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The Fab 40s in Formal During the Day

Formal During the Day 5
You’re going to see a lot of sequins during this round of The Fab 40s. We are all wearing formal during the day. This is something I’m quite used to. Since I’m on a total sneaker/casual shoe kick, I try to figure out ways to dress up this look. In fact you can see me wearing my sneakers at Christmas with satin joggers and a sequins top, here with an off the shoulder DIY dress, or here with my sequin pants. I’m no stranger to this concept especially since I adore dressing up and miss my high heels so much. I guess you could say I really believe that “Life is a party; dress like it!” Therefore I’ve had to create a new style concept that will not be hindered by comfortable shoes. And now, I’ve got six other ladies to take style cues from. Just you wait and see. But first, here’s my take with my new and ever so comfortable flatform (read two inch high heel!) Teva sandals. (I’m waiting for my pair in white to arrive….)

Formal During the Day 2

Formal During the Day 7

Formal During the Day 6

Formal During the Day 3

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

Photo 19-6-2016, 12 10 04 PM
Samantha, our pro pattern mixer, rocked her look in this elegant skirt paired with all things casual. I am realizing in my collection of skirts I am missing some polka dots! And I am sure Jennie is also coveting this piece. Sam, I love your gutties. (Did I get it right!?)

Vale of Fashion and Cookies

Wow! Vale from Fashion and Cookies is our guest this round. And WOW! She looks so fantastic. If I could pull this look off in the day time, I would be giving myself some high fives. Vale, is Italian–does that help explain? I highly recommend visiting her site; you will instantly get addicted to her chic style. Plus, she writes a bilingual blog in both Italian and English, so if you speak either of those languages, you’ll always understand!

Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor

Photo 1-1-2000, 12 02 50 AM
Ummmm, Diane, I’ll keep it simple and just say I’ll be copying this look. I love it. It’s summer time, and I now live in my cutoffs, so I especially adore and relate to this entire look. Can you send that top over when you’re done with it?!

Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Photo 25-6-2016, 1 26 03 AM
Jennie, it’s so fun to see your style evolving with each of our collaborative posts. You’re preppy self is turning a bit rocker? Do you agree!? I love it. You’re showing us all an edginess lately that I haven’t witnessed before. Also, I’m kicking myself: I should have bought those snake slip-ons that I saw ions ago. Super Jennie!

Mary of Curlybyrdie Chirps

Photo 25-6-2016, 2 33 02 AM
Holy smokes Mary! And you’re opting for a fabulous skirt this time around. (Mary is usually our dress wearer.) Mary, you’ve probably heard this before, but your curves are to die for! I love this skirt, and it fits you amazingly. You look smashing Mary!

Sheela Writes

Photo 25-6-2016, 9 27 49 AM
Sheela, I love your pants. I even have a similar pair! But I think yours are just a little fancier and way more cool with the jogger vibe going on. And Sheela, how, oh how do you manage in your heels? I am in awe, a little jealous, and just in complete awe how you can wear shoes as fabulous as you do!

And me, Kremb de la Kremb

Formal During the Day 8
For me, and my comfy shoe wearing ways, I’m letting my hemline creep up and up. And why not!? To avoid the muffin top, I’ve concealed it with a waistbag (fanny pack if you like!). To increase the look of a waist I side tied my tee OR I tied my bomber around my waist–two ways of cinching in a waist. And the shoes, well they feel like heels, so they add an instant pep to my step. I’m in love with these Teva flat forms and will be wearing them all summer long!

Formal During the Day 1
I got the thumbs up from my photographer!!

DIY Shirt Hack X 2

DIY Shirt Hack 1
Why wear clothing the way it’s intended? Sometimes it’s fun to mix it up! Here, I show you a DIY shirt hack in two ways: as a skirt or as a bandeau top. Both of these styles are super easy–all you need is a long sleeved button down shirt for these two DIY shirt hacks.

DIY Shirt Hack 6

DIY Shirt Hack #1

For this first style, simply button up your shirt around you waist. I leave the last three to four buttons unbuttoned. Tuck in the shoulders and tie the sleeves together.

DIY Shirt Hack 2

DIY Shirt Hack 5

Once the shirt is tied, I tuck in any extra bits that are sticking out. It’s that easy!

DIY Shirt Hack 4

DIY Shirt Hack 3

DIY Shirt Hack #2

DIY Shirt Hack 8
For the second DIY shirt hack, button it up again but this time, leave your arms out. Again I left about four buttons unbuttoned. For this one, I needed a little help with someone tying the shirt’s sleeves behind my back.

DIY Shirt Hack 9
I let the shoulder area create a little bustle in the back.

DIY Shirt Hack 10

DIY Shirt Hack 7

Biking in Coronado, San Diego–Wear Layers!

Biking in Coronado 8
San Diego is beautiful! Kevin and I are having such fun. We’ve discovered an easy way to see all the neat neighborhoods. Biking in Coronado and along Pacific Beach’s promenade has been a cinch for me; I would have never been able to walk the amount of all that we’ve seen, but on a bike, I moving around like a dream. And hey, maybe I’m even getting some exercise! Now I know when I get to Spirit Lake. The kids and grandparents arrive this afternoon–I did miss them, but this little get away has been amazing! We need to do it more often.

Biking in Coronado 3

In Coronado, start your tour at Holland’s Bicycles. They are so friendly there, rent great bikes, and recommend a really good tour. We followed their map–with slight deviations–and ended up seeing the whole island (it’s technically not an island, but they call it as such).

Biking in Coronado 9
In San Diego, the weather is so pleasant, but when traveling it’s always a good idea to wear layers. Underneath my crochet sweater, I also had a tank on plus I carried a denim shirt for when the wind hit. I did go through all three layers–happily.

Biking in Coronado 10

Out at the ferry wharf in Coronado there are tons of fisherman. Of course, Chatty Annie, I took the time to ask all about the fishing out there. Mario called it a science!

Biking in Coronado 6

Here’s my funny outtake when there were fish jumping all around me!

Biking in Coronado 1

White Maxi Dress–PPP No. 4

White Maxi Dress - Kremb de la Kremb 2
June in Hong Kong means beach time, so when it was my turn to choose something to pass around for the 4th Ping Pong Post, I chose this white maxi dress. It’s flowy and airy and see through! Gasp! But not so much so that I can still feel covered when I take the five minute walk from my house to the beach in this dress quasi coverup. A couple of months ago I layered the white maxi dress over a pair of khaki green skinnies with a boho blazer. From that post, I can remember a comment from Sam saying, “Send it my way!” So, I did exactly that–I wonder what Samantha and Anna came up with…..Keep scrolling!

White Maxi - Kremb de la Kremb 9

White Maxi Dress - Kremb de la Kremb 6

White Maxi Dress - Kremb de la Kremb 1

Samantha from Fake Fabulous

Samantha is so demure and classy. Sometimes she reminds me so much of Audrey Hepburn–does anyone else see it? Samantha is always very poised and extremely put together. Yes, there’s a quirky bit usually thrown in, but her statuesque presence is what gets me.

Samantha’s Fake Fabulous and Instagram

Anna from Anna Island Style

Anna has two things in common with both my styling and Sam’s. Like me she hit the beach, and like Sam, she layered a slip dress underneath. But Anna’s dress is of a fun tropical flavor. It’s as if she’s added more beach vibes to an already perfect beach scene. I love it! Obviously all three of us need to be partaking in Sam’s bubblies for this styling. Too bad we’re all so far away from each other!

Anna’s Island Style Blog and Instagram

White Maxi Dress - Kremb de la Kremb 4

White Maxi Dress - Kremb de la Kremb 3

White Maxi Dress - Kremb de la Kremb 7
The beach always requires one accessory for me: my puka shells from Puka Beach, Boracay. The instant I hit a beach, I’ve usually got these two strands wrapped around my ankles.

Do you have anything–aside from SPF, that you must wear that signifies beach time to you? A special hat or scarf, a sentimental beach towel, or a piece of jewellery like my anklets?

And what about White Maxi Dress, Ping Pong Post No. 4?

And, if you received this dress in the mail, how would you have styled it?

End of the School Year

End of the School Year 7
Oh my! The end of the school year! I’ve packed…I’ve finished school…we celebrated Kevin’s birthday and Vincent’s end to his primary education…and now, I’m ready for summer! The end of the school year is always such an incredible whirlwind. It’s good, but when I scramble out of it, I always feel a bit wiped. Kevin too. The kids maybe. But now, we have summer. Awwwww. Deep breath! And big grins. And a flight to catch in a few moments. The itinerary is as such: first stop Seattle. We fly out today on Saturday but we land earlier on Saturday than when we left! I know–crazy!! Time zones….Then, on Sunday, tomorrow kind of, Kevin and I fly to San Diego while he attends a middle school leadership conference and I play tag along/plus one/ wifey! (We haven’t had this sort of get away in over ten years–gasp!) The kids stay with Grammy and Babaji and then all them join us in San Diego on Wednesday. A highlight of our summer is always the little side trip we get to take with Kevin’s folks. They have always been our best travel companions, and we’ve rented a beach house in La Jolla. All of us can’t wait–stay tuned on Instagram. After our trip to San Diego, we fly back to Seattle for just one day there and then we hit Spokane, Washington on Tuesday, June 28th. From then on out, it’s Spirit Lake, Idaho BabAy! Oh, that porch bed is calling me. Before all that though, I’m posting these pics to celebrate the end of this school year.

Here’s Vinnie’s 8th grade picture found in the Oriental, HKIS 2016 year book. He’s changing before our eyes these days growing into a young man.
The child’s face in him has been left behind.

End of the School Year 2

End of the School Year 6
Kevin and I struck a prom pose–but why not!

End of the School Year 4
These two! They’ve got a really neat bond.

End of the School Year 5

End of the School Year 1
I was happy to capture this candid shot. Vincent turned to his friend while in line to receive his certificate to shake his buddy Henry’s hand. Vincent has made some really good friends in his four years here at HKIS. What’s hard is having to say goodbye to a few of them. Luckily, I just have a feeling he will see them again.

End of the School Year 8
A special occasion calls for a special dress. Come July 24th, this dress will have been in my closet for 19 years. I wore this dress to our rehearsal dinner the night before we got married in 1997. It’s a keeper! As is Kevie!!

How will you be celebrating your summer? Do you have a reunion? Family trip? I hope you have a great summer and a chance to catch your breath. I know all the Kremb de la Kremb clan will be doing just that!

Dressing Up with Tennis Shoes

Just this week I confessed to the chronic pain I experience in my hip, and how I still try to remain happy. One of the ways I manage each day is by wearing comfortable shoes…but what about when I need to dress up? Like, just this week I have had three rather formal events to attend: a graduation dinner, a senior brunch, and graduation. Alongside all the grad festivities, there’s my son’s 8th grade recognition party. All these events pose a problem for the enthusiastic fashionista in me: dressing up with tennis shoes? Can it be done and how? In my mind, since I’ve been wearing tennis shoes each day, every day for about a year now, I now just wear them as if they’re any other shoe. This dress I’m wearing…I bought it for cocktail parties–in fact I wore it to my school’s Christmas party with a turtleneck underneath, fleeced tights, a long cardi, and over the knee boots. It is a great party dress! Here, I dressed up everything the same way I would for a party: smokey shadow, blingy accessories, a bright pink lip, yet when it came to my shoes, I chose my black Converse. Dressing up with tennis shoes in my opinion is a state of mind–if I feel dressed up, I will be dressed up. It goes back to another one of my mantras: if you think you are, you are! So, for the senior brunch, I wore a turquoise jumpsuit and my sleeveless white blazer with my sparkly Keds. For my son’s 8th grade recognition party I’ll be wearing my rehearsal dinner dress with a pair of khaki Supergas. And for graduation, I’ll pair a white dress with my Reebok classics. My shoes aren’t what dress me up; rather it’s my attitude that dresses me up!

Outfit Details:
  • I picked up this dress from Forever 21. The sparkles really got to me as did the Star Trek like shoulders. I really couldn’t resist. It’s a little snug in spots, so I wear a pair of spanks underneath. I like how the back (not shown–sorry!) is also a “V.”
  • Chucks are stable for me…I’m ready to get a white pair too. I just saw a student at the senior brunch who took off all the labels on a white pair, and it looked so cool. I will be copying him momentarily….thanks for the style inspo Benson!
  • The earrings are from a random shop in Jardine’s Bazaar. They have all these little vintage like earrings. I picked up more than a few–totally not necessary, but I’m such a sucker when it comes to accessories! The necklace is part of a set of three from Forever 21. I just chose one so as not to over-bling myself! Hahha. And the clutch was picked up at the annual 4th of July Parade Picnic that we attend every summer. I head straight to the same booth each and every year and always score some goodies from this lady. And the sunniest were a random find on a trip to China. Little markets in China seem to have the quirkiest sunglasses like this silvery, leopard pair!
  • My hair was freshly cut in these pics–I have finally gotten to the mullet. Not sure if I’m used to it and even like it, but I finally reached my hair goal. What do you think? Hahha! Maybe I really don’t want to know…. Wink wink.
  • Setting Details:

    Stanley Market has all sorts of fun walls all over the place. For these outfit pics, Gigi and I were headed to the same place I first posed with this dress, but on the way we ran into this cute panda painted by Printhouse HK. He seemed to be winking at us, saying, “Hey! Stop here. Take some pics with me!”

Don’t Be Blue!

Don't Be Blue 1
“Don’t be blue!” I say! And Francis too. Francis is this cute little guy I met at my neighborhood court. He let me borrow his toy ball which gave me the chance to pretend a little bit. I think I get props in this post for my ability to act like I’m playing ball. Due to hip complications, it’s all a pose!

Don't Be Blue 4

Don't Be Blue 2

Don’t be blue! That’s what I am mentally trying to do. Generally, I am a very happy person–I consider myself to be happy-go-lucky. Sure I experience stress, and I definitely wear my emotions on my sleeve, or so I’m told. Running a high school library, I have a very front facing job where I serve a close community all day long. I mingle amongst the students and talk to the adults passing through. Upon all appearances, and on this blog for that matter, I appear happy. Most all of us have an ability to present a happy face. But, what about when something brings us terribly down? Don’t be blue? Just like that? Sometimes it’s not so easy, but we have to try. Just recently I wrote about going with what works–a post that basically states all the things that make me happy.

Don't Be Blue 9

Material items can only bring so much happiness. I can’t claim to have a solution for those times when I’m feeling down because of the chronic pain I am experiencing in my right hip continues. Even after my first surgery back in late August, it’s hard to be “happy” when I’m constantly in pain. My first hip doctor told me to “push through” the pain. While since then, I’ve received a second opinion because I can only handle so much pain, I am starting to find a different meaning for “pushing through.” There are a few things I need to do….

Don't Be Blue 6

Pushing through might mean I need to continue to be my happy self. It’s my nature, so I must continue with this attitude I have toward life. Second, I need to find beauty, love, happiness, all the things that make life wonderful, and celebrate it. Take this cute little boy who was so determined to strike his own pose. He made me happy, so while the athletic shots in these pictures are fake, the smiles are most definitely not. Finally, something I have started to do recently to help me remain happy is rely on others. I’m fiercely independent, so it’s hard for me to ask for help or to share what’s really going on with me. Therefore I’ve started to reach out and seek support–take for example this very honest and rather exposing blog post. I don’t normally share anything this negative or personal here on Kremb de la Kremb. Wow. Feels good. I’m not usually this honest. But, I am pushing through. Don’t be blue. I’ve definitely got myself a new mantra.


Don't Be Blue 3

Don’t Be Blue!

If you are daring enough to share, what have you done to get you through your blues? Do you have any wisdom to share with me as I work through pain management?

PS: The Outfit Details

For those who are interested I’ll tell you a little bit of what I’m wearing….

  • Of course you can probably guess where the shirt and skirt are from–yes, Forever 41. Op, I did it again; I mean Forever 21.
  • My sunglasses are from Topshop. They’re the pair that haunted my thoughts when I didn’t buy them the first time around. It wasn’t until another branch opened that I was able to get them. The moment I saw them, I did NOT hesitate!
  • Anytime I go to Forever 21 in Causeway Bay, I also stop and see my jewellery guy Ben in Jardine’s Bazaar. He’s the fourth stall on the left. He has the best costume jewellery–like these statement earrings.
  • I think my new Reebok tennies could use their own post. Oh, the story behind getting these sneakers. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy! So I’ll save the style story for another post!
  • DIY Tassel Sandals

    DIY Tassel Sandals 5

    DIY Tassel Sandals 11

    I keep seeing the most beautiful tassel sandals all over this spring in magazines, on blogs, and in my Instagram feed. Most of the pairs I see have been around $300 USD! That’s way too much for me to splurge on a pair of trendy sandals–at least for now. But, when I found a pair of similar lace up sandals at my trusty Forever 21 plus a very trendy and colorful tassel necklace, I saw a DIY waiting to happen. These DIY tassel sandals were easy to make, and they ended up costing me $30 USD–that’s one zero less! #winwin

    1. Buy the Supplies.

    DIY Tassel Sandals 3
    I bought this pair of sandals and a tassel necklace from Forever 21. (I couldn’t find the tassel necklace, but I know any craft store carries tassels–menaing you could skip my next step of freeing the tassels from the necklace.) I then needed jewellery wire cutters and pliers.

    2. Prep the Tassels.

    DIY Tassel Sandals 2
    I cut off each of the tassels with the wire cutters. Once free of the necklace I sorted each tassel by color and then appointed a set for each sandal.

    DIY Tassel Sandals 1

    3. Start adding the tassels

    DIY Tassel Sandals 12
    I opened up each tassel, then added it to the lace. I was random with the placing trying to compliment the colors along the way. (I had the extra work of prepping each tassel, but tassels are sold ready to go at craft stores.)

    That’s it!

    DIY Tassel Sandals 8

    More Outfit Details:

    DIY Tassel Sandals 10
    Aside from the DIY Tassel Sandals that I made, here are some more details about what I’m wearing:

  • My top is also yet one other off the shoulder top I purchased at Forever 21. The red on this one just got me! I couldn’t resist!!
  • My cutoffs are Levis that I cut off literally! There’s a great second hand store in Rathdrum, Idaho that carries a ton of great Levis called Frugal Bob’s. I always make a quick stop into this little shop. The silver feathers added to this DIY embellished scarf are also from this little boutique. Thanks for the goods Bob!
  • My sunglasses are from this trip to Liang Jiang, wandering around the little cobblestone streets.
    DIY Tassel Sandals 4
  • And the simple pearl necklace was purchased in a Shanghai market while visiting my sister, ShangMarLa. (Now that she’s moving away from Shanghai, can she still keep this nickname?)

    DIY Tassel Sandals 9

    *Norbyah, thank you for taking the pictures!

  • More Boho, More Paisley

    More Boho More Paisley 7

    Just Monday I participated in a blogger collab with The Fab 40s. The theme was boho. Here I am again two days later with more boho, more paisley. It was around November when I posted about my Thanksgiving paisley pants. This pair, just about as old, maybe even older, are my Spring pair of paisley. You know, now that I think about it…these pants date back even further. They were my very first online purchase–from J.Crew, the pioneers of online shopping. That means they might be as old as 15 or so years–proving that I’ve always been a sucker for anything paisley. This whole boho theme simply chosen for the eight of us to style, has got me thinking a lot about my personal style. I’m reminiscing all the way back to my high school senior pictures. Let me give a little despcription of just one of the three photos, and you tell me if my bohemian ways have been rooted thick. My favorite pic had me in a pair of oversized, red patched-up, Levi jeans. Oh, those jeans were so (flippin’) cool! I wore a red tee and had colorful seed bracelets stranded around my wrist. Oh, and I chose to go barefoot for these pics, sitting all cool Indian style. I miss those red patched jeans so much. Jill Cramp, my doppelgänger and good friend plus original owner of my fake ID, gave them to me. I don’t think I’ve felt as cool in a pair of jeans since…. Hmmm, maybe it’s time for a DIY. Yes, from paisley to patches, from beaded jewellery and fringe accents, to tons of texture, my boho style runs thick. Is it the story behind it all rather than the actual items of clothing? That’s what I’m left wondering. What makes me boho? What do you think?

    *This summer I’ll take a picture of the above described senior picture. I’ll then update this post with the beloved red patched jeans from Jill.

    More Boho More Paisley 6

    Outfit Details:

    I’m just curious? Do you care about the outfit details? Each items is long gone by now but I’ll tell you anyway…

  • Kevin gave me the earrings for Christmas one year. Each year at Christmas I always know there will be a pair under the tree for me. I love this annual gift.
  • Two of the stacked necklaces were made by my friend Mariana from Venezuela. The turquoise one is mine, and my mom let me have her coral one. Both pearl drop and the evil eye were purchased in Shanghai at a market during a visit to my sister.
  • The top is from Forever 21, and the pants are from J. Crew. Like I said they are really, really old. I still love them. They are in great shape proving that sometimes quality is better than quantity. Something I’m trying to embrace more of….
  • The fringe bag is from a second visit to Target (after I obsessed over not getting it the first time I saw it!), and the shoes are from Zara as are my sunnies.
  • Yay or nay to the outfit deets?

    More Boho More Paisley 1

    More Boho More Paisley 2

    More Boho More Paisley 5

    Have a Laugh!

    I think it might be fun to start including some of my funny, dorky outtakes. For example, here Remota (the name I have fondly given to my remote control so cleverly hidden in my right hand, ha ha!) told me to pretend like I’m looking for someone coming around the corner. Convincing? I don’t think so! Have a good laugh on my behalf!!

    More Boho More Paisley 8