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DIY: Doily Bowls

Doily Bowl DIY 9For some reason I’ve been wanting to make these little doily bowls for a while. It’s quite silly how easy these little bowls are to make. I’m mean, it’s probably the simplest DIY project out there. And now, I have four new cute bowls about the house to fill with those random left items that need a home like coins, jewellery, match boxes. Here are the easy directions including the removal–which was a step missing from some of the other directions I found online and pinned to my Kremb de la Kremb To Do DIY Board. (Check it out for a peek into my inspo….)

1. Gather the Supplies:

Doily Bowl DIY
At Joann’s I collected an assortment of 4 different doilies. (Now that I know how to make bowls out of them, I’ll be on more of a watch for unique doilies in second hand and vintage stores.) I also picked up a big bottle of a product called Stiffy. It’s a fabric stiffener. I gathered some bowls as molds, a bowl for the stiffy, and plates to place the bowls on.

2. Setup the Bowls and Plates.

Doily Bowl DIY 2
Fill one of the bowls with some stiffy. I’d say each doily uses about 1/2-3/4 cup. Also lay out your bowls face down on plates. I had four doilies so I set up four bowls upside down.

3. Completely Soak the Doily.

Doily Bowl DIY 3Immerse one doily at a time into the Stiffy glue. Really saturate the doily with this fabric stiffener. I gave each doily a good 10 to 20 second immersion in the stiffing liquid.

Doily Bowl DIY 4

4. Lay the Doily Over a Bowl.

Doily Bowl DIY 5Now, without worrying about all the excess liquid, lay the doily evenly over a bowl. Try to place it so that the center of the doily is on the bottom side center of the bowl. Once it’s placed how you like it, really spread the doily out evenly, pushing it on to the bowl.

Doily Bowl DIY 6

5. Let the Doilies Dry Over Night.

Doily Bowl DIY 7I was able to place my four doily bowls in the sun, but this isn’t necessary. Letting them dry at least 12 hours is fine.

6. Spoon the Doily Off.

Doily Bowl DIY 8
This was the step that I found missing in the directions I found online. One post said to put plastic wrap between the bowl and doily, but I skipped that. Instead I used a spoon to wedge in between the doily and the bowl. Slowly and surely, I worked my way around the bowl going deeper as I went. Eventually I got to the point where the doily came right off–shaped as a bowl.

That’s it! It was so easy. Aside from the drying, creating these bowls took about ten minutes. Next up I’ll try dying them. These little bowls would be great to use at Christmas filled with yummy treats. For now, I’ve got four of them around my house filled with earrings and coins. I keep one by my bed for all the keep sakes that could get lost if just left out and about.

Doily Bowl DIY 10

Kremb de la Kremb Cabin: The Porch

Screened In Porch 3

The porch is the heart of our cabin. It’s the location that comes to mind when I think about our cabin. Most of our hanging out occurs on the porch. When I’m not here the porch is what I day dream about, and while I am here it’s where I actually do dream–literally. Kevin and I sleep head to head each night on the porch in an “L” shape. We’ve tried the coziness of The Family Room downstairs where there’s a bed where we’d both fit, yet we always return to the porch where we can sleep in the fresh open air under piles of heavy, wool blankets. The porch is where we often eat breakfast and put out snacks. When guests are out visiting (which is often), the porch can fit everyone–there’s the leopard sofa at one end, the picnic table in the middle, and our day beds in the corner. The special spot can be accessed by both the great room and the kitchen through beautiful lead iron glass doors or by the stairs that lead to the lake. Of course, the main beauty of the porch however is the view out to our little lake, Spirit Lake. That can’t be beat.


The view….Ahhh!

Screened In Porch 1

I sleep on the left and Kevin on the right.

Screened In Porch 2

Touches of our travels are found throughout the porch: the little ornate dresser,
elephant bookshelf and paisley bedspreads are from India. The bench at the picnic table
is from China. The pretty pottery is from Venezuela. There are blankets from our travels
to both Guatemala and Peru. Plus interspersed here and there are second had finds from
shops in the area. The picnic table, bamboo lounge set, and beds came with the cabin!
Like us, it’s very eclectic.

Screened In Porch 5

Screened In Porch 9

Screened In Porch 6

Screened In Porch 4

I love having a leopard upholstered lounge set!


Screened In Porch 7

There used to be this awesome antique fair right by our house every summer.
Unfortunately, well fortunately for them, the fair has gotten so big that it
moved to Spokane and the spring so we always miss it now.
This little DIY find was a total score!

Silk Hair Terrier

This is Ruby, my sister’s family dog, and we totally and utterly fell in love with her.
In fact, Rani might be getting her Raj when we return to Hong Kong.

The Fab 40s in Leopard

Leopard 1

I love leopard! So I was very, very excited to hear that The Fab 40s theme for July was leopard. Mainly, I’ll be honest, I was happy for the chance to showcase my leopard lounger from our screened in porch out at our cabin on Spirit Lake. This old bamboo patio set came with the cabin; then while we were living in India, I had these leopard covers made. In my opinion, they are perfection! Let me get back to clothing and my extensive collection of leopard options–(this being one of my favorite ensembles). It is true: I have tons of leopard–my wardrobe is more than plentiful of this roaringly awesome print, hehe. But to style leopard on my leopard sofa…I knew I shouldn’t over do it–which is hard for me to do, so I (tried) to tone down the look with my leopard sleeved sweatshirt.


Jane at My Midlife Fashion

Biker Jacket–Zara
Necklaces–Stella & Dot
Bracelets–Ashiana Jewellery
Bag–Ghost Fashion
Flip Flops–La Redoute

Dawn Lucy

Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun

Top–Rag & Bone
Earrings–Tina Turk
Bracelets–J Crew & Gorjana
Bag–Refbecca Minkoff
Slip Ons–Candies


Sheela from Sheela Writes

Hat–Forever 21
Top and Trousers–Thrift Shop
Boots–Charlotte Russe


Dixie from Inside Outer Style

Jacket–haute Hippie




My Outfit Details:

Necklace (worn backwards)–J. Crew Venus Flytrap Necklace
Leopard Sleeved Sweatshirt–Forever 21 (very old, but this grey, muted men’s version is pretty cool!)
Cutoffs–Wrangler Jeans thrifted from Mee & Gee’s
Cowboy Boots–Old West from Zappos

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Baby Shower Ideas and Freuen Baby Shower Candids

Shower Food 1

Baby Shower Details

My sisters and I recently hosted a baby shower for our two brothers and their pregnant wives. Of course the best part was having us all together. The second best part was the planning and prep. Yes, I often enjoy the anticipation and preparation just as much (sometimes more) than the actual event. I thought I’d share some of the details:

  • Lemonade and Cucumber Water
  • Pinot Grigio and Stella Artois
  • A Crostini bar with these options: lemon ricotta with peas, white bean mash with garlic and rosemary, goat cheese and tomatoes with basil. Everything was interchangeable and delish!
  • Broccoli Candy with Toasted Sliced Almonds
  • Grilled Chicken Shawarma Bites with Israeli Salad
  • Shrimp Cups with Red and Yellow Pepper Slaw
  • Nibbles like pistachios, Marcona almonds, and Castelvetrano olives
  • An ice cream stand–run by the kiddos. (We asked each pregnant mum and her spouse for their favorite flavor, and had those at the ready!)

Shower Details

The kiddos made a baby line for each set of parents. Attendees were encouraged to write
a little tip or offer advice for the coming years of parenting. Also each set of parents
were given a little basket filled with Honest baby products from Target.

Baby Shower Candids

Some highlights from the baby shower were obviously seeing such cute pregnant ladies with admiring husbands. I actually think the awe in which a husband admires his wife to be so special–my two brothers were glowing too. The three Downey sisters got in for a cheek-to-cheek shot, and some cute photos with long-life neighborhood friend Megan (Meggie to me always!) were taken. In my opinion the best baby gift goes to the cute little giraffe that Amy’s mom handmade! This baby shower was a fun Sunday, despite the heat (that day was a high for Spokane); we all had a great time celebrating together. Plus, the Collins were able to host in their brand new house–which you can see is utterly gorgeous. Thank you Matt and Julie, and here’s to celebrating two more Freuens! All the best Adrian and Kate, Nicholas and Amy.

Shower Candids 2

Shower Candid 1

After all the festivities, the party continued–especially when an aunty (Mary!) and uncle (Nicholas) plotted against the nieces and nephews with an ice cold bucket drench. “Come, let me take your picture….” Hehehe!

Water Dump

Recipe: Grandma Soogie’s Cucumber and Walla Walla Sweets

Cucumber and Walla Walla Sweets
In Washington State there’s an onion that grows in Walla Walla that can actually be eaten as an apple. It’s a sweet onion that is bursting with flavors. While I personally have never eaten a Walla Walla Sweet like an apple, I know people who do, and they love them. My family also loves this state onion: rather I follow this simple recipe passed down from my Grandma Soogie. What’s interesting is this recipe is quite local–I’m not the only granddaughter who remembers this summer salad of cucumber and Walla Walla Sweets from growing up in the Pacific Northwest.

Cucumbers and Walla Walla Sweets



What’s nice about this salad is the ingredients are flexible. Basically the onion and cucumbers will get pickled, so if you want them sweeter add more sugar; if you want them not so tart add less vinegar and so on….

  • 1 Walla Walla Sweet onion
  • 2 cucumbers, peeled
  • 1 cup vinegar (apple, white, or red can be used–even rice wine vinegar)
  • 1 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 1/2 cup sugar
  • lots of pepper and a little salt
Slice the cucumbers and the onion.

Sliced CucumbersThe thickness you slice your veggies may also vary. I prefer the cucumbers a little thicker so they stay crisp and the onions a little thinner so they get nice and soft. Here, some may prefer both sliced thick or both thin. Tailor it to your preference.

Layer the cucs and Walla Walla Sweets

Layer 1
First layer the cucumbers in the bottom of a shallow dish. Then layer the onions. Now add your salt and (lots) of fresh ground pepper. As a final step sprinkle half the sugar on this layer.

Layer One
Repeat. Again, layer the cucumbers, then the onion, and salt, pepper, and sugar this second layer.

Add the vinegar then the oil.



Refrigerate, shake it around a couple of times, and serve.

Walla Walla Sweets

Does this recipe look familiar to you? Is it a local recipe for you too? If so, where are you from?

Not Your Grandma’s Moo Moo

Moo Moo 7
This dress is not your grandma’s moo moo–not even your mother’s. I had to quickly run into Forever 41–op, I did it again, I mean Forever 21, for a return. While I was quickly choosing something to exchange, I pulled out this dress. Kevin was like, No way! But I just kind of knew it would be the perfect lounging dress. The neck is low and plunging and the back even more so plus there’s two sexy slits up each side. I repeat: this is not your Grandma’s moo moo. Sometimes, when I’m out at the lake I miss dressing up. I said sometimes. I love my cutoffs and graphic tees. They are more than comfortable and with a pair of cowboy boots they suit Idaho. But, every now and then, I like to add a little blue mascara and get dressed up, hence my new moo moo that is not my grandma’s.

Moo Moo 1

plunging back

dock time

Some (Moo Moo) Outfit Details:

Evil Eye Earrings–Ben at Jardine’s Bazaar (stall #4 on the left)
Moo Moo–Forever 21
Sandals–Target long ago from girls’ shoes
Tote–Indian market

DIY: Add Pom Poms

DIY Add Pom Poms 11
Have something too short? Just add pom poms! I’ve had this really cute Guatemalan fabric skirt since last summer. It has almost been perfect except for the length. While I usually don’t mind wearing a short hem, for some reason this skirt has always made me self-conscious. I haven’t been willing nor ready to give it away, but I knew I needed to do something so that I’d wear it. How can you make an article of clothing longer? Pom poms! I’ve had such fun visiting all sorts of local Joann Stores. Everyone there is always so helpful. I simply went to the trimming section of the store, and easily found all sorts of different trims I could add to lengthen my hem. In the end I went with pom poms.

1. Gather the Supplies:

pom pomsThis DIY can be applied to any garment where you’d like to extend the hem–but not with the item’s own fabric. I chose my Guatemalan mini. In addition, I went to Joann’s and found some pom pom trim. This DIY also requires a needle and thread–I went with a navy to match the main color of the skirt. Scissor and pins are a nice addition but not absolutely necessary.

2. Attach the Pom Poms–or whatever trim being used.

Pom Poms First, I turned the skirt inside out. I knew I’d be attaching the trim to the underside of the skirt by hand stitching it. In order to hand sew with some sort of guidance, I lightly pinned down the trim to the skirt. This step isn’t absolutely necessary but it did help in providing me direction with the trim attached to the hem.

3. Begin hand stitching the trim onto the hem.

Pom Poms
You gotta start somewhere! I started my sewing at the side seam. Luckily the trim I chose had a line I could follow along to keep my stitch line straight. Also, there were these little elastic holes that allowed me to keep a similar distant between my stitches. Even if I wasn’t perfect with my stitches, the texture and colors of this fabric is very forgiving. Furthermore, I didn’t stitch all the way through, but rather I only stitched into the underside hem.

DIY Add Pom Poms 5

4. I used two lines of thread.

DIY Add Pom Poms 6While I used only one piece of long trim that would suffice for the whole circumference of the skirt, I used two separate lines of thread. I started at one seam and stitched to the other and tied the tread off. Then I started again at that seam with a new piece of thread until the other side seam. Once the line of trim connected, I trimmed the excess and stitched those two ends down.


DIY Add Pom Poms 10

And After:

DIY Add Pom Poms 9

Do you have any items of clothing that you feel are too short? Do you need help figuring out how to make them longer? Ask me. I’d be happy to give it a think.

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Kremb de la Kremb Cabin: The Family Room

Family Room

Last week I started telling a bit about the history of our cabin on Spirit Lake, Idaho. While we’re out here enjoying the beauty of this magical spot for our family, I would like to try to capture some of the special spots within the cabin that carry so many of our memories. As mentioned the cabin is a bit like a motel with three rooms below the screened in porch accessed each by their own doors. Each room has its own name, and today I’ll be showing you The Family Room. Most family rooms in a house are where the family congregates: it’s usually by the kitchen, the family can watch TV there together, or it’s the room where everyone hangs out. For us The Family Room is the room that can sleep a family. There’s a queen bed and another day bed. It’s cozy yet the most spacious of our three rooms plus it has the most windows. We’ve made it especially unique by turning it into our Indian Room as well. It’s decorated with old antique pictures of Indian families–that no, we do not know. Paisley and lanterns are also a part of the decor. Enjoy a peek of The Family Room!

family room

We’ve placed wicker chairs outside this room. It offers a bit of a sitting room vibe for The Family Room. This spot is a great place for morning coffee.

Family Room 10

We were able to collect some really special furniture while living in India. This hutch was purchased on a trip to Jodhpur. We bought several pieces from Mr. Singh. The lantern was also purchased down in Chor Bazaar in Mumbai, India. India has amazing light fixutres!

Family Room 3

While we don’t know a single individual on this wall, the images are special all the same. Living in India was a very special time of our lives; hence, we have a kindred relationship to all things Indian.

Family Room 2

This mirror tray is a recent addition. Every summer during after the Spirit Lake 4th of July Parade, there’s a little fair type gathering in the city’s park. For me, I beeline to the vintage seller I stock up on every summer. She wasn’t selling this tray, but when I asked her if she would, she did since I’m such a frequent customer. The crucifix was given to me for my First Communion.

Family Room 9

We have so many little Ganeshas everywhere–I honestly don’t remember where this little guy came from. The majestic elephant in the background was a part of the antique collection of Indian images.


While Gigi was snapping these pictures she zoomed in and caught this beautiful picture of the butterfly outside this room

Family Room 1


The view of the lake right outside the room.

Have you visited our cabin and stayed in The Family Room? Leave a comment;D

White Sundress with Cowboy Boots

white sundress
A white sundress is a summer necessity. A white sundress paired with cowboy boots is a stylistic take on vacationing in Idaho. Actually one of the new stores that has cropped up in Spirit Lake is a vintage cowboy boot shop–I must go take a look. During the summer though, out at Spirit Lake, I’ll take any excuse I can get to wear my mom’s cowboy boots. A breezey white sundress seems to be the perfect reason. I wonder what else I’ll be pairing these boots with this summer….probably white cutoffs, a white romper, white jeans. There. That’s two things I love in the summer: white paired with cowboy boots. What combo do you tend to gravitate toward during the summer?
cowboy boots

white sundress

white sundress

Some White Sundress Outfit Details:

Necklace and Sundress–Forever 21 (The last time I styled this sundress, I also paired it with cognac brown little booties.)
Macramé Bag–Target
Cowboy Boots–hand-me-down from my mom (Here’s a sample of how I styled these boots last summer in the back trails out at Spirit Lake. Wow! My hair was so long!)

Summer Candids: A Week in Seattle

The summer is well underway, so before too much time elapses, I felt I should post the summer candids from our week in Seattle at the start of the summer. Usually I post my Style Stories on Fridays, but since summer style out at the lake consists of jean shorts, tee shirts, and swimsuits, I’m switching it up be recapping all the candid shots taken during the summer. Next Friday I’ll post some candids from the baby shower my sisters and I hosted for our brothers and their pregnant wives.

Summer Candids

Summer Candids

Summer Candids

Summer Candids

Our week in Seattle consisted of visits to the waterfront and hitting a Mariner game. We eat really well each night with Kevin’s father starting a new hobby of cooking. We managed to take a little road trip down to Mt. Hood with both the grandparents and cousins. We even made it to the Summer Solstice Festival in Freemont where we saw a naked bicycle parade. Every visit to Seattle is always such fun!