Juniper + Ink


Something so special happened last week: I got a package in the mail from a previous student from Venezuela. This young lady was a complete StarGirl then and continues to be one today. Danielle, or better known as Dani, Cox has always been that really cool young lady who is charming and confident while exuding […]

Mee & Gee, Wa..


I gave directions to Me & George a few weeks back. There’s more to this franchise–well, I can’t claim that it’s a franchise, but I do know there are three Mee & Gee type stores: the one in Central, this one in Wan Chai, and yet another for me to discover in Mon Kok. This […]

Birds in the Trees


The sun is out in Hong Kong, and the birds have arrived with new songs to sing. There is this one bird that I am enamoured with. He wakes me up each morning with this special call that just enchants me. I haven’t been able to spot him, so I have no idea what he […]



To be in high school at HKIS! I would have loved it. We have a student service club called Interact. All year long, they work on an amazing culmination, a fashion show. ┬áTheir efforts support a different charity organization each year, and this year the Children’s Medical foundation benefited. Each year there is a new […]

VDL Lippy Giveaway


If you follow along on Kremb de la Kremb, you very well know what I fan I am of anything lippy: I love lipstick! Whether it’s a bright red or orange lip or even just a subtle one, I am a fan of painting my lips. I always have been. I often feel bare without […]



I had such a spectacular evening at the Hong Kong Fashion Bloggers’ Style Summit hosted with Shanghai Tang at the Kee Club. For all of us in this community, we all owe so much thanks and gratitude to Jasmine Smith of Dress Me Blog Me. This woman is amazing! She has helped to form community […]