Day Date: Shanghai..

Shanghai Eats

My trip to Shanghai to visit my sister was fast and furious plus fabulously fun. Basically I had all day with Mary on Saturday and we spent it either eating or shopping. Each cafĂ©, restaurant, or bar we went to was really good. I would go back again and actually plan to when we all […]

An Essay: The Self..


Selfies (or should I say #selfies?) are a part of our life in 2014. The act of taking a picture of oneself may fade out, but for the time being the pictures are here, and they are happening by the second. (In a twelve hour time period, the selfie hashtag in Instagram increased by 292,588 […]

Costume Roundup


Dressing as Zorro is just about the easiest costume around. Don all your black clothes with a pair of black boots. Add a black hat and black cape. Then simply take an old black tshirt, cut two eye holes, and wrap it around your eyes. Andale! Zorro!! Well, we all have a little over a […]

DIY: Nail Maintena..

Nail Maintenance

Unfortunately I do not have strong, healthy nails. Rather they peel and split down the middle. When this happens it can be painful, but there are four things I do to combat the state of my weak nails. First, I find that my nails are best protected when they are polished. (I’ve been on a […]

All My Faves

All My Faves 3

It’s pretty true: my hashtags about getting dressed for work and liking it are for real. I do indeed like to get dressed each morning; I always have and I always will. I think this pleasure first started in high school. Now working in a high school again, the inspirations occurs daily. Recently, I wore […]

Beautiful Bali: Pa..


Bali is still beautiful! Today’s roundup of pictures highlights the people and places of Bali. We had quite a drive to get to our idyllic villa on the northwestern part of the island, but once we arrived it was worth it. We passed by a triplet of lakes, through continuous busy village life, and up […]