Rainy Weekend Wear

Rainy Weekend Wear 4The weather in Hong Kong has been very, very temperamental. In fact on Saturday the storms were so intense we stayed in all day! Part of it was due to intense bouts of rain, thunder, and lightening; some of it was due to the migraine that I believe was induced by such crazy weather. On Sunday, it was still stormy, but at least we were able to leave the house and even head to the mall to see a movie. (We went to see slapstick Madame Spy and laughed out loud!) It is very, very tricky to dress for the rain. It is sometimes quite chilly because of intense rain and winds, but then the humidity might go up making it sticky. Follow this by the AC blasting indoors, and it’s hard to know how to dress. Oh, and I forgot to mention wet shoes! Here’s my solution: I go with a black, long sleeve, off-the-shoulder top and a DIY denim skirt. I picked this denim number up at secondhand shop Me & George in Central. They measure my waist, and we match it to the skirt. When I got home, it fit perfectly (you can’t try on in this little shop–unless you sneak upstairs and slip something on under your skirt)> Once home I cut it off evenly at the slit in the back which took off about 4-5 inches of the skirt. Presto, I have my new cutoff jean skirt. For shoes, I go with plastic: these lace up gladiators are actually plastic. It’s worth looking around the wet markets in China or Hong Kong to find interesting plastic shoes.

Rainy Weekend Wear 5

Rainy Weekend Wear 2

Rainy Weekend Wear 3

Some Outfit Details:

Daisy Umbrella: Forever 21
Off-the-Shoulder Top: Zara
Cutoff Jean Skirt: DIY from Me & George
Plastic Shoes: Beijing wet market
And Fake Tan! L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Mousse (After all the rain, I felt desperate for something!)

Similar Black Long Sleeve Off-the-Shoulder Top:

Similar Cutoff Denim Skirt:

Similar Plastic Lace Sandals:

Style Story 16: Red Lipstick

It’s no hidden secret that I love red lipstick. I’m always looking for the best red in the best formula. I have quite the collection of red lippies, so I thought I’d share with you my top five. The following list is in no particular order. I choose my reds according to the type I need–yes, there are many different factors to red lipstick

Bourjois Rouge Edition in Hot Pepper

Bourjois Hot Pepper
Bourjois Rouge Edition in Hot Pepper is my newest lippy to my red lipstick collection, and it’s quite possibly my most used. It’s on the orange side of red, so it’s similar to NARS Heat Wave, but the formula is so much better. It glides on with a wand applicator, and it seriously lasts all day long. In fact, my lips are a bit stained after wearing this red lipstick. (I said I didn’t have a favorite, BUT this line of Bourjois called Rouge Edition rocks in ALL colors!)

Wet n Wild Mega Megalast in Red Velvet

Wet n Wild Red Velvet
I stumbled upon Wet n Wild MegaLast in Red Velvet last summer at my local Walgreens in Seattle. I went to my trusty Wet n Wild little stand in the local drugstore and gave the $2 lippy a try. Well, this bright red did not disappoint. It’s on the blue side of red, so it’s actually got a great pink undertone to it. The consistency goes on quite smooth and then turns to a matte. Definitely a stain is left which always indicates to me a great lippy. This means I don’t have to reapply all that often. This red lipstick is very strong, super bright, and utterly long lasting.

MAC’s Famous Ruby Woo

MAC Ruby Woo
MAC Ruby Woo is the classic red lipstick of all reds. I find my tube terribly drying, so the only way I can apply it is with MAC Lip Primer. I believe Ruby Woo is considered the classic red lipstick because it is neither orange red or blue red–it’s like it has the perfect amount of orange and blue equaling it out to the red the suits all women.

NARS Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl

NARS Dragon Girl
NARS Drgaon Girl is very similar to MAC Ruby Woo, yet it’s not as intense. It’s applied by a pencil, so sometimes I’ll double Dragon Girl and Ruby Woo together. If I want a very simple red lip, I’ll go with this. It’s light and lasting and not too bold. It’s my simple red lip.

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Lip Balm in Standout

Revlon StandoutSometimes I want a red lipstick that’s more on the brick side of red. If this is the case, I go for Revlon’s Standout. The consistency of these Matte Lip Balms is so creamy–creamier than any lipstick I’ve seen. The wear is also long lasting. I use all of Revlon’s Lip Balms in either stains or mattes while traveling. I can pack three in my makeup bag or carry on and be set for an entire trip.

Get My Favorite Red Lipstick

Now that I’ve shared my five go-to red lipsticks, it’s time for you to share. What’s your favorite red lipstick?

The Shopbop Sale Continues! And Shopbop Has Great Swimsuits–On Sale!


The suit from this beach poncho post definitely needs replacing–that’s why I’m planning to take advantage of Shopbop’s super sale!

Yesterday I did some (Internet–I must find what the term for this is….) window shopping on Shopbop’s major sale looking for updates to my LBD (little black dress). Well, then, I returned! There’s so much more that I want to window shop for–like take for example swimsuits. Swimsuits are a very difficult item to shop for–in general I think most women detest entering into the dressing room to try on swimsuits. But! With Internet shopping such a convenient way to shop these days, the dressing room can be your own bedroom. Ahhh, sigh of relief! Especially when it comes to trying on said swimsuits. Luckily, Shopbop offers free shipping, so it feels like a little less of a hit when mailing items all the way to Hong Kong.

Personally, like all other items of clothing, I want to feel confident in the swimsuit I wear. I mean, it’s going to expose some skin, so if I can find swimsuits and cover ups that make me feel sexy, well, I’m all about it. In my opinion there’s definitely a bit of blindness that HAS to accompany the swimsuit: I have some of those wrinkly dimples around my hips and such. But then I also have nice legs. I need to focus on the legs. I’m super heavy on top–which could be a good thing if played up right, but make sure I feel supported. I have a nice tummy but along with muscles that show are some of those wrinkly dimples. I could go and hide, OR I can try to find pieces that are just sexy enough to highlight my good bits to compensate for any of the others. Does this make sense? No, I’m not a VS model, and I’m sorry to say, but most likely neither are you. BUT, the moment I find something worth celebrating on my body, the better I’m going to feel in a swimsuit. So ladies, you have it, find it, and then FLAUNT it! I know you’ve got it!

I’ve done the pre-shopping on Shopbop. Many of these styles are going to look so great–if given a try. Below I’ve created three different shopping windows: bikinis or two pieces, one pieces, and cover ups (plus bonus: a couple of really cool rash guards!).

Bikinis and Two Pieces from Shopbop

One Pieces from Shopbop

Cover Ups from Shopbop

And Surpirse! A Couple of Rash Guards from Shopbop

What do you prefer to wear on the beach? Bikini? Two piece? One piece? Or really hot cover up? I like to wear a two piece and I love either a flowy, see through cover up OR a pair of cut off jean shorts.

Shopbop is Having a Huge Sale! Time to update Your LBD!


This LDB is from #flashback from September of 2014 when I used to have really long hair! Wow, is it already time to start growing it long again!?

For those of us in Hong Kong, there are only a couple of places that offer us free shipping, and Shopbop is one of these online boutiques that does! Usually, it’s a little too expensive for my wallet, BUT when there’s a sale on, I can’t resist. Right now Shopbop is offering up 70% off! That’s a ton–especially if you’re looking at the likes of Alexander Wang or Donna Karan (which I found while shopping!).

While there is a ton on sale right now, I focused my attention to the little black dress (LBD). The LBD is an essential item for every woman’s wardrobe. The think is though….sometimes we (well, I’m talking from experience) keep one in there for too long. While many styles of the LBD are classics, sometimes it’s necessary to update this classic dress. I’ve gone ahead and done the preliminary search. All the dresses I shopped for are 70% off! I didn’t even check less but I know there are more!

Shop for your LBD on Shopbop!

If none of these struck your fancy, there’s a ton more. Shop Shopbop’s super sale just in time for summer!

The Fab 40s in Gingham

The Fab 40s are back at it!! This month we all pulled off the very popular spring trend gingham in some way or another. Ironically, four out of the five of us had some sort of gingham shirt, so in this post, you can see four very different ways to style the gingham shirt that is probably already in your closet–including an attempt to turn a shirt into a skirt–say what!? Finally, we could count on one of all gals to rock a pair of out-of-this-world gingham heels–maybe not so frequent in everyone’s closet but still totally rock-able! The Fab 40s–Jane, Dixie, Dawn, Sheela, and myself–bring you a hot trend each month and show you five different (fabulous) ways to style the look. Here’s our March take with the marsala, the color of the year, April’s look with jumpsuits, and now this May with gingham. Enjoy!


Jane’s Outfit Details:

My Midlife Fashion

Shirt–Zara (borrowed from mum!)
Necklace–bought at antique fair


Dixie’s Outfit Details:

Inside Outer Style

Shirt and Jeans–H&M
Jacket–Free People
Rain Boots–Le Chameau


Dawn Lucy’s Outfit details:

Fashion Should Be Fun

Gingham shirt–Loft
Tote–Lilly Pulitzer for Target
Gladiator sandals–Seychelles
Jeans & Tank–Old Navy


Sheela’s Outfit Details:

Sheela Writes

Dress & Gingham Heels–Indie labels
Gold Floral Ring–Kate Spade New York

Ann Gingham 8For my outfit, I was determined not to add anymore gingham to my closet. I did look, but then when I shopped in my own closet I saw that I already owned two gingham shirts. I’ve been fascinated lately by an idea with a men’s shirt that kept popping up: wearing a men’s shirt as a dress. That inspired me to play around with what I already owned. Presto! A new skirt (and idea for turning my shirts into skirts) was born. I simply just buttoned the shirt lower at my waist until it wouldn’t button any further. Then, I tucked in the collar and simply tied. A skirt was born! Will you give this look a try? I might do it again…

Gingham 9

Ann Gingham 4

Ann Gingham 2

Ann’s Outfit Details

Kremb de la Kremb

Red Sunnies–market in Shenzhen
Lippy–Bourjois Rouge Edition Hot Pepper (my favorite!)
Earrings and Necklace–Ben (stall 4 on the left) at Jardine’s Bazaar, Hong Kong
Blue Gingham Shirt–Forever 21
Red Gingham Shirt worn as a Skirt–Forever 21
Guatemalan Bag–Precious Hands (bag #1307)
White Clogs–kiosk at Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta

Prom Date Memories But More Importantly, Prom Dresses!

Prom_Prom at the school I work at is just around the corner, like this Friday. As the Prom Committee’s sponsor, I’ve been working with about 15 students all year to create a special night for the upperclassman at our school. I think it will be a great night for all; they’ve been working hard and have created some fantastic highlights for the casino themed event.

With this anticipation of prom, memories flood back to me. My first prom came about because of my best big brother cousin David. He’s a year older, and I was friends with all of his friends. I was actually more than a little disheartened to be considered the “guy with tits.” Well, when one of David’s friends was in need of a date, David recommended me. A week before his senior prom, I got a very random phone call from this guy–I’ll name him Tim Lee to keep his identity safe. (The false name is given by no means because he was a bad date–he was a very nice young man.) I didn’t know Tim. I’d never met him before. He introduced himself on the phone as David’s friend. No problem. I played cool. After the quick introduction, Tim went straight into what is now called the “promposal” (although there was nothing remotely romantic about his question). It was just, “I know this is late notice, but do you want to go to prom? I can help you with the dress.” I thought quickly, had no idea who he was, knew I didn’t know how I was going to get a dress in a week, and said, “Sure!” What the heck. I’ve always been one to just go for it. I also told him it was ok about the dress–I’d figure something out.

The reason I said yes is pretty obvious….even at 16 I was all about the dress! I didn’t know how or where I’d get one, but the very idea of getting dressed up appealed to me. Luckily all the aunties were involved in this promposal–Annie’s going to the Prom! And ever more fortunate for me, my cousin David’s best friend’s mother was an excellent seamstress. Mom and I headed to the fabric store immediately.

Oh, I do love a fabric store. My imagination goes crazy dreaming up amazing dresses. It did just that for this prom*. Mom and I found a gorgeous black silk with very vibrant, colorful palm sized flowers strewn everywhere. We found one of those flamenco type patterns with a high-low hem line. Then, we found the inner lining: a bright satiny red! Oh, wow! We created the perfect version of a flamenco dancer dress. It was, to put it mildly, completely over-the-top. And, no, I have never lived that dress down. David started calling me Rosarita for a while….

Prom itself, well, meh. I much preferred that frantic week ahead designing the dress, picking out the fabric, heading to Mrs. Zimmerman’s for fittings. Then, getting ready, applying red lippy, wearing my head in a low side bun, oh those are the wonderful memories I have of prom. Dinner with Tim Lee, dancing, the actual event… I can’t recall a single memory. But that prom dress! Oh, it’s in there. It’s in there for good!

*Side note: Keep in mind I wanted to live and study so badly in Mexico at this time, so I was heavily influenced by Latina flare.

Recipe: Kevin’s Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Is there a cake in your family that always gets requested? For us it’s Kevin’s Carrot Cake (which isn’t even his!). Everyone, including non family members, seems to request this delicious cake. Maybe Kevin adds a secret ingredient–like love or care? I’m not sure because he has always simply used the Better Homes and Garden recipe. It’s an easy, straight forward recipe that always gets rave reviews. Now Kevin finds it online, but years before when we just got married, he used that popular BHG mammoth tomb that was our newlywed recipe bible. I need to replace that cookbook–it’s an oldie but a goodie that got destroyed by some weird substance in one of our moves. For Vincent’s most recent 13th birthday celebration he chose Kevin’s carrot cake, and none of us were disappointed his Vincent’s choice! In fact, Vincent helped out in the kitchen; maybe soon we’ll be able to request Vinnie’s carrot cake too!

Carrot Cake

(I don’t think the orange shirt was intentional.;)

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Recipe from Better Homes and Garden

2 cups all-purpose flour
2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3 cups finely shredded carrots
1 cup cooking oil
4 eggs
1 Cream Cheese Frosting (see recipe below)

Grease and lightly flour two 9×1-1/2-inch round baking pans or grease one 13x9x2-inch baking pan; set pan(s) aside.
In a large mixing bowl combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and cinnamon. Add carrots, oil, and eggs. Beat with an electric mixer till combined. Pour batter into the prepared pan(s).
Bake in a 350 degree F oven for 30 to 35 minutes for round pans or 35 to 40 minutes for 13×9-inch pan or until a wooden toothpick comes out clean. Cool layer cakes on wire racks for 10 minutes. Remove from pans. Cool thoroughly on wire racks. Or, place 13×9-inch cake in pan on a wire rack; cool thoroughly. Frost with Cream Cheese Frosting. Cover and store in refrigerator. Makes 12 to 16 servings.

Cream Cheese Frosting
2 ounce of cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup of butter or margarine, softened
2 teaspoons of vanilla
4 1/2 cups of sifted powdered sugar

Beat together cream cheese, butter, and vanilla until light and fluffy. Gradually add 2 cups of the powdered sugar, beating well. Gradually beat in enough of the remaining powdered sugar to reach spreading consistency.

My Design Fit Me!

DressThe first design I made for the fashion show I just participated in actually fit me! I don’t know how this design fit me since it was made for someone else much smaller than me, but it did. (Must be the stretchy black velvet top!) When we got invited to the PFO ball at school, I was planning on purchasing a dress or wearing this purple sparkly number, but then when I got my dresses back, I gave this design a try. When it fit, I thought why not! It’s a fun and flirty dress–I felt straight out of the 1950s! I am not sure what I will do with all these five dresses, but I have an idea: I could reuse the fabric from the five dresses next year for a whole other line of designs. For sure I want to try designing out again for next year’s fashion show. It was such fun. I might even try to do the actually sewing…We’ll see! Until then, this whole experience of playing fashion designer has been super fun. I’m still waiting for the students to finish editing the pictures from the event. Once they’re published I will for sure share all the designs.




Style Story 15: White Shirts

white shirtsThis week I was inspired by a campaign I saw on my Instagram feed. Witchery Fashion encourages white shirts to be worn on May 1 in hopes of creating awareness and fund for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. While I was late to the show with May 1st, this campaign inspired me to wear white shirts all week long. I have a ton of them–too many actually, so I used this as a test to pull out the favorites–and maybe weed out a few too. My love of white shirts comes from my sister, Julie. She is the owner of the best white shirts, and often if she likes mine, she’ll just request that I hand it over. I’ve realized I need to just start buying in duplicates so this doesn’t happen. In fact, her ease in wearing the white shirt gave me the perfect packing uniform for this road trip. While the perfect way to wear a white shirt in my opinion is a pair of cutoffs, I tried to pull off more professional looks this week. I think I could definitely go one more week wearing another set of five white shirts each day.

Monday 4/5

Mondays White ShirtThe original #whiteshirtcampaign pairs the white shirts with black on the bottom. I always feel like this combo looks like a waiter’s outfit. Therefore I tried to dress the look up with an over the top layered, lace skirt that I had picked up at Mee and Gee. I love wearing a tailored shirt tied at the waist. I also love these cute white shoes; however, they’re super big on me for some reason, so if I can’t figure out the back heel section, I might need to get rid of them. The white shirt in this outfit is completely tired–I need to get one remade. Once I fine the time to do this, I’ll be able to get rid of this over worn white shirt.

Tuesday 5/5

Tuesdays White ShirtThis was my favorite outfit all week long. I love this outfit. First the shorts have the perfect amount of boho, yet they’re tailored at the same time. The belt is so special to me: my mom bought it for me at the night market in Goa when she visited us in India. I need to belt my waist more often–all women should especially if they’re top heavy like me. The top, well it’s just a good white one. (No, Julie, I will not be bringing it home!) The shoes are my new tan sandals, and I love that they have just a little wedge. All in all, I felt really great in this weekend. It was the winner of the week.

Wednesday 3/5

Wednesdays White ShirtI felt ok in this outfit, but I wasn’t in love with it like the day before. There are two things I notice from the pictures: first, it’s really hard for me to wear sleeveless, and so when it cuts in like that it doesn’t help my lack of shoulders and beefy arms. Also, the pants, even though they’re high waisted somehow accentuate the ponchy-ponch. Who wants that?! Not me. I’ll probably be getting rid of this outfit–although the top with the faux leather collar I chose down below would work much better with these pants. It’s got wider shoulders PLUS it ties! Ties at the waist work for me just like belts.

Thursday 4/5

Thursdays White ShirtHere’s an improvement from the day before. Regardless of whether this top looks ok, I just love it! The shoulders are more broad which works a little better with my shoulders and arms. The fun part though about this top is the cutouts of lace at the waist level. It’s like a little peek in to my tummy but not all that revealing at the same time. I like this. Plus, I got to wear my white tasselled clogs from Jakarta. I love these clogs! Oh, and you can’t see it, but a navy blue skirt called for blue mascara with purple layered on top. YES!

Friday 4/5

Fridays White ShirtWearing jeans on Friday is such a treat. I love that my employer allows for this. I felt like really playing up the boho look today, so I wore my cropped jeans with the ribbon seam. This top, which is still available, is one of my favorite white tops. It’s easy breezey and just feels cool. I do have to watch the top heaviness with a cut like this, but I think it’s ok because of the jeans. If you like peasants, get this one!

Similar White Shirts:

My exact top from Friday is still available, but otherwise I found some similar white shirts for Monday through Thursday. I love each of these white shirt and highly recommend their style.

Kevstar Travel Tips: Vol #2, Airline Ticketing

PassportsA while ago, when we had the most fantastic trip to Bali in October, I realized I should start sharing some of Kevin’s expertise in the form of his travel tips. He’s an expert at figuring out our travels, and we do travel quite a bit. Lately, he’s been busy at it lately figuring out our summer travels, so I asked him, How do you go about booking our airline tickets.

I thought I’d share his main three main travel tips when it comes to finding flights–especially since I was surprised by a couple of his moves.

1. Pre-research

First Kevin has an app on his phone called Sky Scanner. (Here’s the website for Skyscanner if you prefer.) When we have a trip up ahead of us, he’s looking at this app constantly. It does exactly as it says and scans the flights from all airlines for the designated destinations and dates (how’s that for unintentional alliteration!). When travel is up ahead, Kevin will begin his research using Skyscanner.

2. Cross Reference

Once some lower fare prices present themselves, Kevin will start to compare on other sites–Kayak being his favorite. Again, he will more often than not use the Kayak app on his phone for this. He simply does this to cross reference the prices, the itineraries, schedules, plus any additional offerings.

3. Purchasing

After some solid observation, usually 2 weeks but even up to two months, Kevin will purchase. This is the area that surprises me. Just like his habit of going straight to the source with hotels, he does the same with airlines. Even though Kevin has used Skyscanner to learn of the flights and cross referenced on Kayak, he will ultimately purchase direct from the airline. He does this for one main reasons: he’s working with the source. Our tickets when purchased through the airline are then under the direct jurisdiction of that airline. There is no extra worry of surprise limitations or costs. In general, he has found the airline carriers to be more reliable plus our information is then detailed in the airline’s system. Basically, there hopefully is no reason we would get lost in the airport shuffle! Seat assignments can be chose ahead of time as well as checking in the day before. If you haven’t done this, try it. It’s amazing to just walk up and hand over the bags. Easy peasy!

What about you? Do you have any travel tips for booking and purchasing airline tickets? Do share!

By the way, here are our summer plans: we’ll be in the Pacific Northwest from June 12-August 8. From June 19-27 we’ll be in Seattle and for all of the month of July we’ll be out at the cabin at Spirit Lake, Idaho. Will we see you this summer?!