do is get yourself registered with the overseas recruitment agencies like Search Associates and ISS (International School Services). Start there, k?

    And come back if you have more questions. I love, adore, feel privileged to be an international educator! This is my 20th year!!

    I hope you’ve become a reader too.

    Love, Ann

    • Thanks for all the info! That is what is so cool about the internet, you get to learn about so many interesting thing and people. I have definitely returned! I appreciate your response and I will look into what you said. I am a preschool teacher, ages 2 – 5 years. I would love to teach English over seas. thanks for your time and info !!! Jill

  • Dearest Jackie, thank you so much for saying hello! You have totally made my day!! I am so excited to have a new reader that I know–all the way from California. I was actually born in French Camp, California, so it’s my little claim to fame to say I’m a “Cali” girl. I know that is not the right terminology, but I tell ya, growing up, I was so proud to have been born in California. And if I’m honest, to this day I still am!!

    Jackie, I love that you love accessories. I’m a wacky librarian to say the least so of course you see plenty of accessories over here on Kremb de la Kremb. But dear Jackie, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. Ironically, I’m on spring break, taking it nice and easy, and now I’m second guessing myself. I know the moment I start walking on it, my knee will flare up. My husband was joking today that I need to wear a fit bit not to see HOW far I walk, but to limit myself when I’ve gone TOO far. Opposite of a normal wearer!!

    Again, Jackie, thank you for saying hello. I never know who reads this silly blog of mine, so when I am able to connect with a reader, I get especially thrilled!!

    Big kiss and a hug too.

    Love, Ann