DIY: Nail Maintena..

Nail Maintenance

Unfortunately I do not have strong, healthy nails. Rather they peel and split down the middle. When this happens it can be painful, but there are four things I do to combat the state of my weak nails. First, I find that my nails are best protected when they are polished. (I’ve been on a […]

All My Faves

All My Faves 3

It’s pretty true: my hashtags about getting dressed for work and liking it are for real. I do indeed like to get dressed each morning; I always have and I always will. I think this pleasure first started in high school. Now working in a high school again, the inspirations occurs daily. Recently, I wore […]

Beautiful Bali: Pa..


Bali is still beautiful! Today’s roundup of pictures highlights the people and places of Bali. We had quite a drive to get to our idyllic villa on the northwestern part of the island, but once we arrived it was worth it. We passed by a triplet of lakes, through continuous busy village life, and up […]

Beautiful Bali: Pa..


Basically Bali is just beautiful. It’s not just the rolling steep mountains, the bright blue sea, and the basking beach sun that grab your attention. It’s also the details that the Balinese people apply to their every day life. All over Bali you will find design elements to emphasize nature’s beauty from elaborately displayed flowers […]

Fashion Fixation: ..

Fashion Fixation Snake Set Feature

Recently on our trip to Bali I scored several snake items: a Batik Chic tote a snake dress at NancyNanoNano’s garage sale, a snake kurta at Amertha Bali Villas, and a snake wallet on my way out of Bali. Ever since then, I seem to have my eye on this trend! Of course, I’ve got […]

DIY: Distressed De..


I’ve been seeing so many distressed jeans lately: whether it’s Sincerely Jules in totally cool ripped up jeans or Shalice Noel’s Instagram feed with lots of different ripped up jeans, I’ve been heavily influenced. Rather than fork out a fortune for a beat up pair, I took a cue from Geneva over at A Pair […]