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Summer Sunglasses Search

20140723-134435-49475524.jpgSo, I did the thing your not supposed to do off a lake dock: I dove into the lake with my sunglasses on–let me correct myself, my FAVORITE sunglasses. Yes, they are total cheapies; I scored them at my regular haunt, Forever 21, so they were definitely under $5. Yet, despite their low price, they have been perfect in every way. They match everything I wear, they are sporty, the shade of the lens turns the world into that heightened green color, and they fit my small face perfectly. Since I lost them I’ve been corralling just about everyone to help in the search: the lake neighbor, the lake neighbor’s young children, my own children, my brothers, my friends, and of course Kevin. I gave it a shot too–I wasn’t just delegating, but I was fruitless, as was everyone else until Kevin finally gave the search a try.This morning with my dad’s snorkel gear, he found them! We had all been looking to close to the dock, yet he went out further. This is a silly little story, but my intensity for abandoning the search was going nowhere. Luckily they are mine again!! Thank you KevStar! (I forgot to mention: yes, I tried online, called and visited various Forever 21 stores, but these sunnies were purchased way back so hence they were way gone!)20140723-134002-49202861.jpg

DIY: Turn Old Jeans New

Ironically this morning I was talking to my sister-in-law about how it’s been forever (like 2009) since I have purchased a pair of blue jeans. I was thinking I’d go to the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale to get an updated pair. But then I remembered this old pair sitting in a drawer out at the cabin: I got these knock-off Diesel pair in MBK, Bangkok many, many years ago. They used to be dark navy denim, so now they’re perfectly worn in. To update this very bootleg cut, I went with some Leandre Medine Man Repeller inspiration: I simply cut about three inches off the hem, and presto, I’ve got a new pair of jeans! I guess I’ll spend the $100 elsewhere at the Nordie’s Anniversary Sale.


A Day in San Francisco

TheBridgeAt the end of our road trip we reached our final destination in San Francisco. A dear friend from our first post in El Salvador met us for the day. Brent Brinkerhoff with his two girls, Sofia and Francesca, were gracious enough to be our tour guides for the entire day. We met down near Union Square, traveled by trolley to the Fisherman’s wharf, ate at In and Out (finally tasted that #burgergoodness!), walked to the beach, and ate a burrito dinner in the Haite Ashbury. We had such fun reconnecting with Brent, and it was so sweet to see our kids rapidly move from shy to wrestling on the beach–it didn’t take them long! San Francisco is such a vibrant city, and having the sun out gave us a peek of that awesome bridge from every vantage. Thanks Brent, Sofia, and Francesca for taking us around your home!

Burgers GroupPhotos CityPictures

My Mom’s Cowboy Boots!

It’s kind of a long story. Basically, for the 4th I asked my mom if I could borrow her cowboy boots. She brought out these, and I was shocked they were a new, studded style. I was wondering where her original old pair were….that’s when she told me she gave them to me. I was like, Mom, you didn’t give them to me; I don’t have them. It then became this huge question as to where they were and who had them. Well….when we moved from Beijing to Hong Kong, we had to put a bunch of our stuff in storage. Just this last week, we finally got around to emptying it. What do you know!? Sitting right out, front and center was a storage bin filled with sweaters and winter clothing that I had planned to give to me sister. Through the box I could see something brown. I tore open that box, and pre sto! There were the boots! Oh, I was so thankful!! I really don’t know how they got there, but I am sure happy they did. Thanks for the boots Mom. I love them!




Some Outfit Details
Wrap Dress–BCNU
Cowboy Boots–Mom’s hand-me-downs
Flowers–from my lake neighbor
Earrings–silver hoops from anĀ India market
Necklaces–collected charms, Karma from Dogeared, and an evil eye

Redwoods, California


One of the main reasons we took a road trip was to witness the Redwoods in California. These giant trees are something to see! They are so spectacular in their greatness. I have always wanted to show these giants to our kiddos, and I’m so happy we were able to so with Jane and Alex.




Spirit Lake Spirit

SistersThe 4th of July out at Spirit Lake is actually filled with so much spirit. It may seem cheesey, but it’s true. Our little Main Street fills up and a quick parade files through. It may be only about ten minutes, but it’s a neat feat. Then, after, everyone heads over to the community park where there are booths set up and more festivities with a live band and food stalls. All in all, it’s a one hour affair–some years we partake in the actual parade. This year we were bystanders with the kids grabbing for the candy and all cheering the town on enjoying what Spirit has to offer. I took this event as a time to snap some cute outfit pictures of my beautiful sisters and niece. Keep scrolling all the way through to the end, and you’ll get to see the Spirit Lake Twins! They walk the town together daily, and we get quite excited when they are sited!










Stop the Car!


Family portrait agains a stunning backdrop–this wasn’t the first and only, but it did happened to be the best!

The Spirit Lake Library’s wifi is working this time around, and I have finally been able to upload some pictures from the start of our summer! The four Kremb de la Kremb went on a road trip down Highway 101 with Kevin’s folks, Alex and Jane–also affectionately known as Babaji and Grammie. We had such a wonderful time! They joined us all the way down to Miranda Gardens in the Redwoods (more on that later locale later). We had such fun, and as often happens on a road trip, we often had to stop the car! The sites and beauty of the Oregon Coast are breathtaking. We were in awe the entire time–and that’s saying something when you’re sittin’ in a car.


Head out the window just like a pup!


I often started the day with sooooo many layers, yet by the end of the day, hat, scarf, jacket, and leggings were gone.



Gigi takes the BEST jumping shots. She’s my lil’ sporty sport!


Here’s these two kiddos on the roof of the car–don’t worry we were parked looking at a herd of elk.


H U G S ! !



Product Review: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face and Body Stick

I feel obliged to let you all know about this awesome sunscreen we’ve been using this summer for our faces!

Neutrogena has this stick–similar to a deodorant bar–with an SPF of 70. All you do is swipe it all over your face. Your hands aren’t left all greasy, it never runs into your eyes making them sting, and it totally offers maximum coverage. We will definitely be stocking up with this product for beach trips in Hong Kong!

Summer Update

So, I’m feeling a bit stranded from this blog. We’re now out at our cabin–but without Internet. The cabin is wonderful; don’t get me wrong. It’s just an odd feeling not being able to write on my blog when I’ve posted at least three times a week all this year. I’ve got 3G on my phone–which enables me to write this post, but all my great pics from the summer so far can only be uploaded to my computer. Once I get reconnected, I have so many posts to write!
1. Stop the Car!
2. The Redwoods
3. Where to Stay in the Redwoods: Miranda Gardens
4. A Day in San Francisco
5. Happy Pride!
6. Spirit Lake Spirit
7. Beach Side at the Kremb de la Kremb Cabin
Hmmm….there’s much more to come, so I’ll just keep clicking away with my (new) lens while keeping up with the editing, and once I get to some wifi I’ll be ready to post all the above mentioned plus some.

For now I’ll just sit tight right here on this dock!


Until that time when I can write on Kremb de la Kremb again, there are two posts I have written to check out: this shopping post about a day in Bangkok on Style by Asia OR this family field trip in Hong Kong on Sassy Mama HK. It’s so exciting for me to be contributing on both of these amazing go-to resources for those loving in Hong Kong!

Packing 101: Road Trip Uniform

RedwoodWe just finished a fabulous road trip that started in Seattle and took us on the 101 Highway down to San Francisco. We stopped in Portland, and then meandered along the Oregon post and stayed in Seaside, and Bandon. Once we got into California, we wondered through the Redwoods, stayed a night in Healdsberg, and explored San Francisco. The entire ten day voyage was such a blast!

JumpingI packed with a uniform in mind: denim on bottom with white on top. This routine set me up for comfort while feeling a bit stylish even out of a car. I brought two pairs of jeans and three cut-off jean shorts. My white staples consisted of a cami, a v-neck tee, a long sleeve crew neck and a white shirt. To add to my boho style I added a long white Mexican tunic and two lacey tops. To mix things up plus provide warmth, I would throw on one of three scarves and my black jersey moto jacket or my jean jacket. For shoes, comfort in walking was key: I either wore my white slip-ons, my brown booties, my black studded booties, or my black look-alike birks (those were only worn once due to inclement weather;). I kept my jewellery simple with silver–hoops and my necklace filled with charms. This left picking up any jewellery along the way a viable option!


HamsaHere’s the necklace I picked up at Portland Saturday Market. I’m a sucker for anything with the evil eye to ward off any evil.