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Cover-Up: Ping Pong Post No. 5

I was so happy when Anna called a cover-up for July’s Ping Pong Piece; it’s pretty much all you’ll find me in this summer out at Spirit Lake. Although my version of a cover-up is a little different: it’s a very old white fisherman sweater. It’s been a very breezy summer, so while I am in a suit, I need something to keep me a little bit warm–especially if we go out in the boat. To me a cover-up is usually white. I am not sure why, but I usually gravitate towards a white sweater or sweatshirt, white men’s shirt, or white, lacy number. Once you’ll see down below, a couple of my friends agree….

Anna from Anna’s Island Style

Anna mentioned her age somewhere recently–it might have been on an Instagram image…yep here it is! I don’t know why but I am surprised Anna is 59. She’s so lithe and fit and I’m going to go ahead and say it, very sexy in her bikini and Marilyn Monroe-esque dress. It’s such a fun and flirty cover-up, in white! And, the best part about it is she picked up this ASOS number for only $5 at a thrift shop. Score!!

Mary Murnane

Anna invited Mary Murnane this month. I’m always enamoured by how classy Mary is. She’s just the epitome of classy chic. Her style is so tailored and basically, well suited! It was this post of Mary’s when I fell in love with her. I’ve always wanted to just wear a blazer–with nothing underneath. I still haven’t been able to master this look but it is definitely on my sartorial bucket list. Here Mary surprised me: she’s still very class of course, but she’s also quite angelic, don’t you think!?

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

I can totally relate to Sam’s cover-up here. While yes, I am experiencing warmer weather out at Spirit Lake, the moment I hit the Pacific Coast, out come all my layers. Layers on a 20 degrees Celsius beach are absolutely necessary. Of course we can always count on Samantha to be bright and cheery in any circumstance. It’s just her way! And I love it!!

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

If by chance it gets hot enough for me to shed the sweater, I’ll then replace the upper cover-up with a bottom one, and it’s usually a pair of my cut-offs. Ever since I was a preteen heading to the lake with my family, I’ve always maintained that something should be covered–either my top half or my bottom half. It’s been my suit wearing habit for as long as I can remember.

What’s your favorite type of cover-up?

A Black Drapey Top–Ping Pong Post No. 12

This was almost going to be our last Ping Pong Post, but luckily the three of us have put our thinking caps on, and we have figured out how to continue. In terms of mailing our items across the seas, this is the 12th time we’ve done it: this time around the black top we’ve styled belongs to Sam, yet I am now the lucky owner as she’s passed it on to me for keeps. She definitely felt buyer’s remorse with this item after she paid way too much. That’s the worse when that happens, and usually the very reason that I wait for the sale. For me, and with some of the (unwanted!) weight I’ve gained, this kind of top is perfect. It rounds in where I’m skinniest at my legs. When I do gain weight I am definitely an apple, carrying my kgs/lbs at my midsection, breasts and even chin. My legs always seem to stay the same. With a top like this styled with an untucked shirt, you have no idea of the muffin top beneath! Hahha! Yes, I do have one–especially now. But! I will do everything in my power to style it away. Wait to hear what I’m going to do about the extra kgs/lbs till Wednesday–the day after I turn 45!

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Black and Gold Top–Ping Pong Post No. 11

Kremb de la Kremb Black and Gold 6This is the 11th month where an item has ping ponged its way from the Isle of Scilly to Scotland to Hong Kong. This month we are featuring this black and gold long bell sleeved top that belongs to Anna. Anna started the ping pong post almost a year ago! She always imagines the three of us sipping away at a glass of wine while we sit around and swap clothes. For this reason, and also because I envisioned this top (photographed back in October I believe) adding to the perfect New Years Eve outfit, I styled it for a girls night out in Hong Kong in January with my two other ping pong post pals: Anna and Sam. So, here I am, ready to go out; although honestly, it’s a bit of that saying, “All dolled up with nowhere to go!” since the three of us have yet to meet in real life. However, it was fun to imagine that this would be the exact outfit I would wear to hit Lan Kwai Fong–Hong Kong’s nightlife alley–with my two blogging buddies Anna and Sam!

Kremb de la Kremb Black and Gold 2

Kremb de la Kremb Black and Gold 7

Anna’s Island Style

IMG_3423Anna’s styling is similar to mine in the skirt area–her’s is just longer and the polka dots are just bigger. In retrospect, she has the item that my outfit is missing for January: a jacket or vest. I do like how she has the proper ingredient though: she’s got the cocktail that we’d all be sipping!! Way to go Anna. PS Can I please have your boots? (And be able to wear them!?)

Make sure to follow Anna’s blog Anna’s Island Style and her Instagram handle @annasislandstyle.


Fake Fabulous

JPEG image-91FA5332CE1C-1Gosh, while I felt all limited and remained within the black and gold color scheme, Sam added color to this top with no problem. She always does that! Look how great the green and blue mix in perfectly with the black and gold top. I would have never thought to add color, but that’s why she’s the color expert!

Make sure to follow Samantha’s blog Fake Fabulous and her Instagram handle @fakefabulous.

JPEG image-3F681F4CA942-1

Kremb de la Kremb

Kremb de la Kremb Black and Gold 5Since I love the combo of black and gold, I pulled out tons of black and gold items to pair with this black and gold top: my earrings, the sequin mini, my tights, and even my waist pack. (I won’t call that purse belted around my waist the other name to spare my UK readers any embarassment.) Because I was imaging a night out, I knew I’d want my hands free. Also, I chose comfortable yet sexy shoes–my over-the-knee boots. My skirt, except for the length, is very similar to Anna’s don’t you think?

Kremb de la Kremb Black and Gold 4

How would you style this black and gold top? Pretend you are ping ponging with us!

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Christmas Sequin Top–Ping Pong Post No. 10

When I realized my Ping Pong Posting month was December, I was pretty excited to share my beloved sequin top. I’ve had this sequin top for many, many years. It was purchased with my dear friend Mary Kelly during one of our shopping excursions in Caracas, Venezuela. It was on sale at a very chichi boutique. It wasn’t the holiday season, but I knew this top screamed to be worn for Christmas parties and New Year’s too. I have worn it many times for holiday occasions–in Caracas, Bombay, Spokane, Beijing, Seattle, and Hong Kong. This sequin top has been around the world and now even more so with a stop in the Isles of Scilly with a final destination in Scotland. I have passed on this top to Samantha; it now has a new home, but I know Sam will wear it as proudly as I have! Enjoy your new Christmas sequin top Samantha; many more style stories are ahead for this special garment! Merry Christmas to my Ping Pong Post buddies Samantha and Anna.




Anna’s Island Style

Anna is having some fun! Yes, this shirt screams for a cocktail, and her’s looks delish! She too paired the top with black pants and fancy heels. (Although, I bet she can actually wear those beauties!) Cheers Anna! Enjoy your holiday parties!!

Fake Fabulous

Samantha has a very glamorous look going here–very worthy of the sequin top. Didn’t I tell you? It has an excellent new home! And those mint, satin pumps, well those too are a dream. I love how you’ve style this, and now I can’t wait to hear about the parties you’ve been to in this exact ensemble!

Kremb de la Kremb

sequin-top-1I mixed and matched two black pieces to create a semblance of a suit. A cape shows off the top nicely and wide legged pants help to accentuate my waist. I only stood in the sparkly heels but one day… one day! A bow clutch seemed appropriate since it is Christmas and all.
I faked a chignon here with this big red flower hair clip. Hahah, the mullet was swept away here. And these earrings…well, I took matters into my own hands last January when Santa forgot to bring me these Rudolph earrings! Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Merry Christmas from the Ping Pong Posters! Do you have a sequin top to wear during the holiday season?

Green Shaggy Dress–Ping Pong Post 8 with 2 More Bloggers

This month’s Ping Pong Post has expanded. We have two guests joining Samantha, Anna, and me: Sheela, who you already know from The Fab 40s, and Greetje, the author of No Fear of Fashion. That means this green shaggy dress (yes, it’s a dress!) has traveled to four destinations until it was returned recently to its owner Anna. So, I did style this dress originally as a dress, but after taking a look at the pictures, I ended up blending into this backdrop as a big tree. The thing is I love, absolutely LOVE, the color of this dress/scarf. Also, the texture is honestly and utterly quite shagalicious! Basically, I wanted to get this dress as close to my eyes as I could in order for them to turn green–my eyes do that according to what I wear. Sometimes they’re more blue; other times they’re more green. Here, they are definitely green, and I like them! I usually don’t wear green opting instead for my favorite color blue, but thanks to Anna, I have seen that maybe it’s time to start incorporating more of this forest color into my wardrobe…. Keep scrolling down to see what everyone else did with this, eh hem, shaggy item:



Anna from Anna Island Style

img_1620I am really, really beginning to admire how Anna just mixes anything. I would have never, ever thought of adding the elements of surprise that she has, but she showcases textures, prints, boldness, and colors expertly. It’s amazing how well put together everything looks. I’m learning a thing or two about mixing things up from Anna. She’s started such a great collaboration, and it has been really fun to have two more included this month. (Anna, can we do that again!?)

Go visit Anna’s blog and make sure to follow her on Instagram.

Greetje from No Fear of Fashion

img_1619I’m always talking to Greetje about her legs; I have to remind her to add the hashtag #legsfordays. Seriously she has some amazing pins! And, luckily she always knows how to style them. See how tiny her thighs and calves are?! She treated the dress like a tunic, and it worked out perfectly. My original styling was similar to this except I had tried wearing the item as a dress. Like Anna up above, I’m taking note that not all dresses need to be worn in that way!

Go visit Greetje’s blog and make sure to follow her on Instagram.

Sheela of Sheela Writes

img_1621I have to laugh–Sheela and I were texting each other back and forth. She would tell me she had no idea how to style this item–she was swimming in it for one. But, wow! Did she ever find a solution! I often nickname Sheela “Queen She,” and in this version of her styling you can see why. She’s all gladiator. She’s gonna take on the world. And she’s definitely gonna take it on in style! And now I need a leather top just like that one. Or hey, Anna, maybe we could convince Sheela to pass that one around the world….

Go visit Sheela’s blog and make sure to follow her on Instagram.

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

img_1618Ok, this is how this green shaggy dress is supposed to be worn as a dress. Boom! Samantha totally nailed it in its appropriate intention, and she did it with mega glam. Again, I’m taking note because this was how I tried to wear it. But see, she used a cardigan to slim the silhouette of this shaggy item. Like Sheela she must have been swimming in this oversized item, but Samantha really knows how to dress her figure. And, I’m grinning because those beautiful red lips Samantha, they are the perfect bow to this stunning look on you! Wink wink. Can you believe you never used to wear that color? I can’t. It belongs to you!

Go visit Samantha’s blog and make sure to follow her on Instagram.

And Me, Kremb de la Kremb

kremb-de-la-kremb-2After I had paired this dress with the same white blouse, some kitchy sneakers and a foxy bag, I wasn’t happy with the look. After taking a look at the first set of pictures, I knew I needed to take another shot at styling this item. Again, Sheela and I were texting back and forth when I jokingly sent her a picture of this green shaggy dress as a blanket. It really is that cozy. But, that’s when it came to me–why don’t I wear the item as a shrug. I grabbed the dress, draped it around me, and pesto–op! I mean presto. I knew what I had to do. Fall shorts with my fall booties and fun bling along with my jungle bag to bring it all together. I was much happier with the way this styling turned out. But, perhaps I’ve piqued your curiousity. Here’s the original styling:

Which way do you like it better on me? As a dress or as a scarf? And out of all the stylings which version do you gravitate toward? It’s ok to say–we are all interested!

Breton Stripe Shirt–Ping Pong Post No. 7

It was my turn this month for the Ping Pong Post collaboration running between me, Anna, and Samantha. I’ll be honest: I wanted to go with a simple classic. What’s more sure than a Breton strip shirt? The version I chose–a hand-me-down from my sister–has a bit of spunk to it; it’s boxy and cropped. I love when I’m able to sigh sartorially around my sister, and she instantly hands over the piece. I was interested to see how my friends would style something so simple, and of course, I was instantly impressed! For me, I simply pulled out my inner pirate. My hair is out of control these days, so often the best thing to do is tie a kerchief around it. I strung tons of gold upon myself with even a pearly thumb ring. I went for Johnny Depp coal eyes to increase my Caribbean seawater look. Of course, when it comes to shoes, I went with runners, but even those are rose gold!


Anna from Anna Island Style

I love this. I repeat. I. Love. This! Anna took my breton stripe shirt and turned it into a skirt. Isn’t it genius! Gosh, she’s so svelte and cool in this look. I want her arms and figure and everything! With a quick glance, even the tan belt cinching her waist with looks like a tan stomach. I really admire this ingenious look!


Samantha of Fake Fabulous

Now Samantha, she could pass as French here instead of Scottish! How flirty and cute she styled this basic breton stripe shirt. I swear I think this styling makes her look like she’s ready for Paris Fashion Week to begin momentarily. Also, she has the red skirt I’ve been wanting for a while now. But one quick question Samantha: is it really the season for tights again? Your cold weather happens so quickly!


Me, Kremb de la Kremb




What about you?

I bet you have a Breton stripe shirt in your wardrobe or at least something close. I’m curious… How do you usually style it?

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  • Fake Fabulous is also @FakeFabulous over on Instagram as well as @FakeFabulous on Twitter, and a Facebook page under again the same name, Fake Fabulous!
  • And I’m @krembdelakremb pretty much everywhere! Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
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    Rust Shrug–Ping Pong Post No. 6

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 1
    Like my mother always said, “You never know until you try it on.” This was the case for our sixth instalment of the PPP. That means for half a year Anna (who got us started!), Samantha, and myself have been sending clothing across the globe for our own interpretations of styling a clothing item. I was definitely a Debbie Downer with the last piece. I did not mean to hurt the clothing item’s feelings (or the owner of the piece), but I just didn’t like it. But see, that’s part of our transatlantic fun! Who knows what will arrrive….and once we get the item, we have to figure out how we would actually style it. Which brings me to the item of this month’s ping pong post: a shrug, a rust colored shrug.

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 7

    And again, I didn’t meant to be, but I was a bit of a Debbie Downer with this piece as well. I opened it, and was like, “Oh no!” I have always hated shrugs–well, hate is a strong word, but I just haven’t really liked them. I’ve thought shrugs were kind of silly–like not a cardigan and not a scarf. However, I did have the perfect sundress to pair it with–a dress I’d never be able to wear to work as it breaks the dress code. Because of circumstance, I put the rust shrug on and wore it with the sundress around the house for a good full hour or so before venturing out to take the pictures. And guess what!? I loved it! I found that the shrug provided me with the perfect amount of layering while in the air conditioning of our apartment. Then, walking down the promenade of Stanley to the Murray House where these pictures were taken, the shrug provided me with the perfect layer. I found that I actually liked the shrug; I was so surprised.

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 8
    Initially, the reason I haven’t liked shrugs was because I know I’m a bit heavy on top, and I thought this clothing item would just draw attention to this area of insecurity. In turn, it actually distracted away for my décolletage providing me the perfect layer. So, mom is always right, right? I had to give it a try, and now I don’t want to have to send the item back. I want to wear the shrug to school so I can wear this sundress to work one day. Oh well….it’s already on it’s way back to Sam. However, guess who’s on the hunt for a shrug? Me!

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 5

    Now let’s see what the other ladies did with the rust shrug…I think you’ll find that this is the first time all three of us have some styling similarities!

    Samantha of Fake Fabulous

    I remember when I first found Fake Fabulous and fell in love with Samantha; it was almost about a year ago. Anyway, when I found her blog, I started going through all her posts. I remember coming to this post of hers (you should seriously go look at it!) and just becoming even more smitten. This dress is the BOMB! And look how fabulous it looks on her. There’s nothin’ fake about it! Now notice that she styled the shrug with a patterned dress and tobacco colored clogs. Hmmm….any similarities? (And, ummm, that bag, it kind of has my name written all over it!)


    Anna from Anna Island Style

    Ok, let’s move on to Anna from Anna Island Style–the special lady who got our Ping Pong Posts started (this jacket from her Instagram feed was the impetus). Look at that skirt! It is amazing! I love the black petticoat underneath. It’s so full and fun and flirty. It screams, “Let’s go dancing!” And let’s have some fun while we’re at it. And like a pro stylist, she cinched in her waist with that black belt. And those wedges she’s wearing….ahhh, they make sigh. Again, do you see the similarities? Pattern skirt with a bunch of flare!


    And me, Kremb de la Kremb

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 11
    Like I said, I could never wear this dress to work, but I’d always like to. With a shrug that would be made possible. I pulled out the cowboy boots again for this one–just like I did for the very first Ping Pong Post with the famous jacket that got us started.

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 2
    Since I’m on crutches (And yes, I walked to this shoot’s location in flip flops. My bionic hip is not ready for the slight heel yet!), I need a small purse to carry that doesn’t need my arms. This tobacco colored waist bag is perfect. All I usually carry is my small wallet, a lippy, and my phone. For jewellery I piled on dainty necklaces to finish the look.

    Kremb de la Kremb Rust Shrug 3
    All three of us paired the rust shrug with a patterned item. I find that uncanny. Usually we’re all quite different in our stylings, but not this time. I think that’s really cool especially since it hasn’t happened yet after six months of rotating clothes. I do believe we’ll keep this up and maybe make the sharing happen for six more!

    Ping Pong Post Facts

    Join us in all the fun platforms out there!

    *This post has been linked to the #iwillwearwhatilike link up twice!

    Purple Leopard Jumpsuit – Ping Pong Post No. 3

    Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 6
    I might have squealed when I opened this month’s Ping Pong Post package and saw this purple leopard jumpsuit inside. It’s quite known that I love leopard (see here, here, here, and here), and I don’t discriminate against leopard in color (as seen here and here). Once I held it up, I will admit to a cringe when I saw the “S” tag indicating a small in size. I am not small. I have never been a small. I’m ok with that. So, I did have a moment of, “Oh gosh, I hope I can squeeze into this….” And I did, but it was literally a squeeze. Because the jumpsuit was a little small on me, I also lost the proper length for my legs. It was at that point that I decided to tie each one up in a pseudo bow. I actually just used hair ties to create the bows–similar to a hair bun. I have a ton of semi-formal events coming up from graduation and its dinner to prom. I styled this jumpsuit as if I was attending one of those events; hence the ostrich bag came out as did my satin bowed kitten heels. I wasn’t sure about the jewellery, so I went with my chunky silver chains and simple silver hoops.

    Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 1

    Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 7

    Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 2

    Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 4

    Samantha in the Purple Leopard Jumpsuit

    Samantha, from Fake Fabulous, is the pro at mixing. Look how she added green into the mix: in her necklace and shoes. Then she accentuated with more shades of blue with the sash and cluth. She told Anna and I how freezing these pics were taken back in March, and I believe her. I bet the sleeveless duster did nothin’ but it sure does look classy.

    Anna in the Purple Leopard Jumpsuit

    Anna, from Anna’s Island Style, went with pattern mixing which is so fun! I love how she added a striped tee underneath. Plus all of her accessories from the rings she’s wearing to her bold shoes are such fun. She’s embraced the whimsical with success.

    Ann in the Purple Leopard Jumpsuit

    Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 5
    Here you have me–with a flat chest up above! I kind of love that picture since this silhouette usually doesn’t happen for me!
    (But down below, if I’m honest the Girls look a little wonky! Haha.
    Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 3

    Your turn! How would have you styled this purple leopard jumpsuit? Do share in the comments.

    Black Shirt Dress with a Red Trench – Ping Pong Post No. 2

    Black Shirt Dress 3

    I’m ping pong posting again–this time with a black shirt dress. Remember last month when I featured this cool plaid cape-like coat? (I should say tartan–as it hailed from the UK, and that’s how they say “plaid.”) This time around, Anna from Anna Island Style sent her black shirt dress to both Samantha from Fake Fabulous and me. I chose to add a little color with my red trench. Which by the way, I had always wanted, but it wasn’t until I chose the right color for me, that I felt comfortable wearing a trench. The classic khaki colored one makes me look a little ill! I adore sparkle so I added it to my top and bottom the the sequin beret and glitter booties. To pull just a little bit of the white from the black shirt dress I let my little lace white socks peek through. The final touch that coordinates all the colors together was my découpage black bag that I made myself from some fabric and a vintage clutch. This is just my interpretation…scroll on to see two more very different stylings of this black shirt dress.

    Black Shirt Dress 5

    Black Shirt Dress 4

    Black Shirt Dress 6

    Sequin beret, H&M | Double Back Red Earrings, Chinese Market | Red Trench, Shanghai Tailor | Shirt Dress, Anna’s | Clutch, DIY with Découpage | Socks, Forever 21 | Booties, Zara

    Anna in the Black Shirt Dress

    I love the way Anna decided to just open up this dress up and wear it like a cardigan. I have a feeling if she wore it normally, it would just drown her svelte figure. Instead, with this open look accompanied with all sorts of print mixing, her figure is phenomenal! Even if Anna has or does not have hips, the cut of the open dress knocks them away. I love how styling clothes in certain ways can give us women a figure. Case in point. Anna looks sensational!!




    Dress, Ichi from TK Maxx | Trousers, H&M | Top, Primark | Belt, H&M | Shoes, SixtySeven from TK Maxx | Bangle and rings, charity shop | Sunglasses, Quay Australia

    Samantha in the Black Shirt Dress

    Fake Fabulous 10

    This lady is a gal after my own heart. I mean for starters, look at the shoes! I can’t seem to get enough of runners these days, so pairing this shirt dress with these casual sneaks equals perfection to me. The other tiny but statement making addition that I love is that necklace. Being a Pisces, I adore anything fishy–even if it’s a skeleton of a fish. It’s just cool, and Sam’s necklace is edgy. Hoops and a crossbody bag and I kind of feel like I’m looking at myself! (Well she’s tinier, but you can see what I mean!) This styling screams off duty, hangin’ out on the weekend, I’m cool, so let’s hang out! I’ll hang with you Sam!!

    Fake Fabulous 9

    Fake Fabulou 8

    Dress, Anna’s | Necklace, Tatty Devine | Shades, Primark | Bag, Yosa | Cuff, A gift | Shoes, Guess

    How would you style this black shirt dress?

    Black Shirt Dress 1

    I really am curious….how would have you worn this shirt dress. Would you add color, would you dress it up or down, would you style it in some personal way that’s different than the norm? I’m curious, and I want to know, so please, do share!!

    Black Shirt Dress 2

    *This post has been linked up to Catherine’s #iwillwearwhatilike. It has also been linked to my fellow Fab 40s friend Dawn Lucy’s Fun Fashion Friday Link up.

    Ping Pong Post with Anna and Samantha

    Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 11.5

    Back in December, I started to get to know Anna from Anna Island Style. There was this blog post wear she was featuring the cutest plaid coat–the one you see me wearing–and an idea sprung to life from both my and Samantha’s comments. Anna encouraged something called a Ping Pong Post with the idea that the coveted item would be sent around to those individuals eyeing and awing. Both Samantha from Fake Fabulous and I were the first two to be included in this idea, but I can see it evolving. Basically, Anna is trying to emulate the visit to another friends closet, hang out on the bed with a glass of wine (or two), and try on each other’s clothes. I’m in!! This post is all about friendship and sharing our wardrobes too.

    Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 5.5

    Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 4.5

    Ping Pong Post: The Tartan Coat

    I paired this statement coat with basic black but to add a bit more texture I went with my leather culottes instead of my cotton. I also wanted to pull out the great orange colors so I chose my trusty cowboy boots. Finally, because I felt compelled to not let the plaid be the only print, I threw in my leopard crossover bag. The best part about styling this shoot was the matching wall behind. Stanley, the neighborhood I live in is filled with fantastically painted walls like this jungle one or this anime goth one. Gold accesories seemed to be a must with this coat so I chose gold and black earrings on the simpler side and more natural makeup.

    Outfit Details:
    Anna’s fabulous tartan coat–Benetton (obviously right!!)
    Black hat and sunnies–Forever 21
    (P)Leather culottes–Zara
    Leopard crossover–Jaspal (Thai’s equivalent to Zara!)
    Cowboy Boots–Old West via Zappos
    Earrings–market stall in Hong Kong

    Ping Pong Post with Anna

    Anna Island Style Ping Pong Post 3
    This is Anna from Anna Island Style. She’s one of the bloggers I’ve become friends with in the last year. She lives on the Isles of Scilly. Once I received a post card from her where she cirlced both where she lives plus the beach where she swims all in the same image. It’s a teeny tiny island where in order to shop she usually has to take a boat to get the nearest mall! I love how she went with a dark denim with this jacket. It’s perfect!

    Jeans–Dorothy Perkins
    Frilly blouse–charity shop
    Perspex necklace–old
    Rings–charity shop

    Anna Island Style Ping Pong Post 2

    Anna Island Style Ping Pong Post 1

     Ping Pong Post with Samantha

    Fake Fabulous Ping Pong Post 3

    Samantha from Fake Fabulous has definitely got the best set of LEGS! Right!? I mean, look at them go! I love that she paired this coat with rust too. I’ve talked about my friendship with Samantha before here on the blog. She’s like my blogging sister. It’s kind of crazy how much I adore this woman and her style. Samantha has also joined  The Fab 40s group, so you’ll be seeing more of her on Kremb de la Kremb each month. #yeah (See her bag!)

    Outfit Details:
    Coat:Benetton (Anna’s)
    Jeans: M&S
    Shoes: XTI
    Jumper: Boden (teens)
    Shirt: Boden (Adults this time)
    Bag: M&S

    Fake Fabulous Ping Pong Post 2

    Fake Fabulous Ping Pong Post 1

    What would you Ping Pong?

    Do you have an item that you’d love to see someone else style? Let me be your gal…send it over, and I’ll give it a try. Or, better yet, let me send you something of mine if you’d like to style something you’ve seen here on Kremb de la Kremb. Listen, my wardrobe is spilling over, so this is a completely honest offer. If you ever see something you want on Kremb de la Kremb, please do tell me. I’ll most likely give you the shirt off my back–literally!

    Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 6.5

    Kremb de la Kremb Ping Pong Post 3

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