Almost Done…

I’m almost done with two things that have been taking up a lot of my time and energy!

First, I’ve been working toward a certificate in personal styling from The London College of Style for way too long now. They have been more than patient with my delinquency in turning in assignments. I have one module left, and then I’ll be official; any one of you could call on me for styling support, and I will have been trained. This last assignment was quite fun, so I thought I’d share. I had to create a mood board of my own style. The process led me to a kaleidoscope encapsulating all the color and bold prints and patterns I wear. Here’s the result:


Second up, I’m having hip surgery today! I use an exclamation point because I am actually excited to have this surgery. Listen, my shopping game is becoming inhibited! When walking a city block becomes painful in flats, it’s time to get something done. While I have a long road of recovery ahead of me, I can only believe that I will eventually have some relief from my hip issues.

If by chance posting on Kremb de la Kremb becomes more sporadic than it already has become (since summer I’ve scaled down to three posts a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), it’s because I’m still getting on my feet–literally! I have some posts planned though–like this Monday is The Fab 40s in menswear, so stay tuned!

DIY Tassel Heels

DIY Tassel Heels 7

1. Gather the supplies:

DIY Tassel Heels 1
For this DIY Tassel Heels project, I need to find this simple style of sandal where the back heel buckle slips out of the holder. I found a pair of Steve Madden sandals on sale at TJ Maxx that were perfect. At my local craft store, Joann’s, I picked up some black upholstery rope plus some black upholstery tassels. That’s all that was needed. (I can imagine finding other ties to switch out if I so desire.)

2. Take out the detachable straps.

DIY Tassel Heels 2
Simply pull the straps out of each sandal. Put these aside–you never know when you might want to use them again.

3. String in the cord.

DIY Tassel Heels 3
Now insert the cord into the back heel holder on each sandal. Pull through. These are your laces or tie for the sandal.

4. Tie on the tassels to the rope.

DIY Tassel Heels 4

DIY Tassel Heels 5
This was the trickiest part. Luckily with all the tassels flailing everywhere, this DIY project was very forgiving. Underneath the tassel, I was able to find two thicker strings. I used those two strings to tie the tassel around the rope. Basically I knew I could fiddle around with attaching the tassels because there are so many strands going every which way. Since the tassels are tied on to the rope, I could easily take them off and attach other decorative ends according to what style I’d like with these sandals. They really are versatile!

Voila! I’m ready to embrace the tassel trend this fall!

DIY Tassel Heels 6

Ostrich Feather Bag Styled

Ostrich Feather Bag
I was a busy DIYer this summer, but by far my most coveted creation was this ostrich feather bag! I just love it. For this outfit post, I had some serious fun styling the bag. The lake was moody, so I went for one of my favorite color combos: blue and black. Granted, I didn’t use my ostrich feather bag out on the dock at my lake cabin, but the potential with this little treasure is there! The best thing about this clutch–aside from the price–was how incredibly easy it was to make. If only all DIYs were this easy! Now I just want to make some heels to match. (Can’t be bothered to make your own? Contact me or visit my Ostrich Feather Bag Shop, and for a nominal fee I’ll make one for you!)

Blue Jumpsuit 3

Blue Jumpsuit

Blue Jumpsuit 4

Blue Jumpsuit 2

Some Outfit Details:

Cat-eye Sunnies–Tom Ford
Lipstick–Revlon Pink Pout
Silver Necklace and Bracelet–Target
Blue Jumpsuit–Forever 21
Jean Jacket–Calvin Klein
Shoes–thrifted from Value Village
Handbag–DIY with bag from Value Village and feathers from Joann’s
Gold Anklet–my mom’s (Bummer I had to give it back…)

Do you want an ostrich feather bag?

I’m serious. If you can’t be bothered to make one, but would like a gorgeous ostrich feather bag, in any color, let me know or check out my Ostrich Feather Bag Shop. For a nominal fee, I’ll make one for you!

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Kremb de la Kremb Cabin: The Love Shack and Bunk Room

The Love Shack

Bunk Room 7

Aside from The Family Room, there are two other bedrooms that flank the middle room. On the right there’s a room that has always been called The Love Shack. If I remember correctly, I think the Coynes were the first couple to stay in there. It’s always been a cozy little room with a double bed. The bedspread is a quilted blanket from one of our trips to Antigua, Guatemala during our first two years overseas and married. There’s also the fleece quilt that I made for Kevin one Christmas when we were dating. The picture of daisies–my favorite flower–was a gift to me from Kevin; he took the picture, enlarged it, and gave it to me during our first year of dating. It’d be an understatement to say the room is filled with some romantic gestures of our courtship.
Bunk Room 2

Bunk Room 5

Bunk Room 3

Bunk Room 4

The Bunk Room

Bunk Room 9
The bunkroom, to the left of the downstairs rooms, is simply that. It sleeps two people, but honestly it doesn’t get much use. No one ever wants to stay in there–could be the musty smell or the abundance of spiderwebs, this room is hardly used. Despite this, it’s still a cute room with an elephant rocker from the kids’ toddler years in India. Probably next summer we’ll try to invest in making this bunk room more comfortable, or we’ll just convert it into the sports room and fill it with all the water toys and lake goods.

Bunk Room 8

Bunk Room 1

There’s one more bit of the cabin to post before the end of this summer season: the upstairs.

First Day of School, 2015

First Day of School 4
This year the first day of school pics are coming from Gigi and me, and that’s ok. Vincent is now 13, and I can appreciate that he wants to make his own digital presence. Luckily I still have one more poser (The apple doesn’t fall far, huh?!) in the family, and believe me, I’m going to milk it for as long as I can!

First Day of School 1
Gigi started 6th grade this year! She is now in the Middle School at HKIS–with both her brother and dad. We are all now on the same campus which is really neat too. Gigi was quite nervous for the first day, but she’s settling in just fine. Middle school means my kids are growing up–and fast! She’ll be turning 12 this September. She’s still cuddly with me, and we get along really well. I try to use humor with her as much as I can as my mom did. It’s best when we can laugh at ourselves. I feel super lucky with my daughter and plan to nurture our relationship in the most positive way I can as she continues to develop into a young woman. Rebelling against one’s parents is a natural thing–but I can try to circumvent it, right!?

First Day of School 2
I posted a co-ord outfit on Monday; this is the second co-ord I was talking about. While the other one has a bit of a cropped top, the top on this co-ord is nice and boxy. I loved wearing this outfit for the first day of school. I felt very chic all day long–which is a great way to start a successful school year.

First Day of School 3
Ahhh, my Gigi! I do love her so!!

Some Outfit Details:

Lipstick–Topshop Oh La La
Co-ord–Nordstrom Rack
Navy Pumps–9 2 5 So Soft thrifted from Value Village
Handbag–vintage Coach with a little DIY (post coming soon!)

For co-ord options for you, visit my Co-Ord Shop.

The Co-Ord at the Community Library

The Co-Ord 1
The co-ord was a new fashion term introduced to me by my niece this summer. The co-ord is basically short for a coordinate–or in other words a matching top and bottom. The co-ord is an excellent substitute for a dress or suit; often times the top might be cropped or extra flowy, and the bottoms are often shorts, culottes or a pencil skirt. Right before we head back to Hong Kong each school year, Kevin likes to make a trip to the Nordstrom Rack. On two different occasions when he was finished and in the checkout line, I just made a quick swoop through the women’s department. Both times, I was able to scoop up a co-ord–this outfit being one of them. I wore this co-ord to go visit our community library in Spirit Lake–cuz you know a librarian needs to support her local libraries! I’m wearing the other co-ord for my first day of school tomorrow.

The Co-Ord 2

Spirit Lake Library

Spirit Lake Library

Spirit Lake Library

The Co-Ord 4

Some Outfit Details:

Earrings–Jardines Bazaar
Lipstick–Wet n Wild
Necklace–from Mom’s jewellery box
Co-ord–Nordstrom Rack
Shoes–thrifted Gianni Bini from Value Village
Macrame Bag–Target

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The Co-ord Shop

I’m loving co-ords this fall, so I went shopping and found a few for you on the Web:

My Style Interview with Sylvia from 40 Plus Style

There are a couple of very supportive and influential ladies in the middle aged blogging community. I’ve mentioned Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb. She holds a similar motto to me regarding confidence being the very best accessory. There’s another very supportive and collaborative individual based in Singapore: Sylvia from 40 Plus Style. Sylvia has created an entire community of 40+ women. She provides her community with stylish examples, a network for communication, and support for being a woman of style over 40. One day I will meet stylish Sylvia…. In the meantime, I was very excited to partake in one of her style interviews. This entire post was published in June of this summer on 40 Plus Style. Her questions made me think a great deal about my own personal style where I found that again, confidence and carrying myself in what I choose to wear is of utmost importance to me. Have a read (or skim through–it’s very long!) and join the #40plusstyle movement:

How to feel confident & beautiful and tell stories with your clothes – A style interview with Ann


How to feel confident & beautiful and tell stories with your clothes - A style interview with Ann | 40plusstyle.comAnn is a teacher and a world traveller who has lived in many countries. Her adventures are reflected in her clothing which she describes as hip, funky and eclectic. Ann feels strongly that you should dress to feel confident and beautiful and have lots of fun with your clothes. Let’s find out how she achieves that!

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DIY Trimmed Boots

DIY Trimmed Boots 4I’ve had this pair of boots that season after season weren’t getting worn. If I wanted a cowboy look, I’d always wear my mom’s cowboy boots. (I’ve only posted these boots one for a Fab 40s collab.) Then, after success with my fringe sandals and my trimmed mini skirt, I thought to myself: maybe these boots just need a little something to help them stand out. So, I found a cute trim at Joann’s and I easily added it to the boots by simply gluing it on. I tell ya: this 3 in 1 glue is the answer to so much! And, I love, love, love an easy DIY–which this totally was!

1. Gather the Supplies:

DIY Trimmed Boots 2
For this I used my old boots, found some pretty trim, 3 in 1 glue, a pair of scissors, and a toothpick. I made sure to find a trim that matched the size of the side boot strap.

2. Add glue and adhere evenly.

DIY Trimmed Boots 3
I simply added glue all along the side boot strap. Then I evenly pressed down the trim to the glued area. I used two fingers to really add pressure and even inserted my other hand into the boot to push back against those two fingers.

DIY Trimmed Boots 8

3. Trim and toothpick the edge.

DIY Trimmed Boots 5I measured the trim longer than it needed to be so that when it overlapped the bottom edge I could tailor cut it along the slanted line of the sole. Then I took a toothpick and wedged that edge into the sole. I lined the toothpick with a little glue so that the edge of the trim would really stay put.

DIY Trimmed Boots 6

That’s it! I let the glue dry. The boots are now trimmed and ready for more use. I chose a trim that had a little navy blue in it, so these will now be the boots I opt for with some jeans–or even denim cutoffs.

DIY Trimmed Boots 9

Spirit Lake–One of the Fashion Capitols of the World

Spirit Lake Tee 4
The moment we head left on Main Street to pass through Spirit Lake and head down toward the lake, we slow down and take inventory. This summer sadly the regular ice cream parlor we’d frequent often was vacant. It was quite sad for all of us–especially the kids and their grammy. On the upside however, a new tee shirt store came to town, Thunder Ridge Productions. I’ll admit; it was hard to pick my tee, but this fashion capitol one spoke out to me. The close behind was the tee that said, “This drinking town has a motorcycle problem.” Hahaha, love that one. One Sunday after church, we stopped on Main Street, Spirit Lake to take a couple of pics–with a cameo of Alex, my father-in-law, plus some local riders!

Spirit Lake Tee 3

Spirit Lake Tee 2


Spirit Lake Bikers

Plant Shoes

Some Outfit Details:

Sunnies–I picked these up at the start of the summer from Zara.
Graphic Tee–Thunder Ridge Productions. When you stop by say hi to Bob. He’s great!
Leather Jacket–Swap and Shop HK
Striped pencil skirt–TJ Maxx
Cowboy Boots–I picked up this Old West pair from Zappos so I could bring a pair back with me to Hong Kong. This way my mom’s will stay out at the cabin, and I’ll have these for HK. It’s a drag carrying them back and forth.
Handbag–4th of July Spirit Lake Picnic. There’s a cute little lady that I beeline to each summer after the Main Street parade. She always has the best treasures!

Style Story: Lake Style Glammed UP

Obviously feeling a little dressed up is important to me; it sets my mood. I’m all for casual, but a little too much of it can actually bring me down. There are four things that I do out at the lake that compliment the casual style while making me feel a little more glam. I love lake style–especially when I these easy touches. I’ve made a shop for you to browse (and purchase–I’ll make a few pennies off any sales;) filled with other lake style options.

Lake Styled Glammed with Lipstick

My sure bet cure glamming up any style weather it be lake style, work style or whatever has and will always be a little lippy. Add lipstick and I instantly feel perked up. Three new colors to me that I enjoyed this summer were Maybelline Pink Me Up, Electric Orange and Coral Crush. I always read about these colors from Naomi at Love Taza and Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere and finally wanted to give them a try. This line of Maybelline was perfect for the lake because they’re kind of glossy like lip balm but way more pigmented. I just kept these three colors on hand around the cabin and my lake style felt elevated each time I put them on.

Lake Style Glammed with a Pretty Coverup

Lake Glam 3

You can get this exact cover up here. It’s super comfy but a little sexy all at once!

I’ve written numerous times about the coverup. It’s true; I am 40 something–43 to be exact. While I am not embarassed to be in a suit (at all!), I do find that I usually prefer to be a little covered up if I’m busy cleaning up or making a meal. Usually I’m in cutoffs: I find keeping my top half uncovered reminds me to hold in my core, and unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to hold in my buns! When I want to feel a little dressier, I skip the cutoff look and grab a pretty, white coverup. Lace or embroidery included always glams up the look and and a flowy arm and hem adds some sexiness. It’s quite simple actually, but finding a pretty coverup helps my lake style feel dressed up. Search my Lake Style Shop for more options.

Lake Style Glammed with an Off the Shoulder Top

Lake Glam 2

Here’s this exact top. Plus there’s more options in my Lake Style Shop.
I highly recommend something in this style for every woman!

Say I must remain in the ever comfortable, forever wearing cutoff jean; then one way I dress up this lake style is with an off the shoulder top–again white being my favorite color to do this with. This sleeve is called the gypsy sleeve–it’s more flowy than the tighter long sleeve version I wore here. This top over a swimsuit really works. I just let the swimsuit straps hang off to the side. A woman’s collar bone is always such a pretty spot on our bodies. This top is going to work on most body types because of this. I recommend you try one. See how you feel!? Lake style glammed up!

Lake Style Glammed with Heels

Lake Glam 1

I was beyond ecstatic when I scooped up these Kate Spade Magical Shoes for a fraction of the price. LOVE!

This is going to sound crazy, but every now and then, I like to throw on a pair of heels with my lake outfit. It usually happens after the early evening shower and right before I begin the dinner preparations. I will have probably added some light makeup including the above mentioned lipstick of course. And then, I just add heels. It’s not like I’ll be walking all over the place, but turn the corner into the kitchen and BOOM! There I’ll be with a regular outfit on made glam by a pair of sparkly heels. I love lake style, but I really love glamming it up!

When you’re in a casual rut–especially out at the lake, are there any style moves that you make to glam up your style?