Nordstrom Gift Gui..

Often times when I go to someone’s home, Kevin and I will simply bring a bottle of wine. That’s pretty common practice. Yet, during the holiday season, it’s nice to add a little something to the gift. I’ve created this host gift guide–all from Nordstrom again. Hey! They have free shipping!! You could choose a couple of these items and order in bulk depending on how many parties you have this season.

1. Initial (of host) Wine Holder
2. Beautiful Wine Cooler Canister
3. Rough Day, 4. Festive Dots, OR 5. Monogrammed Wine Glasses
6. Figue de Bordeaux OR 7. Noble Currant Candle
8. Wine Bathtub Holder
9. Wine Colored Lipstick
10. Wine Bottle Ornament OR 11. I love my Wine Ornament

Shop Nordstrom for these fun wine host gifts:

5th Links á la Mo..

This is the 5th time I’ve been chosen for Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links á la Mode! This week they chose my post about my reflections on how I go for it in life.


Fix The Internet

Sure, none of us can unsee the madness that KimK launched on the Internet… but we can certainly get on with our lives. Especially since the holidays are in full swing and, quite honestly, we’re busy! Do you want to try the turtleneck thing? Are you gearing up for January resolutions by figuring out what you want out of life? Or do you just want to get out of town for a day? Whatever it is… enough with breaking the internet… let’s get to fixing up our lives.

Links a la Mode: November 20th

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Thanksgiving Round..

SoundOfMusic poster 2Thanksgiving is just under a week away. We are super excited for two reasons this Thanksgiving: first we actually have the day off. This will be the first time in our 18 years of teaching overseas that we get the holiday! Second, we will be with family! We are visiting my sister Mary in Shanghai. To me when I think of the proper Thanksgivings I had as a child, I have transported back to a couple of very distinct memories: Grandma Soogie’s Cinnamon Rolls served at the meal–not as dessert, all my cousins playing together, my Grandpa Bumps, my dad carving the Turkey, and The Sound of Music played post meal each year. I’ve actually never made a turkey–it’s on my bucket list–so you won’t find any recipes on this Thanksgiving Roundup. However if I were to host a T-day, I’d be referring to a bunch of these links for other purposes:

For my Thanksgiving Roundup click here:

My Five ~ How to H..

ClothingSwapLast night I hosted my first Kremb de la Kremb SWAP. I learned a few things along the way, so I thought I’d share–just in case you too want to get some people in your community together to exchange your old for their new.

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A Black Kimono Goe..

BlackKimonoJeansSometimes with a trend, I just nail it! And this summer when I picked up this lacy, totally tasseled black kimono was such an instance. I wear this kimono at least once a week. It either dresses up my torn up jeans, adds a bohemian touch to my little black dress, or serves as a cover-up while at the beach. Basically, I’ve been throwing it on for a little warmth or a little coverage. Either way, this is an item in my wardrobe that I would highly recommend as a trend in which to invest. Whenever I wear mine, I feel just a little sexier but in an innocent sort of way. I mean it’s a basically kind of like a jacket/cardigan after all.

Click here to see the three ways I styled a black kimono:

Serial Roundup

serial-social-logoI’m up to date! Are you? And I can’t wait until Thursday–can you? You’ve listened to Serial the podcast right? No? Well, talk to me in a week once you are caught up. Last Wednesday I listened to the first episode of this phenomenal podcast called Serial. Since then I haven’t been able to get it off my mind; hence I have listened to all eight episodes. Serial is a podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig and produced by same creators of This American Life. According to Apple, this Serial has “quickly become the most popular podcast in the world!”I suggest you listen. Just go to the website, click on episodes, and then hit the “download” icon. I’ve managed to just stream the episodes from my phone without having to actually download an episode. Now because I am so intrigued by this 15 year old murder mystery, I’ve gone out and created a Serial roundup just to support its popularity and demonstrate how viral this podcast has become. Really, go on now, listen!

For some Serial Roundup fun, click here:

The B.E. Influence

Tulle3Almost every day, I go visit a couple of blogs that definitely influence me. Sometimes these visits provide inspiration or other times they might prompt imitation. I’m not the kind to get jealous of the brands I might see–I don’t think I’ll ever own a pair of Louboutin’s, and I’m ok with that. Every once in a while though, I’ll visit one of my influencers and think to myself, I can do that! This happened a couple of weeks ago when I saw Blaire Eadie in A Tutu and Turtleneck. Instantly, I was like, Hey! I have all the components to make this look. At any rate, my mock-neck turtleneck–appropriate for an HK fall, with my tulle skirt (found with my niece Elle) paired with my treaded booties have been on some serious repeats these fall days!

For more pics, click here:

Nordstrom Gift Gui..

To see Gigi’s gift guide, click here:

Sassy Contributor

Sassy_LogoHong Kong has afforded me many opportunities that I would have never dreamt would come my way. One such opportunity has been the ability to contribute to one of my favorite web sources for all things Hong Kong: Sassy Media Group. I first read from the Sassy site when I was in Beijing knowing I would move to Hong Kong. Both Sassy Hong Kong and Sassy Mama HK are the go-to spots on the Internet for finding out what is hot in Hong Kong. Fashion posts, restaurant reviews, awesome give aways, field trip ideas, advice on anything and everything… the list goes on for all that Sassy offers its HK readers. Sassy isn’t limited to Hong Kong either; there’s also Sassy Singapore, Australia, Dubai and Paris is coming soon. Contributing for Sassy has given my family and me tons of really cool opportunities like an overnight stay at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, a cooking class at The Mixing Bowl, a spinning class at XYZ to name a few. Now I’m taking my expertise in books and will be offering a book collection–stay tuned for a December post. It feels very rewarding to contribute to a resource that I personally find so valuable. Sassy definitely makes life better in Hong Kong, and I’m pretty proud to be a Sassy contributor!


Fashion Fixation: ..

SequinTrackPants Last year I had to have (and eventually tracked down) the perfect (p)leather track pants. This year in anticipation of the holiday season I feel I must have a pair of sequin track pants. I could spend mucho moolah money, but of course I won’t! I’ve found various options under $130 but knowing myself, I might just hold out until my forever standby (Forever 21) finally gets a pair in the shop. In the meantime though, I’m choosing among these and trying to determine between black, silver and gold: