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The Fab 40s in All White

All White 10
Wearing all white on a boat out pulling the kids behind is an outfit I could be found in any day of the summer out at Spirit Lake. Here I’m out on the boat with the entire fam pulling them for a ski. Our mornings out here are usually spent in this manner. (In fact, here’s a similar post back when I used to have long hair.) Mary called all white for July’s Fab 40s theme–a staple color that fills my drawers and wardrobe. The one item I’ve never thought to wear however is a white swimsuit. I went to my stylish sister for this item, and borrowed her halter one piece from Topshop. As if I needed more white to add to the plethora of options, but when I found this white mesh top at a local Goodwill shop I couldn’t really resist–plus it’s from Express. My white jean shorts were also a Goodwill find; they are Gloria Vanderbelt’s jeans that I chopped. I live in some sort of jean short almost all year round as seen by my Instagram feed. Do you ever wear all white? What do you do to make it different? One thing I added aside from texture was my evil eye white rope anklets that I wear both on the left and right. You can read my superstition for this symbol below…But first, take a look at seven other all white summer styling options.

All White 12

All White 8

All White 1

Mary from Curly Bird Chirps

Again, Mary is rockin’ an amazing dress, and of course she should with her curves. She makes me want to say, “Damn Girl!” But really, she’s so flirty and proves that being 40 something is fabulous!

My Ono Lifestyle

Mary invited My O.N.O. Lifestyle to join us this month. Nikki and Ornelle are a fashion blogging team based in Greece, so you can imagine the all white look was a cinch for them as proven in this shot. Wouldn’t that be fun to have a fashion blog with a friend? I sure think so–which is why I love this series so much!

Sheela Writes

All White 6
I will always have serious shoe envy for Sheela. Her collection of shoes is insane! And I just fall looking at them in a picture. Skinny jeans and a tee, now that’s an all white ensemble I can emulate. The heels, well, not so much–right now. Post hip replacement hopefully my heels will be back in full force!

Veronica from Cid Style File

Veronica is a new member of The Fab 40s bunch. Not only does she represent being fabulous in your forties, but she also styles for the plus size frame blogging over at Cid Style File. I love Veronica’s sporty take on an all white look. Welcome to the team Vero!! (That’s the Latin nickname for Veronica, and since Veronica is also a Latin blogger, I think she’ll relate to being called that. I’m already giving you a nickname!)

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

All White 3
Samantha is such a modern day Audrey, don’t you agree!? She’s always perfectly poised yet has such a fun quirk about her. I love that the most. She takes a boucle Chanel-esque jacket and styles it with a cool girl vibe. I think if I were to sit and sift through Sam’s jewellery collection I would be in style story hog heaven. She has so many amazing pieces.

Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor

I am sure you could guess why I totally relate to Diane’s looks. All. The. Time. This girl knows how to rock the tennies. And since that’s just about all I wear I’m constantly looking to her for style inspiration. Now, if I could only match her workout stamina…again, I’ll wait till I recoup from my pending hip replacement.

Jennie of A Pocketful of Polka Dots

All White 5
This t-shirt! ‘Nuff said!! I think we all need this tee. In fact, I’m fashionably (well not really) late with my post and was late with my pic. Jennie maybe you should send this tee my way. And Jennie, I have to say I love how your preppy style is taking on so much more edge with each of our collaborations. Is it intentional or is it just kind of happening?

And me of Kremb de la Kremb

All White 2
In this post I’ve included a few pics of myself in a bathing suit. I put all sorts of images of myself online. In real life, I wear all that you would see posted here on this blog. I am aware that I am often OTT (over-the-top), bold, or maybe even perhaps that cursed term “not age-appropriate.” I am also aware that judgement is passed on individuals for their appearance all the time–some good, some bad. For this reason, the judgement passed, whether positive or negative, makes me feel protected. For the evil eye is a talisman to ward of evil thoughts. You will usually find one somewhere on my body. Currently as I write, I have hamsa silver necklace on (the hand with the evil eye in the center). Do you wear something for protection?

All White 7

Grey Tunic–PPP No. 5

Grey Tunic 4
Whenever I get a parcel from either Anna or Samantha, I get the thrill of receiving a gift. I never know what will be inside for the upcoming Ping Pong Post. The three of us are on our fifth round of styling a shared item, and unfortunately the thrill for me was lost on this one. I can remember being shockingly disappointed by this piece. I don’t say this to offend Anna who bought it for all of us to style in a charity shop; it was just a piece that I would never in a million years wear. I had no idea what to do with this grey tunic: it was rather sheer and very stiff. It was way too long for my frame and in a cut that would do nothing for my figure. To top all this off, it was in a color reminiscent of my grey days in Beijing–a color I have avoided since living there from 2209-2012. And, it had a Mandarin collar–another style that I have always avoided while living in Asia unless I’m wearing the traditional qípáo also known as a chenongsam.

Grey Tunic 5
I let this piece sit for a bit. It sat and sat, and then I created a story for myself–a style story. An often weekend event in Hong Kong is a junk boat trip. A group of people head out on these old teak wooden boats for a day of fun and sun on the water. I imagined I was heading out on a junk trip with my tote in hand and my coveted jean shorts on. I took this grey tunic and turned it into a piece of fabric. Once I imagined it was a scarf and started tying it around me like a cover-up, I felt like I was onto something I would actually wear. It was tricky, but I folded the collar under at my chest, and I tied the sleeves at the back. This first tie covered up my bandeau to my bikini top. Then I tucked the back, long tail into the front. I still had the wings of the front of the tunic, so I tied those at my lower back. Basically, I made myself a tube top: now this would be something I would wear. I added my flower tie belt that that matched the black lined flowers on my grey scarf–presto, no longer was it a grey tunic. Because I’d be on a boat, I went for my Teva sandals. I was ready for a day out on the water; too bad it was all made up!

Grey Tunic 2

Grey Tunic 1
Let’s see what the other ladies did….

Anna from Anna’s Island Style

Anna really got each of us on this piece–intentionally. She managed to make the tunic look dressy yet summer casual. I love how she played up the color as metalic rather than plain old grey. Look how the top actually shimmers in the sun along with her sparkly necklace. Her silver pumps paired with the cropped, fresh, white jeans is perfect–too bad she forgot the matching silver clutch beside the tripod. I’ve done that before too Anna!


Samantha of Fake Fabulous

Samantha is known for her vibrancy with color. I love how she added both lilac and blue to turn this dull grey tunic into something colorful. And with legs for days, adding those black skinny jeans proves she’s got an enviable figure. I love how Samantha looks in skinny jeans; she can seriously rock this style! Of course the other thing Sam is known for is a little quirk–which I love, so her fun sandals and interesting accessories are the perfect compliment to this styling.


Phew! We all did it!! Next month I promise to be more conventional! We have a piece from Samantha to style…

Aside from following Anna and Samantha on their blogs, make sure you are also following along their Instagram handles: @annaislandstyle and @fakefabulous. And don’t forget about me @krembdelakremb.

Grey Tunic 7
What would have you done with this grey tunic? Please share–I’m curious!

Grey Tunic 3

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Krembs Family (Semi) Cabin Candids

Krembs Family Cabin Candids 9

During the summer when we have such fun reconnecting with our families, I try to make sure and take pics while we’re all together. It wasn’t until the very last moment with the Krembs Family that I realized I hadn’t brought my camera out, and there were 14 out of the 18 of us. (Unfortunately Brian and Jen Krembs were not able to make this weekend–maybe next summer at their place!! Hint hint!) Kevin set up my new lightweight tripod and did the running back and forth with the timer ready to make the portrait–remember when that was the way and not the extended selfie stick? (I still remain that the selfie stick is basically a personal tripod. You can read my rant here!) We had a great time with all the Krembs as seen by the following shots:

Krembs Family Candids 7

Here are Kevin’s folks: lovely Jane and funny Alex. I love them like my own parents–in fact it was during this weekend that I called Jane “Mom” instead of “Jane.” For both of us it felt very nice. They’ll be back this Sunday–with a new family member, but I’ll save the surprise for another round of Cabin Candids!

Krembs Family Candids 4
Here’s Corky and his family. Cork and his wife Sally live in Hong Kong, so we feel especially lucky to see them and our cousins Alex, Lauren, and Sofia all year long!

Krembs Family Cabin Candids 8
This is the other Ann Marie Krembs. Oh we have a lot of fun having the same name. These are her two boys Conor and Seamus.

Krembs Family Cabin Candids 3
There’s the Kremb de la Kremb Krembs! Love this photo of us in front of our cabin–maybe it will be seen again as our Christmas card this year!!

Krembs Family Cabin Candids 6
Teenagers–or the strange kiddos that are now becoming men in our family that we just don’t recognize!

Krembs Family Cabin Candids 1
Seamus and Gigi could pass as brother and sister, don’t you think?

Krembs Family Cabin Candids 2
Auntie Annie Squared!

Krembs Family Cabin Candids 5
And of course one last Krembs Family picture. Let’s go wild!!

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready!

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 6
It’s time to get your bomber jacket! They seem to be all the rage, so you’ll want to get one for the upcoming season. I know it’s hardly time to think about fall, but I actually did wear this bomber jacket at the start of the summer during our trip to San Diego. San Diego has a chill at night and this “A” piece served me perfectly: “A” for awesome, “A” for Annie! The other style point I’d like to make–similar to one of June’s posts–is the fact that I’m still and will always be trying to dress up my necessity of wearing sports shoes. Despite the sequins paired with Teva sandals, I like to think I am sporty chic. Remember, it’s all in the attitude. If I think I am, I am. If I think I can pull off something sparkly short shorts with sports shoes, it will happen! And to be hones, I did feel especially great during this particular night out with Kevin in San Diego’s Gaslamp District.

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 2

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 1

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 3

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 4
I haven’t forgotten to include the blooper: isn’t my hand here hilarious!? Well, I sure think so!!

Get Your Bomber Jacket Ready 7

Two questions: will you wear a bomber jacket? And do you pair fancy with casual?

*This is just the first of my bomber jacket collection. I’ve got three….checkout Boohoo for great options plus prices!

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Panoramas and Cabin Candids with Rusty and Ted

Rusty and Ted
I can’t say Rusty is our oldest friend–that’s not correct, but he is the friend that Kevin and I have shared for the longest amount of time. We met Rusty exactly five days after getting married when we arrived with him for both of our first posts overseas in El Salvador. That means Rusty has been a friend of ours for 19 years! Now with Ted as his partner and fiancé (Rusty proposed this last November), Ted has also become our good friend. They were with us this past weekend. Even though the weather was bad, with plenty of sleepy rainy mornings, we had a great time playing ladder ball, barbecuing plenty of flat irons, and returning to poker games or campfires at night.

Panorama Ted
These panoramas are a no-brainer, but we’d never done them before. What fun!! Here Ted is contemplating Ted and below Gigi and Ted pointing with some oohin and awing.

Panorama Gigi and Ted

Panorama Ann
I managed to get an #ootd in plus some smooches.

Panorama Kissing

On to the boat for some true cabin candids…

Gigi Wakeboarding
Gigi wakeboarding and her broad, toothy smile after.


Vincent Wakeboarding
Vincent is so strong now behind the boat. He’s now at that age when you can feel him pulling the boat back. That equals man. Yikes!

Vincent Krembs

Annie 2
I had to pose with my tied scarf. While these little bandanas are half for fashion they are fully for warmth. I slept with one around my neck last night. They serve as a make shift turtleneck.

Annie 1

Kevin Krembs Lake
I love catching a candid of Kevin driving the boat–there will be some more. And even though we don’t actually see sun set, we receive glorious sunsets all the same.

The next round of visitors arrive on Wednesday. I’ll try to catch some candids of Kevin’s family during their visit to the Kremb de la Kremb cabin to post next week. Stay tuned for some more pics from our trip to San Diego later on this week. And as for a little DIY–I do have something up my sleeve there as well.

I hope you are enjoying your Summer ’16. Have you joined the Snapchat craze. I have….it turns my day to day life into a reality show! Hahha! No but really, if you’d like to follow what happens out here at the Kremb de la Kremb Cabin, follow me on Snapchat–I’ll let you guess the username. *wink wink* (Ok, it’s krembdelakremb.)

Sunsets in La Jolla

Sunsets in La Jolla 7
The sea is magical to me, and the sunsets that accompany it, well, I stop to experience them when I’m anywhere near water. Water and the sunset, they keep me happy. On our recent start to Summer ’16, we had some amazing sunsets in La Jolla, San Diego. It’s rare that Kevin and I leave the kids, but this summer we did for three nights before they came down to join us in San Diego with their grandparents. We had such a good time. The last time we did this was nine years ago, but now we’re only about six years away from being an empty nest (YIKES!), so the nights away were cherished but probably won’t happen again any time soon. It’s ok though: we’re a tight little traveling family that usually accompanies one another everywhere we go. Of course it was quite nice to have a little alone time with my husband; we’ll be celebrating 19 years this July 25–as well as 19 years overseas! Yes indeed, time flies (when you’re having fun;)!

Sunsets in La Jolla 1

Sunsets in La Jolla 3
My cute fishy Louella Odié bag made it to California!
Sunsets in La Jolla 9

Sunsets in La Jolla 11
My hair goals have been achieved! I’ve got my husband’s hair. Back when we first fell in love in 1993, there’s a picture of the two of us in our similar long locks. We could pass as siblings instead of lovers!

Sunsets in La Jolla 10

Sunsets in La Jolla 12

Sunsets in La Jolla 8
Here’s my blooper pic! The waves were crashing–hard! I was afraid of being pommeled a couple of times!

Charlie’s Angels and Some Cabin Candids

Charlie's Angels 2
I just spent a fabulous weekend with my sisters! And style wise, I think I have finally figured something out: while I will always try to be urban chic like my sister Julie (she’s in the middle) and flowy feminine like my sister Mary (she’s on the right), it’s time I just start accepting that I always go for a little cross between sporty, glam, and boho. Basically, we are Charlie’s Angels! This isn’t to say they’re personal styles will not stop completely influencing me, but I do need to simply embrace what I am and continue to celebrate what they are. Right! Earlier on this day, I had called dress up night out at the lake–basically because I wanted an excuse to pull out my black sequin shorts. In turn to this night’s dressing requirements you can completely see how each of us interpreted what is referred to as “Dress-up Night at the Lake.”

Charlie's Angels 1

Charlie's Angels 4
It’s hard to capture a picture of Julie–she’s a bit camera shy, but I think I still was able to capture her beauty. I don’t know why since she’s strikingly beautiful.

Charlie's Angels 5

Charlie's Angels 3
Mary is hilarious! Here in this shot she’s calling out to all the boys, “Oh, don’t worry about me! I’ll get all the chairs!” As you can see she’s super strong! And in our family of five kids, she’s always been known as “The Pretty One.”

Some Cabin Candids

Cabin Candids 6
A post out at the Kremb de la Kremb Cabin wouldn’t be complete without some summer cabin candids. Unfortunately I did not get everyone from the family in this session, but there’s still time. Here Maeve and Elle are “cheek to cheek.” A photo term Julie and I were used to taking when we were young girls–we still all take the “cheek to cheek.”

Cabin Candids 8
My goddaughter graduated from high school this year. She’s so beautiful! You probably recognize Elle from all the pics from her visit to Hong Kong.

Cabin Candids 9

Cabin Candids 4
I captured two candids of Vincent. Yes, he is definitely a young man now.

Cabin Candids 5

Cabin Candids 1
And to end this post, I got two candids of some of the men in the fam. Here’s we’ve got Mathew, Julie’s husband. He’s always so smiley! And another husby in the mix, my smiley eyed guy referred to fondly as KevStar.

Cabin Candids 3

The Travel LBD

Travel LBD 1
Summer ’16 is here and with it TRAVEL–one of the parts of my life that I cherish most and work hard to achieve. Here, I’m in the Seattle Airport in what I’d like to consider the perfect travel LBD (little black dress). I have two guidelines for what I wear when I travel: I want to look good but also remain comfortable. I am an economy class traveler, but you never know if you’ll get bumped. Plus, I like to pretend that I am a first class traveler, so I might as well look the part! Black is always the easiest color to travel in, and if you can find a comfortable travel LBD than you’re golden. I picked up this off the shoulder with spaghetti straps at this rinky dink boutique in the Gaslamp District in San Diego. It was one of those stores where everything was $17.99. Of course I went in, and since Kevin gave me about 5 minutes max to look around, this is what I walked out with. Surprise surprise! I love it and it fits me just fine. But how can something flowy with no shape not fit? Right? Anyway, to travel I added some statement earrings alongside all my anklets that I seem to be collection this summer. Because comfort is also one of those travel guidelines I wore my ever so walkable Teva flat forms. Finally, another super purchase while in San Diego was this awesome, light weight black backpack from Urban Outfitters. I love it when I not only find the perfect travel LBD but also the perfect travel LBB (little black bag)!

Travel LBD 6
I have an expensive habit at always stopping at Fireworks in the Seattle Airport. I’ve picked up such special, little intricate necklaces from there. You all know I’m auspicious about my jewellery, so when I found this simple evil eye, hanging on an oxidized black chain, I was smitten. I also picked up this ring that resembles the ring that my sister kind of took from me. It’s ok. We have that agreement, so now I have one too!

Travel LBD 2

Travel LBD 9
The Pearl Jam exhibit in SeaTac is exceptional. I had fun checking out all the graphic art for this iconic 90s and current band.

Travel LBD 4

Travel LBD 8
My photographer was pooped by the time we took off. I love how she can sleep anywhere and also shakes in her sleep. She’s skatin’ in those dreams of hers!