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The Fab 40s in Leather and Lace

Kremb de la Kremb Leather and Lace 2With the last Monday of every month, you can count on a Fab 40s post, and this month’s theme we’re all donning some leather and lace! Lately, there are two colors I’ve been into–green and blush. In fact, this week I plan for all blushing posts (insert two blushing emojis with waving hands). Originally, I thought of a favorite outfit from last winter: my cream lace top with my black (p)leather joggers. But then, with this blush color being on the forefront of my ootd rotation, I opted for this styling. Plus, the weather in Hong Kong hasn’t chilled yet–uh oh. Knock on wood because now that that’s been written it will probably become really, really cold, and when it’s cold outside, it’s the same temp indoors. For this post though, I was basking in the sun on the boardwalk enjoying the blues of my Stanley, Hong Kong neighborhood in some blushing leather and lace with some denim accents. And yes, that includes a fanny pack, op I mean waist belt (for my international readers), thank you very much! (Just like the mullet that I swept back into a pony tail, these little buggers sure get a bad wrap–no pun intended!)

Kremb de la Kremb Leather and Lace  4

Kremb de la Kremb Leather and Lace  1

Kremb de la Kremb Leather and Lace 5

Mary at Curlybyrdie Chirps

IMG_3497Mary, I love TargĂ©: what a score with that skirt!! And those boots–serious envy for those and Target options. Hey, now I’m inserting the green snake emoji. Heehe. I love the way you styled this month’s theme with accents of snake, and the theme was a good one. Thank you!

Kimberly at The Haute Life Now

IMG_3495Mary invited Kimberly from The Haute Life Now. I cannot believe Kimberly has four kids! You are one hot mama if I do say so myself. AND, more importantly, I love that you are rocking a crop top. I’m the same; I insist on wearing them with the high waist. However, I can’t pull it off nearly as gracefully as you. You look amazing and glamorous. Welcome to the Fab 40s this month Kimberly!!

Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor

IMG_3496Oh wow Diane! I almost thought of wearing my cream lace top with my (p)leather shorts. We would have almost been twins–yet I’d be in sneakers which I know you also quite possibly could have chosen. Diane, I love your legs! I know I get complimented for mine too, but yours are strong for real. You look elegant and healthy all at once. What a beautiful look on you!

Jennie at A Pocketful of Polka Dots

IMG_3494Jennie, your preppiness is changing so much, yet it’s still the same. There’s such a fun quirky edge these days to all your stylings. I love it! Only you could create such rockerish preppy looks: coated denim with polka dots! Of course!! And your hair….it’s just so cool. Also, Jennie, can we swap clutches? That one is fabulous!

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

IMG_3491Samantha your hair is getting so long. It’s so cute and fresh. As I write I’ve chopped my mullet off, so now I’ll be following all your growing out a pixie tips. Also, hmmm…this top! I really, really like it. I love that your shoes and sweatshirt are almost one in the same. So cool. Plus, the fur ball additions–perfect tough. Basically, you are just cool. There. I wrote it down. (Like I haven’t already before!! I’m full of emojis today, so I give you the sunglass emoji for sure!)

Veronica from Cid Style File

IMG_3488Uh oh, I’m giving out the wrong emojis–you literally need the sunglass one Vero with the guitar too because you ROCK! Seriously. This is such a bad@ss outfit, yet you are wearing a dress! This styling is fantastic–never can one go wrong with all black with gold accents and a moto leather jacket. It’s time for me to pull mine out. And I just picked up a super H&M score, so I do think I will try to copy you with this entire outfit. (I’ll tag you when I do.) Although, you know me, I’ll probably have to pull out some tennies–wait till you see my emoji ones. (No, I am NOT joking! I have a pair….)

Sheela at Sheela Writes” target=”_blank”>Sheela Writes

IMG_3490Queen She. I did save you for last. You reign over us all. I think that’s all I can say. You took my favorite color, blush, yet elevated it. All of us can only look to you for cues on how to be better. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and the queen emoji for you. (I just had to hand one more out!)

Me, Kremb de la Kremb

Kremb de la Kremb Leather and Lace 3Then there’s me. I swear after commenting on all these fabulous ladies’ interpretations of leather and lace, I kind of feel like the immature kid of the group. I mean, even my shoes are from the girls’ department. Hmmm….is it time for me to grow up? I doubt I could even if I tried. SMIRK!!

Now, do go visit The Fab 40s!

Guest Kimberly at The Haute Life Now
Mary at Curlybyrdie Chirps
Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor
Jennie at A Pocketful of Polka Dots
Samantha from Fake Fabulous
Veronica from Cid Style File
Sheela at Sheela Writes

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Forever MaharAnnie (And Ways for You to be a Princess Too!)

MaharAnnie 15This week has been MaharAnnie week. But, if I’m honest, I don’t really need to be in an idealic location like Rajasthan to believe I’m a princess. Basically it’s a mindset for me. I mean, I’m not overly spoiled, but my husband and my family treat me very well. I am definitely a clothes horse, but I don’t have luxurious labeled items (except for my Louis Vuitton bag!) I don’t own a car, I live in a very small apartment, and I’m a teacher. Yet, I still try to live a decadent life. Today, with another set of pictures where I played the royal part, I wanted to share some of the ways I like to imagine I’m a princess in my daily life. It really comes down to some very simple things:

  • I love a bath. Bubbles make it even better. I like to light a candle, pour a glass of wine, and treat myself to a little alone time in the tub. I usually either read or listen to a book. My bath routine takes no longer than 30 minutes, but it makes me feel special.
  • I grab my iPad and a soda water. I pile the pillows high on my bed and surround myself with comfort. My furry blanket is ready at my feet, and again a candle is lit. Then, I just surf the Internet. I look at blogs, I window shop online, I binge watch The Affair (btw, when will Netflix update season 3?!), and now I’ve started to find some fun YouTube channels. Alternatively, and again, I’ll immerse myself in a good book. But, the key here is my bed. I love my bed. I adore the horizontal position. After work, it’s safe to bet, that either a bath or a cozy lie in bed have occurred. Either one of these activities helps me unwind.
  • Another little luxury, that a real royal would have done for her, is doing my nails. They are continually in awful shape. They split and crack (so if you have a solution to my issues, please let me know), yet taking the time to give myself a manicure makes me feel good. It’s like a personal splurge, similar to the bath. In fact, it often takes place during the luxury mentioned up above on my bed. I don’t really care that my nails aren’t worthy of polish, but the act of polishing them makes me feel like a proper princess.
  • For most people, shopping may be torture; for me, it is a day of bliss! The funny thing is, I don’t even need to purchase all that much. But walking around, and window shopping, and checking out new alleys filled with different shops…oh the thrill! And if I have $1000 HKD ($128 USD) in my wallet, all the better! Again, a princess, nor queen, is usually after a good deal, but this MaharAnnie is!
  • A proper princess would never do this as all her meals are made for her, but, when I want to feel extra special, I cook. Planning the meal, purchasing the ingredients, chopping it all up, and then making the meal for my family, are a joy for me. I don’t do it enough. But, when I do, I feel awfully special.
  • What do you do to feel special?

    These are six little ways that make my simple life feel a little more royal. I am no princess or queen, but in my mind I am a MaharAnnie. What do you do in your daily life that makes you feel more special?

    MaharAnnie 13

    MaharAnnie 14

    MaharAnnie 16

    MaharAnnie 11

*Aside from Rawla Narlai, there is another stop that we always insist on for any trip to Rajasthan: the town is Udaipur and the haveli to stay at is Amet Haveli–another spot to completely and utterly feel like a proper princess!

A Must Stop in Rajasthan: Rawla Narlai

Rawla Narlia 1There is one place we always tell travelers to India that they must go: Rajasthan and in particular, Rawla Narlai. Rawla Narlai is a heritage hotel in the village of Narlai, and it is the old hunting lodge of the king of Jodhpur. (In fact, while we were there, the owner of the lodge, who is considered the king of Narlai, came by for a visit. See below for evidence.) It is rare to make a hotel an actual destination, but there are so many magical experiences at this hotel that make it worth a vital addition to any Rajasthan tour. First, it’s location is perfect: it’s situated between two other must visit cities, Udaipur and Jodhpur. Car is the mode of travel in this area, so any way to break up the trip is gratefully accepted. When you arrive to Rawla Narlai, you really feel like you’ve stumbled onto an old, Mogul home. Everything about this heritage hotel is serene: the lush landscape, the quintessential rooms, luxe sitting areas everywhere you look, and impeccable treatment by the hotel staff. Ask for Lala. He will take you on a village tour at dusk, and you’ll have a chance to really see how Rajasthani folk live. If you want those silver anklets that the village women wear, he’ll take you to the local silversmith (I haven’t taken mine off yet!). The moment we arrived, humble Lala even remembered us and still had the picture of him carrying Gigi all around when she was just a little toddler. When we were deciding where to travel in India for our three week tour, returning to this magical spot is what steered our vacation to Rajasthan. I love Rawla Narlai–so much! I hope one day to mimic a courtyard just like their’s and spend my days reading and drink nimbu pani (sweet lime water)!

Rawla Narlia 2

Rawla Narlai 4

Rawla Narlia 3

Rawla Narlai 5

Rawla Narlai
Village Narlai, Rajasthan, India
Tel : + 91 2934 260443
Fax : +91 2934 260596
Email :

*Aside of the dusk tour through the village, there are other options in this countryside stay. But I’ll leave that for a later post….


MaharAnnie 9There is an important reason why we chose to travel through Rajastan during our most recent trip to India over our winter break: I always feel like a princess there. I’m serious! Yes, it’s beautiful, and the people are very, very kind. Rajasthan is also filled with tons of history and packed with culture. These attributes also played into the decision, but most importantly, I feel like a Rajasthani princess while I’m there. It’s a very magical place that takes me back in time. Everything seems so decadent even amongst the chaos. My heart feels quite full when I am in Rajasthan. The word for a queen or princess in Hindi is “majarani.” Since I feel like royalty while I’m there, I took on a new name: MaharAnnie! What was extremely special, is to every Rajasthani person that I introduced myself as MaharAnnie, there was a little twinkle in their eye and sparkle to their smile. They had no problem obliging and calling me by my new nickname. If you think you are, you are–right!!?

MaharAnnie 4

MaharAnnie 5

MaharAnnie 1

MaharAnnie 7

*Stay tuned for Wednesday when I will share more pictures of this beautiful Rajasthani hunting lodge called Rawla Narlai.

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Black and Gold Top–Ping Pong Post No. 11

Kremb de la Kremb Black and Gold 6This is the 11th month where an item has ping ponged its way from the Isle of Scilly to Scotland to Hong Kong. This month we are featuring this black and gold long bell sleeved top that belongs to Anna. Anna started the ping pong post almost a year ago! She always imagines the three of us sipping away at a glass of wine while we sit around and swap clothes. For this reason, and also because I envisioned this top (photographed back in October I believe) adding to the perfect New Years Eve outfit, I styled it for a girls night out in Hong Kong in January with my two other ping pong post pals: Anna and Sam. So, here I am, ready to go out; although honestly, it’s a bit of that saying, “All dolled up with nowhere to go!” since the three of us have yet to meet in real life. However, it was fun to imagine that this would be the exact outfit I would wear to hit Lan Kwai Fong–Hong Kong’s nightlife alley–with my two blogging buddies Anna and Sam!

Kremb de la Kremb Black and Gold 2

Kremb de la Kremb Black and Gold 7

Anna’s Island Style

IMG_3423Anna’s styling is similar to mine in the skirt area–her’s is just longer and the polka dots are just bigger. In retrospect, she has the item that my outfit is missing for January: a jacket or vest. I do like how she has the proper ingredient though: she’s got the cocktail that we’d all be sipping!! Way to go Anna. PS Can I please have your boots? (And be able to wear them!?)

Make sure to follow Anna’s blog Anna’s Island Style and her Instagram handle @annasislandstyle.


Fake Fabulous

JPEG image-91FA5332CE1C-1Gosh, while I felt all limited and remained within the black and gold color scheme, Sam added color to this top with no problem. She always does that! Look how great the green and blue mix in perfectly with the black and gold top. I would have never thought to add color, but that’s why she’s the color expert!

Make sure to follow Samantha’s blog Fake Fabulous and her Instagram handle @fakefabulous.

JPEG image-3F681F4CA942-1

Kremb de la Kremb

Kremb de la Kremb Black and Gold 5Since I love the combo of black and gold, I pulled out tons of black and gold items to pair with this black and gold top: my earrings, the sequin mini, my tights, and even my waist pack. (I won’t call that purse belted around my waist the other name to spare my UK readers any embarassment.) Because I was imaging a night out, I knew I’d want my hands free. Also, I chose comfortable yet sexy shoes–my over-the-knee boots. My skirt, except for the length, is very similar to Anna’s don’t you think?

Kremb de la Kremb Black and Gold 4

How would you style this black and gold top? Pretend you are ping ponging with us!

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Mullet Hair Goals

Mullet 1I’ve done it! I finally reached my mullet hair goals!! Forever I’ve been looking at this picture of Edie, bringing it to my amazing stylist, Aman, requesting that she attempt to create this sleek, mullet look. But, I have to face it: I have tons of curls! My hair, even when I blow dry it will never look like Edie’s. So, I became infatuated by this Zara model hoping that maybe this would be the kind of mullet I could achieve. Then finally with this last cut in December, right before we began our travels to India, I think Aman got it. Aman is a genius–and if you live in Hong Kong, please let me connect you with her. She is the best stylist I’ve ever had, painstakingly working with me until she gets my hair just right. Aman was the one who took my long locks off back in 2014. (Wow! My hair was sooo long!!) And now, with three years of short hair, I think I’m ready to grow it again. It’ll take a while; I have so many different layers. But, I’ve had enough of the mullet–or at least my family has. Keep reading to see why it’s so fun to sport a mullet….

Mullet 3

Mullet 4

Mullet 6

Mullet 2Mullets have a really bad reputation–like really bad, and for that I think having one has been kind of fun. I’ve done some research: so I don’t come across as bigoted, I won’t write about the stereotypes I found associated with them, although being a “femullet” does sound pretty cool! And I have enjoyed having hair that screams “business in the front, and party in the back!” I can totally relate to Laura Pullman from the Daily Mail because I too receive more attention from my hair now with a mullet than I ever did when it had been long, luscious locks. The attention is hilarious though: people don’t quite know what to make of my hair. It isn’t until I say, “I know. It’s ok. I have a mullet. I mean to have a mullet,” that they exhibit relief. I had one student ask his mom who is a friend of mine if, “Mrs. Krembs knows she has a mullet?” I love it!!! Of course I know it. That has been the entire inner societal prank going on in my mind. Although also, if I’m honest, I really like how rockin’ awesome mullets look. (If I think I’m a rockstar, I am a rockstar!) But, since I kind of seem to be the only one who appreciates my mullet, I have finally made a pact with my family to grow out my hair. But hey, maybe you could help me… Please vote if you think I should keep the mullet. (And I suppose if you agree with the fam, you can help their side too… wah-wah.)

Mullet Hair Goals

In regards to my mullet…

Yes! You rock it!! Keep the mullet.
Ann, it’s time to grow your hair out.
Hmm, nix the mullet but keep it short.

*Please note: as always, voting is completely anonymous.

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Just Give Me Comfort

Just Give Me Comfort 2Just give me comfort. That’s all I wanted all week long starting on Monday. I think right after an amazing holiday, that Monday always finds me wearing something resembling pajamas. Yet, the skirt I wore on Monday ended up in the give-away bin. I do want to feel comfortable, but if I lose any confidence because of what I’m wearing, it’s gone. That was the second time I felt like a frump in that tulle skirt, so bye bye! This was the outfit I wore on Wednesday, and wow! I felt comfortable and super duper funky with these glorified flare leggings! Then, by 11 am my week took a very serious turn for the worse, yet still, just give me comfort.

Just Give Me Comfort 5Look at my left leg in this picture. Do you see that bulging stuff around my left knee? Well, that’s my new knee brace. (Not pictured are the return of my cruthces.) Yes, I had quite a fall on Christmas Day when I tripped in a man hole; it caused me to lime my way through our amazing trip to India, but I just kept going, kept enjoying, kept hoping the left knee wasn’t too hurt. And then, this Wednesday morning, my left knee completely buckled and just gave out. (Thank goodness this did not happen in India because we would have had to come home.) As I’ve mentioned here on the blog before, I have dealt with chronic pain for some time but luckily now have had stupendous relief with Pinky, my new replaced right hip. But whoa and ouch! I hadn’t had acute pain like that in quite some time: when my knee buckled it was excruciating. To make a long story short, I tore my left ACL in 1995 and that repair graft that was done 20 years ago is now gone. I no longer have an ACL in my left knee–yes, maybe the fall had something to do with it, but my ACL had probably been deteriorating for some time now, especially considering how much my left leg had to compensate for the right leg and vice a versa because of my hip issues. Ya, I’m bummed. For a day I sulked. I feel defeated, but not quite. And of course I feel a little deflated; I was on my way with my new hip. But, not yet. The difference this time around is there is something I can do about it: I can strengthen my quads so they support my knees. I feel more hopeful with this injury whereas with the right hip, I just had to deal with pain. And really, just give me comfort, and I’ll be ok. So, heels, you’re on hold for probably one more year. Tennies, you’re still in. So folks, if you want to know how to look smart and confident while being comfortable you have landed on the right spot. Hey, maybe I’m falling (literally) into my new nichĂ©!

Just Give Me Comfort 1

Just Give Me Comfort 8

Just Give Me Comfort 11My glorified, flared leggings are from Zara. They’re super comfortable, yet I feel rather elegant in them at the same time. They’re like skirts for pant legs. Listen, I said it in my last post, and I’ll say it again. Get shopping! The sales after the holidays are insane! I was able to pick up these leggings, the white shirt, two more pairs of velvet pants (that are comfortABLE!), and a very cool pair of Moroccan type mules that I hope I’ll be strong enough to wear this spring. Zara is where it’s at! And I know they’re not the only store….now is the time to clean out the basics and stock up on some that aren’t so basic–like these black pants. Swish, swish. (As an anecdotal side, I was so sad to not be able to show off my pants when I had to go home on Wednesday. I pulled them out just for a special shoot with my dear friend Norbyah. Thanks for the pics girl and the flowers!)

Just Give Me Comfort 12

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Blue Velvet and Blue Walls

blue-velvet-8Blue velvet with blue walls….awww, fixes everything–at least this blue velvet shirt does. This velvet shirt was on pretty constant repeat during our family trip through Rajasthan, India. The temps wavered in the morning and at night; plus there’s constant shade from palace and fort corridors. This particular velvet shirt is now gone, but I’ll tell you what: I am not through with velvet. I love the material, so therefore I have been stocking up. I already posted my black velvet suit with plaid and a black velvet dress, the crushed red velvet dress plus the blush wrap dress, yet I’ve got more up my sleeve–both literally and figuratively. May I give you a shopping tip please? Now that the holidays are over, all the velvet options are on serious discount, so stock up now. I know I am!


Now let me tell you about this alleyway filled with blue walls looking like blue velvet because it is very special to me. When we lived in Inida, there was a repeat tour, much beloved like this velvet shirt, that we took many, many times. We’d start in Udaipur–which we had done on this trip to celebrate Christmas in the Lake City. From Udaipur we would always go to Rawla Narlai, a hunting lodge in the village of Narlai. Like years before, Lala was there to meet us, and he still remembers Gigi. He mentioned the treasured picture we gave him of the two of them. At dusk, Lala would always take us on a village walk, and when we requested it for this visit, he didn’t hesitate to take us. The village is the same, as if it has frozen in time, with the villagers being as kind as they’ve always been. Some things have changed like the renovation of their Jain temple, but that was about it. When I saw these two blue walls just outside the hotel, I felt inspired to match it. I grabbed the blue velvet shirt and my Indian tee with two elephants and a peacock. I pulled out my gold skirt and sparkly boots. I figured these were all the magical colors I saw in the walls and in the village. It wasn’t too hard to try to match one of my favorite spots in all of India: Rawla Narlai. (I’ll make sure to post an actual hotel post eventually–especially since it’s always the must stop that we tell people to make when they ravel to Rajasthan!)





*I linked up this post to Not Dressed as Lamb’s #iwillwearwhatilike twice! Catherine has been named as the best blogger in the 40 year age group by Who What Wear! That’s somethin’!! I also linked up to Pleated Poppy‘s What I Wore and Elegantly Dressed and Stylish‘s Turning Heads.

A Mini-Me Post to Start 2017

Mini-me 1
It’s 2017! Actually for a while now, and this is a very delayed first post for the new year. Despite many attempts to post on Kremb de la Kremb, the wifi was never quite strong enough, but our return family trip to India was beyond amazing. I can’t wait to share more of that in the near future….

Posting problems aside, I am very, very happy to have this mini me post be the first of the Kremb de la Kremb new year. Yes, this blog is an attempt at a style blog, but my family does come first, and therefore deserves the first post of the 2017 year. Back in late November, the four of us–our two mini-mes (I have looked up the plural of mini-me and it is mini-mes) went up to the Peak in Hong Kong for a walk (my first with the new hip which was one of my goals) to take our Christmas picture. This was the Christmas picture that was supposed to be sent out in December as a Christmas card, but hey, the picture of the four of us together was an awful picture that wouldn’t work, but these pictures did! (The Christmas card will now be a New Year from a picture chosen from one of the many family pics taken from our trip to India…)

I call reference to mini-me of this first post of 2017 because I’ll be honest: I think each one of our kids is a little mini-me of each of us. Gigi definitely has my facial structure, freckle complexion, and Freuen nose. Yet, Gigi’s eyes are all Krembs–seriously, she’s actually a mini-me of the other Ann Krembs, Kevin’s sister. There are pictures of the other Ann at 13, and it’s seriously hard to tell the two of them apart. Meanwhile, Vincent is a total mini-me of Kevin; I mean they seem identical. But while Gigi’s eyes are all Krembs, Vincent’s face my be Krembs but his eyes and eyebrows are all Freuen. See, each of our kiddos are each a mini-me of each of us. How lucky are we?! I have to admit seeing myself (and Kevin) in each of my kids is such a wonderful pleasure. What else is a pleasure is when these two cute and handsome teenagers allow me to post them on the blog. It’s a special moment when they give me the yeah. So here are the four of us, playing around in an exercise park up on the Peak of Hong Kong. Enjoy! And happy, happy belated new year!

Mini-me 2

Mini-me 3

Mini-me 4

Mini-me 5

Mini-me 6

Mini-me 7

Mini-me 8

Mini-me 9

Mini-me 10

Mini-me 11