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Créme de la Créme Casual

Créme de la Créme

The last time I wore my Créme de la Créme sweatshirt, I dressed it up a bit. This time around I went casual and almost sported a denim suit–but not quite. My intricate braid was actually quite easy. I have a couple of daily reads, and on one of them I read about a Relaxed Triple Braid. That very night I tried it out, slept on it, and was hoping for the loose, messiness that Emily‘s exudes. Yesterday I spoke about a few favorite pieces in my wardrobe; I have a feeling this sweatshirt is going to creep right in….

Créme de la Créme

Créme de la Créme

Créme de la Créme

Créme de la Créme

Photos by Gigi

My Five {Clothing} Thanksgivings

There are a couple of items in my wardrobe that I always repeatedly go to. Most I stumbled upon and some I’ve even replaced. In the heart of Thanksgiving and in consideration of my clothing obsessions, I thought I’d share my five most coveted items. More importantly, let it be known that I am very fortunate to be able to write about favorite clothing items. I am indeed a lucky gal–and not only for the clothes on my back but for my family, friends, opportunities, and my pathway of life.

My Five Faves.jpg 1. I’ve written about my sailor tee before. This is my 3rd shirt, and I’ve given it to both my sisters. (I am not sure if they’ve gotten repeats yet.) I turn to the shirt if I’m in a rut, if I want to feel cozy, or if I want to look casual yet chic. I kind of think every woman needs this shirt in her closet.

2. I picked up these boyfriend jeans in Paris. I made the poor family walk all over town to get them. What happened was I tried them on, and then didn’t get them. Hence, I fixated on them and every H&M we passed, I had to go in and try them on–only to not find my size. I finally went back to the original store, ran in, and bought them. Enough was enough! This was back in 2009. I’m so glad I was persistent; they are still my favorite pair of jeans–as last seen here.

3. If you hit the Gap at the end of a season, you can seriously score. I happened upon these black pants days before returning over seas during one summer home. They were not even $10! They are so perfect though: the waist is tailored, there are pockets, and the legs are a bit pegged. They are my go-to travel pants as they are both comfy and look a little sophisticated. Well, at least they make me feel that way.

4. These leopard boots were a score last winter here in Hong Kong. I think I may even strut when I wear them. There is a heel, but it is manageable. Even the sound they make is divine. I love wearing these boots–with just about anything. To me, they are neutral!

5. I seem to wear this faux chain a ton. It’s a great layering piece that adds just enough bling. If you look closely, you can see there are some rhinestones attached. One day Gigi and I were exploring Mon Kok for jewellery craft making. Well, I was happy when I found this ready made piece

Do you have any favorite pieces that just bring you comfort? Items that you can always rely on? What are they? I really do want to know.

Excuse Me

While I unpack!

Recently we shifted apartments. More recently than than that, we hosted my parents. Before I can make any posts I need to settle down so to speak. Tonight I finally unpacked my closet. I have some really cute outfit posts lined up not to mention a packing 101 post via the master of packing, Joanie. Please just give me a few more days, and I’ll be back to posting regularly-including some pictures of our new home!!

Fashion Fixation: Sparkles

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 11.24.13 AMSparkels: Crop Top // Beret // Track Pants // Clutch // Shorts // Dress // High Tops // Mini Skirt // Pencil Skirt // T-Strap Heels // Jacket // Top

4 Things to Remember Wearing Autumn Pastels

This autumn season pastels are seriously on trend. Yet during these months approaching winter we pale in color (unless you self winter tan), so make sure to follow these guidelines while wearing pastel colors:

  1. Your face lights up from the color your wearing;
  2. Your face feels and looks fresh. You might actually feel younger based on how much brighter and smooth your face appears;
  3. Your eyes pop! The color you’re wearing makes your eye color richer;
  4. Finally, the color you’re wearing enhances you. You feel more noticeable just by the color you’re wearing.

Below are the three  collages of pastel colors that I would feel confident in wearing this autumn–pale blue, pink, or purple.

Winter Blue Pastels
Blue: Blouse // Earrings // Sweater // Skirt // Pumps // Lace-up Shoes // Shoulder Bag // Sunnies // Beanie // Chinos
Winter Pink Pastels
Pink: Earrings // Crop Top // Rhinestone Sweater // Necklace // Watch // Earrings 2 // Wallet // Palazzo Trousers // Baggy Trousers // Lace-up Flats // Lace-up Wedges // Knee Length Boots // Coat
Winter Purple Pastels
Purple: Clutch 1 // Clutch 2 // Clutch 3 // Clutch 4 / Ikat Leggings // Chinos // Brogues // Nail Polish // Sweatshirt // Earrings // Scarf 

•This post has been prompted by Independent Fashion Bloggers‘ IFB Project called Autumnal Harvest asking how I would wear pastel colors this season.

Call Me Joanie

Here’s my mom, Joanie! She has amazing style: I’d like to attribute my love of clothing and fashion to her. She’d always get me to wear the zaniest get ups like the time I wore black bermudas with a button down and tie with loafer and knee highs. Admittedly I was a bit of her guinea pig, and I’d do whatever she said, but as a result I love fashion, trends, clothes, and shopping. I do try things sartorially: I’m usually colorful and full of patterns or textures, I’ll try the newest trends just to see if they work on me, and I am a very eclectic dresser. I think all of this is because of my mom. Oh, the days she’d come home with a bag full of new clothes from K-Mart or Lamonts! Granted they were not name brands, but I didn’t care. They were always bold and fresh and a little funky–just for me. Thanks Mom for influencing me so much!


*My mom is such a good sport. She had just taken these shots of me and then embraced a turn for herself. She saw the phone booth and went to it. While I have an artist in residence, I’m going to take advantage of her eye and get some more outfit pics in. She’s right up there with Gigi when it comes to taking my photos!

Give Me an “A!”

A Sweatshirt
I am finding it surprisingly easy to hop onto the sweatshirt trend this fall. Of course when I saw this one, I had to get it, right? I mean come on! It’s got an “A” for AMAZING and AWESOME, oh and not to mention ANNIE! Heehee. Ok, it is over the top, but I love wearing it, and it’s so comfy. You’ll recognize a couple of other items on repeat in this post like the jeans seen here, here, and here and also on Julie here.  The open toed booties are a favorite seen here; plus these boots help to transform any outfit from casual to chic as shown here. This leopard tank made its first appearance this last summer on a “Roar Trip” from Seattle to Spokane.  In regards to this sweatshirt and  the “Cremé de la Créme” one, I have a feeling both will become staples this fall and winter season. Here’s to the sweatshirt trend! Give me an “A!”
A Sweatshirt

A Sweatshirt

A Sweatshirt

Photos by Joanie, my mom

Créme de la Créme

Kremb de la Kremb
I first saw this sweet sweatshirt on Atlantic-Pacific. Then my sister-in-law Amy sent me a pic of it telling me I had to have it–of course agreed with her! Finally, after searching off and on again, I found this version from ASOS, and they ship internationally for free! I paired this sweatshirt with this black and white midi skirt that’s actually a dress. I had it made in Venezuela by my friend Mariana’s sister for my other friend Marcela’s wedding. You can’t see it so well but there are two favorite parts to this piece: the tulle at the hem plus the satin bow at the waist. Créme de la Créme on Kremb de la Kremb! I love it!!
Kremb de la Kremb

Kremb de la Kremb

Kremb de la Kremb
*All these photos were taken outside our new apartment. Yes, we’ve moved to the Stanley Promenade! But more pics on that later…

All photos by Gigi

Winter Tan

It’s fair to say that the golden glow of summer’s sun is fast fading for many of us. Yet, that doesn’t mean we all have to turn pasty white and abandon a nice glow. Below you will find all of my favorites, well stocked in my vanity, for maintaining just a hint of color throughout the upcoming months so I can have a nice winter tan.

These are my three preferred self tanners for achieving a winter tan, but also, with some nifty new makeup products out there, a dewy glow can be achieved as well. These are my top three go-to makeup products for adding a bit of color to my face:

Aside from heading to a tropical beach for sun during the winter months, do you have any tips to share for keeping a heathy winter tan during this cold season? Share!

Packing 101: Three Nights [In Beijing]

Packing 101

Here’s a snapshot of my suitcase unpacked. (Yes, I am my mother’s daughter–Joanie does the exact same thing, unpacking immediately upon arrival.) There are staples within this closet alongside varities in color, texture, and pattern.

I am lucky: I travel a fair amount because of what I do and because of living overseas. Internationally teaching has many perks, and I have really appreciated all the travel I’ve been able to do in the last 16+ years. Because of this, packing has become a bit of a science for me. In this post, I’ll share three more points to remember when packing. (Click here for the first three tips.)

Tip #1: Identify what your trip entails AND know the weather of the area.
Recently I went away to Beijing on a school trip with students for a Global Issues Network conference. I was packing for only three nights, but there were a couple of scenarios that changed the way I packed. One, I knew I would need to look professional. Two, I knew it would be cold! And three, I had to include clothing for a Great Wall experience.
Packing ShoesI traveled in the black boots with the gold buckle, I knew I’d need the hiking shoes, and of courseI knew I’d like the option for the leopard booties. I brought four shoes which might seem excessive, but having that fourth pair of brogues gave me an option in case I needed it.

Packing CoatsI brought two coats with me–one light weight black version and another heavier wool one. Even though I checked the weather, one never knows what 10°C/50°F will feel like–especially arriving from the warmer, more humid weather of Hong Kong. It was safer for me to bring both regardless if I used either option. As it turns out, I was fine with only the lighter black moto jacket, but I appreciated feeling more secure knowing I had the wool if I were to need it.

Packing SuitsI traveled in a casual suit, and I a paired it with an even more casual plaid shirt. This way I had a smart option plus another coat layer if need be.

Tip #2: Pack one or two items that tie everything together.
I packed a really cute and bright scarf that matched everything, and I wore the same earrings and necklace the entire weekend. These two items made me feel put together while offering a little spunk.

Skeleton Scarf 20131111-135658.jpg









Tip #3: Pack light toiletries while allowing for options.
I use traveling as a time to also finish products. So for example, I packed a lotion that was just about finished. This way I used it while away yet was able to leave that weight behind since I finished the product. The same goes for my conditioner (since you know I only wash with that;). I took two empty, smaller bottles and filled them with the necessary product. This also saved on weight–especially since I needed to bring two coats!

Toiletries Lipsticks







I kept my make-up the usual with the “no mascara” look I’ve been wearing lately, yet I brought along four options of lip colors: MAC Rebel, NARS Scarlet Empress, Heat Wave, and Cruella. Having four distinct different shades let me mix up my looks according to what I was wearing.

While it might seem like I packed a lot, I was definitely under weight with my checked baggage–which allowed for a little shopping for trinkets to bring home to the kids and Kevin.

What tips do you have for packing? Do you have any questions about how to pack better? I’d be happy to answer…Please share.