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Black and White Sunglasses

Black and White Legs

Black and White Silhouette

Black and White Sunglasses

Black and White Face

Ok, ok, maybe this one is a little scary, but BOO! It’s Halloween!! And out of the three items I’m wearing (studded sweatshirt, leather skirt, and studded pumps), I scored two out of the three from the Swap and Shop I attended last weekend. Will I be going back? Heck ya! The pumps, which I’m linking up on IFB, are a PURE score. They are studded and therefore rockin’! The sweatshirt is also studly with shoulder pads for this shoulder-less gal. (Thank you, Auntie Paddy!;) The whole look is making me feel like I’m the rocker bad _ss I wanna be. What do you think? Are you scared!? Well, don’t be, it’s just me! Hahahaha, Happy Halloween!

All photos by Gigi


MaureenThis is Maureen. I refer to her often on this blog, so when she agreed to let me take pictures of her I was thrilled. Maureen is one of those eternally beautiful inside-and-out individuals. Her two most endearing qualities are her loyalty and kindness. If you have a worry, a stress, a jubilation, or just a quirky fact, share it with Maureen. She will embrace it and cherish it no matter what. She’s like a vault that way. I’ve known Maureen since our Venezuela days, and the things she remembers astound me. That was over 10 years ago, but that’s the mark of her loyalty to me. The other remarkable quality of Maureen is her beauty. She has amazing smiling, sparkly eyes. They are smiling even if she isn’t. As a wise soul, her eyes are her celebration. I am very excited to share these pictures of my beautiful friend. Maureen is quite humble, so allowing me to share these (gorgeous) pictures of her and her style is a real endeavour on her part. Thank you Maureen. You’re so beautiful to me inside and out!
Happy Girlfriend

Boho Style

DIY NecklaceThis necklace is so sweet. A week ago we met up on the boardwalk of Stanley to take pictures of each other and then go out for dinner. I kept starting at the necklace; it looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. Then…revelation! I made this necklace for Maureen some 10+ earlier! I love life and its circles! It always amazes me. Thank you for your friendship Maureen!

For this shoot, Maureen, who is always classy, went for a more casual, boho look. Look closely and you’ll see how put together she is. To shop Maureen’s look I’ve made a gallery for you from Shopcade.

My Canadian Tuxedo

Canadian Tuxedo I can’t help it: I’m from the Pacific Northwest! Of course my Canadian Tuxedo version is going to incorporate Native American jewellery, cowboy boots, and a fringed bag! I had been thinking about this post for a while now. I just had to wait for the weather to cool. It’s amazing how brisk a change in ten degrees is. We don’t need our winter coats yet, but layers are a definite must.
Canadian Tuxedo

Fetish NecklaceThis necklace is especially special (can that be said?). It was one the first presents Kevin ever gave me. This was given to me before I had even considered moving to the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation to volunteer teach that first year after college. It’s almost as if he knew something….Ahhh, that first year of dating. We were so heart sick with love and long distance. We’d grab any chance we could to go visit the other: buses, rides, sometimes extravagant plane rides, all just to see one another for 24 hours some of the time. Well, distance did make the hearts grow stronger; here we are 20 years later, and I’m still in love!

Canadian Tuxedo Canadian Tuxedo: Western Denim Shirt // Distressed Jeans // Cutout Belt //
Precious Hands Purse // Fetish Necklace // Suede Ankle Boots

All photos by Kevin

*This post has been linked up with Style Elixir and Chic Street Style.

Swap and Shop HK

On Saturday I went to a super stellar new concept shop in Hong Kong: Swap and Shop HK. Once you become a registered member, this is what you do. You go through your closet and look for some of your higher quality clothes that just aren’t being worn any longer. Out of the ten items I was ready to part with, my personal stylist, Karen, took seven of them. That meant that once I paid the $150HK to enter the event, I could then choose seven items to take home. I found super items: a great army green military wool coat, some trendy hats, and two great pairs of shoes! Since I arrived early, I was even able to come back and shop later on once more items had been collected. We are shifting apartments shortly which means I’ll be seriously cleaning my closet, and Swap and Shop plans to run an exchange every weekend, so I am in luck. Usually I just give away my clothes–which I will continue to do, but it was really nice to gain a few items in exchange!
SwapandShopWhen else would someone be able to get a hold of Jasmine Smith, of Dress Me Blog Me’s, Ferragamo shoes!? Never!!
This is Karen. I was paired with her as my personal stylist. Beforehand I emailed her pictures of my items, so she was able to tell me what would be accepted.
Racks lined all the walls.
While shoes were scattered below all the racks.
Here’s the Swap and Shop team. They were all super kind and helpful and of course very stylish! You can’t see them, but I want the second girl from the left’s sparkly brogues!
SwapandShop2To top off this fun event when you buy your entrance, you were given three ribbons–two for two Small Sake drinks and one for some yummy Thai fries from Little Bao. The whole event was super cool and the alley way was spilling over with a festive vibe.

Dearest Swap and Shop, I will be back!

Fashion Fixation: Leopard Coat

My sister Julie has coined a new series for me: Fashion Fixation. She knows how often they happen, and she sees the frenzy I get into. (Check out the story here or here if you don’t believe me.) Right now, I’m pretty fixated with getting a leopard coat for the winter. I think I may have found one: you’ll just have to wait and see. Although, it will be a long while until I can actually wear it here in Hong Kong, but I will!

Fashion Fixation: Leopard CoatStarting at the top left and working around clockwise:
Pull and Bear
Avenue 32
Dorothy Perkins
New Look

Whadya think?

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Sweater Girl {Almost}

Sweater GirlThis post will be memorable: the aftertnoon was just perfect. My good friend Maureen and I met at Stanley with the intentions of taking our outfit posts (yes, a guest appearance will be happening shortly!) and then heading out to dinner. It was such fun. Neither of us wanted the evening to end. I love how topics keep coming up; it’s as if we can’t get it all out. Because we have such similar passions and backgrounds, it’s always like that with Maureen and me. We can never say enough. This is wonderful because I always can’t wait to see her again. I feel so lucky that she’s in my daily life for a second time!

Sweater GirlI’m trying to pull out the sweater, but really, it isn’t time yet. In the morning it’s brisk in Hong Kong now, but during they day, there is still no need. While I don’t envy the cold crouching in other places, I do look forward to fall’s layers. Pulling out the layers was inspired by IFB: they’re link up this week is for Sweater Girls. I love this sweater: it’s the perfect color AND weight. It’s cozy because of the texture but not too hot with it’s mesh stitching. It’s a must have!

Laser cut silver bagThere’s this very random little jewellery store in Stanley. I really never go in; the stuff usually seems to gaudy and overpriced. But, when this little laser cut, studded, bejewelled, silver clutch caught my eye, I entered. With a little negotiating I got the price down, and I now have a little wallet held on a string. It’s perfect for me and has become my new carry all–as long as it fits my lipstick and phone, I’m set!

Sweater GirlAre sweaters in your life right now? What is your favorite one? What’s it like? What’s it’s cozy factor? Tell us all about it! Some of us are craving the beautiful crispness of fall….

I’ve made a little gallery so you can shop this look.

No Mascara

No Mascara Before and After

I’m not sure why, but lately I have been into not wearing *mascara. It’s almost like my eyelashes have asked for a break–ok, they don’t speak, but if they did, maybe that’s what they’ve been asking for. It’s amazing how good it feels. I hadn’t realized how much heavier your lids can feel with the application of mascara.

Because my lashes are bare, I compensate. Here’s how:

No Mascara

Voila! No mascara–but I do look like I still have makeup on, yet my eyes feel free!

No Mascara

I do love a red lippy!

Do you ever go without mascara? If so, how do you compensate. Please share….

*I didn’t think no mascara was a trend until I googled it. Supposedly it was a trend during the spring 2013 fashion shows!

Blossoming Pants

Wide Leg PantsGigi and I had fun shooting this one. She gets pretty into it, trying to get the perfect shot–even amidst a mosquito heavy region like this one. I’d always noticed these pillars in Stanley, so I was trying to think what to shoot by them. (I do wonder what is being said on them; I’ll have to find out.) These Asian blossoming wide leg pants seemed perfect. My favorite piece of this outfit is the little red flower tucked behind my right ear–another addition from my styling photographer, Gigi. Another noteworthy piece is the lacy white necklace I picked up in Jardine’s Bazaar from my favorite stall: it’s the fourth one in on the right. Look for Ben–he’s tall and slender and wears glasses. He’s super nice, and if you ask him to find something for you, he will.

Ann KrembsExcuse the proximity of this shot–wrinkles, pores, and all! This was Gigi getting all artistic. She really is fun to shoot with! 
Wide Leg Pants

All photos by Gigi

Crop Tops!?!

Cropped TopYes, this outfit is on the more daring side; I thought I’d try out a cropped top. It was pretty cheap to head to Forever 21 and scoop one up for 10 bucks. During the fall I avidly watched all the fashion shows, and a trend that is definitely on the horizon is the cropped top. I know! It’s crazy! And so late 80’s, early 90’s. But, what’s that saying, “What comes around goes around!”

Cropped Top

Cropped TopThis will sound absolutely crazy, but it feels more safe trying out this top here on the blog than actually wearing it around town. I put it on, hopped next door to a cool gate (notice the security guard in the backdrop!), and posed for the pics (Vincent graciously took these shots). Then, I went inside and put on my comfies! So, I guess for the question below, I’d answer “maybe.” I think wearing this I’d be self conscious the entire time. I haven’t given up though: you might see another version of a cropped top here–or even out and about!

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Seek the Unknown

Seek the Unknown

This week I’ve had a Star Trek outfit for each day. Hmmm….why could that be? Well, it’s Teen Read Week and in the HKIS HS Library we’ve been celebrating. The theme has been Seek the Unknown @ Your Library, so we’ve gotten a bit spacey over here. The decor is set, sci-fi books and movies are all around, and the activities are based on the unknown.

Seek the Unknown

(The braids across my forehead are indeed my own hair braids. I went underneath near my ear, grabbed a clump, braided it, and then clipped it across on the other side.

Seek the UnknownRecently I just read a post on ifb about all the different link-ups out there that are available. For my first link-up I thought I’d start with them. A link-up is when you post yourself on another blog while linking to that blog in your own post–both parties get linked–hence a link-up. You might see me doing a bit more of this….

Since Link-up 117 on ifb is all about Halloween, I thought my everyday outfit during this week might be appropriate. What do you think?