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Getting Dressed with a #StyleChallenge

2StyleChallengeCollageDuring the month of August, I followed the #trendyruffleprepstyle style challenge on Instagram that helped create my #ootds (outfit of the day). Three ladies, @trendyteacher, @pennsylvania_prep_girl, and @ruffletuesday ran it. Each week they included five days worth of outfit ideas. Wow! Did it ever help me revitalize my closet. I couldn’t believe how inspirational it was to follow a prompt when getting dressed. I love clothes–probably too much. Therefore, I have a lot of clothes–again, probably too much! Even though I am a clothes horse, I also tend to gravitate to the same items day after day. Following a style challenge however made me shop my own closet. For example, on Friday (the top left-hand outfit), I wore a top that I picked up years ago while living in Saudi Arabia. I also wore a belt that I think I may have owned since high school! I sometimes think to get rid of this belt, but because it’s so unique I never have. During the month of August, I really enjoyed knowing the night before what I was going to wear. It took minutes off getting ready in the morning. I love planning an outfit; having prompts like “white-out” or “chambray all the way” really ¬†got me styling. Because I couldn’t find another style challenge that went week by week, I’ve decided to host my own for the month of September.

Follow along! See if it helps you get the best out of your wardrobe! You can follow me on Instagram @krembdelakremb, and you can see my daily outfit pictures (#ootd) on my Kremb de la Kremb Tumblr.


Cabin Candis: CdA {Coeur d’Alene}

ElleWell, this is the last set of Cabin Candids from Summer 2014. (Here’s The 4th, Cousins and Camp, Rusty and Ted, and Nicholas and Amy.) It’s fitting that this compilation of pictures is one of our summer highlights. It’s been two summers in a row now where at the end of packing up and closing our cabin out at Spirit Lake, we visit the Collins out at the grandness of Coeur d’Alene. Matthew, founder of Uptic Studios, designed Frammie’s (Carol) lake home. It is BEYOND! (I think you should click on that link to see what I mean!) The home itself is quite luxurious, but the people there are what’s precious: the hospitality amongst the entire Collins’ clan is amazing. Delicious meals are prepared, all water activities explored, children are busy laughing and playing away, and at end of each day a wonderful tiredness settles in. Oh, and well the lake itself is spectacular. The views are breathtaking–especially from this home! I look so forward to our little mini stay at CdA. It’s definitely one of mine and my kids’ highlights each summer. (Kevin unfortunately was already back to work, so he was not able to join us.) Frammie, Julie, Matthew, thank you! And see you next summer….!?

VincentLook at the happiness in his eyes; they are sparkling!

Surfboarding2Here the kiddos are playing (forever) on an old windsurfing board. They ultimately stood up on it while being pulled by the boat. Mind you, they started all together but only managed independently.


FrammieThis is Frammie, AKA Carol Collins.

RubyThis is Ruby. (Posting this picture makes me feel really bad that I didn’t get one of my favorite dog: Keller!)

JoanieHere’s Nie Nie, AKA Joanie Freuen.

AmynNicholas2Nico are a really cute couple. They’re really enjoying their move to Spokane making the most of nature has to offer.


JulieMy sis! She’s the epitome of chic in my book!

AnnieHappy face with tons of freckles ‘n all!

Freuen Family Pic

SiblingsFrom left to right: Julie, Adrian, Annie, Mary, and Nicholas

All my pics from the summer out at Spirit Lake are drawing to an end. These ones, with all my brothers and sisters plus folks, are pretty special. It’s not that often that all the Freuen kids get together; the last time we were all reunited was at Nicholas and Amy’s wedding in Hawaii of December, 2009. We’re all over the world: I’m in Hong Kong, Julie’s in Spokane, Adrian is in Seattle, Mary Margaret is in Shanghai, and Nicholas is in Spokane. Getting together is always a highlight–and definitely a raucous occasion! I love you guys! Enjoy your remaining summer days, and I’m so happy you were able to all join us out at Spirit Lake this summer.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: the last of the Cabin Candids of Summer 2014.
MomnDadJoining us in this picture are Mom and Dad, Pat and Joanie.

MomnDadwithKidsAnd Mom and Dad are not complete without little Trouser!

Still Kickin’ (But Barely!)

MIrrorWell, the ole Surbuban from 1989 still ran this summer–but barely! This truck, which we do love dearly, is on it’s last wheels–literally! It did start up mommentarily this summer, but then there was a flat, and it wouldn’t restart. We had the infestation of 1000s of ants as well. That was interesting. Also, every time it’s put in reverse, it stalls. This is very problematic especially in parking lots. We have so many memories in this truck–even more so for Kevin. Yet, next summer, sadly we’re thinking it might be time to rent wheels. Hey! Maybe that means we can seriously dope the ‘Burban out for the 4th of July Parade in Spirit Lake. The Suburban may be still kickin’ but barely!





Some Outfit Details
I’ve had this vintage sundress forever. I picked up in Portland in the best neighborhood there: 23rd Street. I remember walking into this boutique and picking up 3 adorable dresses. Buying three dresses at the time would have been a lot for me (actually even now), but I remember the prices were great and the styles unique. Now this little polka dot number sits in the closet at my cabin. I often wear it to the 4th of July Parade (if it’s sunny). Since we plan to maybe enter the truck next summmer, I might just have to plan on wearing this cute dress.
Jewellery–earrings from Indian market and various necklaces: Dogeared Karma, evil eye from TJMaxx, and various charms
Dress–I picked up this dress in Portland from a super cute boutique on 23rd Street way back when…
Lace cardigan–Forever 21
Flip flops–Billabong

Cabin Candids: Nicholas and Amy

Nicholas1My brother Nicholas and sister-in-law Amy were able to visit us a couple of times out at Spirit Lake: once over the 4th and another time while Rusty and Ted were there. It’d been a while since we’d been able to spend time with these two, so we felt lucky to hang out with Nicholas and Amy. Nicholas was pretty cute teasing me about the fashion posts on Kremb de la Kremb, therefore you might notice a bit of extra sass exuding from my little bro! You go Nick!







Some of (Nicholas’) Outfit Details
Both hat and jacket–The North Face
Swimming Trunks–Vanphibian by Vans
Boots–Uggs (Nicholas states that if Tom Brady can pull them off, so can he! I agree! You look great in your Uggs Nicholas!)

Washington Wheat Fields

WheatField1Driving across Washington state displays an array of beauty: you’ve got the desert Gorge, the magnificent Rockies, sometimes a glimpse of Mt. Rainer, and then tons and tons of wheat fields. One weekend when we left cold rainy Seattle, I knew to wear my mom’s cowboy boots as they’d provide the perfect warmth. Once the sun came out around Ellensburg, I was still cozy in my jean shorts and boots. During a pit stop I hopped into a field for these photos. It’s not hard to find a field of wheat in the middle of Washington state.




Some Outfit Deatails
Sunnies–Tom Ford
Jewellery–Silver hoops found in an Indian market worn all summer and necklace filled with various charms
Top–Cynthia Rowley
Cutoffs–Anine Bing (Thank you Julie. I love these jean shorts!)
Cowboy Boots–my mom’s

Family Dinner: Raclette

RacletteWhen we were living in Venezuela back in 2000-2004, we were introduced to raclette. Mariana Morrill (she’s also a jewellery designer, so you may often see her referred to when I wear her baubles) and her husband Mark were our next door neighbors, and they had us over for raclette. Since that dinner over ten years ago, we have been making raclette at least once a year–usually at the cabin. It’s the best meal ever for cleaning out your fridge plus having interactive fun at the dinner table. Basically, you cook on a grill up top and melt food combos including cheese underneath the broiler. All these concoctions will then be put atop a baked potato. With Rusty and Ted on their last night out at the cabin, we celebrated with this all time favourite!

VeggiesFirst, grab any leftover veggies and cheeses from the fridge. It doesn’t matter what you’ve got or how much. Just chop and shred it all up and put the fixings in small little bowls. We get all the guests to help chop, chop, chop away!


ChickenThen, take some chicken and dice it into bite sized pieces. Sprinkle it with some Good Seasons Italian Zest Dressing Salad Mix. We also cut up a zucchini and marinate it with some garlic and olive oil.

At the table, you create different flavors in the castors. While the chicken and zucchini are grilling up above, different combos are melting below.

PotatoesMeanwhile, take a potato for each individual and cover it with butter. We basically massage the butter in like lotion–better yet, sunscreen. Place the potatoes straight on the over rack and bake them for an hour at around 375-400. Of course, we use Idaho potatoes out at Spirit Lake!

RustyTake your potato and divide it up–the more times you divide, the more combos you get to eat. Here Rusty’s showing off his very last potato quarter. I’d say he liked it!!

Another fun interactive family dinner we have with guests is pizza on the grill!

Cabin Candids: Rusty and Ted

RustynTed1Rusty is one of our dearest friends! In fact he’s the first friend Kevin and I met as a married couple. He was a new teacher with us the year we ventured out into this crazy business of international teaching. The three of us were starting our careers at Escuela Americana in San Salvador, El Salvador. Rusty taught with Kevin on the 8th grade team, and Rusty and I had neighboring (plus connecting) classrooms. At night, we literally kept our door open: Tic Toc (rest in peace dear Akita) would arrive first, followed by Rusty, and then dinner would be served. We had several routines one of them being to watch Ally McBeal, another Melrose Place (even though we felt like were living this TV drama on our little complejo). For two years, the three of us travelled together around Latin America. Then, when Rusty moved to Rio and us to Saudi, we still continued to visit each other. We still keep it up–especially Rusty. He’s been to see us at the cabin at least 5-6 times. On this visit, Rusty brought Ted. Ted is an amazing fellow and the perfect match for Rusty. Now Ted’s a part of the memories, and on this visit we made many. Come again next summer Rusty and Ted!

TedI believe Ted thought the water was a tad chilly.

RustynTed3Try as he might Kevin finally caused a fall off the tube!




Kevin2Plenty of fun times on the dock.

RustynVinnieThese two had it out for each other the entire visit–Rusty usually won. Sorry Vinnie!



RustynTed5More tubing–rock on Rusty!

RustynTed4They definitely make a very cute couple!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post: A Family Dinner of Raclette featuring a lot of Rusty’s kitchen help!

Morning Wake

Wake3As seen from our summer highlights, the kids really enjoyed learning how to water ski and wakeboard this summer. While there are many great things about Spirit Lake, one of them is the ultimate glassy water we have at almost any time of the day. Spirit Lake is truly a water skier’s dream! It’s got the best water! A regular routinne after morning coffee, is to hop in the boat and head out taking turns. The kids really enjoyed it, and they got quite good by the end of July!







Some Outfit Details
Necklace–Dogeared Karma
Sweatshirt–Fa Yuen Street in Hong Kong, purchased with this gal! This furry fleece was also seen here.
Cutoffs–Gloria Vanderbelt thrifted at Value Village
Swimsuit and Sunnies–Forever 21 (These sunglasses made the round this summer as seen here, here, and here.)
Tote–Mischa, as also seen here.

Summer 2014 Highlights


So, last night was the night before the first day of school, and the big question at our dinner table was, “What was your summer highlight?”

Here’s what the Kremb de la Kremb clan said, and you can bet it was all lake related:

  • Vincent said Spirit Lake and learning how to wakeboard plus tube like a fiend.
  • Gigi also said Spirit Lake and being on the water.
  • Kevin again said Spirit Lake and teaching the kids water sports.
  • And you guessed it! I also said Spirit Lake when Kevin was the hero and found my sunglasses at the bottom of the lake–I just knew he’d be the one to find them.