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The Fab 40s in Boho

Kremb de la Kremb Boho
Jennie from A Pocket Full of Polka Dots called boho for this month’s Fab 40s’ theme. Of course I was super excited to hear this theme because let’s face it: I’m definitely a bit bohemian in my style. I am a sucker for anything with a cultural aesthetic especially when it comes to colorful tassels, intricate embroidery, or paisley patterns. The thing is when I started to figure out how to style an outfit for this post, I got a little nervous. I could totally overdo my bohemian style–kinda like this Coachella inspired look or this whimsical LRD (little red dress). For some reason, since I claim myself to be a little boho, I was scared to appear OTT (over the top) as I am sometimes referred. So, for this look, I just dressed as if it was a normal Saturday. Perhaps I would go shopping in town for the day. Because usually for every day, I add a little touch of bohemian to my look whether it’s with tassels, fringe, lace, or cutoff denim, there’s always a little something hippy chic to my style.

Kremb de la Kremb Boho

Kremb de la Kremb Boho

Kremb de la Kremb Boho

Jennie from A Pocketful of Polka Dots

Generally Jennie is our petite, classy, and preppy rep. She really wanted to challenge herself with the boho theme. In my opinion, her entire looks seems pretty effortless. She nailed boho chic–utterly and completely. And she still looks super cute. Nice job Jennie! And what a fun theme for all of us. See more of Jennie’s classy style over at A Pocketful of Polka Dots.

Daenel from Living Outside of the Stacks

Fab 40s Bohemian Theme Floral Dress Brown Skirt and Brown Wedges {living outside the stacks}
Jennie not only named our theme this month, but she also invited Daenel from Living Outside of the Stacks–and yes, she’s referring to the library stacks. Daenel is a fellow librarian! Yay for that!! Also, Daenel knows how to wear bohemian. I love the pettticoat layer she has going on underneath her neutral floral wrap dress.

Sheela of Sheela Writes

Queen She–as I’ve started to call my good friend Sheela, really surprised me with this look. The floppy hat, fringe bag, dress as tunic with a kimono layer, well it’s no surprise she looks like she hangs with the Olsen twins. What I do adore about Sheela’s styling here is that she still as the funky as heck heels thrown it.

Mary of Curly Bird Chirps

DSC_0855 (2)
It’s pretty unanimous and it might become official: Mary is the expert with dresses. Each and every time she just kills the look with a new and different dress. And now with the boho theme this one might just be my favorite. The blue color and the fabric’s pattern are just stunning.

Samantha of Fake Fabulous

Samantha always has it goin’ on! She is seriously a chameleon of style. She layers like no one’s business and can adapt to each style’s theme with ease. My favorite part of Sam’s styling are those lovely layered necklaces. I know there is a style story behind each one. I feel like I could sit on her patio and listen to the stories behind them all….

Diane from Fashion on the 4th Floor

Simply put, Diane is just cool. Look how sleek she is here. With legs for days, she’s rockin’ those flares. Her muted color choices are boho in of themselves. Are you wondering if she really did attend Coachella alongside the other glamorous bloggers? I am!!

Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun

Dawn Lucy, we are going to miss you so much. Jennie really did choose the best theme for your final Fab 40s post. You have always been a boho style inspiration for me in each of your style posts. You seem quite similar to me in that there’s usually some touch of bohemian in your sartorial choices. DL, all the best to you next month as you turn 50 and enter into even more amazing style–because that’s what you have no matter what your age. Luckily, Fashion Should be Fun isn’t too far away! It’s been so wonderful getting to know you!

And me from Kremb de la Kremb!

Kremb de la Kremb Boho
I grabbed my new off the shoulder black top and paired it with my DIYed cutoff denim skirt. I wore two embellished items that I made myself: fringe sandals and a tassel bag. To include a little India to my look I added my Ganesha silver earrings. And finally, I just wore some funky mirrored aviator styled sunnies that I picked up in Boracay, Philippines. Do I look subtely boho to you? I hope so! I really didn’t want to over do it–which if you looked at my wardrobe would be totally possible!

Purple Leopard Jumpsuit – Ping Pong Post No. 3

Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 6
I might have squealed when I opened this month’s Ping Pong Post package and saw this purple leopard jumpsuit inside. It’s quite known that I love leopard (see here, here, here, and here), and I don’t discriminate against leopard in color (as seen here and here). Once I held it up, I will admit to a cringe when I saw the “S” tag indicating a small in size. I am not small. I have never been a small. I’m ok with that. So, I did have a moment of, “Oh gosh, I hope I can squeeze into this….” And I did, but it was literally a squeeze. Because the jumpsuit was a little small on me, I also lost the proper length for my legs. It was at that point that I decided to tie each one up in a pseudo bow. I actually just used hair ties to create the bows–similar to a hair bun. I have a ton of semi-formal events coming up from graduation and its dinner to prom. I styled this jumpsuit as if I was attending one of those events; hence the ostrich bag came out as did my satin bowed kitten heels. I wasn’t sure about the jewellery, so I went with my chunky silver chains and simple silver hoops.

Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 1

Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 7

Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 2

Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 4

Samantha in the Purple Leopard Jumpsuit

Samantha, from Fake Fabulous, is the pro at mixing. Look how she added green into the mix: in her necklace and shoes. Then she accentuated with more shades of blue with the sash and cluth. She told Anna and I how freezing these pics were taken back in March, and I believe her. I bet the sleeveless duster did nothin’ but it sure does look classy.

Anna in the Purple Leopard Jumpsuit

Anna, from Anna’s Island Style, went with pattern mixing which is so fun! I love how she added a striped tee underneath. Plus all of her accessories from the rings she’s wearing to her bold shoes are such fun. She’s embraced the whimsical with success.

Ann in the Purple Leopard Jumpsuit

Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 5
Here you have me–with a flat chest up above! I kind of love that picture since this silhouette usually doesn’t happen for me!
(But down below, if I’m honest the Girls look a little wonky! Haha.
Kremb de la Kremb Purple Leopard Jumpsuit 3

Your turn! How would have you styled this purple leopard jumpsuit? Do share in the comments.

DIY with a Tailor: Off the Shoulder Dress

DIY with a Tailor 5

Sometimes I start a DIY and I realize I’m going to need some help. I think this is ok. I can sew–barely; I’m definitely a novice. But my lovely tailor in my neighborhood is amazing. And, she’s so sweet! I got started on this DIY and by the end realized when it came to the sewing, I’d need her help.

Let me back up: when I saw this long sleeve, crew neck dress in HM on sale for only $12, I instantly saw it as an off the shoulder dress for spring. At some point I’ll have to stop with all the off the shoulder styles, but for now, I’m deciding to go with what works, and this style works for me!

DIY with a Tailor 1

Here’s what I did to turn this long sleeve dress into an off the shoulder one:

1. Choose a long sleeve tee or dress.

DIY with a Tailor 9
This DIY could be done with a long sleeve tee or dress. It could even be done with a regular old tee shirt (see here for the easiest t-shirt DIY ever).

2. Put the item on, and using four pins, measure.

DIY with a Tailor 8

First, pin the point at which you would like the top to sit on your chest. (I went on the high side since I did not want to show cleavage while wearing this dress.)  Then, take another pin and mark where you plan to cut which would be folded over for the hem. I went about an inch higher than the top’s hemmed edge. Finally, mark the sleeve in the same way.

3. Now, cut across at the top pin.

DIY with a Tailor 7

DIY with a Tailor 6

Luckily for me, I was able to cut right along the line, so an item with stripes is highly recommendable. Otherwise, using a ruler, measure how far is needed to cut, take that measurement, and mark the garment across evenly. Then, cut across that line.

4. Hem and sew. Or, at this point, take it to a tailor.

Now, fold to the second pin mark, and hem. This is where I decided that my tailor would be better at sewing the hem. For this dress, I also hemmed the length–shorter just works better for me and my legs!

DIY with a Tailor 2

DIY with a Tailor 4

DIY with a Tailor 3

Now, tell me:

Have you embraced the off the shoulder trend? Do you intend to? I’ve definitely got more of this look coming. This spring going into summer, I can’t seem to get enough of it!

*Thank you Norbyah for these pics. You got the sun and me just right! 

*Also this post has been linked up to the Project Sister Act, #iwillwearwhatilike, Turning Heads.

Go With What Works!

Go With What Works 3The more mature (I won’t use older here!) I get, I’ve decided to GO WITH WHAT WORKS! There are many things that are hard on me, that I prefer not to get into–mainly my hip and the chronic pain it’s causing me. Therefore and rather, I like to focus my energy on the good. Basically, I decide to go with what works. While of course my family and the people in my life make me happy, there are also things–you know, stuff! For this post, I’m going to share some of the physical things in life that bring me joy.

Go With What Works!

Here are some things that make me happy (in no particular order):

  • the beach
  • baths
  • books
  • clothes
  • jewellery
  • makeup
  • markets
  • tans (even if they’re fake!)
  • cafés (with good cappuccinos and really good books!)
  • trips
  • sun and water
  • sunsets
  • cocktail hour
  • home-cooked meals
  • also chic restaurants
  • magazines
  • as well as fashion/style blogs
  • Instagram
  • popcorn
  • especially with red wine
  • and a movie on a Friday night
  • dark chocolate (especially with sea salt)
  • *I’ve added to this list a gazillion times since it’s been posted! The list of things keeps growing!! Hahhaha.

    And last but very much not least, these two things always work for me!
  • white off the shoulder tops
  • cutoff jean shorts
  • Go With What Works 1

    Go With What Works 4

    Go With What Works 5

    Go With What Works 2

    What about you?

    What are your things that you go with that always work for you? Are there any things that just make you happy?

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    Jungle Love with Louella Odié in Borneo, Malaysia

    Jungle Love Louella Odié Bag

    *Ammendment to this post: When I went to return the bag to Louella Odié, they gave it to me!! Yay! I love it. Their bags are the epitome of luxe in my opinion, so I am thrilled to own this one. It’s like no other bag I have. Thank you Louella Odié!

    During our most recent travels during March’s spring break, Louella Odié loaned my a bag–a stunning, totally gorgeous bag! This is the Green Jungle Bag. The beautiful jungle canvas print has lovely tobacco leather casing. There’s a hidden outer pocket within that leather panel, and on the bottom there are golden studs to protect the surface. It’s a nice and roomy tote–perfect for traveling. And it’s so luxe, so it was the best bag for me when we stayed a night or two at a five star hotel! In this post, I’ve styled it three ways: for the hotel lobby, the resort, and the pool. Take a look at this Louella Odié Jungle Bag in the Borneo Jungle of Malaysia!

    *Similar to my last travels with Louella Odié, they are still offering the 15% discount code with KREMBDELAKREMB at the checkout.

    The Lobby

    White Shoulder 3

    I mixed the Green Jungle Bag with some equally jungle-y trousers. Why not? Patterns on patterns are completely acceptable. I even through in some leopard print shoes into the mix. And off the shoulder during a vacation is the perfect style!

    White Shoulder 1

    White Shoulder 2

    White Shoulder 4

    White Shoulder 5

    The Resort

    Louella Odié Army Green Romper 4

    When I saw this romper at Forever 21, I knew it would be the perfect outfit for our jungle trip. It comes off a bit Top Gun pilot–which I like. Plus, this dark army green pulls out that dark shade in the leaves of the Louella Odié Green Jungle Bag. This romper is surprisingly comfortable and the hassle for undoing a few buttons to use the restroom is worth it if I feel really good in an outfit!

    Louella Odié Army Green Romper 8

    Louella Odié Army Green Romper 5

    Louella Odié Army Green Romper 6

    Louella Odié Army Green Romper 2

    The Pool

    Louella Odie White Romper 1

    Here’s another off the shoulder number in white and yet another romper. With an elastic top this one is super easy to take off and on–which is a necessity poolside as a coverup. Plus, this romper has an elegant look to it even though it’s quite casual making this romper a great travel piece especially paired with the Jungle Bag.

    Louella Odie White Romper 3

    Louella Odie White Romper 6

    Louella Odie White Romper 7

    Louella Odie White Romper 8

    Matching the Bag

    This bag is stunning! At least in my opinion. How would you style it? Do you ever match your outfits to the bag? Or do you always match the bag to the outfit? I’m just curious. I can go either way. Sometimes the bag is the best feature–kind of like this Green Jungle Bag.

    *Remember: any Louella Odié bag is 15% with the code KREMBDELAKREMB.

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    Mum’s the Word–A Mother’s Day Collaboration

    Kremb de la Kremb Mum 2

    My good friend Sheela is a genius at joining women bloggers together around the world. From The Fab 40s, to her Project Sister Act, to now this Mother’s Day post, she connects people. When she asked me if I’d want to write this post this Mother’s Day post with three other blogging mothers, my instant reply was, “Of course!” I’ve written about my mom and how she has greatly influenced my style many times on Kremb de la Kremb. Joanie, mom’s name, has always encouraged me to try something on because you never know. When I was asked to prom one week in advance, she helped me to design and make a dress! She give me her cowboy boots, and I can’t help but be so grateful for the many special gifts I’ve received when she gives us a Christmas in June when we return from overseas each school year. It’s safe to say that I refer to my mum often on Kremb de la Kremb.

    Kremb de la Kremb Mum 5
    And here I am looking just like her. It happens now: I see myself in the mirror or in a picture, and I think, “Wow, I look just like my mom!” Back when I was newly married, I cropped my hair–very Joanie style. I looked a lot like her then, but at that young, immature time, I didn’t want to look like her. Now, when I see myself resembling her so much, I feel proud and even a little pretty because that’s how I’ve always seen my mom, as such a pretty woman.

    Kremb de la Kremb Mum 6

    Joanie also has always had colorful style. I remember in the 80s when she was wearing pretty much the same color blocking of hot pink and turquoise seen today. Just my post from Wednesday, the Makeshift Jumpsuit, well that could have been her in 1985! She’s always been fashion forward ahead of any trends or even without trends. She’s an artist, which shows, but she’s also subtle. Something I have yet to master. There are so many, many-many articles of clothing I can remember and just absolutely loving on her. That nubby cream sweater that I’ve tried to copy, or her mumu that she made herself that I covet and secretly want her to hand down to me. My mom has always had amazing style–even the pictures from before I was exhibit an extremely stylish woman.

    Kremb de la Kremb Mum 3

    And here I am in a tunic that she also owns. There’s a style story behind it. My mother has always supported the international life that Kevin and I lead. She has also tried to visit us in almost each of our posts. She enjoys seeing our daily life overseas and demonstrated pride in the lifestyle that has formed for our family. During each visit, of course a little shopping occurs. When she was in Beijing, we were shopping in a Zara. She was at the cashier ready to buy this beautiful coral paisley tunic when she turned to me and asked, “Was there something you liked?” I told her yes, actually I really like this tunic. She promptly told me to go grab one. I remember that shopping excursion like it was yesterday. I love this tunic, I love shopping with my mom, and well, to continue with the gushiness, I love my mom!

    Kremb de la Kremb Mum 1

    There’s more! The coral necklace….that was hers made by a beautiful friend of mine while living in Venezuela. My mom bought it from this artisan friend and then a few years later gave it to me. The turquoise crucifix she gave to me this past summer before I left back for Hong Kong. The incredible, yet very old, shoes I’m wearing were purchased for my rehearsal dinner when I was married back in 1997. (Here’s the dress from the event to match!) Finally, it’s hard to see but I’m wearing a very special ring given to me by my mother’s mother, and the earrings I’m wearing were given to me after I became Gigi’s mother. Oh, the style stories go on and on!

    Enough…let’s take a look at the other three moms:


    Sheela Writes
    Here’s Sheela, mother, business woman, blogger, writer, and whom I always call Super Woman or even just plain ol’ Queen She. Sheela is also a daughter, and when you go read her post, you’ll be loving her even more for her honesty. And God bless her mom!


    Val is the mother of a little girl, she is a working mom, and she is the author of Val Around the Town. Val, a very classy dresser, attributes this class from her stylish mother. All I know is I kind of want her beautiful pearl bag! It’s amazing!!


    Rachel writes over at Garay Treasures. She’s a mother of four. The lovely spirit of giving is evident in Rachel’s outfit; it reminds me of my own story. Do go read Rachel’s post to find out about her coveted Michael Kors shoes…..

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    I say Happy Mother’s Day to my own mom, my mother-in-law, my sisters, my friends (married or not, with children or not). As a female gender we mother those we love in so many ways. So happy day to all of the women in my life and even to all women around the world!

    *This post has been linked up to #iwillwearwhatilike.

    Makeshift Denim Off the Shoulder Jumpsuit

    Makeshift Jumpsuit 3
    Recently, I was admiring @shoppolkadotboutique’s Instagram feed when I became completely enamoured by this denim off the shoulder jumpsuit. It got met thinkin’…. Maybe I could make my own makeshift jumpsuit. I have the chambray off the shoulder top, and I have a denim pair of culottes; going monochromatic is a sure bet way to create an illusion of a jumpsuit. Granted mine isn’t as lovely as the one at Shop Polkadot Boutique, but it felt good to shop my own wardrobe and create a somewhat similar look. This could be done with a black top and wide legged black pants or even a white blouse and skinny jeans. Jumpsuits work because they provide a unified silhouette. Give it a try!

    Makeshift Jumpsuit 2

    Makeshift Jumpsuit 6

    Makeshift Jumpsuit 5

    Makeshift Jumpsuit 1

    Slip-on Sparkle or Heels?

    Makeshift Jumpsuit 8
    Because of my hip issues this year, I’ve had to really change my footwear. And oh, do I miss wearing heels! These Kate Spade sparkly numbers are by far my favorite pair. On my birthday in February, when I saw these slip-on, Kate Spade, Keds’ version of my beloved heels, I had to get them! Sparkle in any form–even of the casual variety, is going to make me smile! But just for fun, I paired them here with the makeshift jumpsuit. Which way do you like the outfit? With the casual slip-ons or the fancy heels?

    Makeshift Jumpsuit 7

    Mix & Match a Makeshift Jumpsuit

    Grab an off the shoulder top and pair it with a pair of culottes. Easy peasy makeshift jumpsuit!

    Or Just go straight for the Jumpsuit

    More Denim Off the Shoulder Tops–None Over $40!

    I found this shop named Boohoo–very reasonable priced items that look so cute!

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    April Instagram @KrembdelaKremb: Vol. 16

    April Insta Collage

    In April I took heed of my Insta famous friend @SheelaGoh and did whatever she told me to do in order to hopefully grow my Instagram account. First, she instructed me to clean up my feed–meaning keep it to style and anything nonstyle related get rid of it. This was a mammoth job as used to have over 3800 images! First, I downloaded them all so I do have a backup, and I started a family account where I have started to grow past family moments @TheKrembsFamily. Then, she had me evaluate who I follow and try to be discerning in this area. Finally, Sheela instructed me to start engaging by commenting on other people. This last bit is the hardest part to keep up with as obviously life tends to happen! At any rate, I’ll do whatever she tells me as I witness her following continue to grow. I’d like the same to happen for me! Oh, the last thing she mentioned was to continue with color. She advised that my community like that. What do you think?

    1. This was my most popular picture. I do love blue! And the off-the-shoulder trend really works for my sloping collarbone! (The post from this pic will be coming to the blog soon….)

    2. This pic was from our Spring Break vacation. I love it when I get a family picture in, and this one is a good one!

    3. I had a Marilyn Monroe moment is the Little Red Dress that was meant to be!

    4. In May, I made a serious attempt at getting back to DIY posts–even asking you my readers if you like them and want me to keep them up. The answer was YES! These were a pair of black heels that I turned to a Miu Miu ribbon heel style.

    5. With Coachella hitting all the feeds of ever social network, I got inspired to embellish one of my bandana scarves.

    6. I patched my denim shirt–every time I walked into Zara I was like, I can do this to that old denim shirt of mine!

    7. On Instagram I receive such style inspiration, and in turn I become a bit of a copy catter! This colorful, crocheted tunic was spotted on Carmen Gimeno, and I had to have it. Luckily, I had a gift certificate from my dear friend Maureen that she gave me back in February for my birthday, so I was able to get it from Zara!

    8. Another colorful, 50s inspired pic came from this post taken at our little hotel in Hua Hin. Sometimes with me, outfits are made just to match the wall!

    9. This is probably my favorite pic from this past month. My good friend Weda (@theshortestfuse) took it for me. She’s been my Insta buddy since we started on Instagram together back in 2010 while living and working together in Beijing. We have many a selfie taken together for every time she came in to the library.

    Are you on Instagram? It truly is my favorite social media platform. Let’s follow each other! You can find me here: @krembdelakremb