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The Fab 40s in Fringe

Fringe 1
The Fab 40s are now into their 7th month. It feels like we just styled menswear just the other day! Now when it’s each of our turns, not only do we decide the theme to style, but we also get to invite a fellow 40 something blogger. With my turn this month, I was inspired by my friend and colleague Norbyah of I’m a Norbyah. Following her on Instagram, I saw a cool DIY project she created during the summer vacation months. She made her very own fringe bag! I admit it: I’m an easy-does-it DIYer. Her bag, that involved cutting the leather to create the fringe–well, it definitely impressed me. And it gave me both the theme and perfect person to invite to this month’s Fab 40’s post. Norbyah, as featured in a Style Story last week, is the Queen of Vintage. You’ll notice from her outfit details that all her clothing items are of high quality yet also recycled. I work with Norbyah, and I can admit it’s really fun to see what she’s wearing each day. Her remixes and revivals of repurposed clothing are inspirational. Welcome Norbyah!

Fab 40s in Fringe I'm a Norbyah

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Recipe: Venezuelan Pancakes

Venezuelan Pancakes 5Back when we were living in Venezuela, there was an easy weekend trip we would often take. We’d pick up cheap flights to Margarita Island, and then we’d stay at the windsurfing beach seven minutes away from the airport. Ultimately we found the cutest little posada, and each time we went the pancakes were ordered–habitually. Finally, I had to inquire, and luckily the ladies in the kitchen graciously shared their recipe. It’s as easy as making a smoothie and makes for the perfect weekend breakfast–and even some weekday mornings if we’re lucky.


Venezuelan Pancakes 1

The ratio is super easy. It’s 1:1:1. If I’m making pancakes for just the two kids, I keep the ratio to one, but if I’m making pancakes for the whole family I push the ratio to two. If I’m cooking for a full house, I’ll extend the ratio to three.

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 egg
  • one heaping spoon sugar
  • both vanilla and cinnamon to taste
Blend All Ingredients.

Venezuelan Pancakes 2

I toss all the ingredients into a blender and then blend for a bit of time so the mixture becomes nice and creamy–about a minute.

Oil and Heat a Pan.

Venezuelan Pancakes 3.Add a little olive oil (sometimes we use almond, walnut, or coconut oil) to a pan and heat it up. A single batch will make about three pancakes. Pour the batter into the pan and swirl the pan around to form a circle.

Watch for the Bubble

Venezuelan Pancakes 4

You know it’s time to flip the pancake when these little hollow holes keep appearing. You’ll noticed that the edges are also looking cooked. At this time I flip the pancake. It doesn’t fall apart or seep out because it’s become mostly cooked except for the very top layer.

Cook the Other Side.

Venezuelan Pancakes 6

Cooking the other side does not take as long as the first side. I’d say just about a minute more of cooking and the pancake is done.

Serve ‘Em Hot!

Venezuelan Pancakes 7

The unfortunate thing about pancakes no matter the recipe is they’re best served hot, so eating together isn’t always an option. Add a little butter and maple syrup. And emmmm, Venezuelan Pancakes. Or if you’re like my daughter, just add Nutella!

Books: Rehab Reading

Reading Books During Rehab

All the pictures from this post have been pulled from my Instagram feed, @krembdelakremb.

During the past three weeks I’ve been able to dedicate a fair amount of my time to reading. While having hip surgery isn’t the best reason for free reading time, I sure have enjoyed that aspect of my recovery. I read four books during my rehab, and I thought I would share my reviews with you.

Reading Books During Rehab

1. Eleanor and Park–5 Stars

Rainbow Rowell in my opinion is a master writer. I have yet to read a title of hers that I did not like, and I have read all of her books. Granted it took me two tries to get into Eleanor and Park, but once I did, I was smitten. Sometimes I think one’s state of mind is vital to appreciating a book. I must not have been in right place the first time around. The second time I went to read it, I could not put it down. Here are a few of the reasons why I think people would enjoy this book:

  • The relationship between Eleanor and Park takes place in the 80s–a decade filled with misfits.
  • The relationship between Eleanor and Park is interracial.
  • The relationship between Eleanor and Park happens despite demographics–one being poor and abused, the other being loved and supported.
  • The relationship between Eleanor and Park takes it’s time; it’s slow moving, cautious, and respectful towards the individuality of each of the two involved.

Basically this story is just lovely, and in quick alternating bits from Eleanor and then Park each chapter just passes by. Before I knew it, I’d finished this beautiful story of love that forms when friendship happens first.

2. The Winner’s Curse–5 Stars

Oh, this book was good! Marie Rutkoski has created a series with this Winner’s Curse that I want to read more about; it’s not guaranteed that I’ll continue with book two, but with Kestrel and Arin, I want to know what’s going to happen to them. Although it was made in a fantasty world, the setting became very medieval to me. It made me think that it could have happened in a land similar to Saudi Arabia with vast mountains set up against a sea. The women all wear a dagger right at their waste too–while it’s the style and simply for show, it’s a tool that works and sometimes comes out for its purpose to shield, protect, or harm. The relationship that’s instigated into romance between the general’s daughter and her slave was magnetic. Despite the fact that it shouldn’t work out, the reader desperately wants it too. A winner’s curse is an actual term; in an auction it’s win the winning bid wins, but really the winner didn’t win because the winner paid way too much for their prize. This story is so good: think war strategy with love mixed in…a dangerous combo for sure.

3. The Geography of You and Me–3 Stars

While reading The Geography of You and Me I thought it was good, but then now when I look back on it, I find it less memorable than the others. The book, like the other stories I read, is a romance, and I should like it better since it’s all about long distance and making a relationship work despite distance. I myself have lived the famous saying: distance makes the heart grow fonder. I’m not going to give up on Jennifer E. Smith and plan to give one of her many other novels a try. Similar to Eleanor and Park, maybe I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind when I read this. I did like how committed both Lucy and Owen were to getting themselves together–despite some serious long distance and circumstantial troubles.

4. Red Queen–5 Stars

This book is superhero fantastic! Wow! I loved Red Queen! It’s one of those novels where readers are going to determine what team they’re on, and I am definitely on Team Cal. There are two different types of people: the reds with red blood and the silvers with silver blood. Silvers have extraordinary powers like being invisible, creating fire, or even water. Reds, Reds just work and create a comfortable life for the Silvers. They also go to war and die for the Silvers. When the heroine of this story, who has regular old red blood, finds that she has a power, she’s an oddity that the Silvers want to hide. While there’s some foreshadowing that I caught onto, there were some surprises along the way. There was also one kiss that gave me the butterflies in my tummy–always a really good sign in my book! (No pun intended.)

*Bonus Title: The Secret Garden

Coloring Books
This wonderful book is worth mentioning; Johanna Basford is an illustrator and has created several coloring books that are just spectacular. There’s The Secret Garden and The Enchanted Forest that I know about. Gigi received The Secret Garden for her birthday with some fancy markers. We’ve been having some relaxing fun just filling in these colorful flowers. We just sit there and chat and color petals in bit by bit.

Here! Buy the Books at Target:

*The book links used in this post are affiliate links: if you purchase any of these books from my links, I’ll receive a couple of cents. Thanks for shopping with Kremb de la Kremb. As always, if you have any requests, I’d be much obliged.

Style Story: I’m a Norbyah

Imanorbyah 6
I’m dedicating this post to introducing my HK blogger friend and colleague, Norbyah of I’m a Norbyah. Norbyah is the quintessential inspiration when it comes to recycled clothing. She is an absolute expert at revitalizing clothing–especially vintage and second hand items. Like me Norbyah received some samples from the Get Redressed Pop-up. Once she put on these two pieces she looked instantly put together; the trick here is simply tying the blouse into a makeshift crop top, but the high waist of the skirt doesn’t leave too much for the imagination. If you browse through either Norbyah’s blog or Instagram feed, you will see it’s flush with all sorts of quirky and fun clothing that’s definitely been given new life. Finally, the signature of Norbyah has got to be the head scarf; she has an amazing collection of vintage scarves. I wonder how many you have Norbyah? While in these pics she’s dawning a hat, one look at her style pics on her blor or in her Insta feed, and you’ll realize she knows how to tie a tie! It was super fun taking these pics of Norbyah: her smile is contagious!

*This top and skirt on Norbyah will be available at the Get Redressed Pop-up event at the Pizza Express in Wan Chai from 11:30-9:00 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Imanorbyah 2

Imanorbyah 7

Imanorbyah 5

Imanorbyah 1

I Got Redressed–Again!

Get Redressed 5
Ok, ok, busted! I am so posing in these pics, but my photographer threw in a soccer ball, and since we were on the court, I pretended a bit. But this 2nd Get Redressed outfit is so sporty; it’s fitting. Jackaline, of M and S and Then Some, picked up this outfit for me too as she was sorting clothes for this week’s major event. Jackie definitely knows I’m not afraid of a mini…But really, this skirt, it’s Miu Miu. The top is Balenciaga. This Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, you will want to attend the Get Redressed Pop-up at the Pizza Express in Wan Chai.

*I need to apologize if you are not a local of Hong Kong, but you can always tell me of any requests….! I really mean that.

Get Redressed 10

Get Redressed 4

Get Redressed 6

Pics by Gigi.

Round 2 of Get Redressed:

Sunnies–my own from a market in Shenzhen, China
Earring–Ben from the 4th stall on the left at Jardine’s Bazaar in Causewway Bay, HK
Skirt–Miu Miu
Tennies–my Adidas

Here’s yesterday’s Get Redressed Outfit, here’s information about the event, and here’s my post from last year’s scores.

*This post has been linked to #iwillwearwhatilike.

I Just Got Redressed!

Get Redressed Trial 5

I don’t usually post on the weekends, but I need to make an exception for what’s coming up this next week. If you live in Hong Kong, they you definitely want to attend the Get Redressed Pop-Up Shop this coming Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, September 22-14. The sale is INSANE! I am not kidding. I consider myself a pretty savy shopper, and this event, well, it’s not to be missed. Much of clothing will have new tags on it. This is (actually) sad as it represents waste in the textile industry, but for those of us who care, we’ll get to benefit. My friend Jackaline of M and S and Then Some helped to sort, and she chose a couple of goodies for me. All of the items were top brands in mint condition with a couple of items with new tags. Crazy, but true. So….basically if you’re one of my local readers, get yourself to the Pizza Express in Wan Chai on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of this coming week! I’ll see you there!

Get Redressed Trial 4

Get Redressed Trail 6

Get Redressed Set Feature

Pics by Imanorbyah.

From Get Redressed:

From this post there are two items to highlight from the upcoming sale: my top and skirt, but stayed tuned…there’s more. Much, much more!

Top: Korean Brand Titicaca
Skirt: Zara
Tennies: my own New Balance

If need be here’s more information.

*Because tennies have become my statement shoe, I’ve linked this post to Not Lamb’s #iwillwearwhatilike link up.

14th Links á la Mode

Last week I wrote about a twist on a trend that’s going strong–the culotte but now in denim. It was understandable that this trouser would next become popular in the form of a jean. I submitted my “Denim Culottes Dressed Up and Down” to Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links á la Mode, and they chose one of my posts for the second week in a row! I love being connected by this power house of a site helping bloggers to become better bloggers. This is my 14th time! See all the others by clicking here.

links á la modeLinks à la Mode, September 17

Let’s Go Shopping for Fringe


These pictures are from the Express advertisement campaign featuring Karlie Kloss.

There’s a fall trend out there that is hitting the shops big: FRINGE! Fringe bags can be found everywere as well as a little fringe on the boots. I myself fringed a pair of sandals this summer and then just recently posted my fringe booties. Even a few years ago when I just started posting my outfits, I styled this black jumpsuit with my super fringed tote (my hair was so long back then, and we didn’t live in Stanley quite yet). Now, fringe is definitely mainstream and is surely a look to try out.

Try Some Fringe!

This is a bold trend. BUT, as seen up above with both of Karlie’s classic looks, it doesn’t overwhelm. Rather fringe can add just a bit, a tiny bit, of boho to a very classy outfit. So, with the fall trend in mind, and definitely one that’s here to stay for a while, I chose some pieces for you to test the waters. The best thing about my choices is they’re all under $50 US dollars. When trying a trend not many want to break the bank. Once you know you’re liking the trend, you can head to my FRINGE shop where I’ve included a ton, I mean a ton of options as all sorts of price tags.


A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I

*This post contains affiliate links through rewardStyle. Any purchase from an affiliate gives me literally a couple of cents. But hey, pennies add up! Thank you for shopping with me, and please do let me know if there is something you want me to shop for–I consider it my side job. Also, for a ton of more FRINGE options visit this shop.

To Kerchief or Not To Kerchief

To kerchief or not to kerchief, that’s what I’ve been wondering. There are parts of my physique that I am happy with. I’ve said it before, but I do like legs. I also like my eyelashes–silly, but it’s something. I also like how wavy my hair is. It’s definitely voluminous. It’s important to admit to the things we do like about ourselves. Often times we are just too hard. Like the fact that there is one body part that I dislike, A LOT. I always have–I can remember hating this body part in middle school. It’s my chin, or I really should say chins. I’ve got a full one. When I’m on the heavier side it beefs up, but even at my skinniest, that extra chin is still there. So this trend of tying a scarf right around my trouble spot, well I’m not sold–all the way. I will usually try something though just because that’s what I do. I’m a risk taker that way regardless if it actually looks good. However, there are some reasons you should wear one which I’ve included down below:



Handkerchief 7


To Kerchief

  • If you have a skinny neck and slight frame, you should definitely wear a neck tie.
  • If you are used to wearing statement necklaces and bold accessories, go for this style of tying something around your neck. It’s very similar, so it won’t feel very different for you.
  • If you have a beautiful collection of square scarves, start using them in this chic way.
  • If you often find yourself cold, tie one of these kerchiefs around your neck. It’s an instant insulator.
  • If you enjoy trying out new trends, then definitely this is a fun one for you!

I’m Going to try To Kerchief a couple of more times!

While I don’t love this style on me, I’m going to keep trying. I will attempt a looser neck kerchief tie and also a turtleneck style one. I’m not going to let my full chin stop me because I think the kerchief around the neck just looks really cool. I’ll try it out just a couple more times…take for example the way I wore my mom’s old silk tie here. I loved the kerchief with this outfit.

I’ve started a Pinterest board for inspiration. Join me!

Follow Kremb de la Kremb’s board To Kerchief or Not to Kerchief on Pinterest.

Get Redressed, September 22-24, 2015

Get Redressed
For those of you living in Hong Kong, there is an awesome event happening next week: Get Redressed is having their annual pop-up shop on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, September 22-24, from 11:30 am-7:00 pm at the Pizza Express in Wan Chai.

Why go to Get Redressed?

Here are the reasons why you should attend this great pop-up shop held by Redress HK:

  • Great Pieces–If you like high-end style at affordable prices, then this is the shopping excursion for you. Redress Asia does an exceptional job of sorting through some impeccable clothing–sometimes the tags are still on the clothing (like my Issey Miyake necklace showcased below!). They only will sell that which is in good, no great condition.
  • Great Prices–The pricing is easy. Everything is color coded with a sticker system. The code is place all over on posters, and the clothing is appropriately tagged. The Isabel Marant boots below were only HK$300 (That’s US $40 fora designer pair of boots!) so it’s easy to know the
  • Great Cause–Shopping always feels better when it goes towards a good cause. All the proceeds from this event will support the continual work of Redress in Hong Kong. Redress HK strives to promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, Hong Kong experiences a large amount of clothing waste, and Redress is attempting to create awareness and inspire all of us to think twice about our purchases. By reducing our textile waste we in turn help out our local community and even world!

My Get Redressed Favorite Purchases:

I’ve been to a couple of Get Redressed shops, and I have never walked away empty handed. Below are a few of my very favorite purchases as seen here on Kremb de la Kremb or in my daily outfits as seen on my Instagram feed @krembdelakremb.

Isabel Marant Fringe Booties!

Isabel Marant Boots

As seen in these posts: 1, 2, and 3.

This Faux Leather Jacket!

Leather Jacket

Seen in three posts: 1, 2, and 3.

This Top, Necklace, and Clutch!

Pink Clutch

May be seen here.

And a Wrap Dress!

Get Redressed

Which can be found last fall on my Instagram feed, @krembdelakremb.