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Jumpsuit Monday: The Lounger

My Jumpsuit Monday series is coming to an end with this last Monday of June, but that by no means I won’t be sporting the this trend for the rest of the summer or even ever for that matter. (In fact as I write I am wearing this jumpsuit for a baby shower my sisters and I just hosted for my brothers and their pregnant wives.) I’ve shown you the romper last week. Before that there was the black jumpsuit, the day party jumpsuit, and the cocktail jumpsuit. This Monday for my final installment I simply styled the lounger jumpsuit. This is the one you want to wear lazily around the house (or anywhere for that matter) because it’s so comfortable. When you find this trend made out of the coziest cotton tee material go for it. This type is perfect for a day of lounging and working around the house, but then again it can also be easily dressed up with a statement necklaces and a pair of heels. The other item that might look a little odd in this post are my glasses. I must go see the optometrist since I cannot see out of my right eye. It’s very strange!



Style Story: Denim All Week

denim all weekDenim all week was worn all this week which made sense since it was a super casual week in Seattle. My friend Sheela from Sheela Writes prompted a no denim all last week via a challenge from The Man Repeller. Then, at the same exact time we said to each other, “Hey! Let’s wear denim all week this week instead!” For me it was easy. I basically lived in my Wrangler cutoffs. Then by Thursday I pulled out my denim cutoff skirt and finally on Friday I wore denim on top. Aside from denim my week was also filled with tees from sporting my baseball team (Go Mariners!) to graphic tees with quirky messages. Lately, I see one, read the message, and then think, Ya, I stand behind that! Take a look at my very casual week:

Day 1, Denim All Week:

Denim All WeekSince we went to a Mariner’s game it was pretty necessary that I wear a team tee. I really love the old school Mariner’s logo and look–which is making a very strong come back. In fact, the players wore this old style at the game we went too. Unfortunately they lost.

Day 2, Denim All Week:

Denim All WeekWe took a little road trip with my in-laws this week. We went to Mt. Hood in Oregon for two nights. Since we were going to be staying at the Timberline Lodge, I felt like I needed some extra protection. You see, this is the lodge that was used for the outside shots of the winter lodge in The Shining. No worries! We felt very safe. And the views and setting were AMAZING. I highly recommend this destinations as a very easy staycation in Seattle. (I’ll post more details on this outing later…)

Day 3, Denim All Week:

Denim All WeekOn our way back to Seattle, we stopped on the side of the road to complete this charming (and short) little walk to the Zig Zag waterfall. I love little pitstops that are so picturesque. And yes, this is the third day in a row that I wore my favorite Wrangler jean shorts!

Day 4, Denim All Week:

denim all weekThose jean shorts (obviously) needed washing, so I pulled out my cutoff jean skirt to add to the rotation. This is the graphic tee that I had to buy. I saw it at the Nordstrom Rack, and I was like, Ya, I totally agree! “Life is a party. Dress like it!” In a way, this kind of sums up my attitude toward getting dress as captured by this Style Story series.

Day 5, Denim All Week:

denim all weekAfter some sort of cutoff denim all week long, I tried to dress it up a bit on this last day of denim all week. Instead of denim on the bottom, I wore my denim blousy tee. This top is so comfy and I think looks nice. I paired it with my burnt orange suede shorts. And yes, that is a denim fanny pack that you see! Here’s to the bum bag/waist pack/belt bag, whatever you want to call it. I love all of them!

What’s more likely for you to have? A denim-less week or denim all week long? For summer, this week is definitely more of my Style Story.

The Fab 40s in Lace

Lace Coverup 7
Lace was The Fab 40s theme for this month of June. We’ve covered the color of the year, the jumpsuit trend plus the gingham trend, and now lace. In this one I think we are definitely all very different. That’s what’s so fun about this collaboration with Sheela, Dixie, Dawn Lucy, and Jane. We all have such different style and interpret a theme so differently. For me I repeated a resort look from a trip this last winter to a current summer beach trip in Hong Kong. Lace makes the perfect cover up in my opinion!

Sheela Writes

Sheela from Sheela Writes
I love how edgy Sheela’s look is. The pops of chartreuse in the shoes plus the hot pink from her hair add the perfect touch.

Outfit Details:
White Lace Top with Beaded Collar – Indie Label
Grey Knit Jogger Pants – Forever 21
Grey & Chartreuse Heels – JustFab
White Snakeskin Cuff – Unearthed
Gold Snakeskin Ring – Karla Deras
Brown Horn Ring – Walk in Wonderland
B&W Polka Dot Clutch – ElleBee2006

Inside Outer Style

Dixie from Inside Outer Style
As ever Dixie is supporting the classy, chic look.

Outfit Details:
Whit Jacket–Banana Republic
Lace Blouse–NYC Boutique
White Jeans–Zara
Shoe–Rebecca Taylor

Fashion Should Be Fun

Dawn Lucy from Fashion Should Be Fun
DL always manages to perfect the boho vibe. I love how comfortable but dressy this look is.

Outfit details:
Top–Lilly Pulitzer for Target
Skirt–Old Navy
Shoes–Italian Shoemakers Brand (DSW)
Wrap bracelet–Nakamol (via Rocksbox)
Straw bag–Burlington

My Midlife Fashion

Jane from My Midlife Fashion
Jane always knows how to dress so cool. It’s an every day look but made super hip by an angel wing top and studded shoes. Jane makes jeans look soooo good!

Outfit Details:
Bracelet–Coco Bay
Jeans–Mint Velvet

Lace Coverup 6

Lace Coverup 1

Lace Coverup 5

My Outfit Details:
Lace Tunic–TJ Maxx
Puca Shells–Puca Beach, Boracay

*I’m a big supporter of Catherine’s anti-age style movement #iwillwearwhatilike, so I’ve linked up!

Jumpsuit Monday: The Romper


A romper is a funny word. Somewhere along the fashion terminology timeline, the jumpsuit was paired with shorts rather than pant legs became known as a romper. And yes, the romper is basically the perfect summer shorts jumpsuit. I’ve had this one for a while. Because of the red, white, and blue colors I don’t wear it nearly enough, but this summer season that has changed. It’s been on high repeat for me. The coming off and on of this one is not as easy because of the buttons, but it’s ok because other than that it’s super comfortable–as proven on our most recent road trip from Spokane to Seattle. These pics were taken at a rest stop in the middle of the state.





Some Outfit Details:
Sunnies–market in China
Necklace–Grandma Soogie’s necklace recently borrowed from Mom’s jewellery box
Romper–Forever 21

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Style Story 19: Five Day Denim Challenge

five day denim challengeThere’s a Five Day Denim Challenge on. It was called by Leandra Medine, the Man Repeller. I hadn’t heard about it until my friend Sheela from Sheela Writes asked if I was up for it. At first I kind of laughed because when I’m on summer vacation, I pretty much live in jeans–of some sort whether it’s jeans, cutoff shorts, or a cutoff skirt. It’s during the school year while working that I rarely wear jeans and the summer that I get my denim fill. But, as per usual I’m always up for a challenge, so here you have it: The Five Day Denim Challenge.

Day 1: Five Day Denim Challenge:

five day denim challengeMy mom is very sweet to us. Minutes after we arrive home from our school year abroad, she ushers us down stairs for Christmas in June. This year, she got me three great pieces from Athleta, including these joggers. They are officially my new travel pant, and they were the first thing I wore this week. Very comfortable, very chic (at least that’s how I felt!).

Day 2: Five Day Denim Challenge:

five day denim challengeI wore this outfit during our last week in Hong Kong (for this past school year) on a date night. Do you ever get an outfit just right you know it will be on serious repeat. That’s the case with this scenario. The crop top is boxy and actually see through but cautiously so. The suede shorts are the perfect length–not too short nor too long. And my lace up shoes add one more little detail. We leave for Seattle today for a week and this outfit will come.

Day 3: Five Day Denim Challenge:

five day denim challengeFor a day shopping about downtown Spokane, I felt this was the perfect outfit. I actually brought this skirt home to sell on my Poshmark account, but now I’m having second thoughts. When you want a mini skirt, but can’t wear your cutoff denim because you’re in the midst of a five day denim challenge, this skirt fits the bill!

Day 4: Five Day Denim Challenge:

five day denim challengeThe diy for these shoes will be posted next week. I have been coveting the fringe sandal, but…. I just couldn’t find the exact pair I wanted. When it went around the ankle like these the shoes were always miles high (which I just cannont do!). If they were of the sandal style it all seemed like a little too much fringe. When I saw these wedges at Target, I knew I had found my pair to embellish! They will be my summer sandal.

Day 5: Five Day Denim Challenge:

five day denim challengeI went super casual here. I am anticipating my time out in Idaho and hence pulled out the camo pants! I had these all year in Hong Kong, and obviously never got around to wearing them. I don’t know why I brought them over there as they are clearly meant for our Spirit Lake cabin–which I cannot wait to get to. Well I can… we have a week of Seattle and then we’ll be there! Hola!

Could you go five days without denim? Now that I have I think I’ll bring only denim on my trip to the other side of the state.

12th Links á la Mode

links á la mode
Links á la Mode is a weekly roundup of blogger posts on Independent Fashion Bloggers. I felt pretty daring with my last Style Story where I featured six different halter crop bikini tops. When I submitted it to IFB, they liked the feature, and chose it among 19 others to feature for this week’s Links á la Mode. This is the 12th time I’ve been featured! Take a look at all the other bloggers’ post too.

Links à la Mode, June 11

Jumpsuit Monday: The Black Jumpsuit

Black Jumpsuit 3

A black jumpsuit might just be a staple for every woman’s closet. I haven’t forgotten my vow to post a jumpsuit for each Monday in June, and this Monday I bring to you the jumpsuit that I think is ideal for any occasion but especially for long time wear. A black jumpsuit is perfect for travel, a day of errands, a night out, or a visit to the beach. When choosing this sort of jumpsuit that would become a staple make sure that it’s of the pull up and pull down variety. With an every day wear jumpsuit you don’t want to have to deal with tricky zippers or buttons. Also, black is (obviously) pretty plain so finding something unique in the style helps this classic last even longer in your closet. (Mine is over 5 years old, and I plan to keep it for probably five more!) To dress it up, add a statement necklace, and to dress it down wear flat sandals. Either way you wear it a black jumpsuit is super versatile.

Black Jumpsuit

Black Jumpsuit 6

Black Jumpsuit 5

Some Black Jumpsuits:

My black jumpsuit is so old, but the way it slips on and off is the best part. I tried to find other similarly versatile black jumpsuits–anywhere from $35-$110. My jumpsuit is from a long ago trip to Bangkok and is from a very random discount department store in MBK. I was passing through this store, saw it out of the corner of my eye, and swerved around to purchase it promptly. It’s been a staple in my wardrobe now for over five years.

Some Outfit Details:

Earrings: Gigi’s little silver hoops
Sunnies: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Jumpsuit: Bangkok
Sandals: Forever 21 (similar)
Bucket Bag: Oroton (similar)

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Summer Plans, 2015


This is one of my favorite pics from last summer. It’s from a dinner date at our local pizza joint out at Spirit Lake. Here’s the original post.

School just ended! The kids are at a friend’s house swimming. The teachers here at work will celebrate the end of year with a party this afternoon. Then, we come in for one last day tomorrow. I’ve got Friday off to pack and finish any last errands. But basically, for intents and purposes, it’s summer for the Krembs!

Summer, Part 1: Spokane (June 13-19)


Mom, Dad and Trouser!

This Saturday the kids and I fly home to Spokane, Washington. A week later, Kevin will join us; he’s required to spend a week working later and a week earlier each school year. For the first week, the kids and I will stay with my mom and dad in Spokane. There home is lovely and cozy and perfectly Americana! The kids will gorge themselves with American TV and time with the cousins while I’ll most likely be making daily trips to Target ten minutes away and drinking rosé in the evenings with my sister. All of it sounds just perfect after an entire school year aways from the U.S.

Summer, Part 2: Seattle (June 19-26)


This is a pic from our road trip last summer with the Krembs. Here’s the original post.

Once Kevin arrives, we’ll shoot over to Seattle to do the same thing with his folks. Except during this week on the Westside, we’ll most likely take a little road trip up North to Vancouver. It’s always really fun to travel with the Krembs. During our married life, they have maintained to be our most loyal travel buddies. Somehow when we’re all away we manage to get in some serious quality time that replaces the lack of quantity time while we’re living abroad. Last summer we ventured down the 101 all the way to the Redwoods with Jane and Alex, and it was such fun. While we can’t take that long of a road trip this summer, we will shoot on up north to Canada.

Summer, Part 3: Baby Shower! (June 27-28)


Last summer all the siblings were together! It’s so rare, but I think it might happen again at this baby shower!

The end of June will celebrate a baby shower for both my brothers and their wives. One babe arrives in July and the other in September. It’s exciting times for the Freuen family: more grandkids for the folks, nephews and nieces for the siblings, and cousins for the kids. Julie and Matt are hosting this party in their new home–which I cannot wait to see. You can bet it’s stupendous. I’ll make sure to take plenty of pictures. Also, Julie is always the best hostess, so I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. I plan to be her little helper and learn along the way.

Summer, Part 4: Spirit Lake, Idaho (June 29-August 3)


The 4th of July is always super fun because we usually have a very FULL house!
Here’s the original post.

Finally, starting in July, we will head out to our beloved cabin out at Spirit Lake. I’ve been daydreaming about sleeping out there for a while now. My bed is on the porch, looks out at nature, and is just so crisp. I pile blanket upon blanket, where many layers, and sleep with birds and bees in my ear. It’s quite a shock in comparison to the indoor sleep, but it’s a sleep I crave. Aside from sweet dreams, there will be plenty of good eats and water time. The day revolves around fun cooked meals and even more fun on the dock or beach. We’re on a cyclical “Can’t wait till Christmas/lake time calendar” with time out at the cabin approaching quickly.

Summer, Part 5: Coeur d’Alene (August 4-5)


When we’re out at C d’A, the kids just take care of themselves!
Here’s the original post from our stay out there last summer.

Possibly one of the most relaxing parts of our summer is the last few days before we leave. My sister plays host to us while the kids and I head out to their gorgeous home on Coeur d’Alene. The house is luxurious, the lake is grand, and I’m usually done hosting and now get to play guest. It’s always such a treat. The kids get their last hurrah with the cousins, and I anxiously await our departure, BUT feel relaxed by the grandeur of Lake Couer d’Alene.

Here’s to Summer 2015!

Summer Sequins in Stanley

Final Walk 2
Summer Sequins in Stanley was actually homework–but of the fun variety! I’m almost finished with my personal styling work from The London College of Style. It’s taken me awhile, but I’ve got three more modules so the finish line is near! Recently, one of my assignments was to make an 8 page fashion spread with two imaginary young women named Emily and Tali. With the given description of my so-called models, I called upon two real life beauties that I know very well: Louise and Taina. We had such fun with this shoot. The theme I chose for the 8 pages fashion feature was sequins; I’m forever curious how to incorporate this texture outside of the holiday season. It’s no lie that I love sequins, and try to wear this style outside of Christmas and New Years. I piled all the sequins I own on my bed, the girls came over, and we played some serious dress-up. From there, a story evolved which I’ve included down below. Many, many thanks to these two utterly gorgeous and super stylish young ladies.

Keys to Wearing Sequins in the Summer

When wearing sequins outside of the holiday season, just wear it casually by throwing it on with anything:

  • over a swimsuit
  • with a tee
  • paired with tennis shoes
  • under a denim jacket
  • with cutoffs shorts or skirt

summer sequins
From the feature: “This is Tali. More often than not, she’ll be found with a book in hand. If it’s not a book she’s reading it will be a fashion mag. She can often be found perched on the boardwalk reading–although sometimes she’ll be caught looking up, people watching. Life for her is on the written page or the one passing her by. She’s a watcher…. One thing is for sure: she will be found utterly and totally fashionable either way.”

summer sequins
From the feature: “Emily is the social butterfly of this best friend duo. She’ll be the one coordinating the girls’ play date in Stanley. Emily will have the girls’ fun all figured out: some skating followed by a swim, then some lounging in the sun, and finally a walk to strut along the Stanley Promenade. Emily wouldn’t be caught without two very important things: her phone nor her style!”

summer sequins

summer sequins

summer sequins

summer sequins

summer sequins

summer sequins

summer sequins

summer sequins

Jumpsuit Monday: Day Party Jumpsuit


Jumpsuit Monday continues this week. While last week I posted the styling of a cocktail party jumpsuit, this Monday it’s all about wearing this spring trend for day parites. You know the day parties are coming up: Sunday brunches, baby and wedding showers, and reunions to name a few. There’s a jumpsuit out there that combines another hot spring trend–the culotte. The culotte jumpsuit is a sure bet for a summer day party. It’s a little fancy and a little casual all at once; there’s usually some unique feature like a crisscross back or side cutouts to the culotte jumpsuit. If you find a wide legged version you like, tailoring the hem to 19 inches from the inseam is easy peasy–that’s what I did with this jumpsuit. It was too long legged on me and needed hemming anyway, but I wanted to freshen it up, so I took it to my tailor and really hemmed it. I turned it into culottes! Take note: when shopping, don’t be afraid to think about simple alterations like shortening the hem or taking off the sleeves.

Day Party Jumpsuit 1

Day Party Jumpsuit 8

Day Party Jumpsuit 7

Day Party Jumpsuit 5

Some Outfit Details:

Sunnies–market Ray-Ban knock-offs
Necklace–Ben from Jardine’s Bazaar (4th stall on the left)
Lips–Bourjois Rouge Edition in Pink Pong
Jumpsuit–Forever 21
Clutch–H&M via a Get Redress Shop & Swap
Heels–Steve Madden

Options for Day Party Jumpsuits

(I’d hem the last one–sea-foam strapless–on the bottom right to a culotte length: 19 inches.)

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