Summer Sunglasses ..


So, I did the thing your not supposed to do off a lake dock: I dove into the lake with my sunglasses on–let me correct myself, my FAVORITE sunglasses. Yes, they are total cheapies; I scored them at my regular haunt, Forever 21, so they were definitely under $5. Yet, despite their low price, they […]

DIY: Turn Old Jean..


Ironically this morning I was talking to my sister-in-law about how it’s been forever (like 2009) since I have purchased a pair of blue jeans. I was thinking I’d go to the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale to get an updated pair. But then I remembered this old pair sitting in a drawer out at the cabin: […]

A Day in San Franc..


At the end of our road trip we reached our final destination in San Francisco. A dear friend from our first post in El Salvador met us for the day. Brent Brinkerhoff with his two girls, Sofia and Francesca, were gracious enough to be our tour guides for the entire day. We met down near […]

My Mom’s Cow..


It’s kind of a long story. Basically, for the 4th I asked my mom if I could borrow her cowboy boots. She brought out these, and I was shocked they were a new, studded style. I was wondering where her original old pair were….that’s when she told me she gave them to me. I was […]

Redwoods, Californ..


One of the main reasons we took a road trip was to witness the Redwoods in California. These giant trees are something to see! They are so spectacular in their greatness. I have always wanted to show these giants to our kiddos, and I’m so happy we were able to so with Jane and Alex. […]

Spirit Lake Spirit


The 4th of July out at Spirit Lake is actually filled with so much spirit. It may seem cheesey, but it’s true. Our little Main Street fills up and a quick parade files through. It may be only about ten minutes, but it’s a neat feat. Then, after, everyone heads over to the community park […]