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Kremb de la Kremb Roundup for 2014

FamilyPicWhat a year! I definitely dove into writing Kremb de la Kremb with gusto and have had so much fun doing so. I’m not sure which direction Kremb de la Kremb will continue, but I definitely know I’ll keep writing…Here’s a roundup of some of the exciting things that happened this past year on Kremb de la Kremb, but first, the fam…

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Best Books of 2014

A couple of weeks ago I stated that I’d start writing more about books on this here blog, so in an attempt to follow through, I’m posting the best books I read in 2014–in no particular order. On this list you’ll find some fiction for adults and young adults too–I am a high school librarian after all. Plus, you’ll find a couple of nonfiction reads that I absolutely loved–which was so surprising for me as I don’t typically read nonfiction. If you have a vacation ahead of you or just some good old lazy post holiday time, curl up, get cozy, and enjoy any one of these really great books!

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Christmas in Bali: Jungle Christmas Trees and Sequins Dresses Included!


Merry Christmas from the Jungles of Bali!

Here we are spending our Christmas up in the village of Ubud in Bali. On Christmas Eve Day we checked into a lovely villa up here in the middle of the rice paddies of Ubud. Our little home away from home is just lovely. The first thing we set out to do was determine which one of our villa’s lush trees would make for our jungle christmas tree. Once decided, we set upon dressing it with the most specialist of ornaments–those that make it are the most cherished. Each of us gets to choose two. Our sparkly bearded Santa is always a winner as is the homemade painted ornament from Nie Nie. “Woof” with Rani printed below also made the roundup as did the sparkly ruby present and peacock bulb. I was sad to see that the sparkly home that my mom passed on to me has cracked. This was my favorite ornament growing up; it is no longer going to make it as a travel ornament and will be wrapped away carefully in hopes that it can be preserved for many more Christmases despite its hole.

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Merry Christmas from the Krembs

ChristmasCard14forBlogMerry Christmas from the Krembs! This is a copy of the Christmas card that has been sent out to friends and family. If you’d like a printed version of our Christmas card, please email me with your address, and I’ll send one your way.

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Christmas Books Roundup

Being a librarian it seems appropriate that I should be posting more about books here on Kremb de la Kremb. What a better way to start than with the family’s favorite Christmas titles. Each year, these books get brought out of storage and are placed under the tree. There are a few that get ready each and every year–even if they’re for younger readers. They’re just that special!

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I just want to go to a PARTY!

So, it’s Christmas 2014, and there has been no shortage of sequins on the blog lately. (Note my sequin pants here and my sequin top here.) I guess, basically, when it comes right down to it, I JUST WANT TO GO TO A PARTY!

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We All Love ELF!

It’s true. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love the Christmas movie Elf. Before, I had always loved a the holiday movieChristmas Story, which I still enjoy, but ever since 2003, Elf has become our family Christmas movie of choice. In fact it’s loved all around; in the library where I work, we have tons of options for Christmas video watching in our Christmas library living room , yet time after time the students request Elf (my favorite Elf fact is #10)! It’s just so hilarious, and who doesn’t love Buddy? For that reason today I am posting a mini celebration of Elf with the Best Bits of Elf–just in case you won’t have a chance to watch the whole movie.


Video created by TheDokinsai

Caped and Covered

Caped1Being totally covered is reminiscent to our days living in Saudi Arabia–although an outfit like this would hardly count as covering up. Those were an interesting two years in my life when I wore the abaya to cover up my female form. You can assume correctly that I didn’t like the restriction too much. The weather here in Hong Kong is now chilly enough that I do want all my limbs covered up. No heavy coats are needed yet, so that’s why this little capelet is just perfect. I had it made along with my red trench while visiting Mary where she also had a white (Olivia Pope) coat made. For me this little layer is perfect: in fact I wore this exact outfit yesterday, but I swapped out the skirt for a pair of black jeans. It felt like a sophisticated shopping outfit while maintaining comfort. Win win! By the way, are you done with your Christmas shopping? No? Feel free to use my shopping gift guides.

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Nordstrom Gift Guide: Earrings For Her {That her being me!}

Earrings! I love earrings, and every year since Kevin and I have been together, he has given me a pair of earrings at Christmas. It started back in December of 1993 when we had just begun dating when he gave me a beautiful pair of pearl earrings. This was our first Christmas together and the gift was so precious to me. Unfortunately, I no longer have those pearl earrings, but the memory is in tact. I even remember what I wore that Christmas: a brown wool pencil skirt that I had made with a cream turtleneck. Now to this day each year, I really look forward to seeing which pair I will get. Sometimes he’s paid special attention to what I’ll comment on window shopping; other times he’ll branch out on his own. It doesn’t matter though because each year I always know I’ll get a lovely pair of earrings from Kevin.

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What to Wear!? Dressing for the Multi-Packed Day

PlaidtoSequinIt’s a common experience: having a day that’s totally packed! And then wondering….what am I going to wear!? This happens especially around the holidays when parties proceed the work day. Today will be that day for me. Ahead of me is a full professional development day as I attend a workshop at the Hong Kong Convention Center. To follow I’ll be attending a holiday party. During the day, I want to look polished and professional while being comfortable. Then at night I want to be a little more festive and fun. Of course for a Christmas party, I just want to wear sequin, yet that’s hardly something for the day…or is it?

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