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Northwest Layering

SkullScarfCurrently I’m on a road trip with my family along the Oregon Coast. June is not really considered summer quite yet in the Northwest with all the rain (it’s raining in Bandon, Oregon as I write!)–by August the entire area will be sweltering in heat, but that’s a month I rarely see in this area as we always start school in August. The key to dressing in the Northwest is layers: they are an absolute must. For our day of touring through Portland, I was set with a tee, denim shirt, moto jersey jacket, and a scarf. With this assortment of layers, I was set whether the sun shine or the wind blew (on this day, there was no rain but a raincoat was in the trunk!).




Photos by Vincent

Some Outfit Details

Mirrored Sunnies–Forever 21
Silver Hoops–Market in India
Necklace–Various Charms
Moto Jacket–Forever 21
Denim Shirt–Gap
White Tee–Target
Little Purse–Zara Girls
Quilted Skirt–Boutique in Yangshuo
Perforated Slipons–Forever 21
Silver Anklets–Market in India

Seaside, Oregon

JunkFood.jpgOur roadtrip along the Oregon coast down to the Redwood National Forest is underway! We left for Portland on Saturday where we stayed for one night. Then on Sunday after the Portland Saturday Market we left for Seaside on the coast where we had found a house to rent through Airbnb Here we are in this quintessential coastal town filled with saltwater taffy at every other door and fresh corn dogs prepared before your eyes.

TaffyKiteStoreCroppedTwo of the first necessary purchases were a kite and a frisbee found at this colorful kite store. Meanwhile, Vinnie’s eyes were totally caught by this Super Bowl pic found in a store window. Go Seahawks!!

SeahawksPoserCollage.jpgEven though the beach was hazy, it was perfect. I took the best nap! Once we got the camera out, my poser daughter came out! I had no idea she was behind me mimicking my pose nor did I know she put on a face for the close up shot.

GrammieandBabajiWe are very lucky to have Babaji and Grammie joining us on part of our Summer Road Trip ’14!


What can I say? I’ve got a Silver Fox!

HaystackWe cruised down to Canon Beach–not even 15 minutes away, but totally different than Seaside. I got a nice pic with my son (the ones where he photobombed did not make it!).

DaisiesI LOVE DAISIES! They’re beauty in simplicity has always been my favorite. When I found this daisy bush–even amidst the misting rain–I was so excited! They’re my absolute favorite!

Sleepless in Seattle

Oh, jet leg is such a bugger. My poor kiddos are now at an age where it really bothers them. For the first time, especially with Vincent, not being able to sleep is playing mind games with the poor guy. I just keep telling them you have to try to turn off your mind and just stop thinking–easier said than done!

However, to combat jet leg, we simply keep a packed day. I love coming home Seattle; in the last week we have done so much!
1st Day Seattle.jpgGigi, Vincent, and I (Kevin follow later on the 19th) woke up in Hong Kong on Friday the 13th at 5:30 am and hopped on a flight at 8:00 am.   The really weird thing was arriving 11 minutes later on the same day! After settling in and catching up with Jane and Alex, we took naps for the evening ahead. Babaji got us all tickets for the King’s Court at Safeco Field. Go King Felix! We love you (especially Vincent!).

Father's Day.jpgThere are a couple of things that we like to do when we first arrive to Seattle: one is a trip to Target. Gigi declared that she wanted to go to Targé five times this summer! Well, mark one visit down. Another first stop is going to Pike’s Place Market. Just a stroll through there tides me over each year. We also went to cousin Seamus’ soccer game, my brother Adrian’s for the first (and best) burger of the summer, and we took the kids to St. Jame’s Cathedral. We also managed to talk with Papa on Father’s Day/birthday.

CousinDay.jpgFor a tourist day with the cousins we went to both the EMP and the Space Needle. The kids formed a band called the S.S. Failures and even produced their own version of “I Love Rock ‘n Roll.”

Night Out with the Girls.jpgI was able to meet up with my two really good girlfriends Natalie and Cathy. Natalie is literally my Spokane sister: we pledged the same sorority together and became great friends–probably starting on some of our road trips back to the Kan! ;D Cathy may be considered my Italian sister as we became the strongest of amicis while we were roommates in Florence, Italy for our junior year. I love both of these ladies. They are so special to me, and it was quite the treat to spend an evening out with them. We went to a new Tom Douglas restaurant in town called Cuoco. The food was amazingly delicious!

San Juan.jpgThe three of us also went up to San Juan Island and spent a lovely evening with Brian, Jen, Anthony, and Henry. More cousin time means good times! There house up there in Cape San Juan is so beautiful and cozy. Even though the time was short, we had a blast! Going up there is like seeing the Northwest in all its glory. 

Papa.jpgFinally, our family is reunited! Kevin came in on Thursday. Now we just need to help him out with his jet leg. I think a road trip down along the Oregon coast would help, right?!

*Please excuse the image quality–all photos were taken with my iPhone, except for the last one. I got a new lens for my camera! We’ll see how it works….

Sunsets in Stanley

CropTransferWe’re almost outta here for our summer! This Friday morning the kids and I fly out, and then Kevin will follow next Thursday. We have a great summer planned ahead of us: time with family in Seattle, a road trip that will take us through Portland, the Oregon Coast, the Redwood National Forest, and San Francisco, and then a month out at Spirit Lake. In the mean time, we’ve been enjoying the summer sun in Hong Kong while we can which includes sunsets at the beach. The kids found this secret spot where we jump the fence, climb some rocks, and then land on our own little perch. Sunsets in Stanley are so glorious!



Some Outfit Details
Chandelier Earrings–My sister Mary took them out of her ears one time and gave them to me right on the spot!
Sunnies–Tom Ford
Various Necklaces
LBD–I loved this roaring twenties type cover up. I thought it’d be the perfect beach dress for Hong Kong. I picked it up at Forever 21 of course!
Gold Sandals–Dolce Vita
Ganesha Tote–Asiatique Night Market in Bangkok

Ladies’ Date Night: Iyara, Ted’s Lookout, and Beef & Liberty

The end of the school year is always packed with all sorts of busy-ness! Goodbyes, celebrations, and festivities centered around finishing the school year are booked solid. I have such a great library team: Maureen, Amy, Laura and I work so well together. To celebrate the ends of our year, we had a ladies’ date night around Star Street in Wan Chai. First we went for pedicures together, then to a fun bar for a pre-dinner drink, and finally ate our meal at an awesome new burger joint in Hong Kong. (We were missing one of our team members, but she was their in heart.)
iyaraWe started off our date at Iyara. There are several branches; we went to the one in Wan Chai. It’s so perfectly perched along this alleyway stairwell. It’s cozy with plenty of greenery to set the necessary spa vibe. Plus, the beautiful spa smells of lemongrass diffusers spill out into the entire space. My pedicure from Tora was very good. I will definitely go back!
With freshly painted toes and time before our dinner booking, we went to Ted’s Lookout just a few alley ways from Iyara. The entire neighborhood around Star Street is strewn with little shops and cafés–we stopped a few times but managed to avoid any purchases. Then, at the dead end of one more alley way is Ted’s Lookout. It’s the perfect little bar, and even though you are basically sitting outside, they mangage to keep you cool with some serious air conditioning. All the drinks were refreshing and hit the bill as we chatted about our upcoming summers.
For dinner, we made it to Beef & Liberty–a new and long awaited establishment on Star Street. First, a word of warning: be prepared for some indulgent food. One major highlight from the meal was the sweet potato fries. Oh my! They’re good. The burgers–what they are known for–are of course also very delicious. The bacon cheeseburger actually came with bacon jam! I had never heard of such a thing. Also, I am realizing the perks of dining with my good friend Amy: the waiters know her and therefor treat her right. The cookies ‘n cream was on the house!

I have such fun with my team. I wonder what we’ll get up to at the start of the next school year in August of 2014….

Ab Challenge Roundup

ab-challengeresizedThis week I’ve rounded up a bunch of different ab challenges. Yep! It’s bikini season–yikes!! In anticipation of sitting on my dock in the (hopeful) sun out at Spirit Lake, I need to do some serious ab exercises. I’ve been looking online and have found Pinterest to have the best search. Here are the ab challenges I’m apt to try (and hope for some effectiveness!). Will 30 days really be enough?

Neila Rey
I found a bunch of goodies on Neila Rey’s site: here is one called Total Abs and here is her 30 Day Ab Challenge. Neila’s got meal plans and recipes too!

The Daily Hiit
I really like this community of the “Home Workout Movement.” Various users post nutritional and workout articles.
This ab challenge posted by Sia Cooper claims to take only 14 days!

Skinny Ms.
There are so many different options on Skinny Ms. There’s a 30 day, a 14 day, and even a 7 day! The thing I like about all of these ab challenge options are the videos that are included.

Run to the Finish
This ab challenge took place in February, but no matter. I like all the variety in this one; plus Amanda offers a good demonstration for each of the ten ab exercise–some of them look beyond my ability, but it’d be worth a shot.

Buzz Feed
Doesn’t Buzz Feed have just about everything? Check out 5 One Song Workouts with the song included! This is awesome! All of them incorporate some ab work–and then some!

Found the Sound at Fashion Walk

Peaceout One of the really cool things about writing this blog and “Getting the Best Out of Hong Kong” is sometimes I get invites to different events happening. This last weekend Found the Sound there was a sidewalk concert held outside of Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay. After a hot day that included both kayaking and a beach visit enjoying the weekend sun, we were all keen to go downtown for the evening show. Plus, Kevin was excited about the free flowing beer. One thing is true: we do love it here! There’s always something for us to do. (By the way, Found the Sound will be running through August, so if you’re in HK for the summer, you’ll have a chance to go.)

Eli We saw Eli, a rockin’ band with five members. (Sorry, the fifth guy was cut out.)

YouthBarbers Up next was the New Youth Barbershop who have gained their fame via Youtube. Yes, the guy on the left is playing a kazoo. They were super funky.

VinnieCollageVinnie is such fun! Here he’s putting on his “fashion blogger” face as he’s teasing me. He likes to do that lately which I love!

GirlRockersGo Girl Rockers!

Some Outfit Details
Flower Earrings–Beijing Market
Coral and “A” Necklaces–Mariana from Venezuela via my mom and Kevin
Lippy–NARS Dragon Girl
Crop Top and Skater Skirt–Forever 21
Camera Bag–Leather Shop in Yangshou

Summer Shorts

I feel really hopeful about this summer. I could be jinxing myself….but I feel like it could be a really nice summer out at the lake. Usually when we go home to our lake cabin in Northern Idaho, I’m in a pair of cozy Uggs through all of June and parts of July, but this summer, I just think I might actually be able to wear summer shorts! We’ll see if it comes true; in the meantime aside from my regular denim cut-offs, I’ve also got these ready to go in my suitcase. I can’t wait to be at Spirit Lake all of July!

Tropical Racers
Floral with a Ruffle
Aztec Cut-aways
Plaid with Lace

All shorts from my staple, Forever 21!