Archives for November 2007

Mary and Mike’s Wedding


We had such fun for Mary and Mike’s wedding! Aside from a phenomenal wedding, we just had a blast! Family, fall, good food, delicious wine, but mostly just fun with our family. My memory bank is full. We returned homesick for more good times with those we love.
Congratulations to Mary and Mike. They are a beautiful couple.

Artist in Bombay

I think Adrian had a good time! What do you think…? We miss him already.

Fun Times at LONAVLA

Lonavla is such fun! Both Memaz and Bomaz (excuse the misspelling of these Parsi names) are our surrogate grandparents in India. This wonderful Ferzandi family treats us just like that–FAMILY! We all love them, and we adore the Lonavla time we get with them at their weekend home.

Ganesh Ganpati–2007

Ganesh Ganpati will always remain my favorite Hindu festival. It’s a powerful time to praise the Hindu elephant god of protection. Ganpati Baapa Mooriya! (Come back again next year Lord Ganesha!)

Gigi’s 4th B-day!

Gigi anticipated this birthday for over a year! She always reminded us that her birthday was coming. On the actualy day, she had a blast. We had some friends over to celebrate family style. She also had cupcakes made with butterflies decorated all over them. (Thanks to Nie Nie, butterflies are Gigi’s personal mascot!) Gigi also had a special date with our friend David; he took her to build her own bear–well actually she went with a dog of course. Pinky was born!