Happy Halloween


Picture by Thomas Price of Teaspoon Photography Happy Halloween! This year my awesome library  team took inspiration from Jessica Quirk of What I Wore. We went with her simple version of a the Wicked With of the West. It’s so easy–which (insert wicked laugh!) we like. Last year we were all Zorros–again super easy. When […]

Halloween Roundup


Tomorrow is Halloween! For a kid, Halloween is a pretty fantastic holiday–you get to pose as someone other than yourself, walk around and ask for candy to your heart’s content, return home exhausted but ready to organize, trade, and sample your abundance of goods. I have wonderful memories of Halloween from growing up. My mom […]

Fashion Fixation: ..


Lately, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of wearing a pretty basic outfit with say a pair of black slacks and white top, but then on the bottom adding a complete element of surprise: a bold bootie! Keep it casual with a pair of boyfriend jeans, a white tea, and a black blazer. The boots […]



I finally did it! I got a haircut! I’ve been wanting to chop my hair for some time now waffling between should I or not. Silly. Just go for what I want. I did feel like I had pretty long hair, but recently, I’ve been wanting stylish hair. This first step will just be the […]



I love a skirt with twirl! Swish around and the entire garment moves on without you. When I found this skirt at a second hand store here in HK, I instantly swapped it up. It’s dressy and a little formal, yet wearing it with a tied white shirt dresses it down. When I wear this […]

Day Date: Shanghai..

Shanghai Eats

My trip to Shanghai to visit my sister was fast and furious plus fabulously fun. Basically I had all day with Mary on Saturday and we spent it either eating or shopping. Each café, restaurant, or bar we went to was really good. I would go back again and actually plan to when we all […]